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Create a piece of drama about homelessness to educate our audience

The front thing I did was research astir(predicate) homelessness at home. I demonstrate off from my homework Why commonwealth die homeless, some of the reason I found out purpose suitable trapping and unemploymentRelation breakdown 39%Heavy inebriety 21%Losing job 18%Having no m one(a)y to pay for housing 13%Around a quarter own mental wellness problemsAround a half prevail drink problems.It was important to do this research because it jocked die us to a greater extent ideas and receive more round(predicate) the issue of homelessness. This then helped us decide in our consummation why we would accommodate homeless. I found out each(prenominal) different reasons why people become homeless and we refractory each(prenominal) of us would use one of those reasons.I all oerly did a straits map in class for the possible ideas why someone would become homeless and what we could use in our performance.Possible ideasThe first thing we did was get into concourses and di d 3 tranquillise images based on homelessness to give us ideas and to help us understand the qualitys of things to intromit in our performance. The first still image was of 2 different women one with money and a family and another having an abusive hubby. Our second was the women with the abusive husband getting beat up, which caused her to become homeless. Then the third one was the women on the street, homeless and the other women and her children seeing her helping her. In my group we discussed our ides and decided to develop them. We then used our mind map and research to help us get an idea. We all sat down and discussed our ideas. Some of our ideas were to become homeless because of domestic do by, being evicted or being aban dressed by p arents.We did have some problems, we had a lot of people in our group so it was harder to work and focus. We overcome them by listening to each other. This excessively helped us improve our work by giving us more ideas to work with, .e. g. Dying because of being homeless, and being abused by stupefy which we used. Also we could make our performance longer.What worked well in our performance was our still images at the start some of us have our hands over our face to show being afraid. We also used levels. Then we came out of our freeze frame and said what we were a victim of. We did this because it shows our reference that there is all kind of different reasons why people become homeless, and its not their fault. We also used vocal singing, Juliana and Hannah sang because of you which went well with the theme. The tangible theatre we used worked well also when Sophie, Juliana and Callum repeated their movements (when the mother found out about the father abusing his daughter). It showed that the abuse is being repeated over and over again. Sophie also used mimetic gestures. Also when the father (callum) went to sack the mother (Juliana) he used slow motion which was effective because it would have caught the sense of hearings attention.It was good when we all repeated (after Juliana said seizet say a word) you heard her dont say a word. We repeated this 3 times because it was more effective than saying it once. Also I and 2 others in my group (Chloe and Nikky) spoke out of caliber to show how my character felt and it helped the audience understand the characters better about why they were homeless. We also did thought tracking. In our performance we also used a vote counter this helped tell the story of what was deviation on. The narrator told the audience about the abuse that was happening to the child so the audience new exactly what was going on. Also our performance was non-naturalistic so it was different from everyone elses and make it better. At the end of our performance we had statistics which really help inform the audience about homelessness.I think our performance would have been better if we added more snapshots and made it longer. Also if we practiced a bit more so w e dont forget bit of our performance. We could have put a scene in to show how horrible and unpleasant it is to live on the streets. We could have added more drama skills. It would have been better if we included a ikon about homelessness in our performance.I think our performance did inform the audience because our performance showed that there are lots of reasons why people become homeless. It showed how you become homeless and its not the type of people you eternally think that become homeless. We also included statistics which informed the audience what type of people are homeless and what percent it is. We also informed the audience thats its children and teenagers that can become homeless not just adults.Our stone pit audience was 13-18 year olds, to raise awareness to children about the issue of homelessness. I think it did suit our level audience because our performance showed what types of people are homeless and why they become homeless. We also had a role-play in our performance about 3 teenagers living on the streets so it would be easier for the target audience to relate to them. Also they can understand whats going on because there not too young. In my performance we showed them about being abused and not having anyone help you, so they understand that its not someone fault if they people homeless.In Abby Smiths group I thought what work well was she used a narrator which really helped tell the story. Also what worked well was the choral speaking and slow motion they did.I think she could improve by charge and practicing more also adding more drama skills and making her performance practically longer.

A Frugal Life

Thesis Three essential types of penny-pinchers atomic number 18 the frequent coup mavinr, the frugal supportper, and the muster prohibitedgan. Do you ask much the month left after in all your coin is gone? For most hatful obtain is an ingrained and needful way of life. We work, we spend, we trash and we buy again. Its a cycle that seems all entirely im attainable avoid in todays society. TS For decades, shoppers primpped vouchers from composition circulars and magazines Using vouchers is one way that the frequent couponer tries to get more for their money.PSthither be umpteen online sites that you can go to and clip and print dispense with coupons. Coupon. com is just one of the military personnely online companies that offer free printable coupons and digital mobile coupons. SSCouponing gradually declined as grocers started loyalty-card programs that compensated repeat shoppers with discounts. only du aureole the niche in the past few categorys, the number of c oupons presented rosebush 27%, from 2. 6 scoreion to 3. 3 billion in 2008, says Inmar Inc. , a coupon-processing agency. SSIt was estimated by Coupons. om that approximately half of the redeemed coupons in the join States originated from hebdomadally supplements in sunshine papers. PS Sunday newspapers have traditionally been the dominant dissemination method for coupons. It was estimated by Coupons. com that approximately half of the redeemed coupons in the United States originated from weekly supplements in Sunday papers. SSIt is always a good mind to match coupons with a stores sale prices. This way the couponers can get more bang for their buck. SSThe frequent couponers also entrust go to the stores that double the excogitate coupon up to 50 cents off. some early(a) good practice is to enforce one coupon multiple times usually up to four items on one coupon. SSSherri Jones of Calvert City, Ky. , says, I try not to abuse these discounts. Recently, Ms. Jones, 36, took 50-cent coupons for totality seasonings to a number of supermarkets that were doubling the coupons value. Because the seasonings were already on sale for $1 each, Ms. Jones got them for nothing. CSThis practice ordain save a little money at stores. A little here and a little in that respect will add up to big savings over time. TS Frugal reinforcement is a little more intense way of watching where dollars go.PSA frugal person will never pay retail prices on absolutely anything. They will always shop about for best deals each by looking for through clearance bins or by looking through thrift shops. SS animateness a frugal life calls for a lifestyle change and a conscious aw beness of spending and saving. Living on a tight budget and listening for Old Abe to thigh-slapper is not for the faint of heart. SS Extreme Couponing is a thrilling amuse that combines nail shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to buy to most groceries as possible while spending as little mone y as possible.PSAnother way the frugal person will save their hard realise money is to make and use officemade products like laundry detergent, and place cleaners. It does require certain know-how to make items for the home. SSFrugal living is a striking way to be easier on the environment by reusing as more things as possible. If someone needed a vase for flowers, which their kids picked from the neighbors yard, they could use a glass jar for the vase. SSIt does require certain know-how to make items for the home CSit hobby time consumingTSThe word freegan is a combination of free as in it is free because you form it in a dumpster and vegan, Vegans atomic number 18 mint who avoid products from animal comes or products tested on animals. not all freegans are strict vegetarians. Although some would rather eat found meat dairy and eggs than let good intellectual nourishment and items go to waste. The freegan attempts to spend as little money as possible by scavenging inste ad of buying products. Freegans rescue furniture, clothes, house items and even food throw away by others. PSThey repair what they already own.By fixing what is broken, freegans take the need to buy another product. Freegans often darn their socks, or completely buy secondhand clothing to reduce the consumerism. They also find pit new clothing behind stores in the trashcans. SSThey often barter their function for an item that they want or need. Just like Jim, who needed a tune-up on his lawnmower and asked the topical anaesthetic lawnmower repair shop owner if he could great deal mowing the shops grass for a month in return for his tune-up. The shop owner agreed. No money ever exchanged hands. SSFreegans believe that lodgment is a right, not a privilege.They are mad that people rime to death come in on the streets while landlords, banks, and cities keep buildings boarded up and vacant. Freegan squatters are people who live in aban get intoed buildings, rent-free. PS Freeg ans or dumpster divers(prenominal) believe that one mans trash is another mans trea certainly. SSMost freegans practice urban foraging in grown cities, such as New York City, with its density and wealth, where there is good food and it is plentiful. Freegans look for food in trash bins behind large restaurants, market stores, even schools.Dedicated freegans usually establish a routine by vent to a set of dumpsters they visit weekly or even daily. some learn when trash goes out and when dumpsters are unattended SSStores throw out large amounts of visually damaged goods like bruised fruit or conf apply boxes. They also discard products that have reached their sell-by-date. Although sell-by dates provide a general humor of when food will go bad, they are not safety dates. frappe from grocery stores and restaurants is also different from that of the average residential trash because stores usually bag discarded food separately from other trash.CS Although freeganism likely has g row in the hobo subculture from the Great Depression. Its not too surprising that people would eventually find a way to forage as a way of personal subsistence. Freeganism has spread around the world. They sometimes eat residential area dinners also known as potlucks made from scavenged food. As long as there is edible food and usable products in the trash, people will be there to pick up the waste. Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport that combines savvy shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to save as more money as possible while accumulating the most groceries.The grocery coupons you need are out there, you just need to connect with people who have them. Here are some Extreme Couponing techniques to help you save money 1. Clip ALL the coupons from your weekly circulars and Sunday newspaper. Its always a good polity to clip all coupons because an item may go on sale in the future and you can trade your coupons with other couponers for the ones you do want. 2. Study the weekly supermarket sales and compare this to your coupon inventory. 3. cut your supermarkets coupon policy a. Are expired coupons accepted? b. gutter you use 10 coupons for 10 of the same(p) items? . Can you stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon? d. Are there double and triple coupon days? e. Does your store accept contenders coupons? f. How are coupon overages applied to the final bill? These are the most frequently used techniques for reducing a grocery bill significantly and how some shoppers are even entitled to cash Since supermarket policies are constantly changing, call ahead you shop and ask the questions above. Make sure you write down the take of the person at the supermarket who gave you the information. 4. The local Sunday newspaper is an excellent source for grocery coupons.Do not pay for electronic coupons. There are many websites that you can clip and print coupons for free. Janis an extreme couponer says that she uses a 3 ring binder with baseball card defender pockets and made dividers for approximately 35 categories. She buys multiple papers and hits up the local recycle bins to look for more circulars. She also exchanges with her mother and daughter. Janis said, We all dont use the same products. Therefore, it works well for us to trade coupons. For decades, shoppers clipped coupons from newspaper circulars, magazines and coupon booklets.Couponing gradually declined as grocers launched loyalty-card programs that rewarded repeat shoppers with discounts. But amid the inlet in the past few twelvemonths, the number of coupons redeemed rose 27%, to 3. 3 billion from 2. 6 billion in 2008, says Inmar Inc. , a coupon-processing agent. The year-over-year helping amplify was the largest since Inmar started tracking the statistic more than 20 years ago. fuel the increase isnt the general populace but heavy coupon users, people who redeem 104 or more coupons over six months, according to an wondrous history by The Nielsen Co.These users tend to be females under the age of 54 with college degrees and household incomes above $70,000, Nielsen says. Hotcouponworld. com, which has seen its membership grow to 200,000 from 80,000 in the past year, targets couponers who work out theres an economical value in buying all your peanut cover for the year in one week in September, says site have Julie Parrish, 35, of wolfram Linn, Ore. Two years ago, she bought 50 18-ounce jars of Skippy creamy peanut butter for 17 cents each last September, she paying 35 cents each. At retail, they be around $3. 9. Ms. Smith, the Charleston woman whose closet doubles as a pantry, says she disliked grocery shopping until she got laid off last year from her clerical job and, to economize, turned to couponing Web sites. On two new-made trips to her local supermarket, she says she paid $5 for $78 worth of items, and $2 for $40 worth of goods. somewhat supermarkets recently told analysts that shoppers with an eye for discounts were e xecuting these coupons deals with surgical precision. Carrie Petersen of Columbia, Md. , says she tries not to abuse discounts. Recently, Ms.Petersen, 38, took 50-cent coupons for meat seasonings to a number of supermarkets that were doubling the coupons value. Because the seasonings were already on sale for $1 each, Ms. Petersen got them for nothing. Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport that combines savvy shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to save as much money as possible while accumulating the most groceries. The grocery coupons you need are out there, you just need to connect with people who have them. Here are some Extreme Couponing techniques to help you save money 5.Clip ALL the coupons from your weekly circulars and Sunday newspaper. Its always a good policy to clip all coupons because an item may go on sale in the future and you can trade your coupons with other couponers for the ones you do want. 6. Study the weekly supermarket sales and compare this to your co upon inventory. 7. Know your supermarkets coupon policy g. Are expired coupons accepted? h. Can you use 10 coupons for 10 of the same items? i. Can you stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon? j. Are there double and triple coupon days? . Does your store accept competitors coupons? l. How are coupon overages applied to the final bill? These are the most frequently used techniques for reducing a grocery bill significantly and how some shoppers are even entitled to cash Since supermarket policies are constantly changing, call before you shop and ask the questions above. Make sure you write down the name of the person at the supermarket who gave you the information. 8. The local Sunday newspaper is an excellent source for grocery coupons. Do not pay for electronic coupons.There are many websites that you can clip and print coupons for free. Janis an extreme couponer says that she uses a 3 ring binder with baseball card protector pockets and made dividers for approximately 35 ca tegories. She buys multiple papers and hits up the local recycle bins to look for more circulars. She also exchanges with her mother and daughter. We all dont use the same products. For decades, shoppers clipped coupons from newspaper circulars, magazines and coupon booklets. Couponing gradually declined as grocers launched loyalty-card programs that rewarded repeat shoppers with discounts.But amid the recession in the past few years, the number of coupons redeemed rose 27%, to 3. 3 billion from 2. 6 billion in 2008, says Inmar Inc. , a coupon-processing agent. The year-over-year percentage increase was the largest since Inmar started tracking the statistic more than 20 years ago. Fueling the increase isnt the general populace but heavy coupon users, people who redeem 104 or more coupons over six months, according to an August report by The Nielsen Co. These users tend to be females under the age of 54 with college degrees and household incomes above $70,000, Nielsen says. Hotcoupon world. om, which has seen its membership grow to 200,000 from 80,000 in the past year, targets couponers who think theres an economic value in buying all your peanut butter for the year in one week in September, says site founder Julie Parrish, 35, of West Linn, Ore. Two years ago, she bought 50 18-ounce jars of Skippy creamy peanut butter for 17 cents each last September, she paid 35 cents each. At retail, they cost around $3. 59. Ms. Smith, the Charleston woman whose closet doubles as a pantry, says she disliked grocery shopping until she got laid off last year from her clerical job and, to economize, turned to couponing Web sites.On two recent trips to her local supermarket, she says she paid $5 for $78 worth of items, and $2 for $40 worth of goods. Some supermarkets recently told analysts that shoppers with an eye for discounts were executing these coupons deals with surgical precision. Carrie Petersen of Columbia, Md. , says she tries not to abuse discounts. Recently, Ms. Peter sen, 38, took 50-cent coupons for meat seasonings to a number of supermarkets that were doubling the coupons value. Because the seasonings were already on sale for $1 each, Ms. Petersen got them for nothing.

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How Social Media is Transforming Events Marketing Management Essay

It is believed that affable media began prior to the evolution of the mesh. The teleph angiotensin-converting enzyme was the first gumshoe of companionable media that gave throng the chance to genialize and gather culture. However, at the put out(a) of twentieth century, online communication became popular among various classifys of society. People began to get into virtual(prenominal) communication with the use of cellular phones and computers. amicable interlockinging became popular because it was a locale to draw population towards one another. This was to a fault very universal and its popularity was not limited to a certain age group.Amazingly, hearty net lending and brotherly media nonplus part of mainstream culture and the vocation world (History). It was ob executed that neighborly media became very valuable not only in sociableizing and schooling gathering but also in craft where on that point has been great dependence on the use of internet in promoti ng and selling of products and/or services. cordial media has provided the modern world with easy access to information, culture and delight in the fastest way possible by means of the advancement of technology.Interestingly, the networks hit be hail highly inter dynamic and user-friendly that even a starting motor could easily learn to operate it in a short period of time. Social media has modify into a puissant means of communication victimisation numerous gadgets which nurse caught the interest of a larger number of pile, the demarcation practitioners take advantage of it to broaden the scope of their merchandise. Truly, with the emergence of social media where people female genital organ communicate interactively with one another regardless of distance, ancestry has been accustomed a special place and opportunity to advertise or uphold their business to a much bigger populace.Most authors have recognized the definition of social media provided by Wikipedia as the initial source of information about it. Gradually, diverse definitions have been formulated to increase peoples awargonness of its definition. Safko and Brake mentioned that social media refers to activities, practices, and behaviors among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge, and opinions use conversational media (2009 6).On the other hand, Evans has an expanded definition of social media. He stated that Social media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers. It is a shift from a broadcast mechanism to a galore(postnominal)-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers (2008 33). The author acknowledged various forms of communication utilized in social media such as internet forums, message boards, bladelogs, wikis, podcasts, picture and exposure (2008 33).Later on, it expanded to include blogs, picture-sharing, blogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, group creation and express over IP. Social media has a vast potential as a channel through which promotional activities leave behind be forwarded to its users. Social medias unique features make it very usable and functional in merchandise publications. Evans stated that it is fundamentally antithetical from traditional media (2008 33) known as spic-and-spanspaper, television, books, and radio. Social media is interactive media.This is one advantage of social media over traditional media. other(a) advantages include (1) it has different social online take, (2) it changes over time, and (3) it is participative. The power to influence the interview is what makes social media appealing to business practitioners. Social media is real. Existing right in front of the computer communicating genuinely in a own(prenominal) way to the customer about a product is very beneficial for those who are development social media in trade or in public relation ca mpaign.Given the real nature of social media, font market has come to its new shape. At the alike time, instance marketing has begun to utilize the services of social media in marketing and promotion. Though at some point, they cater to similar interests that is, individual interaction and the union of people with the companys representatives. Pomer, on the issue of integrating event marketing and social media, described event marketing as a dodging which focuses on face-to-face interaction by attending, sponsoring and speaking at care shows, industry meet-ups, etc (par. ). Bowdin, Allen and OToole described strategical event marketing as the process by which an event organization aligns business and marketing objectives and the environments in which they occur, with marketing activities that fulfill the needs of event consumers (2006184). Event marketing has come to its new shape through social media influence No one could deny how social media, being a vehicle of informat ion and communication, has transformed event marketing into a to a greater extent meaningful and highly strategic promotional activity.In Bulmers article on the impact of social media on business, he stated that the trend today is to build a network or use social media to deepen customer function (par. 1). Social media has been used these days without acknowledging this fact as Bulmer put it. He emphasized that, the ability of social media to change behavior and to impact a professionals decision-making processes is the real essence of success in using this in business. Practically, social medias approach in dealing with the earreach in a genuine and an interactive manner somehow influences the approaches of event management to its customers.Event marketing management therefore becomes livelier, customer-oriented, interactive, personal, and dependent on audience feedback. There are several reasons for this. First, admittedly, as Shone and Parry pointed out that human society is complex and interactive (2004 50). It means that regardless of culture, different societies celebrate in diverse shipway, from the ancient period to the modern times, from a traditional way to a technological way it makes no residual as long as events involve people and celebration or activities.Shaping event management following(a) the principles behind social media lead help draw a lot of people to the message because there is interaction and exchange of communication. Secondly, various events such as festivities, wedding, etc. serve to strengthen social bonds as well as to spread entertainment around (Shone & Parry, 2004 51). Peoples primary intention for celebrating events publicly is to meet their longing for socialization and enjoyment. Thus, involving the community in events in such a way that they express inner satisfaction for socialization and enjoyment flowerpot make events management very successful.Shone and Parry stressed that without the social contact lens th at event often give, the feeling of isolation in society tolerate be great (2004 51). Hence, event management mustiness be in the context of the communitys perception of event celebration which is socialization and enjoyment. Given this, certain changes have been observed in conducting event marketing. Borges remark how businesses nowadays acknowledge social media as an effective mechanism for ambit a target market (2009 57).He even emphasized that myopic attitude that a business executive has on social media go forth eventually lead him to lose the business. Moreover, a business executive having event marketing founded on social media will ultimately be transparent, forthcoming, honest, sincere, and also to contribute something of worth (Borges, 2009 63). Since the events for the purpose of marketing require a group of community participation, the activities involved have had considerable improvement in foothold of acceptable approaches in dealing with the community.The comp anys marketing section learns to be transparent, forthcoming, honest and sincere in everything they present before their audience. It is different from traditional marketing wherein its objective is rigorously making people profane or patronize a product using various ways to manipulate their decision-making. Hence, marketing an event for a product, presents live and active interaction and participation from the community online or offline. Event marketing management facilitates Social Media MarketingThe great global financial crisis has brought to the disposition of marketing managers the predilection of utilizing social media in their promotional activities. The cheep, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, and many other social networking channels have been utilized for the purpose of marketing. The good news for marketing managers is that it is free. From the inquiry findings presented by Bulmer in his article, he mentioned several impacts that social media has on business which helpe d transform event marketing to social media marketing.With such, he recognized the following findings (1) decision making in the business world today is more than social (2) many professionals are using social networking sites particularly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (3) many decisions have been drawn from information gathered through active users of social media (4) many professionals trust the information they gather from the sites (5) social media users have signifi jackpottly increased in three years and (6) many professionals join forces well outside preferably using social media sites than within the organisational intranet (Bulmer).Hence, there is widespread recognition of the impact of social networking in business from the business worlds perspective. The growing business community participation in the online world proves the fact that When you join a group online, you are joining a community (Borges, 2009 63). Social media started to become popular among groups of pe ople for personal use primarily for communication purposes. Eventually, this became a good tool around to interact, send greetings, and share information to friends. Most importantly, it had become a powerful instrument recognized to support the marketing arm of any business. through with(predicate) social media, the way people do the business has transformed into social sales because people believe in the power of online communication in mobilizing sales teams by grammatical construction good relationship with customers. Shih recognized that social network marketing talks about the breakthrough new marketing techniques made possible by online social networks (2009 6). Some of these that she mentioned are hypertargeting, compound ability to capture passive interest and conduct rapid testing and iteration on campaigns, social community affaire, and automated word-of-mouth marketing (Shih, 2009 6).Furthermore, Tobin and Braziel emphasized that social media marketing plan is based on engagement not traffic (2008 79) which means that this type of marketing focuses on web events or the interactions users have with features which could be in form of blogs, comments, post, video views, and many others. Importance of social media in marketing event Availing the use of social media for marketing purposes has a lot to offer to a business. Borges mentioned several benefits of social media aside from the fact that larger potential buyers who are receptive to new information and trend can be met through social network sites.Some of the benefits named are low cost, brand building, staffing advantages, loyalty, level playing field, building trust, convergence of PR and social media for viral marketing, positive SEO benefits, quantifiable metrics, and educational (2008 131-140). In terms of costs, social media requires a low budget which is just about free, for a service that values relationships. Brands are being built through a good content using the internet platform . Thus, it is simpler and appealing to consumers.Few, in time highly talented staff, who can work in an enjoyable work environment are needed when using social media because content is more important here. Using social media builds loyalty among internet users because of its being user-friendly. This is unworkable to establish using advertisements and other promotional activities. Besides, all types of people can make use of it like anyone else regardless of economic or social status. Likewise, through a sincere voice in the content, the company can easily acquire trust from the people. In effect, social media as a PR tool can be an integral part of marketing activities.Furthermore, links attached to marketing in social media creates a tie connecting to the companys website thus increasing the chance of the customer browse of the webpage. Learning is considered as one of the benefits of social media. Not only do the internet users learn but companies also learn. Armed with this i nformation, social media has evolved from purely socialization and enjoyment to something highly beneficial to businesses. For this reason, there is no interrogative for business executives to resort to using social media in one of the tools in marketing an event.ConclusionSocial media has begun existing without clear importance quite than for socialization and personal or group enjoyment. However, with the increasing popularity of social networking when the internet was introduced to the public in 1990, this form of social interaction gained remarkable importance not only among the general public but also among business groups locally and internationally. Indeed, the ability of the social media to satisfy the users with its personalized features, has led to the baring that it could be a potential instrument in shaping the mind of the audience.Social media has unique characteristics. It can change perception, it is very appealing, and it is effective in marketing an event. Howev er, any business executive who wants to use its service must understand how it serves the public. Its special features that draw people together from all walks of flavour are derived from an honest, transparent, forthcoming and sincere way of dealing with one another. This same way is expected among event marketers in order that marketing of events will be appropriate to users expectations.

Informative Evaluation

During my research on a universe verbalizer, I had come across this motivational and leadership speaker Steve Bedwell. On February 17, 2012, he gave a speech on how people hunt to second towards various situations and other people. In an auditorium full of business and health flush leaders he also jump starts them into effective action with what goes on in the world with people. Steve Bedwell does an excellent job on trying to stir the auditory modalitys attention with interesting stories that keep them focused on what he is trying to say. While presenting he tends to keep philia liaison with the audience.He also does not use every notecards, which this indicates that he knows his topic equal and is able to talk smoothly through his presentation. Also, to keep the audience interested, he adds humor in his presentation to help explain his connections. Bedwell does such a immense job with his speech, that I do not see where he needs any improvement. In this speech he teach es the audience that the things we miss, tends to stultify our ideateing and where the things we make up fuels our toxic emotions. When the perspective on any situation is not producing the results that you want, you should ask what am I missing and what am I making up.But usually we do not look at these two concepts of a perspective we tend to assume the worst of that situation. In this speech Bedwell had explained that he was on a plane and had greeted the true cat academic session next to him and the sh push through replied back to Bedwell by lifting his newspaper between them. In this situation Bedwell had thought of the kat as a jerk and when the guy tapped on Bedwells shoulder, he had tried ignoring him back. Bedwell turned towards him and the guy reach him a note, which said excuse me can you please call my wife and tell her Im safely on the plane and on the way home. Bedwell assumed that the guy was a jerk, and did not think of what could deplete been the reason for why the guy did not speak to him, and the reason was that the guy was deaf. My personal experience would be when I was at work and this guy came in and I started taking his order and he was getting wet with me, so he left out of the store irritated and mad. I assumed that the guy was ignorant to get frustrated the way he did. But in a way I should beget looked at the situation in that the guy might have been having a poisonous day. Speeches usually ar informative, or mainly have a great reason for being issued to the audience.Having an effective speech requires the speaker to have eye contact, uses appropriate hand gestures, a positive look on what they are explaining and mainly to present to audience in a way they pass on understand best. My scoring on this presentation by Steve Bedwell was mostly 4s and 5s because I did not see in truth anything wrong with his speech. energy 1, on the topic I gave a 4 because, he had chosen a topic and only went over it a little bit. cle verness 2, the thesis and particular(prenominal) purpose I gave a 5 because, he explains the purposes on each idea that was in the thesis. efficacy 3, the launch I gave a 5 because, he stated the purpose of his speech and a review on the information that referred to the introduction. Competency 4, I have a 4 because, in some parts he gives bread and butter information on what he was explaining, but some parts he did not cover what it referred to. Such as when he had the board and he was putting up fingers and the audience had to guess what number was on the board. Competency 5, I gave a 3 because, his information was in good contrasts to what he was talking about, but in some ways the information entangle out of place.Competency 6, I gave a 3 because, his conclusion did not bring up anything new but could have went back and summarized more of his topic. Competency 7, I gave a 5 because, all the language that was used in the process of this speech was acceptable for the audience to comprehend and stay focused. Competency 8, I gave a 5 because, Bedwell did show his tone in different varieties of pitch to emphasize important or interesting facts. Competency 9, I gave a 5 because, all of his grammar was fluent and acceptable by the audience in that they understood what he was saying.Competency 10, I also gave a 5 because, his hand gestures toward everything especially toward the exciting parts had shown the emotions he was trying to convey. In order to evaluate a presentation you have many specific parts that you have to look at. Such as, how the presentation is presented, does the information that is given over refer back to the introduction and thesis? The communication skills that are ask during a presentation should include eye contact, appropriate language, grammar and organizational pattern, to emend connect with the audience and keep them interested in what you are presenting.In reviewing the speaker Steve Bedwell and his speech on motivational and l eadership situations, I now think of looking at all the different parts of a scenario kind of of just one. By looking at many you have a better understanding of what is happening. There are many people out in the world today that do not think as critically as others do and this tends to be a problem towards others. boilersuit I think Steve Bedwell does a fantastic job of explaining what people tend to think and not think on certain situations. http//youtu. be/8tDwyIkxgjw

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Plato theory of forms Essay

Plato was a duellist and thus believed that on that point are two homos the material world and the world of ideas/Forms. The world of ideas or Forms is the true macrocosm and the world of appearances is just reflections of world of Forms. Plato believed that our knowledge of the Forms was a priori which means that our souls knew the Forms in advance it was inside us, therefore we have knowledge prior to experiencing the objects with our senses.Plato believes everyone is born with an a priori but imperfect understanding of the Forms. He also believes the philosopher is able, through utilize his intellect, to achieve true knowledge of the creep Forms without using his senses. Platos possible action of Forms can be seen as unbelievable to some who believe that abstract ideas e. g table, horse, beauty are actually names that have been invented to dish out people describe their experiences of the physical world.This is a materialistic view as it suggests that objects in this wor ld are the real reality and our ideas can obtain based on experience of things. Aristotle agrees with this and believes knowledge is gained through experience and that there is not an eternal being of Forms that is a priori to us. However, in Platos defence force some believe that each variety of a Form shares a likeness for example each horse is slightly different besides they all share something that makes it resemble a horse.According to Bertrand Russell, Platos possible action made a very important advance in philosophy, since it is the root to emphasise the problem of universals. Platos theory is often regarded as unconvincing due to the fact that Plato believes that every object and idea in the world of appearances is an imperfect copy of an image or Form in the World of Forms. This suggests that there is a perfect Form of things such as a cinema ticket, mud or an insect and so on. According to Bertrand Russell, his ideas of the Forms when interpreted to its extreme.

Body Piercing and Using Steroids

Nowadays, to a greater extent and more teenagers are interested in form piercing period their parents dont agree with them. On the other hand, development steroids is mutual among athletes and young mess who want to increase their muscle size or reduce their body fat. Although getting body piercing and using steroids dupe become popular activities in modern society, they can both be very dangerous. there are different reasons why young people take steroids or pierce their bodies. Recently, piercings of the lip, tongue, nose, ear, navel, and nipple are growing in the world.The reasons for piercing vary greatly some people pierce to primed(p) into a certain group that they want to be the member of. some teenagers pierce to be rebellious against their parents. However, some young people procedure steroids to increase their performance in sports. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has applyd steroids in 1974, 1977, 1967, 1992, and 1996. He said, I used them because they help m e an extra five percent, but it was a equivocal thing to do. Others use steroids to change their appearance.This drug gives muscles the potential to grow larger and stiffer more quickly. Both users of steroids and people who put one over their bodies pierced have a similar purpose to call attention to their body. Some people who use steroids want to show off their body shape with big strong muscles. In addition, most people who have their body pierced hear to decorate their bodies with ornate jewelry pieces and show off their personalstyle or draw popular fashion. There are two different ways to have the body pierced or to take steroids.Piercing body is a piercing or a puncture made in a body with a acerate leaf. After that, a piece of jewelry is installed into the puncture. The needle must be very sharp and clean, and the pierced area should be clean too. Nevertheless, steroids are taken as pills or are injected. There are several different methods to use. One of them is ca lled cycling, in which users take steroids for half-dozen to twelve weeks or more, stop for several weeks, and then start again. What transcend after someone uses more steroids?He gains weight very rapidly. tally to the author of, Dying to Be Bigger I was told to take possibly two or three per day, but I immediately started taking five per day. My body transformations were clearly visible. In less than a month, I took the entire three-month supply. I gained nearly thirty pounds. Most of my weight was from irrigate retention, although at the time I believed it to be muscle. Conversely, there is often no big problem after body piercing for users, but they should be careful about the piercing area.The approximate healing time for body piercing sites varies. It could be between two weeks and nine months. Both activities, using steroids and getting body piercing, can also lead to some delirious or physical side personal effects . According to ygoy, the side effects of piercing ar e nerve damage if the piercing is in an severe area of the body cross-contamination, which is an infection or virus through nasty needles allergies and infections if your skin is sensitive pain keloids a type of scarring and prohibition of donating job for a year.

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Children Development 3-5 Years

3 5 YEARS PHYSICAL instruction Buttons/unbuttons experience clothing, cut out simple shapes, draw a psyche with head, trunk and legs, walk on a line, aim and throw ball, hops on one foot, form letters write own name, colourize in pictures, completes 20-piece jigsaw, skip with a rope, run quickly and able to forefend obstacles, throw large ball to a partner and catch it. Run, jump, lay out to climb ladders can start to ride tricycles try anything is very active. clever DEVELOPMENT go through concepts wish well grouping and matching, identify parts of a whole, draw, name, and briefly inform pictures, actively seek information. Tell their full name and age, show knowingness of past and present, play with words, mimicking and creating sounds, and make rhymes, point to and name many colors, realise order and process, draw a person with detail, learn both by observing and listening to adults explanations. Begins to notice differences in the way men and women act. go after adul ts. Continue to learn through senses. Begin to see cause-and-effect relationships.Are curious and inquisitive. dustup DEVELOPMENT Retell a story (but may confuse facts) link thoughts into one sentence Ask when? , how? and why? questions. Use words like can, will, shall, should, and might. Combine thoughts into one sentence. Refer to causality by apply because and so Follow three unrelated commands. Understand comparatives like loud, louder, loudest. Understand sequencing of events when clearly explained. Listen to a long story. EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT reckon sure of self. whitethorn not obey limits, tests rules, and often says no.Need freedom with limits. Self-assured, inactive and well-adjusted. Like to be around mother and like to be at home. Like to follow rules. Like being given jobs to do. Can handgrip for their needs to be met, can feel secure when in a strange place away from their main carers, are less disaffected and use language rather then physical outbursts to exp ress themselves. May have imaginary fears and anxieties. Project their own experiences onto dolls and toys. Show awareness of their own feelings and those of others, and talk about feeling.Similar essay How Different Types of Transitions Can be active Children

Eco Engines Essay

Eco Engines, an article by Steve Miller provides excellent information about the correlation between railcarmobile industry and ecosystem. The article is both an opinion and informative. His unproblematic audience is general public. This article summarizes the paradoxical nature of automobiles industry baffling in producing eco-friendly vehicles. He verbalizes that going green is slogan that is easy to hand out but concentrated to follow.Automobile industry is an adherent f this high-mindedness of going green but in reality their sales argon affected by this idealism. So there is paradox in what they say and what they do. He further highlights that consumers attitude too is paradoxical as they have lip service to eco-friendly notions but by gasoline cars instead of interbreeding one. 2 B Response In the present age knowingness about the protection of environment is rising among masses. It is becoming a direction in the modern world to be seen as eco-friendly.Media agencies atomic number 18 play supreme role in this game. This drive of eco-friendliness has made the oil and auto industries face many problems. In reality a race has started among the players in these fields of industry to allure the buyers by making them convince that they ar more than eco-friendly than the otherwises. However, the new arrivals in these two fields of industry finger it a little bit less difficult to the changing dapple as compared to the old players of the game.The established and old auto industries like Toyota and Prius are trying to answer the question by giving a manikin of hybrid vehicles to the world but they are finding it somewhat difficult to consider the new machine in large numbers for including the other reasons they are comparatively costly. Their sale brings low profit margins. It is, however, apparent that in spite of the idealism about eco-friendliness the big chunk of consumers is asking for gasoline-driven vehicles and to increase their profit the producers like Accord and Ford and others are spending more on producing these vehicles than the hybrid ones.Reality reigns supreme in this world and not the idealism. 3 APA Citation Quotation Miller (2003) states And yet hybrids, with their golf draw hum and often-jerky acceleration, have become a focus of nearly either auto bring aboutr, a dramatic change from just five years ago. The mortifying (perhaps inconvenient? ) truth that lurks behind all the feel-good green talk is that the models sell poorly and, when they do sell, profits for the makers are minimal. In fact, hybrids currently make up only 1. 5% of total auto sales, per Boston-based consultancy Global cleverness. repeat Hybrid automobiles have captivated the attention of every auto fruit company for the last five years despite its various drawbacks. further reality is that despite the notions of greener world, these hybrid automobiles do not sell healthy and thus deceases the profit margin for the companies. According to a Boston-based consultancy Global Insight Presently, hybrids only constitute a small percentage (1. 5%) of the accurate auto trade. (Miller, 2003)Work CitedMiller, S. (2003, April 23). Eco Engines. Brandweek

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Drama Short Scene

CHARACTERS JENNA ROBERT go down on STATION ATTENDANT CHAPLIN JENNA has been driving only night after a fight with her husband. JENNA leaves a truck offend with a cup of coffee and although it is non her nature to pick up hitch hikers, at this point she figures what is the worst that nooky happen? expiry? Then so be it. ROBERT Hey, can I get a ride? JENNA Why not? Where argon you headed? ROBERT okeh. JENNA Okay. ROBERT Getting in car Where are you from? Where are you going? JENNA Jackson, Wyoming and Jackson, Wyoming ROBERT atomic number 18 you married? JENNA Yes ROBERT How far can you take me? JENNA agree F onlys, Idaho.ROBERT You make believe small looks. Do you talk to hard drink? JENNA What? What do you regard as? ROBERT My young woman was small like you she spoke to the spirits and became a reiterate D overnight. JENNA White knuckled on the steering wheel Where is your girlfriend? ROBERT Oklahoma. JENNA Do you work on that point? ROBERT Looking down at his lap No , I blew up the oil truck I was driving because I was angry. I got fired. I claim no note and no notes. I started my house on fire and burnt everything up. My girlfriend got mad at me because all her bras were burned. I am hoping she pass on free me when I get back to Oklahoma.When I get angry, I unsloped snap. JENNA Tongue in cheek Are you angry now? ROBERT No, I feel better. Are you angry now? JENNA No, just appear for a drive. I bang going for drives. ROBERT Would your husband allow me come household with you? You are so pretty. JENNA Hmmm, sorry exactly I ensnareert think so. Oh, my gosh ROBERT What? JENNA My radiator is hot up ROBERT Why? JENNA I dont know But I lack to stop and let it cool down. JENNA pulls over and retrieves a carry from the glove box. She is very nervous. ROBERT What are you reading? JENNA unspoiled a story. ROBERT I see the word kissing. Can I kiss you?JENNA No, I dont think that is a good idea. ROBERT Ok. JENNA Starts the car. We will st op at the next vaunt station. ROBERT Are you sure I cant kiss you? JENNA Dont touch my leg again ROBERT Ok. JENNA tour of duty in the car and I will go see if someone can help me. Or, maybe someone here can develop you a ride directly to Oklahoma. ROBERT No I want to go with you JENNA Whatever, I will be right back. JENNA walks into the gas station. Suddenly in that respect is commotion in the parking lot. GAS STATION ATTENDANT Yelling at Jenna Son of a bitch If that antifreeze takes the paint off of the cars it sprayed on, your ass is shop atYour husband opened the radiator cap when it was hot What in the hell is wrong(p) with him? Stupid people JENNA He is not my husband and I am sorry. Can you look at my car and allege me why it is heat? GAS STATION ATTENDANT If it will get you the hell out of here JENNA waits nervously, hoping Robert will find a new ride and that in that respect is nothing to serious wrong with her car. GAS STATION ATTENDANT You need a new hose clamp , I have one. Twenty bucks. JENNA genuinely? For a clamp? A little piece of metal? GAS STATION ATTENDANT Take it or leave it. JENNA I wont have enough gas money to make it homeROBERT I can get you money for gas. JENNA What? How? ROBERT Trust me. JENNA Ok, go frontwards and fix the car. ROBERT Trust me. JENNA But how are you going to get money? ROBERT Easy we will just ask for the chaplin. JENNA What? What in the hell are you talking about? ROBERT Trust me. JENNA Getting into the car We only have about an time of day to Twin Falls. ROBERT Will you kiss me then? JENNA No ROBERT Ok. JENNA So tell me how your girlfriend received her double d breasts. ROBERT It is simple. You pray to the body spirit, the breast spirit and the cosmetic spirit and the next day you will have big breasts.You sincerely could use a little more you know. JENNA Robert, with all due respect, I think your girlfriend got implants and lied to you. ROBERT Grabbing Jennas arm. She did not lie I prayed with her Sh e got the gift Do you understand me? JENNA Please let go of me. I believe you. Quietness the rest of the way. JENNA We are here. Now what? Where do you want me to go? ROBERT Find the police department. JENNA Ok. They drove around until they found the police department. JENNA Here it is. Now what? ROBERT Come with me. JENNA Do I have to?ROBERT Waving her on into the police department Can I speak to the chaplain please? CHAPLAIN What can I do for you my son? ROBERT She needs a gas verifier and I need a deal book to Oklahoma. We are quarantined and are trying to get home. The car broke down a ways back and we have no money. I am hungry. CHAPLAIN yield a seat please. JENNA It looks like you have done this before. ROBERT Scowling That is my business. JENNA Ok. CHAPLAIN Ok, here is a gas voucher for fifteen dollars that you can use at the received station right up the road and here is your bus ticket voucher along with a voucher for a hot mark and a soda.ROBERT Thank you. Do you pray to the breast spirits? CHAPLAIN Just be on your way now. Blessings to you. Jenna drives to the bus station. JENNA Here you go Robert. work a safe trip. Thank you for helping me get enough gas to get home. Bye. See ya. ROBERT Will you wait for the bus with me? JENNA I really need to head home Robert. Thanks again. ROBERT Grabs Jennas arm and leans into her face You will wait with me or I will pray to the death spirits to take your breath away. If I have to help them I will. JENNA Trembling Ok Robert, I will wait with you.ROBERT At the bus window A ticket to Oklahoma City please. A hot dog, soda and a cookie for her. JENNA Oh no, that is alright. ROBERT tire it JENNA Ok. ROBERT Here comes the bus. JENNA Ok, lets go. ROBERT Boarding the bus But I want to go with you Jenna. Please? JENNA Robert just board the bus. Your girlfriend is waiting for you. ROBERT Ok but will you wait until the bus leaves? JENNA Sure ROBERT Good bye. Jenna watches as the bus pulls away, Robert waving go odbye. She goes back to her car. JENNA Sitting behind the wheel Dear spirit of protection She drives away.

Explain why certain types of environmental pollution

As such and to begin with our study, It is recommended that we need to first return some of the salient and prerequisite overview of conveyance before we move on to having detailed review and study of merchant marine finance In incidental facultys In view of the facts that the overview to be gone through In this module Is closely related to and specifically associated with fare finance, and almost Importantly, contents of this module are ongoing to be mentioned and re-examined again In subsequent modules concerning slanted finance For our study, this module Intends to cover the following major topics and areas- A.The foursome shipping commercialize places, B. The sea transportation system system (or the stinting model of sea transports C. The shipping market cycle, D. Ship registration, E. One-ship company and Mare injunction, F. Maritime lien, G. Merger and scholarship in the shipping manufacture, and H. Ship investment strategy and criteria. As a start of this module , it is widely noted that the central role of shipping offers sea rainspout to facilitate global mass and promote economic increase.In addition, the shipping industry is an integral part of the international trading system and its core hold up is to facilitate international batch through connecting the sources of supply and demand for commodities. Indeed, shipping, trade and economic development all go mint in hand it is estimated that over 95% of international trade In terms of book of account is carried out through shipping, and over the past decades, shipping has developed into a high profile industry which has become a riving force for the knowledgeableness of wealth in the world and well being of the people.Module 1 Overview of transportation system and Shipping Finance varlet 2 Shipping Is essential to the surgical procedure of the global economy and Its dependence upon moving goods from toil to consumption sites. lovesome materials and finished goods have been th e mall cargoes in international trade. In posterior decades, trade In Intermediate goods for further processing has grown steeply and In parallel with the so-called fragmentation of mathematical product processes. Fragmentation Implies that the production recess Is split Into several geographically different locations so that distributively component Is produced where the production costs are most favorable.Trade In these components constitutes an in-chief(postnominal) share of seaborne trade. World seaborne trade rises with economic growth. The development of world gross domestic product (GAP) and the seaborne cargo flows file this. Fragmentation and specialization further increase the volume traded relative to the production volume. Furthermore, shipping with the world economy, exploring and exploiting the ebb and flow of trade. Today, it as become a tightly knit global calling community, built on communication theory and free trade.Henceforth, when studying shipping and it s relevant topics (shipping finance is one of the most important topics of shipping), one must bear in mind that thither is a close link surrounded by shipping, international trade and economic development since the demand for sea transport is well-driven by international trade and economic development (regional or global) based on which the up-and-down of the shipping business is by and large in line with the movement of international shoot and development of global economies.Diagrams 1 and 2 below displays the relationship between world GAP cycles, volume of the sea trade COED industrial production, and the most important influence on demand for sea transport is largely the world economy (which also drives international trade) A.The Four Shipping Markets The international shipping industry outhouse be divided into and sea transport services are provided by four closely related shipping markets, each trading in a different commodity the consignment market trades sea transport , where the ship-owner charters he ships and concludes freight agreements, the sale and obtain market trades second-hand ships, where the ship-owner trades (buys or sells) the ships, the unbinding market trades unbinding and new ships, where the ship-owner orders the unbinding of the ships from the shipyard, and the demolition market deals in ships for scrapping, where the ship-owner in conclusion sells the ships for scrapping.International trade and economic development shoot and supply of shipping Demand and supply of shipping finance The four shipping markets Shipping market cycles Shipping investment strategy and criteria freight market sale and purchase market unbinding market demolition market Demand and supply of sea transport Module 1 Overview of Shipping and Shipping Finance Page 5 These four markets are somehow linked by immediate payment flow and push the market traders in the direction they prefer and want. In addition, because the same ship-owner may be trading in all four markets, their activities and the relationship with cash flow are closely correlated and can be summarized in Diagram 4

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Political and Administrative Theories

John Stuart Mill in his book On Liberty argues that civil independence is not something that is widely spread knocked out(p) much in human history. He acknowledges that despotism is the governments legitimate mode in dealing with barbarians to wards creating prospects in the future life story of the deal. He continues to say that once mankind is capable of being controlled by his own improvement through persuasion or creed, it therefore implies the inactive possession of mankind in the modalities of governance.The compulsive style of ruling is no longer a means of rule that may be evaluate (John, 1863). Mill argues that an individuals decision over his own assessment and body implies personal sovereignty. It sounds sensible and convincing though there is no simplicity in the issue of self-sufficiency. Mill believes that, the just now freedom that requires conviction is the one in which we atomic number 18 able to pursue our own steady-going in a way that is of our own de sire. This aspect will only be possible when we do not happen to impede or deprive the efforts of others in pursuing their own good.He constantly indicates that there is no deal that is of great to worry or say virtually liberty prior to the final hurdle that one gets. In many argonas and aspects of humanity, liberty is spelt as having various difficulties (John, 1863). In his book, Mill talks about the liberty of discussion and thought. He believes that it is important that every person fag give whatever they belief on regardless of how it crushes the majority. Consequently, every persons voice should be given the opportunity of evaluation since it reflects the conceptions held by an individual.Thomas Huxley Evolution and Ethics. Thomas Huxley in his book of evolution and morality uses the two approaches of serious misapplication and morally repugnant Darwinian supposition to the subject of ethics. He states that a society progresses best through those people who prove themselv es ethically and fit physically. In his book, Huxley says that there is a war between the psyches of human within themselves. He further states that humans are alienated in the societies moral precepts and in cosmos. They are perceived as important in conflict with the existence of the natural conditions.Huxley however see the dictates of morality as the key in human future for his success and happiness (Thomas, 1958). He however states that natural survival of the fittest needs not to be deemed as a mixture of blessing, just as a mixture that is damnable. Additionally, natural woof is not a natural evil. He gives the examples of floods, hurricanes and earthquakes killing people as natural evils. These are evils that are unequivocal, but distinct from a point that is capable of leading us into a condemnatory and a retributive mind frame. Elsewhere, he states that natural selection is neither culpably nor intentionally evil.It is only peoples shipway and action that are evil. T he natural selection evils are quite lowering than those which are derived from competition in death or life for necessities that are scarce (Thomas, 1958). It is the perversity that is heightened of evil due to the good of natural selection as found in one organism when compared to the evil of other(prenominal) organism evil. He continues to say that the good of one organism in one respect is its own evil in the respect of another organism. Consequently, anything that has good also posses evil.ReferenceJohn Stuart Mill (1863) On Liberty. London, Longmans, discolor Reader and DyerThomas Haxley (1958) Evolution and Ethics. London, Routledge

Marital Paradigm Essay

I grew up in a joint family in India, which had 3 married couple and their kids. marital descents that I maxim in my family were non great solely non bad either. All the men utilize to gain in the family employment and the women used to take care of the children and the house. Many multiplication my parents used to campaign and my dad used to scream at my florists chrysanthemum, only when my mom neer had the guts to say anything to him. I eer saw that my mom was shake of him and I used to question myself why doesnt she reply back. And world a fille myself I used to echo that probably girls bank say anything when theirs married man are sidesplitter at them.I used to talk to my mom and tell her why pratt she reply back, but I never very got an answer. I always saw my mom as the weaker one in the relationship. On the other hand we had a family friend and some(prenominal) hubby wife used to work as college professors. In their house the husband never screamed at t he wife, I am sure they had conflicts but you could totally see the compliance that he gave to his wife. When I grew a little bit older my mom started telling me how she felt. That was when she told me that she was a housewife and my dad was the one who earned in the family and thus he could talk resembling that to my mom.My dad always dominated her as he is the man of the family and is the one responsible for all the decisions of the family. And this was not only my parents I 4saw this trend throughout my family with the other two couples as well. Certain assumptions that I saw in the relationships were that crimson if it was my dads fault, my mom always had to be the first one to apologize. Also since my mom is eight age younger than my dad I saw that my dad didnt really generalise her and took her for granted at times. Bring the older one he tried to impose certain(a) things on her.I also saw that if I tried to calm down my dad he didnt like it as I was a child and I shoul d not be involved in their matters. This training has had a fate of push on my relationships. As I always saw my mom macrocosm dominated by my dad, I didnt wishing that to happen with me. When I grew up I had certain things very effloresce in my mind. I involveed to be educated enough so that I gutter earn myself and beget a good job, so I never dependent on my husband for anything. For that evidence I came to USA and pertinacious to study here. In my past relationships, I made it very clear to my artners that my career is more important than anything in my life and I wouldnt leave it for anyone.I was also very clear somewhat anyone screaming at me. Since I saw my mom always being screamed at and I always hated it. Also I cause certain things straight for my future. I want my husband to understand that I give not stop working and be a housewife, so that later on I have to dependent on him. I want him to complaisance my decisions and me. Many times I have seen that the women of the house are not asked to contribute in family matters, and I view that is not right at all.So I want to have a relationship where we some(prenominal)(prenominal) contribute in the family matters and come to a conclusion to realizeher. I am not yet married but I think the things I have in mind for my marital relationship are very clear. According to the book women still do two-third of the household work. I think if women can earn like men do, then men should work the same like women. I think my composition of wedding party is establish on a simple rule, which is to give the amount of resect you get. And I think it is pretty healthy because if two heap cannot respect for individually one other for what they are then they cannot be unneurotic for long.Moreover I have been taught marriage is not only around two people, but it is about two families that get together. And I expect my husband to respect and get along with my family as being the only child I think my parents are my responsibility and will always be. Thus whoever marries me has to understand the importance of my parents in my life, and on the other hand I want to be comfortable with his family too. I also feel that at times girls tend to be too clingy with their partners, and I think that is one reason why guys get irritated. Therefore I would like to give infinite to my husband when he needs and expect the same from him.Some people might think that this is being stupid but I make do I wouldnt like if my husband gets over protective about me, and the same way I dont want to be over protective about him. I know its not easy to be with a person like me who is over ambitious. And at times it can be a problem for guys to see the girl so much into her work, and for me my career has always been more important than anything. I think this can be a problem when I get married, because at times it has been a problem for my boyfriends to understand my passion about my work.This is somethin g I want to work on as most of the times guys dont understand this. Also I like the idea of peer marriage as in a marriage where both people respect each other equally and understand each others likes and dislikes it becomes easier to be together. According to the book faithfulness is the tot up one reason for marital success. And I totally agree with this, even if the physical relationship between two people is not that good, if they both are faithful to each other nothing can intermit them.My parents have not only taught me to be faithful but I also have seen this in their relationship. Even though my father was autocratic my mother, they are still together. This is because no one of them was unfaithful to the other. Also I think from a few years the fights between my parents reduced I think this happened because they saw that I am a grown up now and all this might affect my thoughts about marriage. Children are a big reason why two people stay together even if they dont want t o. But I think thats not right.I dont want my husband to be with me just because of our children, because thats doing a favor to our relationship. I would like us to be together because we make each other gifted not because of a third reason. I am brought up in a culture where non-marital fire is not accepted. And these values are plant inside me. I know now a days girls have sex when they are 14 years of age, but I am 21 years old and I am still a virgin. Being in USA and telling your boyfriend that you wont have sex with him because of your culture is not easy. Many times people jurist my beliefs but that has not affected me at all.I want my husband to respect my beliefs and understand where I am coming from. Because for me a relationship is not only about getting physical, there is a lot more to it, and what I have heard and seen around me is that guys only want to get physical. I know according to the book sex is the flake reason why marriages work. But for me it is not. I a m not against sex at all, but I dont want my marriage to be dependent on it. Book talks about homogamous marriage, which is a type of marriage in which spouses share their race, ethnicity, age, or social class. basically a marriage where the two people have something in common. plainly my parents want me to get married to a guy from the same caste and I agree with them. Because I think if the guy is familiar with my religion, my caste, and my cabaret there is better change of understanding between both of us. In a nutshell I want a marriage where we both can share our happiness, and problems with each other without any problem. A relationship where I get the same respect that I give to the other person.

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What ar the functions of the digestive system? The functions of the digestive system are to break down food, down Into various macromolecules in ordinance to deplume the nutrients from the food. 2. How does the structure of each organ In the digestive system equal to Its function? They have a specific structure In order to properly perform the function they were meant to do. For example the small intestines have villa in it in order to increase the surface area and absorb nutrients easier. 3.How goes the digestive system assist in maintaining the water balance in the proboscis? The large intestines help with water retention so the body doesnt encounter dehydrated very easily. 4. How do enzymes assist the answer of digestion? Enzymes help assists the motion of digestion by breaking down specific macromolecules and speeding up the process as well. 5. How do factors much(prenominal) as temperature, pH and concentration of enzyme or substrate affect the rate of enzyme-catcalle d reactions? They tail speed up or aid the reaction process or denature the enzyme depending on the effrontery notations. . What are IBM and BMW? IBM Is body mass Index and BMW Is basal metabolic rate. 7. How can IBM and BMW help assess healthy diet and weight? Because they help retard whether you are considered great(p) for your height group. 8. What are the health risks associated with being overweight or underweight? They can lead to many different issues such as heart problems, malnutrition, brittle bones, muscle aches, etc. 9. What body systems are affected when a person is overweight or underweight? quadruplicate body systems can be affected ouch as the digestive system, penniless system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, etc. 10. What is ATOP? ATOP is adenosine troposphere. 1 1 . How is competency released from ATOP and used to do work in the body? Energy is released from ATOP through the process of hydrolysis. 12. How do the air you breathe and the food you eat relate directly to the production of energy in the form of ATOP? The quality of the alarm and food affects the production of energy from ATOP based off how much ATOP can be produced from the alarm and food given.

Music Therapy Essay

symphony therapy is the work of symphony by health care professionals to bear on improve and enhance quality of life for their tolerants. Music therapy whitethorn be utilise to encourage emotional expression, promote social interaction, relieve symptoms, and for different purposes. Music therapists may use active or passive methods with patients, depending on the individual patients needs and abilities. The idea of practice of medicine as a healing influence which could strike health and behavior is as least as old as the writings of Aristotle and Plato. Native Americans and otherwise indigenous pigeonholings invite used medicament to enhance traditional healing practices for centuries. tralatitious Chinese medicine practiti one and only(a)rs open used unison for healing. Traditional ragas (melodic modes used in classical medicament in India) soak up in like manner been used to create different states of mind for healing.The 20th hundred profession form eithery be gan after human beings War I and World War II when community musicians of all types, both amateur and professional, went to Veterans hospitals more or less the country to play for the thousands of veterans suffering both somatogenetic and emotional combat injury from the wars. The patients nonable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. It was soon evident that the hospital musicians needed some prior prepare before entering the facility and so the demand grew for a college curriculum. A very brief historical glimpse of this fascinating profession follows, below. The earliest known reference to music therapy appeared in 1789 in an unsigned article in Columbian Magazine titled Music Physically Considered. In the early 1800s, writings on the therapeutic respect of music appeared in two medical dissertations, the initiative published by Edwin Atlee (1804) and the second by Samuel Mathews (1806). Atlee and Mathews were both students of Dr. Benjamin Rush, a physician and psychiatrist who was a unattackable proponent of using music to treat medical disorders. The 1800s also byword the first recorded music therapy intervention in an institutional context (Blackwells Island in New York) as well as the first recorded systematic experiment in music therapy (Cornings use of music to alter dream states during psychotherapy). Early associations with the interest in music therapy continued to gain support during the early 1900s leading to the formation of several(prenominal)short-lived associations. In 1903, Eva Augusta Vescelius installed the National Society of Musical Therapeutics. In 1926, Isa Maud Ilsen founded the National Association for Music in Hospitals. And in 1941, Harriet Ayer Seymour founded the National tooshie of Music Therapy.Although these organizations contributed the first journals, books, and educational courses on music therapy, they unfortunately were not able to develop an organise clinical profession. In the 1940s, three persons began to break through as innovators and key players in the using of music therapy as an organized clinical profession. Psychiatrist and music therapist Ira Altshuler, MD promoted music therapy in Michigan for three decades. Willem van de Wall pioneered the use of music therapy in state-funded facilities and wrote the first how to music therapy text, Music in Institutions (1936). E. Thayer Gaston, known as the father of music therapy, was instrumental in moving the profession send on in terms of an organizational and educational standpoint. The first music therapy college training programs were also created in the 1940s.Michigan State University established the first pedantic program in music therapy (1944) and other universities followed suit, including the University of Kansas, Chicago Musical College, College of the Pacific, and Alverno College. I was going to pick a few of these and talk about the m but, all in all, music therapy attend tos so many concourse that I go away talk about the overall outcome of what music therapy does for everyone I have listed Children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimers disease and other aging related conditions, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, physical disabilities, and acute and chronic hurtfulness, including mothers in labor, plus soldiers with PTSD. Scientific studies have shown the value of music therapy on the body, mind, and spirit of children and adults.Researchers have found that music therapy, when used with anti-nausea drugs for patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy, can help ease nausea and vomiting. A number of clinical rills have shown the benefit of music therapy for short-term distress, including pain from cancer. Some studies have suggested that music may help decrease the overall intensity of the patients experience of pain when used with pain-relieving drugs. Music therapy can also result in decreased need for pain medicine in some patients, although studies on this topic have shownmixed results. In hospice patients, one take up found that music therapy amend comfort, relaxation, and pain control. Another study found that quality of life improved in cancer patients who authoritative music therapy, even as it declined in those who did not. No differences were seen in pick between the 2 groups.A more recent clinical trial looked at the launchs of music during the course of several weeks of radiation treatments. The researchers found that while emotional distress (such as anxiety) seemed to be helped at the startle of treatment, the patients reported that this effect gradually decreased. Music did not appear to help such symptoms as pain, fatigue, and depression over the long term. new(prenominal) clinical trials have revealed a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, vivacious rate, insomnia, depre ssion, and anxiety with music therapy. No one knows all the ways music can benefit the body, but studies have shown that music can affect brain waves, brain circulation, and stress hormones. These effects are usually seen during and currently after the music therapy. Studies have shown that students who take music lessons have improved IQ levels, and show improvement in nonmusical abilities as well. Other studies have shown that listening to music composed by Mozart produces a short-term improvement in tasks that use spatial abilities.Studies of brain circulation have shown that peck listening to Mozart have more activity in certain areas of the brain. This has been called the Mozart effect. Although the reasons for this effect are not completely clear, this kind of information supports the idea that music can be used in many helpful ways. Music affects populate in ways that no other art or therapy can match it distracts the mind, slows the bodys rhythms, alters moods, and influe nces behavior. It seems that music holds universal bring up and provides a bridge in a non-threatening setting between people and individuals within their environment. It facilitates relationships, learning, self-expression and communication. Music captures and helps maintain attention, it is highly-motivating and can be used as a natural fortifier for desired responses. Music therapy can enable people without verbal communication to communicate, participate and express themselves nonverbally. It also assists in the development of verbal communication, speech, and language skills.Music provides concrete, multi-layer/sensory stimulation, in visual, tactile, vestibular, and auditory. Researchers have shown that the motive of rhythmic drumming helpsthose with motor control illnesses, such as Parkinsons disease. In that it uses regular tempo and rhythms to overcome their fast, slow and some periods stock-still moments. Using music in labor and delivery, helps the mother with improved abilities to laissez passer and decreased pain in labor. In children fighting cancer opened to singing showed an increase of the antibody IgA a key component in stimulating immune system that helps the body fight the disease. For those with profound cognitive impairments, autism, and mental and physical disabilities, their brains respond more easily to music therapy than to speech. When in tachycardia, cardiac patients were able to reduce their heart rates to 50-60 beats per excellent when listening to music that was exactly 50-60 beats a minute.Mentally handicap children participating in music therapy programs has increased concentration, performance, self-control, and improved speech. For chronic pain patients, bringing into resonance the vibrations of pain with the vibrations of music alters the psychological perception of pain even altering the pain or eliminating it. Increasing brainwaves has proven in effect(p) for people with ADHD and ADD, and various other learning d isabilities. Slowing overmatch the brainwaves has shown to help patients get to sleep, relax, find passion and happiness. The ability of music to neuter our mood seems to be related to the production of different chemicals in the brain. Endorphins triggered by music listening and music-making provide a kind of natural pain relief, where dopamine leads to feelings of buoyancy, optimism, energy and power. Impacts are even more potent for group music-making, because shared, positive experiences also release oxytocin, a brain tool for twist trust.In this way, musical relationships develop encouraging non-verbal and emotional expression and building self-esteem, motivation and confidence. Symposium organizer Gabe Turow, a visiting scholar at the time in Stanfords Department of Music, compared the effects of music therapy to taking medication. We may be sitting on one of the most widely getable and cost effective therapeutic modalities that has ever existed, he also say Systematical ly, this could be like taking a pill. Listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medications, in many circumstances.

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Adolescent Interview Essay

When picking my one-year-oldage I had quite a few choices to pick from save I decided on my adolescent 15 year old baby since I know a jam ab kayoed her and pay seen first-hand how she is heading with this adolescent stage. Patricia is a normal 15 year old missy still in lavishly school day. She lives in a household of 7 with 3 older siblings and one younger one. She mentioned that she lived in a elfin home with three dogs, two fish, a bird and six other humans. Both her parents are field workers so they arent really at home much. Patricia has a younger 7 year old infant that she pays attention to a lot, they swallow got a really close relationship, and she cares for her younger sister when her experience is at work. Patricia is in a special platform in her high school called the International Bachelorette Program IB, this program challenges high school students and gives them and idea of what college is like after they graduate. She gets a lot of homework every da y for all her classes, she manages to do all of it and still helps cope care of her younger sibling.I think my jejuneager didnt quite fit in the conceptions batch brace of a typical adolescent. She seems to be really close to her family. When I asked her what her family life was like I was surprise with the answer she gave me. She verbalize she loved her family and that they were the best. Most teens at her age lean to distance themselves when they hit puberty. Puberty brings an increase in parent-child conflict- psycho system of logical distancing that may, in part be a modern substitute for physical spill from the family. (Berk, 2012, p.541.) According to what my teen said closely her family life, she has a very solid relationship with her family her parents seem to play an grand role in how wakeless she is working on her education and her in result(p) grades since she mentioned that school was really important to her because her mother valued her to have a better li fe for herself. I believe that my teen queryee has reached the stage of formal operable thinking. When I asked her what if people had no thumbs she gave me a bunch of explanations as to what would happen if such a thing were true.She said people wouldnt be able to text, put one across their thumbs, cover the sun, be able to thumb print criminals for criminal cases, be able to write, click on the computer mouse,do their hair, and that everyone would be ugly. She lovely much hypothesized what would happen if people had no thumbs. According to Piaget she has become opened of hypothetico-deductive reasoning- this being when faced with a problem, they start with a hypothesis, or prognostication about variables that might affect an outcome, from which they deduce logical, testable inferences. (Berk,2012, p.566.) Her answers to the problem of having no thumbs were mind out. I wish she would have explained them a little more only if I know if I asked her to explain more thoroughly s he would have the logic for doing so.Propo hinge onional thought is also a characteristic of formal operational thought it is when a young individual can evaluate the logic of verbal statements without referring to real-world circumstances. (Berk,2012, p.595.) When I asked her question number 13 of the interview she gave me a smart remark saying Duh its going to make a freaking noise if she hit it. No she did not make noise because she didnt hit it. She said this right away and asked why I was communicate such weird questions that were so obvious.I did notice some signs of my teen forming an individualism. Her style of clothing seemed to be pretty laid back. She wore a escaped fitted tee shirt, some jeans, and a pair of converse. Her hair was in a ponytail and she didnt have any tattoos or piercings. She doesnt wear any make-up and her and concerns about her demeanor were being fat. She mentioned having a lot of friends in school and the particular group she hung out with duri ng lunch and her breaks was only a pair of two close friends. When asked if she belonged to a group she pointed out that she belonged to a group nobody knew about and all her group does is sit and talk and think about homework and. She mentioned all the other antithetic kinds of groups she saw in her high school such as the favourite kids, the jocks, the gang bangers, the Asians, the cheerleaders, the gothics, the bible geeks, and the nerds.She didnt categorize herself in any of these, but she mentioned that her only concerns are getting good grades, she mentioned this a lot during her interview. Constructing an identity involves defining who you are, what you value, and the directions you choose to purse in life. (Berk,2012, p. 600.) When I asked her what role school played in her life she easily told me she was move getting good grades throughout high school and last going to college, her moral set play a great role in her life, these being thethings her mother has encouraged and guided her to pursue. Her direction in life has been identified she explained to me she wanted to eventually be able to go to really good universities. I believe my teen has formed her identity because of these things. My teens identity status is credibly at the identity achievement she has established her value and goals in life. identity operator achieved individuals are committed to a clearly formulated set of values and goals they know where they are going. (Berk, 2012, p.603.)I take int really have much advice to give to my teen to me she seemed to be on track. But her mentioning herself as being fat does concern me. I think her self-esteem is low, when I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said she did not because she was ugly. She also seems to think she is fat, since she mentioned doubly in the interview she wanted to lose weight. The advice I would give my teen is, to not concern herself too much about physical appearance and focus more on the relationships she has formed with the people she has becomes friends with. I would posit her she doesnt have to look a certain way to have a boyfriend, I would also mention that it doesnt really count if she has one or not, the right one will come along someday.Her academic self-esteem seems to be good though, while I was interviewing her she mentioned that her grades were really good and she was concerned about keeping them that way. Academic self-esteem is a powerful predictor of teenagers judgments of the importance and usefulness of school subjects, willingness to exert effort, achievement, and eventually career choice (Bleeker & Jacobs, 2004Denissen,Zarrettt,& Eccles,2007Valentine, DuBois,& Cooper,2004 Whitesell et al.,2009) I would tell her she should keep on pursuing her goals of getting good grades and eventually going to the university of her choice. I would tell her this because I personally didnt pursue going to a university after I graduated from high school and have totally regretted it e ver since. Having a good education is a good goal for a young individual to have to have a better life.My interviewees didnt have any signs of a cognitive distortion, there wasnt signs of any self-focus in her answers. Imaginary audience is when the adolescent believes that they are the focus of everyones attention. (Berk. 2012, p. 572.) She state in the interview that she and her friendswere part of a group that nobody knew about she showed little concern about it. Her social development is good she said in her interview that she talked to most of her classmates in all her classes. She seems to have reach good peer relations and has established good friendships. I dont think my adolescent would conform to peer pressuring, she mentioned in the interview that alcohol and drugs were of easy access but they have no effect on her friends and her. She said she did not pay much attention to those things.ReferencesBerk, L. E. (2012). Infants, Children, and Adolescents (7th ed.). Boston, MA Pearson Education, Inc.

How Far Do You Agree with the View That the Limited Appeal?

Mazzini was an important figurehead for the unification of Italy, historians much(prenominal) as Pearce and Stiles state that that no one else campaigned for so long or so tirelessly in the piss of a united Italy. He had extremely radical and liberal ideas about how Italy should be matching, and some historians Mazzinis ideal was that Italy should be coordinated from below.He precious the passel of Italy to swot up from their high-powered oppressors, while still maintaining the opinion that if monarchs were prepared and wanted to fight against the Austrian domination, then they should be supported and non hindered. He wanted a brotherhood of the plenty to all move toward great social equating (Denis Mack Smith expound him as having disdain for xenophobia and imperialism) so that all of the people of Italy would unite in order to integrate their country.Mazzini overly stressed that Italy should be unified by its own efforts, absentminded to avoid any outside help- espe cially from France- in fear that they whitethorn just replace one outside domination by another. However, the moderate appeal of his ideas were shown when Italy was eventually united and done more-so from above than it was below- he was described as being disgusted by this and criticized the new Italian unified state, describing it as a dead corpse.It could be argued that Italy could have been unified earlier under Mazzinis watch if it had not been for how his one override aim distracted from the main goal of a united Italy. It could also be argued, as Robert Pearce details, that Mazzini was absent from Italy for such a long and all-embracing period of him (totalling in all over 40 years) that he became out of touch with this situation. This then caused him to over-exaggerate the national identity of Italians.This meant that he dis-appreciated the subversive potential of the peasants/ the common people, as he had little to none fill with them and knew little about them. As a re sult of this blindness, his further attempts to cause unification failed, an example of this is an organised mutiny within the Piedmont that then failed- further the most obvious was the failure of the planned uprising in Naples, in which Mazzini went on the assumption that the peasants were a volcano about to erupt-whereas this was not the reality of the situation.We can also see examples of his disassociation to the real people of Italy in his political society Young Italy despite being hailed as Italys first real political party, their membership was extremely hold to substantially educated, young, middle-class men. It was here that one of Mazzinis study weaknesses became apparent- that as a result of his complex thinking as well as his studies of law and medicine, his ideas became too intellectually advanced for most people to grasp and most certainly too radical for the cautious, middle-class reformers.This prevented umteen from joining the cause- leading to failed coups i n Piedmont as well as uprisings in Naples and Savoy. His supporters described him as the greatest, bravest, most heroic of Italians. His deeply radical snuggle led his political enemies to accuse him of being an enemy of Italy and a terrorist. His ideas were of democracy, rights, and equality for all (he even campained for the rights of women, wanting to give them the right to vote).These ideas were exteremely liberal and were far from limited in the sense that they were not censored or right-wing and they exalt many to the cause. However, his ideas were unrealistic for the times (women would not get the full vote until after World War II), but it was the fact that his ideas were extremely neo and remarkably radical that converted people to Mazzinis idea of a democratic, free state. This would suggest that his ideas were not limited, but appealing to the people of Italy.

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EBay In China Study Case Essay

Question 1eBay first entered the Chinese tradeplace in 2002 by acquiring a 33% stake in its local counterpart, EachNet, followed by a rise acquisition a year later in 2003. Critically prise eBay.s choice of market entry dodging for china (use Key coarse Matrix), listing some(prenominal) the advantages and disadvantages of its acquisition strategy (use Drivers (YIP) -CAGE Matrix). 30%Key plain MatrixLooking at the structure of key country hyaloplasm, we notice that this matrix has two axes (the x-axis that shows the hawkish strength observed in the country that we are studying the vertical axis represents the country atractiveness). For China, we prat say that among many another(prenominal)s, there is a top 6 of factors that come investment there (China is an attractive investment country)1. Capital Availability2. competitiveness3. Regulatory Environment4. Stability5. local Chinese Market and rail line Climate6. Openness to Regional and International Trade.Analyzing Chinas competitive strength, we conclude that this is a country still developing. China has shortages of infrastructures and services in several markets (Chinas competitive strength is not that in high spirits).Drivers (YIP)Location of application is a crucial source of potential advantage and one of the distinguishing features of world-wide strategy relative to other diversification strategies. Given internationalizations complexity, international strategy should be underpinned by a careful diagnosing of the strengths and driveion of trend in particular markets. George Yips drivers of globalization framework renders a basis for such diagnosis.CAGE1. Culture keep2. Administrative and political distance3. Geographical distance4. Economic distance.The differences surrounded by the US and China are capacious when evaluating the culture distance, the administrative and political distance, the geographical distance and the economic distance. When a company like eBay assumes inte nd to expand its business should be aware of these differences and adopt strategies that prevent these differences to come in in business success.Vantages/Disadvantages of the acquisition strategyWhen a company like eBay assumes intend to expand its business to China should be aware of the differences between both countries and adopt strategies that prevent these differences to interfere in business success. As a disadvantage, we discharge consider the chance of the company not adapt in a positive personal manner to the new market (there is the possibility of existence rejected by the Chinese market). As an advantage, we can consider the possibility of this acquisition became a huge success and the sales can increase abruptly (as the Chinese market is really big, this means that eBays profit would be really high after this movement).Question 2Assess the potential benefits and fortunes of eBay.s knock venture with Tom Online (use Global/Local Matrix). 20%The Global / Local Ma trix assesses the volume of international trade and the volume of foreign direct investment in an attention. The industry in which it operates eBay is located in the f number right corner as shown in the figure. It is a global industry which revised the philosophy Think Globally, Act Globally and where there are high levels of international trade and foreign direct investment.In new-fangled years the market for e-commerce in China has recorded tremendous growth. The roast venture on analyzing is based in the relationship between tom Online and Skype communications company online at eBay Inc. EBay is one of the largest brands of e-commerce in the world and tom turkey Online is a provider of excellent services to Chinese consumers. Both companies bequeath make financial contributions online, and the new market being built by a joint venture between eBay and turkey cock Online will provide a great experience for users. This joint venture will promove the radio link between user s and channels of distribution. at that placefore, in our view this joint venture has e trulything to be a success.Question 3Advantages / Disadvantages of JV international strategyOn one hand, a Joint Venture strategy has several advantages, generally when it is done on a market like Chinese one, which is very protective with its national trustys and little accommodative for foreign companies. TOM online is one of the largest wireless service providers and the fifth-largest internet portal in China, which allows Ebay to penetrate the market faster and easier thanks to its existing brand-awareness among Chinese population, generating for ebay a time saver. TOM online has also a strong political asset by being supported by Li Ka-shing, the biggest holder of the company, who has also strong connexions with hugh-ranking officials both in Chian and Hong Kong. This success on the Chinese market shows that the firm has a great expertise on the specificities of this business area, and de crease therisk for Ebay to make mistake with its strategy.Also, by making a JV, the financial risks and be decrease because they are shared between the two firms and a synergy is created between the two sides, increasing the financial power of the firms and allowing them to launch look with shared financial participation. On the other hand, with a JV, the earnings remove to be shared, so they are lower. To make this partnership happen, it demand a lot more work and energy than with the other type of partnership. That includes strong research about the law and the compatibility between the two structures.This setting of the JV comes with a lot of impact on the management of the new entity. There is risk of disagreement on how the dividends should be shared, disagreement on the managerial model to adopt and on the global strategy. All these problemes can stimulate to conflict of interest and make the JV losing market shares.Question 4 Strategic recomendation on International Comm ercial Strategy for E-Bay Alliance, Acquisition or Abandon Strategy Cf Excel document for QSPM Matrix.Due to this QSPM analysis, we can see that the acquiring method is still more than the expanding method, but from close, thusly we know that Ebay is the auction website, so we can council them to continue acquiring the other companies