Thursday, February 28, 2019

Create a piece of drama about homelessness to educate our audience

The front thing I did was research astir(predicate) homelessness at home. I demonstrate off from my homework Why commonwealth die homeless, some of the reason I found out purpose suitable trapping and unemploymentRelation breakdown 39%Heavy inebriety 21%Losing job 18%Having no m one(a)y to pay for housing 13%Around a quarter own mental wellness problemsAround a half prevail drink problems.It was important to do this research because it jocked die us to a greater extent ideas and receive more round(predicate) the issue of homelessness. This then helped us decide in our consummation why we would accommodate homeless. I found out each(prenominal) different reasons why people become homeless and we refractory each(prenominal) of us would use one of those reasons.I all oerly did a straits map in class for the possible ideas why someone would become homeless and what we could use in our performance.Possible ideasThe first thing we did was get into concourses and di d 3 tranquillise images based on homelessness to give us ideas and to help us understand the qualitys of things to intromit in our performance. The first still image was of 2 different women one with money and a family and another having an abusive hubby. Our second was the women with the abusive husband getting beat up, which caused her to become homeless. Then the third one was the women on the street, homeless and the other women and her children seeing her helping her. In my group we discussed our ides and decided to develop them. We then used our mind map and research to help us get an idea. We all sat down and discussed our ideas. Some of our ideas were to become homeless because of domestic do by, being evicted or being aban dressed by p arents.We did have some problems, we had a lot of people in our group so it was harder to work and focus. We overcome them by listening to each other. This excessively helped us improve our work by giving us more ideas to work with, .e. g. Dying because of being homeless, and being abused by stupefy which we used. Also we could make our performance longer.What worked well in our performance was our still images at the start some of us have our hands over our face to show being afraid. We also used levels. Then we came out of our freeze frame and said what we were a victim of. We did this because it shows our reference that there is all kind of different reasons why people become homeless, and its not their fault. We also used vocal singing, Juliana and Hannah sang because of you which went well with the theme. The tangible theatre we used worked well also when Sophie, Juliana and Callum repeated their movements (when the mother found out about the father abusing his daughter). It showed that the abuse is being repeated over and over again. Sophie also used mimetic gestures. Also when the father (callum) went to sack the mother (Juliana) he used slow motion which was effective because it would have caught the sense of hearings attention.It was good when we all repeated (after Juliana said seizet say a word) you heard her dont say a word. We repeated this 3 times because it was more effective than saying it once. Also I and 2 others in my group (Chloe and Nikky) spoke out of caliber to show how my character felt and it helped the audience understand the characters better about why they were homeless. We also did thought tracking. In our performance we also used a vote counter this helped tell the story of what was deviation on. The narrator told the audience about the abuse that was happening to the child so the audience new exactly what was going on. Also our performance was non-naturalistic so it was different from everyone elses and make it better. At the end of our performance we had statistics which really help inform the audience about homelessness.I think our performance would have been better if we added more snapshots and made it longer. Also if we practiced a bit more so w e dont forget bit of our performance. We could have put a scene in to show how horrible and unpleasant it is to live on the streets. We could have added more drama skills. It would have been better if we included a ikon about homelessness in our performance.I think our performance did inform the audience because our performance showed that there are lots of reasons why people become homeless. It showed how you become homeless and its not the type of people you eternally think that become homeless. We also included statistics which informed the audience what type of people are homeless and what percent it is. We also informed the audience thats its children and teenagers that can become homeless not just adults.Our stone pit audience was 13-18 year olds, to raise awareness to children about the issue of homelessness. I think it did suit our level audience because our performance showed what types of people are homeless and why they become homeless. We also had a role-play in our performance about 3 teenagers living on the streets so it would be easier for the target audience to relate to them. Also they can understand whats going on because there not too young. In my performance we showed them about being abused and not having anyone help you, so they understand that its not someone fault if they people homeless.In Abby Smiths group I thought what work well was she used a narrator which really helped tell the story. Also what worked well was the choral speaking and slow motion they did.I think she could improve by charge and practicing more also adding more drama skills and making her performance practically longer.

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