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Citizenship and Social Exclusion in England and Turkey's schools Essay

Citizenship and loving Exclusion in England and Turkeys schools - Essay ExampleThe central thesis of the paper would claim that both Bernard kink and Mustafa Kemal Ataturks views atomic number 18 formed into one social structure and re grants citizenship in education as a same standard which applies to all groups and people which live in their country. This is in a way comparison of well-being model to republic model of citizenship.To elaborate the entire subject matter it is important to understand the voice communication of citizenship under the persuasion of Osler and Starkeys rate of view. Under the parameters of Osler and Starkey citizenship indicates several variables where one of the more or less important aspects is the close charge and faith democracy rather than autocracy. The second most important aspect in accordance to Osler and Starkey is the determination of cooperation rather than the effect of conflict within the society. Thirdly it should be seen whether it is sustainable within the parameters of diversity and equality. The essence of citizenship as well as indicates that a good citizen must(prenominal) be bale to recognise the individual responsibilities and rights. The individual citizen must also recognise the precedence of authority and power.Furthermore the citizen must be able to understand and reinforce the aspects of order and freedom along with community preference and individual position in the society. Lastly, Osler and Starkey indicated that the indication of citizen that is the most important of all is the understanding, application and exercise of human rights, law, rules, justice and fairness. These are the basic parameters of a citizen from the point of view of Osler and Starkey. (Osler, 2000)It is important to define the concept of social exclusion in the context of England from the parameters of the citizenship principals. There are substantial differences among theorists of education regarding this issue along with the practitioners that whether the entire citizenship tool is applicable or not bandage engaging the ethnic minority segment of the society and combat racialism. Osler and Starkey mention that this fundamental essence is slavish in providing a good amount of opportunity that would be ultimately be a actually important aspect of eradicating racial inequality in education. At the same note Osler and Starkey believes that Crick level has hardly any element that would be helpful for providing guidance to the teachers in spreading anti racism. Furthermore, Osler and Starkey also believe that the Crick report would not prove to be any help in the perspective of minority engagement in terms of students. In fact there is no mention of racism in the creak report. But the fact is that this is one element in the society that could be termed as one of the most detrimental aspects of the society and is in fact an evil curse on democracy. Osler and Starkey fifty-fifty mentions that the Crick report is basically a recommendation that contains a lot of colonial flavour. (Osler, 2000)In the present situation the government aiming to incorporate programs that socially include everyone devoid of colour, cast, race and creed. One of the most cause developments of our age is the recognition of multicultural of multiracial society and how they

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Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Project management - Essay ExampleThat is the task of advertizement. In coiffe to expand sales and gain profit companies have use advertisement through various means of conversation. This economic activity helps to spread the message across the target market for goods or services of the business. At the same time, though advertising can be said to be an element of public traffic activities, advertising itself does not always mean public relations. The two concepts, though have much in common, contain many differences as well. Public Relations work for the improvement of companys image, twist public awareness about the company and its activities, as well as effective promotion of sealed offers of the company or outstanding features of a product or service. So, public relations refers to strategic converse that different types of organizations use for establishing and maintaining symbiotic relationships with relevant publics (Sriramesh, 2009, p. xxxi). As for advertising, it i s currently defined as a communication tool directed towards specific target customers in order to carry the message regarding a cross product, service or ideas, meaningfully and persuasively with a view to achieve certain specific objectives much(prenominal) as, to establish brand loyalty, expansion of the existing markets, increased sales volume, etc. (Kumar & Mittal, 2002, p. 2). ... The country has been admitted to the World foxiness Organization (Walters & Samiee, 2003) and, therefore, became an attractive market for many multinational corporations. While the effect of media is suspect of influencing the relationships of different individuals, the targeting of commercialised advertising and PR activities toward consumers and strategies employed in order to reach Chinese reference is the primary tension in this study. The fact that media outlets became so widespread in Chinese society serves as the impetus for perusing in a more narrow scope the relationship between comme rcial advertising and PR, and the dish/consumer in media commercial programming. In addition, the given work aims at analyzing techniques and strategies of advertising agencies used to influence Chinese consumers. Research questions Though Chinese market can be considered relatively new for western companies, it does not experience any lack of attention and is already flooded with foreign companies and, as a result, advertising and PR. However, thought the market is attractive, it has certain peculiarities and unique characteristics that should be considered by entering businesses when trying to become normal in China. Therefore, the given research is trying to clarify the following aspects of public relations and advertising in China How in particular proposition and to what extent public relations in China differs from advertising and what particular signs make a difference between the two communication activities in the Chinese market. What major communication means, tools and techniques Chinese and multinational companies use in China to effectively deliver the message to the target audience and how effective particular strategies and techniques are.

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Media, Public Opinion Campaigns Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Media, Public Opinion Campaigns - Essay Example2(John Street, 2010) in that location is no abnegation that media play a significant quality in forming smells of the public. Ever since its inception media has been a powerful puppet in shaping and molding peoples perception but with the stream mushroom development of chain reactor media its importance has change magnitude manifolds. The outburst of internet has fueled it further pickings it to new heights. each individual now has access to loads of information and that too is so well available equitable .a click away. It has not only increased the role of media but also increased the importance of the opinion of the people. without delay public opinion matters in almost all walks of life crimson in grievous policy decisions. Public opinion matters most in politics. This growth in mass media has made individuals really opinionated now we have opinions about almost everything and that too is an informed one. Now the questio n arises what is the role of media with special reference to politics. Does it in any way have undermined the role of governmental parties in electoral campaigns? Media is forming opinion about whom persons, policies, activities or political parties? What role political parties play in elections? Are they still important? Do individual personalities have no role to play in elections? If they are also important then what is more dominating political parties or individual personalities or other factors such as media etc? This research paper is based in finding answers to all these questions. 3(Walter Lipmann, 2007) The political parties and elections in the advanced democratic world which consist of mainly of industrialist countries actually provide a intercourse investigation of the ways through which these democracies standardize the actions of political parties in... As the discussion presents there is no denial that media play a significant role in forming opinions of the public . Ever since its inception media has been a powerful tool in shaping and molding peoples perception but with the current mushroom growth of mass media its importance has increased manifolds. The outburst of internet has fueled it further taking it to new heights. Every individual now has access to loads of information and that too is so easily available just .a click away. It has not only increased the role of media but also increased the importance of the opinion of the people. Now public opinion matters in almost all walks of life even in important policy decisions. Public opinion matters most in politics. This growth in mass media has made individuals very opinionated now we have opinions about almost everything and that too is an informed one. The essay highlights thatthe political parties and elections in the advanced democratic world which consist of mainly of industrialist countries actually provide a relative investigation of the ways through which these democracies standar dize the actions of political parties in elections. These countries provide the best source because of their long record of democracy. An analysis of the actual electoral process in these countries revealed that yes political parties do play an important role and is a crucial actor in electoral process. But the extent to which political parties are know as important factor and the extent of regulation vary from country to country.

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Training call center personnel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Training call center personnel - Essay Examplegross revenue made impart help the bon ton to develop better strategies for developing other sectors. The customer outline shall include customer profiling, which involves identifying who the clients of the business are and what they need. Access channels are another consideration and for this case, the website and sell shops will stock the new products. The company also needs to determine the way of communication with customers (International monetary Corporation, 2013).The practice case will have the methods of management involved because management practices form a wakeless part of success in administration. The case will also outline the objectives of the call center section and the how personnel involved should operate. The case will also have a provision for continuous training to ensure that the trained staff will pass the information to the untrained. Such a method will mean that the system will involve many employees, not just a few.It is necessary that the company embraces the use technology to reach and market the product. For instance, the website forms the essential component of the technological aspect of the case system. execution of instrument of the case will take differentiated teaching styles, but which should emphasize involvement. Participants will gain familiarity of creativity on how to tackle customer-related issues.The practice case should entail methods, approach targeted, the objectives, methods of delivery and the channels of musical passage information to others. For the launch of new products, both customer and product-centric approaches are essential. Involving a large number of participants gives a chance for developing untrained

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Balanced Scorecard Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7000 words

Balanced Scorecard - disquisition ExampleIf you slewt measure something, you cant understand it. If you cant understand it, you cant keep in line it. If you cant control it, you cant improve it by H. James Harrington is confirm in every aspects of a business environment (USACE, 2005). Measuring implementation in an organizational place is equally important as its business operations. An organization running its operations without having deed measurement tools can be like a CEO functioning without formulating a strategical plan or an planing machine flying without its compass. Therefore it can be portrayed that the primary intentions behind measuring performance is to depart an idea of how the organization is performing and looking after the possibilities of further development. Performance management encapables organizations to measure, plan and control activities in accordance with the predefined strategies. In simple words it facilitates organizations to achieve their des ired goals (Johnson, 2007, p.1-2). Some of the major performance measurement tools that are being used in current business scenario include Balanced Scorecard, scotch Value Added (EVA), Activity Based Costing and Management, Performance Prism and Quality Management. However among the aforementioned tools, grandeur and usage of match scorecard will be principally highlighted through the entire report. While the formula balanced scorecard was coined in the early 1990s, the origin of this approach however is believed to be deep, and as well as embrace radical work of General Electric (GE) during the early 1950s. The work was basically based on reporting of performance measurement. Apart from this French process engineers have also contributed immensely towards the development of performance management tools. There work was during the early 20th century. In this context the engineers literally developed a dashboard in order to monitor performance levels in a simplified and efficien t way. notwithstanding of its early conception, it was originally developed at Harvard business school by Dr. David Norton and Dr. Robert Kaplan in the year 1992. During the initial phases after the development of balanced scorecard, it was merely used as the performance measurement tool or a performance measurement agenda. Nevertheless slowly with the passage of time balanced scorecard has been able to gain much more importance in the professional field. A number of companies incorporated balanced scorecard into their system of operation in order to facilitate effective and well-organized performance measurement system. at once balanced scorecard is considered as a valuable strategic planning tool. It helps an organization to transform its strategic plan from

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Grades Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Grades - Research Paper ExampleAccording to the authors grading students on a single proportionality does non adequately assess learning. For them, a grading plan should include elements such as partition attendance and effort. When such a grading system is used, it is unfair to the students based on a subject of factors.First, when behavior is used to check off students, it does not connect with students understanding of the course or subject. In any learning institution, there are different approaches used to monitor and punish unwanted behavior (Close, 380). For this reason, hard behavior should be punished by the relevant bodies as opposed to being included as part of the graduation. If behavior is included as part of the grade, it generally becomes difficult to understand and interpret that grade in a meaningful way (Allen, 222). A grade should be a fair condemnation of the students understanding and knowledge about a given subject, and this should not be unite with el ements such as discipline as this will be misleading.Secondly, the use of these additional elements in ascertain a grade is based on the instructors merged judgment of these elements. This means that the teacher evaluates the students performances in these elements behavior, efforts, interest etc- and assigns a collective score. For example, a student may be given grade B in a certain subject as opposed to grade A due to his low gobs in other elements such as behavior and effort. Unfortunately, these factors are based on the merged judgment of the teacher and are not evident or explained in the final grade. A person looking at the students grade will not know which of these factors contributed to the final grade and the method used by the teacher in assigning scores to these elements. This gives a false impression of the students knowledge in that subject.Finally, including these

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Protech Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Protech Business contrive - Essay ExamplePlease refer to annexure 4 for more details on the financial situation.Currently, Protech has 2 brands for different segments. The PC industry is at the stage where demand is expected to boom at an unusual rate. Market is very attractive because products are just being introduced. Furthermore, there are so many a(prenominal) new technologies and the need for new PCs is always increasing.There are so many strengths that we need to supplement on, and so many opportunities that we can seize. At the same time weaknesses and threats are required also to be re-evaluated along with correction action plans.Protech Company was established in rump 1 to introduce a new line of microcomputers into Asia, United States, Canada and Europe. Management team was established to perform different responsibilities. Please put through annexure 1 for the vice presidents in charge of each function.The mission of Protech is to empower our clients to work effecti vely by innovation and building enhanced technologies tailored specifically to meet our customers needs, with high realization gains to our shareholders and keeping in mind the community. Our target markets are smaller, high margin segment, i.e. Workhorse and Mercedes, in the largest and more expensive geographic markets.Its pulverisation was built in the first quarter in Toronto and started with production capacity of 25 units per day. Two gross revenue offices were established in the same quarter. One is an electronic web center and the other one was a brick-and-mortal sales office in New York. This city was chosen due to its relatively high strength demand compared with other cities based on our market research. Please see annexure 2 for 12 month potential demand in different cities.One of the most important decisions in 1st quarter was

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A Vision for Tel Aviv Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Vision for Tel Aviv - Case Study eccentricHere may be seen a working model for the future. Hypocrisy has no place here- in that location are no third-class Israelis here.( Derfner , Third-class Israelis)During that visit a student was asked how all of them got along so well in the school. His answer- We are all human beings and we treat each other equally prompted the Rabbi to write, We should listen and learn from this beamy gem of youthful wisdom. We are all Gods children, created in the godlike image. Our sacred task is to see the Divine in one another, and to brighten and restore Gods image here on earth. (Diamond, Religious Leaders of greater Los Angeles Mission to Rome & Jerusalem)Diamond, Rabbi Mark S. Executive Vice President, Board of Rabbis of Southern California, Religious Leaders of great Los Angeles Mission to Rome & Jerusalem, January 29, 2008. http//www.boardofrabbis.org/Rome-&-Jerusalem-2008 . Retrieved on 15 April, 2009.

Industry Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Industry Environment - Essay ExampleIt has as well put down strategies that would ensure that it maintains its state over a long and short term.The nature of arguing exhibited in the industry is a monopolistic competition. There are various competitors produce similar products moreover of a slightly different structural composition. The retailers exhibit the highest level of competition, which is typically fragmented. Competition on the football footwear records the highest rate followed by the athletes among the products of the company. This is more evident in the sectors dealing in customer attend to provision, scrape name merchandise collection, pricing and friendly shopping procedures.The sporting products industry experiences changes in assorted dimensions including prospects on fresh products. New products cost relatively higher than those already in the grocery store. On the opposite hand, the products have higher demand compared to those already in the market. The sup pliers have control over their brands they must market their products so as to create demand for them. This goes along with rivalries among the vendors dealing in different brands, which, is forwarded to the retailers.The changes in the large environment have led to both negative and positive results in the operation of the business. To begin, prospects in new products have led to fair pricing as the products exhibit higher stock flow as compared to the initial conditions. According to Borowski (2011), competition from other brands and higher rate of introduction of new sporting products in the market has led to the production of more superior quality stock by the companies. The level of advert has also increased so as to maintain the levels of competence. This brings about more expenses as compared to the initial quantify before such changes were introduced.Haig (2011) found the following The Company is planning on specializing in quality brand production so as to win the custom ers loyalty and outshine their

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Managing Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing diversity - Research Paper ExampleThis is because different employees in an organization have different perspectives and standpoints regarding the high hat remove heed strategy. They all believe their own recommendations to be the best possible strategy for the organization (Kotter, 2007). Therefore, choosing the best strategy from all the alternatives suggested can be a very difficult job.Moreover, applying change vigilance processes in culturally diverse background become even tougher considering the fact that the acceptance, tolerance and response to change centering strategies vary across different cultures (Dionne, et al., 2002). That is why managers need to have the ability to enforce change and at the same time make sure that the cultural integrity at their organization is sustained. Furthermore, change management is in any case required while companies consider expanding their business into unfamiliar territories (Todnem and Burnes, 2011). This is where manage rs have to be extremely variational when enforcing any form of change. Successful execution of change management strategies ensures organizational success and it requires managers to be highly aware of their operational environment (Hendry and Pettigrew, 2008).It is with regards to this fact that the research worker will attempt to understand the change management process in Burger King. The fundamental purpose of this study is to see how managers of Burger King have expanded the originations second largest burger food service retail into the Gulf Region. The study will be conducted on the basis of two perspectives of change management which are the cultural approach to change management and the adaptation versus standardization strategy related to change management. An analysis of such scale will allow the researcher to gauge the importance of change management in the contemporary business environment. The researcher will also be evaluating the success achieved by Burger King a fter expanding into the Gulf Region through the change

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Evaluation of Corporate Performance Research Paper

evaluation of Corporate Performance - Research Paper ExampleIts Server and Tools division offers server software, training to developers, cloud-based services. Its affair division offers Microsoft Office and related products. The company markets its products and services across most part of the world. Income Statements (all figures in millions) form ended June 30, 2011 2012 2013 2014 (projected) Revenue $ 69,943 73,723 77,849 85,634 Cost of Revenue $ 15,577 17,530 20,249 22,274 Gross Profit $ 54,366 56,193 57,600 63,360 Total operating expense $ 27,205 34,430 30,836 33,920 Income forrader income tax $ 28,071 22,267 27,052 29,940 Provision for income tax $ 4,921 5,289 5,189 5,689 last(a) income $ 23,150 16,978 21,863 24,251 Figures for the year ended 2014 has been arrived at by projecting 10% growth on revenues and cost of revenues. Income tax provision has been made in the same percentage as made in the authentic year to arrive at the net income after tax. Ratio abridgment Li quidity Ratios Liquidity of the company flock be denoted by several(prenominal) kinds such as trustworthy ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio, and cash conversion cycle. a. menses Ratio is given as Current pluss/Current Liabilities For the year ended 2013, Microsofts current Ratio = 101,466/37,417 = 2.71 b. Quick Ratio This is also known as the acid-test ratio. This takes into account the most liquid current assets to cover current liabilities. Inventory and less liquid current assets that cannot be converted to cash quickly are eliminated while calculating this ratio. This informs more liquid status of the company. Quick Ratio = (Cash & Equivalents + Accounts Receivable + Short-term Investments)/ Current Liabilities = (3804 + 17,486+73,218)/37,417 = 2.52 Financial Leverage c. The debt- candour ratio is one of the pop financial leverage ratios that provides information regarding the companys leverage state. This is given as = total liability/shareholders equity = 63,487/78,944 = 0. 8 This indicates that for every(prenominal) single dollar of share holders equity, there is 0.8 dollar of debt. d. Debt Ratio Debt ratio is delimitate as total liabilities/total assets For Microsoft, it is calculated as 63,487/142,431= 0.45 In other words, 45% of the assets of Microsoft have been created from debt funds. Asset Management The return on assets employed in the company will provide information around how assets are used to generate return for shareholders. e. Return on Total Assets It is defined as Net Profit/ total assets employed = 21,863/142,431 =15.34% However, to escort how efficiently current assets are managed in enhancing shareholders wealth, it would be appropriate to find return on current assets. f. Return on Current Assets It can be given as net profit/current assets = 21,863/101,466 = 21.55% favorableness There are several measures of profitability and in this paper we calculate net profit margin and profitability against shareholders equity. g. Net Pr ofit Margin is given as Net profit/ revenue = 21,863/77,849 = 28% h. Profitability on shareholders fund It can be given as net profit/ total equity = 21,863/78,944 = 27.7% Market Value The market value of the firm can be given by its market capitalization. i. Market Capitalization of Microsoft = No. of shares ? price/share = 8,328 ? 35.52 = $295.8 Billions j. Market Multiples (P/E) It will be interesting to understand P/E ratio in details. It is important to note that the closing price of any trite keeps fluctuating on daily

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Module 3 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Module 3 - Case Study ExampleTo develop unrivalleds plan of action for each child, aside from indicating their respective areas of interests, the additional cultivation would could enhance the suppuration and design of differentiated instructions include preferences of using determine instructional materials (technological applications, games, or visually intentional projects). Also, it would be helpful to determine from their respective parents the academic support accorded outside the classroom (use of computers, tutors, mentors, and other enriching activities). The information would help in the design of compacted and differentiated instruction as sanitary as in observe the performance of the child outside the traditional classroom setting.Actually, the strategies and recommended differentiated instructions were effective in achieving the identified goals. For Mark, it was important to gain interpersonal skills aside from exhibiting excellence in the subjects which were not ed. For Katrina, it was crucial to mitigate any emf negative impact of having to retain her to Grade 3 level. As such, it was correct to solicit the inputs of parents, as well as to refer the children for consultation and evaluation with the school psychologist, who could assess the condition of the children, their accurate competencies and skills, and the preferred intervention, as

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Training and development for manager in multinational company how that Essay

readying and development for manager in multinational company how that will effact on pecuniary dicion - Essay ExampleIn this context, corporation invests on the fostering and development of workers and managers. However, when organizations undertake investments, it is with the idea that thither will be a positive return of investments (Kahnemann & Riepe, 1998). As such, training is tied up with the monetary and profit making-goals of the organization, thus, requiring a strong foundation for the decision to invest in the training and development programs of workers and managers. In this regard, training and development be evaluated in terms of costs and benefits that will accrue to the organization because of the investment. However, as training and development are investments of the organization necessary for its survival, the need to understand the relationship and interaction of the training programs vis-a-vis its financial repercussions for the company become essential non only for the development of training programs, scarce also on the financial decision-making necessary for the implementation of the training. 2. Literature Review As the need for more experienced managers in all the departments of the firm increases, significant monetary investments are incurred by the organization in terms of recruitment, selection and training (Mosier, 1986). This fact highlights two critical elements required in understanding the present-day(a) condition of workers and managers. First, in the real world, the truism that all systems are improvable (Drury, 2005). Second, it is the reality that things changes overtime. As such, in that respect is a need to respond to the demands made by changes (Drury, 2005). In this view, training and development programs for managers become not only as a tool for the economic survival of the company but also a necessity in itself in order to handle the demands of the global market (Ramirez et al., 2007). 2.1 The Current Contex t Training and development of workers and managers contribute to the productivity and profitability of the organization (Mosier, 1986 Swanson & Sleezer, 1998). However, training programs entail costs. In this regard, there is a need to come up with a positive framework that will enable decision-makers in approach shot up with valid reasons for the implementation of the training programs (Heckmann, 2000). This scenario presents the fact that training programs are not arbitrarily interpreted by the organization, but are pursued due to the following reasons. First, managers that are more happy are more economically efficient (Heckmann, 2000). Second, experienced managers are more motivated and engaged in creating a workplace environment that will promote learning and development for the employees (Nahrgang, Morgeson & Hofmann, 2011). This is important since through the leadership of the skilled managers the workers align their goals and objectives with the goals and objectives of the company, thus, enabling growth for both the employees and the company (Wolfgang & Brewster, 2005). Third, training and development of managers are key facets of contemporaneous organizations (Swanson & Sleezer, 1998). Fourth, managers that are more skilled are more focused in performing their tasks and are not affected by irrelevant factors such as gender, physical appearance and age in the accomplishment of the function (Weiss & Shanteau, 2003). Finally, fifth, the productivity of more skilled workers and

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Comparison of Arguments in their Effectiveness Essay

Comparison of Argu ments in their Effectiveness - Essay ExampleMen often examine uncomplicated solutions to problems as well as handlingful advice while women often try to institute friendship by making a discussion of problems and getting concerned in order to strengthen connections. harmonize to Macaulay and Rafelman, the styles of speech that men and women use to converse have been depicted as debate vs. relate, subject field vs. rapport, or competitive vs. cooperative. In circumstance, Rafelman shows that men and women view the world very differently and this is because of not only their gender and physical characteristics, but also because of the way that they are raised. For a long time, it has been cognise that the two sexes think and make decisions differently and this is the reason why they are good at the various roles that they undertake, and this includes matters concerning language. What a man is good at doing and the way he does it is not the exact way that a wom an would do it. There has been a lot of debate concerning this matter, with some, much(prenominal) as Macaulay, believing that to deliberate that women see the world differently from men is being sexist. Rafelman on the other hand, believes otherwise, and they attribute these differences in emplacement to the fact that men and women were created differently and these differences were meant to serve specific purposes. The fact that there are differences between the characteristics of men and women is an indication of the way in which they communicate with others within the society. Men and women have extremely different slipway of traffic with speech especially in stressful situations and these show just how dissimilar their worldview is. Despite the fact that the circumstances leading to a stressful situation may be similar between the two sexes, the way the respond to it is often quite different and this is often manifested in the way that they communicate. For example, men d ispose to become moody and brood over the situations, and more often than not, they end up picking up fights with the people in their lives. Furthermore, men are more likely to prefer remaining alone until such a time as they feel better before needing any company. This is not the case with women who, when dealing with stressful situations, often seek the company of their friends and family with whom to converse so that they give the sack encourage them deal with the situation. Therefore, it can be said that while men are often aggressive in their speech when in a stressful situation, preferring to be alone, women on the other hand prefer to deal with the situation with the help of the people they love. Men and women view the world differently through the use of new technology in the workaday activities one of the findings is that men use the internet more often on a daily basis as compared to the women. In reality, men prefer doing practical things like paying bills online inste ad of physically doing the payments. On the contrary, women will prefer handling bills physically, and when searching for something online, they are likely to view broad scope of sources of information. Instead of searching information online using a variety of search engines, they would do the searching using the sources they trust would give them what they are looking for, these are often limited in number which is attributed to the fact that women have a less probability of trusting as compared to men when it comes to practical issues. Men would use the internet tools frequently for various

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Architecture of Bramante Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Architecture of Bramante - Term Paper ExamplePeter by Pope Julius Caesar. Bramante meticulously designed and centralized the basically around a large cupola. Before Bramante, earliest Gothic and Antic architectural regulate had completely missed the finer points in gracing buildings. For example, most 15th century artists had completely neglected inclusion of a charming and graceful outlook suggested by buildings, as revealed in living subjects (Anonymous, 1996). Importantly, it was Bramante who revolutionalised the to begin with dull renaissance by incorporating aspects of homo anatomy, and making architectural work charming and with finer enlarge to reveal more to the eye, a concept which had all along being ignored. Bramante ideologies largely emanated from his love for nature, from which he was ready to study and had a good understanding of antique styles collaborated by his enlightened patronage (Onioans, 1984). The awakening in stainless ideas dates back to between 1400 and 1600 when Renaissance period marked changes in architectural work throughout Europe. The main features of renaissance were symmetrical arrangement of doors and windows, triangular shaped pediments, extensive use of pilasters and classical columns, square lintels, niches, and sculptures, arches, and domes (Onioans, 1984). These designs looked monotonous and evoked no human feelings to Bramante who was earlier inspired by both human anatomy and nature. To modify the above artistic styles in evoking feelings, Bramante began his new career at the Church of S. mare Presso, a small nineteenth century church the church had no chancel a road outside had limited the span of a t-shape as most churches were designed (Pile, 2005 ). Using his knowledge in optical perspectives, Bramante initiated a new artistic work in Renaissance. The main contribution in this was to pay off the end wall of the church into an illuminating deep space using a painted watercraft relief where when viewed from the nave direction looks as a barrel vaulted chancel which appears to complete the cruciform architectural plan (Pile, 2005). Another breakthrough that was remarkable in high Renaissance was the monastery of S. Peitro in Montario, Rome. Bramante having proved his amazing designs was awarded the toil of reconstructing the cloister to include a small chapel. In this, Bramante plan included a circular study surrounded by a ring of columns that matched the order that wrapped the round chapel with sixteen columns portico support an entablature (Pile, 2005). It was such interesting designs that Bramante was requested by the Pope to redesign and plan St Peters Basilica, which was earlier designed by Michelangelo. The architecture in this case put more emphasis on the musical harmony of proportions, making all volumes simple through a cylindrical structure, with the circular plan symbolizing Devine ne plus ultra (Kleiner, 2009). The church therefore illuminated both the antique styles , while at the same time representing the Christian memorial. These were the humanistic feelings that Bramante in all his architectural work invented a new dimension in high school Renaissance. Bramante in St Peters Basilica came up with a complex plan which had to include a domed crossing, four radiating arms which formed the Greek cross, and several smaller domed chapels at the resulting corners. Though the basilica has over the time undergone major changes, his designs and plans were maintained except the cross which

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USA and Vietcong forces in the 1960s. Essay Example for Free

USA and Vietcong forces in the 1960s. EssayThe tactics used by the Vietcong and US military forces were very different and changed during the course of the warfare. At the beginning of the war the Vietcong (NLF) army was ravening whilst the US army was defensive. The Gulf of Tonkin incident became Americas excuse to become aggressive towards the Vietcong.In 1965 General W. West more thanland authentic the strategy of search and destroy. Its objective was to find and kill whatsoever members of the NLF. US soldiers found this difficult in time as the Vietcong always dressed in civilian clothing, and killing peasants by mistake was not uncommon if hes dead and Vietnamese, hes a V. C. was the view of the troops carrying out the search and destroy missions.It was clear from the outset of war that the US had far more technologic onlyy advanced weapons than the Vietcong, which they used throughout the conflict. B-52 bombers alin concert dropped 8,000,000 tons of bombs amongst 1965 and 1973which equated to 300 tons of bombs per person living in Vietnam. This was over three times the amount dropped during the all told of World War Two. Aside from bombs the US also dropped a considerable amount of napalm, a miscellanea of petrol, phosphorous and a chemical thickener which attaches itself to the skin causing horrific fifth-degree burns to the victim, which could quite very much be an unlucky US soldier. Agent Orange, a complex biological weapon was dropped over a lot of the thick vegetation of Vietnam, causing all plant life to die, potentially to expose any hiding Vietcong.The US pioneered the development of anti-personnel bombs, smaller than those dropped from the B-52s, such as the pineapple, which shot shards and needles of metal in all directions. With the many different developments of anti-personnel bombs it was the USs aim not to kill the North Vietnamese but to injure them badly. It appeal the Vietcong worse in time and resources to help the injured , whilst dead simply needed burying. Ironically, the Vietcongs supply of explosives for mines and suchlike generally came from the 800 tons of US bombs that were dropped every month which failed to explode.In order to counter the powerful and technologically-advanced US army, theVietcong occupied guerrilla tactics which had been used to great effect in Mao Zedongs victory in loving China for communism. The Vietcong were split into small groups of between three and ten soldiers, known as a cell. Cells worked together but knowledge between them was kept to a minimum so that if the cell or decompose of it was captured and tortured, any confessions made would not damage the Vietcong side very much.The cells, who dressed in civilian clothing, would gesture between conspiracy Vietnamese villages winning the support of the NLF from the villagers. They would help the peasants, not do anything against their wishes and educate them on poverty and other issues, in exchange for food, poli tical and sometimes even military support.To defeat the more powerful enemy, a guerrilla has to dictate the terms of warfare to its advantage. The Vietcong chose the setting of the borders of the thick dense forests of South Vietnam as ambush was very easy. Another of the technical advances on Americas side was the realisation that the helicopter could right away bring the troops straight into the heart of the battle and get them out again quickly. However in that location was a massive risk related to this.Once the US had decided on a set down area for the helicopter it was not difficult for it to be shot and destroyed by the Vietcong even in the few seconds it was touching the ground.After the troops had been dispatched they would be surrounded on most sides by an out of sight enemy hidden in the forest, making the USs task a nightmare.It was not that the Vietcong and NLF leaders did not plow that thousands of their soldiers were being sent into battle and being killed. It is that they had the lead to continue doing so until the US gave up. Physical losses to the US were not as great as those losses from the American persons view of the war. This I will explain in the next and final question Why was there such different reactions in the USA to the countrys involvement in the conflict in Vietnam in the 1960s.

Compare and contrast the financial systems of two different countries. Use an institutional approach to describe the system. Comment on the impact on, and response to the GFC in each country Essay Example for Free

Comp are and contrast the monetary ashess of two diverse countries. call up an institutional approach to describe the system of rules. Comment on the impact on, and response to the GFC in each orbit Essay1.0 IntroductionA fiscal system inquires for efficient allocation of resources among the extra and deficit units (Viney 2009) as such it encourages more than savings where capital are hand overd for investor to invest and samewise ease the movements for goods and work (Viney 2009). There are three briny comp angiotensin converting enzyments in the pecuniary systems which are the pecuniary institutions, fiscal instruments and financial markets. All three types of financial system each carry different function, characters and regulations.However, financial institutions exit be mainly counsel in this research essay. orbiculate fiscal Crisis (GFC), similarly cognize as the keen recession occurs in the year of approximately 2007-08. GFC has caused a seve ral(prenominal) impact on the delivery which leads to a several pause of the financial institutions. For instance, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the study investing posits in US (Australia post of Statistics 2010).Thus, the objective of this essay is to examine both financial system of the chosen countries which are united States and Australia, likewise the impacts and responses on the GFC in both of the chosen countries.2.0 Compare and Contrast both monetary Systems2.1 Central hopeThe central bank of the United States (U.S.) is known as federal official declare System (FED) whereas the central bank of Australia is known as the keep Bank of Australia (RBA).The national Reserve Systems structure exist of the Board of Governors which are duly appointed by the president, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), and 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks located through come forth the major states in the country (The Federal Reserve Board 2003).Banking in U.S. is reg u new-fashionedd at both federal and state level. Unlike U.S., Australia has further one central bank which is the Reserve Bank of Australia. However, both central banks are independent within their authorities (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001) whereby for FED, the monetary policies decisions do not arrive to go through the Presidents authorization, and for RBA, they declare statutory authority established by an act of parliament which grants them partlyicularized powers and obligations to carry out prerequisite policies (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001).On the other hand, RBA has two batting order, which are the reserve bank board and payment systems board (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001). The reserve bank board is accountable for monetary and banking constitution whereas the payment systems board is responsible for controlling risk in the financial system, promoting the efficiency of the payments system, and promoting competition in the market for payment services, unchang ing with the overall stability of the financial system (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001).The role of FED is to pack the countrys monetary policy, which accepts full employment, stable prices and moderate long term interest rate as utter in the Federal Reserve Act (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 2008).Furthermore, they maintain the stability of the financial system, supervise and regulate banking institutions, set up financial services to depository institutions, and alien souricial institutions. FOMC will see to it the greet and availability of money and recognition in the countrys economy by poignant the discount rate, reserve urgencys and controlling the open market operations (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 2012).Likewise, the role of RBA is to conduct monetary policy as well, which includes the maintenance of price stability, full employment and the economic successfulness and welfare of the Australian citizens (Reserve Bank of Austr alia 2001). Besides that, they also set the cash rate to wreak a middling term inflation target (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001).Moreover, RBA must maintain a strong financial system and efficient payments system and the issuing of the nations bank notes. Selected banking services are provided to the Australian government, agencies, official institutions, and a number of overseas central banks (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001). 2.2 Commercial BankCommercial banks in the U.S. are quite similar to those of Australia whereby their main role is to act as a financial go-between by channeling fundsfrom agents who deposit money and lenders who needs fund and wants to repeat. These agents and lenders include households, businesses, governments and contradictoryers.Australia lead products and services which include balance sheet transactions and off-balance-sheet transactions (Viney 2009). For balance sheet transaction, the first social function is to loan exercise to match the easy a mount of deposits that they received from customers. This bodily process is known as assets management (Viney 2009). The second purpose is to manage their sources of funds in order to ensure that they assume sufficient amount of funds lendable to meet the loan demand or any other form of commitments. This activity is known as liabilities management (Viney 2009).For off-balance-sheet transactions, it includes a substantial volume of business that is not recorded either an asset or liability on their balance sheet. In comparison, U.S. obtains their funds (liabilities) by issuing deposits, checking deposits, time deposits, saving deposits (Samolyk 2004). For their use of funds (assets), it includes making commercialised, consumer, and mortgage loans, and by buying U.S. government and municipal bonds (Samolyk 2004).Therefore, commercial banks play an heavy role in funding business borrowers. The percentage of non-financial business borrowing that commercial banks fund on their bala nce sheets has not declined remarkably in the past five decades or so.The commercial banks in U.S. provide conduct financing, foreign exchange, somatic finances and miscellaneous banking services which include currency specified belief cards, corporate checking accounts and lock boxes (Ireland n.d.). Moreover, the existence of commercial banks make reliable transfer of funds between different countries all over the population possible. Furthermore, the distribution of valuable economic and business information among clients around the creation is made possible as well (Samolyk 2004). Similarly, in that respect are basically two functions of a commercial bank in Australia.The primary functions are obviously to accept deposits from individuals, and grant loans and advances for personal or corporate purposes. The secondary functions consists of collecting and supplying business information, providing reports on the credit worthiness of customers, standing guarantee on behalf of i tscustomers for making payments for the get of goods, vehicles, machinery, and so on. Besides that, they also provide customers with foreign exchange facilities and they also provide safe deposits vaults or lockers for valuables, important documents and securities.In a nutshell, for both countries, on that point are several similarities in the roles of commercial banks. Commercial banks promote capital formation whereby they accept deposits from individuals and businesses, whereby these deposits are then made available to the businesses which will realize use of them for industrious purposes in the country (Ireland n.d.). Moreover, they also provide laconic and medium term loans for entrepreneurs to invest in new enterprises or businesses. Furthermore, they also promote trade and industry since they offer the use of bank draft, bill of exchange, check, credit cards and letters of credit.In one way or another, they also influence the level of economic activity by influencing the rate of interest and the availability of credit in the market. Most importantly, they implement the monetary policy proposed by FED or RBA to bring intimately price stability, full employment and promote economic festering within the country. There are several sources of funds for these commercial banks.The main source would of course be from the current account deposits. However, they do have other sources as well such as demand deposits, term deposits, negotiable certificates of deposits, bills acceptance liabilities, foreign currency liabilities, loan capital and shareholders equity. 2.3 Non-bank Financial Institutions2.3.1 Depository Financial InstitutionDepository institutions (DPI) act as a financial intermediary similar to a commercial bank, whereby its main task is to accept deposits from surplus units and then issue loans to the deficit units in the financial system (Viney 2009). The main regulator for Australia is Australia Prudential principle Authority (APRA) whereas for U.S. is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).As for U.S., there are about 9, 000 operable depository financial institutions in the U.S. They operate through 92, 000 branch offices located in different states ( pay Maps of universe 2011). Their role is to set a benchmark for DPI in the ground ofcommercial banking. The funds that are put in is used to meet the credit need of others (finance Maps of World 2011). On the other hand, Australias DPI consists of three main institutions which are banks, building societies and credit unions (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001). There are a total of 171 institutions of which 55 are banks, 11 are building societies and 105 are credit unions (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001).2.3.2 investiture funds banks and Merchant banksInvestment banks and merchant banks primary objective is to collect funds and invest them in the market to achieve specific goals set for different types of investments (Viney 2009). There are generally two types of investment companies which are open-end or closed-end mutual funds. Open-end funds will accept new investment and trade in old ones, whereas for closed-end funds they only accept funds once and then do not take in any spare new funds. Investment companies have recently become more popular among U.S. and Australia, and have managed trillions of dollars.As for U.S. investment banks specialize in facilitating financial transactions rather than just providing finance. They have a good write up as a financial innovator since their responsibilities includes the improvement of new financial products and services which must meet the ever changing needs of clients (Kumar, Chuppe Perttunen 1997).In contrast, investment banks and merchant banks in Australia are not considered an definitive bank but often referred to as money market corporations (Viney 2009). They do not have a depositor base to include in their assets. Therefore, they enkindle funds through the issues of securities f rom the international money and capital markets (Viney 2009).2.3.3 contractual savings institutionsContractual saving institutions offer contract that specify, in return for periodic payments to the institutions, and the institutions will make payments to the contract holders if any specified event occurs (Viney 2009). They include general indemnity companies and superannuation funds. As for U.S., their insurance companies raise money mainly from the issuance of insurance policies and collecting annual premiums. Some might also borrow from the dept capital markets as an alternative source of funds.Forsuperannuation funds, or more popularly known as pension funds in the U.S., they are funded by the deductions from employees monthly salary in extension with certain contribution by the employers (Cohen Schubert 2010). On the contrary, Australia have make it compulsory for their employees to contribute to the superannuation system (Cohen Schubert 2010) whereby for U.S., an estimated 78 gazillion working Americans which include the sole traders, employees who work for small employers or even part timers, do not have access to a retirement fund (Cohen Schubert 2010).For U.S., it has firstly introduced as a beneficial payment of employment whereas for Australia, it was created as a comprehensive system from the start (McLennan 2000).2.3.4 pay companiesFinance companies and general financiers are basically institutions who provide loans and charter finance to clients by borrowing funds right away from the financial market (Viney 2009). As for U.S., these institutions raise funds in the debt market by issuing securities. Therefore, they raise funds solely by issuing debt or borrowing from other institutions but not pickings deposits directly (Samolyk 2004). Similarly for Australia, they raise funds by issuing commercial paper, bonds and medium-term notes (Reserve Bank of Australia 2001).2.3.5 Unit trustsUnit trusts is formed under a trust deed, and is controlle d and managed by trustee by selling units to the reality as a means to raise funds whereby investors purchase units in the trust (Viney 2009). As for U.S., there are generally two types of unit trusts, one that travel under private management and another that falls under direct state authority.Their role mainly involves traditional banking activities that are related to issuance of loans and deposits. The major difference between private and state authority trust is state authority institutions obtain funds from deposits and through the sale of shares, whereas private institutions operate as an intermediaries by generating finance through providing investment opportunities to clients (Samolyk 2004).Likewise, Australia in addition has two different types which are public unit trusts and cash management trusts(Viney 2009). Public unit trusts focus more on gathering investors funds and investing it into specific types of assets (Viney 2009). However, for cash management trusts, they focus more on trust deed which are open to the public by confining their investment to financial securities which are accessible through the short-term money market (Viney 2009). 3.0 The impact of GFC3.1 United StatesThe birth of the orbiculate financial crisis begin somewhere in 2008. It all started in early 2006 when the subprime mortgage market in the United States (U.S.) began to reveal an increasing rate of mortgage defaults due to the bursting of the housing bubble (Mishkin 2011). Subsequently, in late 2006, these defaults caused a decline in the U.S. housing prices afterward about a decade of extremely richly growth statistics. Later on, the prime mortgage markets were affected as well and were showing a higher(prenominal) default rates by the end of 2007.Therefore, when the mortgages backing the securities began to fall in value, the value of the securities fell as well (Nielsen 2010). Looking at the fall in price of their assets, investors quickly attempt to liquidate th eir assets in around late 2007. Consequently, in 2008, a major financial crisis hit U.S. which led to the most grievous recession since World War II. The financial crisis in the U.S. economy eventually spread to many foreign nations, affecting the orbicular financial system, resulting in a global financial crisis (Shah 2010).The degree of the global financial crisis was so severe that some of the worlds largest financial institutions have collapsed. U.S. was no exception. History was made when one of the largest investment banks in the world, Lehman Brothers, collapsed in September 2008. Some other institutions have been vehemently bought out by their competitors at a low price, and in some cases, the governments of the richest countries in the world had no prime(a) but to sought an expensive bail out and rescue plan to save some of the rest large banks and financial institutions (Shah 2010).These were all done at the expense of the US taxpayers. Approximately $9.7 trillion of U S taxpayers money alone have been spent for bailout packages and plans (Dhameja 2010). According to Bloomberg, $14.5 trillion, or about 33%, of thevalue of the worlds companies have been wiped out by the crisis. Therefore, as credit became scarce and seeing an increase in the lack of confidence in the U.S. financial institutions, international banks started to increase the interest rate for inter-bank borrowing, known as the LIBOR (Mishkin 2011).Subsequently, a crash in the US stock market was observed, liquidness drying up, and employees were being laid off which cause an increase in the unemployment line (Dhameja 2010). U.S. was in a state of limbo even after eleven months since the fall of Lehman Brothers. Banks virtually stopped lending to each other. Although several proposals for stimulus packages and some bailout plans have provided some relief, it seems that there was nothing more that could be done to ease the situation (Mishkin 2011). At the very(prenominal) time, smalle r businesses hardly had any chances for a bail out or rescue plan and more people went into bankruptcy.Additionally, there was a decline in the US imports from its major trading partners such as the European marriage ceremony, Mexico and China, due to the slowdown in economic activity (Nanto 2009). Private sectors practically stopped borrowing, trade credit was also hard to obtain, and with continuous falling demand, especially investment goods and manufacturing durables like cars, exportation volume step-downs, foreign gross domestic product fell as well, trade volumes eventually collapsed (Dhameja 2010).Moreover, the risk premium on inter-bank borrowing which used to be close to zero, rose steeply to five per cent. Besides, the risk premium on corporate bonds rose to over six per cent. Although the US government time-tested to inject liquidity into the financial markets, the damage was already done (Chambers 2010). 3.2 AustraliaGFC has less effect on Australia as compared to ot her countries such as US, UK and etc. Most developed countries had suffered recessions where Australia experienced a down turn in the economy (Stevens 2009). However, there is no governments hold out required by the financial institutions in such situations like capital injections or the acquisition of distressed loan portfolios (Australia Bureau of Statistics 2010).The major impact of the GFC has resulted on the sledding of confidence in the household sector (Stevens 2009). This is due of the decline in the equity price causes a reduced of the household wealth (The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia 2009). Thus, this leads to an effect of low consumption and investment which resulted to a decline growth of household as they felt insecure about the capacity to spend and borrow (Australian governing n.d.).GFC has also impacted on the unemployment rate which result shown an increase of number that lead to a decrease in the economic growth (Australian Workers Union 2009). T he part-time employment has increased which balance to a loss of full time jobs where this also effect on the working hours such as the decrease hours in work (Chesters n.d.). Certain demographic groups have been affected by the job loss. For instance, the generation Y (18-24 years) has been affected (Tanton et al. 2010). However, they remain optimistic and relied heavily on the government benefit (Tanton et al. 2010).Moreover, competition in the banking system has also been affected by the GFC (Australian tops(predicate) Investment conference 2010) which resulted on harm towards the smaller banks and non-bank intermediaries as compared to the large banks where it leads to an increase in the cost of funds (The Senate 2011).Thus, this has impact on a greater chap between the major banks and other financial institutions (Australian Super Investment Conference 2010). The collapse of the Lehman Brothers, has led to a loss of confidence towards the banks which caused a decrease on th e demand for credit (Australian Super Investment Conference 2010).4.0 The response of GFC4.1 United StatesGFC had seriously impacted the United States (U.S.) as compared to other countries such as Australia where it leads to the collapse of one of the major investment banks, Lehman Brothers. Thus, plans had been made by the U.S. government in response to the impact to sustain the situations toworsen.In comparison to Australia, the financial institutions do not need government intervention to assist them such as injection of capital. Unlike U.S., the government intervene where the central banks has purchased the government debt and the troubled asset which cost US$2.5 trillion in order to raise funds in the financial institutions (Halmarick 2009).This has resulted in the largest liquidity injection done by the government. They tried to inject liquidity into banks by buying share of banks, and purchase of convertible bonds of banks, whereby the government will be paid certain amount interest and the government will be given an option to convert these bonds into equity (Nanto 2009).Furthermore, FED tried to reduce the interest rates by cutting the Fed Funds target from 5.0% in September 2007 to an extremely low 0-0.25% as at December 2008. Later on, in March 2009, Fed started a Quantitative Easing policy by agreeing to buy a $300 one zillion million in Treasury bonds (Halmarick 2009). The main purpose is to turn away the interest rates across the yield curve and to provide additional funds to the banks.Moreover, US tried to overcome slowdown by stimulus packages of about $10 trillion for banks and guarantees to depositors, and also enhanced public spending (Dhameja 2010). According to Bloomberg, by February 2009, the total US bailout amounted to $9.7 trillion, sufficient to pay off more than 90 per cent of Americas home mortgage and was about 70 per cent of US GDP (Halmarick 2009).In addition, President Obama signed two packages which are the American Recover y and Reinvestment Act worth $787 million and 5.5% of GDP. The main features include an estimated $285 billion in tax reduction for individuals and businesses, unemployment benefits, extra spending for food stamps, and also health care subsidies for workers that have been laid off (Halmarick 2009). These packages positively aim to generate at least three to four million job opportunities by the end of 2010.Additionally, US tried their best to observe more banks from failing. The first case was Fed approves financing loans arrangement for J.P. MorganChase to buy over surrender Sterns in March 2008. The second case was government controlled mortgage giant Freddie Mac received $146 million to ease their situation. Next, AIG borrowed $85 billion from Fed to prevent them from failing (Halmarick 2009). However, Fed couldnt do frequently to save Lehman Brothers from failing and thus they went into bankruptcy in 2008.Therefore, US government aim to strengthen the global financial instit ution mainly to prevent losses of capital flows due to the impact of GFC to the developing and emerging economy by agreed on the increase of funds (Australian Government n.d.). Besides, government also actively plans to purchase equity from the financial institutions to ensure there is a sufficient liquidity which enable them to conduct activities such as investment, issue loan and deposit and much more.GFC has caused a fall of confidence in the financial institutions. Thus, government had decided to guarantee all senior unsecured debt and also the non-interest bearing transaction deposit account mainly to increase the confidence losses in the financial institutions (Australian Government n.d.). 4.2 AustraliaAustralia had prepared by implementing an effective monetary and fiscal policy in response to the economy when one of the biggest investment bank in United States (US), Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008. This helps to avoid the economy from slowing down and decrease the impact of Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in Australia as compared to other countries such as US, where government responded on the measurement.In order to strengthen the operation of the financial system, government has increase up to $25 billion of the issue of Commonwealth Government Securities(Britton 2008), more choices of assets provided for Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) to invest in, together with a better lending facility of AOFM (Australian Government n.d.).In response to the recommendations of Financial Stability Forum, legislating has been introduced to establish Financial Claims Scheme (Britton 2008)where the availability of funds is given to the depositors and general insurance policyholders when the financial institutions failed to perpetrate (Australian Government n.d.). Besides, the bank deposits and wholesale funding is guaranteed by the government for a period of 3 years (DAloisio 2010).Additionally, the $10.4 billion Economic Security Strate gy has been carry on as this helps to strengthen and stabilize the economy (Australian Government n.d.). This aim to provide protection to households and other financial institutions to gain back confidence scattered due to GFC (Australia Bureau of Statistics 2010). Besides, First Home Owners Boost has been introduced mainly to assist the housing sector to score activity which benefits the economy (Australian Government n.d.).The competition in the market of housing finance has been supported by the government through the purchase of the Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) (Australian Government n.d.). However, a total of $840 million has been taken out by RBA from RBMS under a repurchase agreement mainly to ensure there is sufficient liquidity in the market (Britton 2008).The naked and cover of the short sale securities has been ban for a period of 30 days by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (Helmes et al. 2009). However, a clarification of th e allowable covered shares has been issued by the ASIC in concern of the set requirement (Britton 2008). A draft legislation for the covered of short sales has been released by the government and it is open for the public to comment on till 21 October 2008 (Britton 2008).Government initiated the plan of Nation Building and Jobs Plan which cost around $42 billion which was mainly to support the jobs in the country where it supported an estimated of 90,000 jobs (Sherry 2009). This help to decrease the unemployment rate and then boost the economic growth where it encourages more activities and also to increase consumption in the economy (Sherry 2009).5.0 ConclusionIn conclusion, the global financial crisis (GFC) had brought so much damage not only to U.S. and Australia, but to the entire nations financial system globally. counterbalance some of the wealthiest nations saw the collapsed of its financial institutions while some had to undertake an extremely expensive bail-out package. As for U.S. they suffered more severely compared to Australia. This is because the Reserve Bank of Australia has taken measures in advance of the global financial crisis. Thus, they were not as heavily affected as compared to other countries.Therefore, U.S. should learn from Australia by implementing policies ahead of any unexpected crisis to decrease the impact and damage done to their financial system. Evidently, it is better for them to prevent and be prepared rather than solution an issue when the damage has already been done. The policies implemented should include healthy control of the discount rate, reserve requirement and also minimal inflation targeting such as two to three per cent.The right policy effectuation will lead to full employment in the country, a healthy level of economic activity and international trades, which will eventually increase the countrys GDP to an optimal and desirable level.(4203 words) enumerate of ReferencesAustralia Bureau of Statistics 2010, T he global financial crisis and its impact on Australia, Viewed 8 whitethorn 2012, .Australian Government n.d., vocalization 2 The Governments Response to the Global Financial Crisis, Viewed 10 may 2012, .Australian Super Investment Conference 2010, The GFC and its impact on Australian capital markets, Viewed 12 whitethorn 2012, .Australian Workers Union 2009, The impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Australian Workers, Viewed 12 May 2012, .Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 2008, Federal Reserve Act,viewed 2 May 2012,Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 2012, Federal Open Market Committee, viewed 2 May 2012, http//www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/fomc.htm.Britton, H 2008, Government response to the Global Financial Crisis, Viewed 9 May 2012, .Chambers, C 2010, US financial recovery Political regulations or a plan for the time to come?, Journal of Banking Regulation, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 240-255, viewed 5 May 2012, retrieved from EBSCOhost databas e.Chesters, J n.d., The Global Financial Crisis in Australia, Viewed 10 May 2012, .Cohen, J Schubert, S 2010, Russells experience in Australia provides lessons for U.S. retirement plan sponsors, Viewed 14 May 2012, .Cook, RC 2008, Impacts of the Financial Crisis The U.S. is becoming an Impoverished Nation, viewed 5 May 2012, .DAloisio, T 2010, Responding to the financial crisis ASIC story, Viewed 8 May 2012, .Dhameja, N 2010, Global Financial Crisis Impact, Challenges Way-out, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 45, no. 3, viewed 6 May 2012, retrieved from EBSCOhost database.Finance Maps of World 2011, Depository Financial Institution, Viewed 14 May 2012, .Halmarick, S 2009, The Global Policy Response-The unprecedented becomes banal, Colonial First State Global Asset Management, viewed 5 May 2012.Helmes, U, Henker, J Henker, T 2009, How the Australian ban on short selling during the GFC affected market quality, Viewed 11 May 2012, .Ireland, PN n.d. 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US Foreign Policy with Russia Essay Example for Free

US Foreign Policy with Russia EssayIf the United States indispensable to get rid of Russia form inside out then it could have come up with a more strategic policy than the so called strategic relationship/partnership From s incessantlyal(prenominal) aggressive opposed policies to miss leaded advice and undemocratic pressure pending, the US government has brought in some fraction of the so called cold war. Restraint remains heavy to the United States policy with Russia.For instance on the orthogonal policy with Russia, soporraint Lite is comprised of three major efforts to cut off Russia from Europe, from it attached countries and most fundamental from the international community at large (MacLean, G. A. 2006). The geopolitical pluralism policy which came in with the Clintons administration was meant to pay back Russias key neighbors i. e. Kazakhstan and Ukraine has lead to the loosening of the confederation of the post-Soviet assigns.So as to deepen the split which separ ates Russia from the rest of Europe and to enhance the creation of a new steel curtain down in the middle of Eurasia, the US is pushing ahead wildly the expansion of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) by not consulting Russia in several foreign policies e. g. the bombing of Iraq and the similar policy on Yugoslavia. Washington has tried to maneuver capital of the Russian Federation to a diplomatic back vomit up through which it can only have a small diverge globally.Part of the so called soft containment policy of United States is meant to get rid of Russias last state of superpower status and its thermonuclear weapon store without giving enough funding for mothballing the munition and as well as without matching the US stock supplies. By implementing the missile shield defence system, the US has jeopardize several arm treaties through opposing major sales of the Russians armament technology, by inclination that the sale of these arms may lead to professional personli feration of arms while the US itself continues selling these arms consequently applying double standards.Through a largest incr heartsease in the military budget since the ending of the cold war, the Clintons government started 1999 with a clear indication that Russians dec run will have real lowly cause to the pentagon. date implementing Russians initial market reforms, Yeltsin foresaw that hot clock were coming, that was back in 1992. These good times that Yeltsin foresaw retreated more and more into the distance (mostly after the catastrophe of the August 1998 when the fragments went to free drop which led to Moscow defaulting on its capital debts (MacLean, G.A. 2006). Today, Russias GDP is half what it used to be a decade ago. The economy is suffocating with $150 billion in overseas debt. Employees atomic number 18 paid in-kind if they are paid at all, The degree of Poverty is rampant, Life expectancy is worsening, the population is diminishing, and Russia is sinking to a threesome world class (Hearst, D. 2008). Economic swap in Russia has not only been unsuccessful, it has been extremely undemocratic.By collaborating well-nigh entirely with Boris Yeltsin and his hand-picked strategists and circumventing Russias generally elected administration, the Duma the Clinton government placed expediency, transparency, over accountability and the checks and balances of a palpable democratic system. International community invested billions of dollars into Russia, funds that didnt filter down but was instead sidetracked into the pockets of a few selected people. Under its cold war restraint policy, the United States relied on hostile rhetoric and military power to confront the influential Soviet Union.By dissimilarity, todays restraint Lite takes proceeds of Russias military and economic weakness, at first glimpse, has depended more on carrots than sticks. In actuality, however, the United States has wielded these carrots to a great extent like cudgels. Washingtons investments and aid expert advice, and high-profile seminars are designed to reducing the diplomatic and military reach of its former superpower opponent and to re start out the Russian wealth in the neoliberal image in spite of of the social costs. prod by these carrots, Russia is stirring towards a rails that has led to fiscal chaos and escalating hatred.The Clinton government was acutely aware of the danger of a Russian implosion. still the government came up with policies that are relentlessly leading to the realization of its own most horrible fears. The root of U. S. Policies In the 20th century, U. S. policy with Russia fluctuated between hostile confrontation and concise attempts at detente. During these particular eras, Reagan and Truman were move on containing Russia and, if possible, undulating its influence in the third world countries and Eastern Europe.President Nixon, without compromising his anticommunism, was able to ease the tension West and East in the 1970s with a combination of arms control procedures and humble openings in the East for Western trade. During the cold war period, confrontation and engagement frequently pass offed one other with little inhalation room, as in Kennedys near-apocalyptic face-off with Khrushchev over Cuba in 1962 which was followed by the dialogue of the first main arms control accord with the Soviet Union in 1963. Whether in altercation or detente mode, whichever, successive U. S.government sought (often unsuccessfully) to limit Soviet power in the world and crude(a) the impact of socialism/communism. Starting in 1985, when the Russia started a complex dance of reforms and decline, the Bush and Reagan governments did a little to encourage the former and much to make haste the latter. Washington gradually came around to supporting perestroika and glasnost rhetorically. save during this time, the U. S. largely suspended economic support for perestroika while at the same time continuing to p ut forward high levels of build up forces spending and provoking rhetoric.From the year 1989-1991(the Soviets terminal stage) Washington switched to kick downstairs control mode in order to pressure the Soviet Union to support German, protect the impudently independent states of Eastern Europe, unification, and prevent a clash from flaring up due to the secession of the Baltic States ( MacLean, G. A. 2006). In the year 1992, after the official crumple of the Soviet Union, the new Russian President Boris Yeltsin brought in a honeymoon time with the United States. Yeltsin and those in support of Western foreign minister, Andrei Kozyrev, went on to follow the U.S. economic reform, lead on arms control and universal politics. The other presidents of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Georgias Eduard Shevardnadze, Ukraines Leonid Kravchuk, and Kazakhstans Nursultan Nazarbaevalso followed suit, each contending for the favors and affections of t he United States. In return, the U. S. promised to supporter Russia and the other CIS states integrate into the international economy and later, through the connectt venture for Peace, into European security status. The honeymoon period did not take long.Russia never acknowledged the Marshall Plan it had anticipated for. Nor did the U. S. administration make room at the worlds platform for the new Russian body. This resulted to the pro-Western division in the Russian foreign policy founding, lost influence and Russian national attention became the new organizing principle for the Yeltsin team. The crushing 1994 invasion of Chechnya, the refusal to sanction the latest strategic arms reduction agreement, and the enriching of relations with, Iran, Iraq and Serbia signified a change in Russian policy.For its part, the US government maintained support for Yeltsin personally, but slowly withdrew from close reversible associations. Washington strengthened dealings with the other CIS na tions to balance Russian power in the region and to height its bets. As Sergei Rogov, who was the head of Moscows, Canada and U. S Institute, remarked that the U. S. administrations rhetoric toward Russia has changed from intentional partnership to hardheaded partnership to rational partnership to just plain pragmatism aimed at minimizing the impact of Russias economic and military fallout on the world at large.The relationship is gone, and the change in rhetoric is reflected very concretely in a range of issues from security aspects to economics and to politics. There was a time when Russia was the fuss of U. S. foreign policy intelligence agencies and analysts. Since the 1950s, the Soviet Union underwrote ant colonial revolts all over the third world and provided essential aid to countries such as Cuba, Angola, Syria and India. Today, Russias magnitude has dwindled significantly. It no longer plays a role in the third world countries. It has little influence in Eastern Europe.C loser to home, it has unbroken certain ambitions such as maintaining the integrity of its own region and to keep its influence in its neighboring countries such as, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. Russias ambitions outstrip its ability, as seen in the losses in Chechnya and peacekeeping downfall in the neighboring countries. Sources have reveled that the Russian armed forces is in dire state the number of its soldiers has reduced by a quarter in 1998, its weapons systems are in a worsening condition, and few finances open to acquire new weapons.Research reveal that it was estimated that by the year 2005 only 5-7% of equipments used by Russians armed forces will be new and the US State Departments admit that the Russian military combat promptness is in bad shape. The drive of the army is even worse now than at the era of the Chechen campaign. As for Russias capability to project force past its borders, little Estonia in recent times declared that its Russian neighbor was no longer a military risk Even its nuclear weapon store, the single card that maintain Russia in the game, is weakening rapidly. The U. S.mainly through NATO expansion is devising gains of this weakness. NATO was intended to deter the expansion of Soviet into Europe. The Soviet Union is no longer there, and Russia badly wants to join Europe and not invade it. Up till now even without an enemy in prospect, NATO is purport right up to Russias door. In April 1999, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary joined NATO and became NATOs first new members ever since Spain in 1982. There are fifteen countries which now belong to the Partnership for Peace program, which is a halfway entry house for NATO aspirants who need help in modernizing their armed forces.Almost every country in the former Soviet Union bloc supports the expansion of NATO, partially because of NATOs own hard line public relations campaign and partially as an initial step toward joining the EU (European Union). passim the ups and downs of Russian U. S. associations in the 1990s, Russia has measured NATO expansion as a purposeful provocation, particularly when extension has potentially included the Baltic States and the Ukraine. The responses that the U. S. gave Russia were of two initiatives. First, it extended relationship to Russia in the PFP program.Then, promising a unique relationship, NATO conclude an agreement with Moscow in May 1997 that recognized various mechanisms of talks. The agreement doesnt bring out all party the right to sanction the actions of the other. But via the Permanent Joint Council, the two sides at least tinct often. Another task to the future and current reductions in strategic arms is the US governments desire to modify or even scuttle the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) accord in order to give way to a new national missile security system.The US administration favors adjustment, but opponents such as influential US Senators have called for scrapping the accord. The Pentag on apparently offered Moscow a worrying quid pro quo on the ABM treaty if the Russians look the other way as the U. S. develops a missile defense shield system, then Washington will permit Russia to deploy new deliberate missiles with three warheads. While at peace with each other, the two countries are ironically moving away from the control of arms and toward arms expansion. In the meantime, the lions share of the U.S. support to Russia is aimed towards the control and dismantling of its arms, much of it via the conjunct Threat Reduction program. This means that a cash-strapped Russia must pay for its own humbling, and the disarmament process is unfortunately slowed (Hearst, D. 2008).ReferencesGorodetsky, G. (2003). Russia Between East and West. Moscow Routledge. Hearst, D. (2008). US foreign policy on Russia has vacillated wildly, from indulgence to overt aggression. go out Obama get Russia right? Gurdian , 26-33. International, C. E. (2000).U. S. -Russian Relations at the Tur n of the Century. Moscow Carnegie Endowment. MacLean, G. A. (2006). Clintons Foreign Policy in Russia. Florida Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Marsden, L. (2005). Lessons from Russia. international mile Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Russia and U. S. Foreign Policy, Available from http//tcarter. blogspot. com/2004/12/russia-and-us-foreign-policy. html (Retrieved 26th November 26, 2008) US Foreign Policy with Russia, Available from http//www. fpif. org/ document/russia/index. html (Retrieved 26th November 26, 2008)

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Points Understanding Human Behavior is critical to organizations Essay Example for Free

Points Understanding Human Behavior is tiny to organizations EssayUnderstanding human behavior is critical to organizations. An organization can be defined as a collection of volume who work together to achieve a goal or a variety of goals. These people do not work on isolation within the organization. They interact with separately former(a) and with third parties (suppliers, customers, competitors, government officials, etc.) in a variety of ways. Therefore, a leader who understands how and why people behave the way they do, he can identify problems, determine the best ways to correct them and examine whether the changes would make a difference towards improvement. Prior to understanding other peoples behavior or attempting to influence others behavior, a leader must be able to perform a self-assessment in order to understand and later on escape his emotions. Unless leaders understand the criticality of human behavior to the organization and the need for self-evaluation/se lf-assessment, their efforts to influence others impart never be achieved.As introduced by Goleman (Daniel Goleman, 2000), the ability to recognize, then to understand and finally to consider your emotions is called mad Quotient (EQ). Coleman asserted that a high EQ had a positive impact on ones relationship. The better you are at understanding your own emotions, the more likely you are to be handy at picking up on the feelings of others. Knowing how others feel can be a expensive skill within organizational interactions (meetings, presentations, day-day cooperation, etc.) and beneficial to the organization.For example, during a meeting a CEO is furious nigh an issue and he shows it by shouting, the rest of the participants may hesitate to express their ideas or thoughts. On the other hand if the CEO identifies and controls his emotional situation and understands that his anger if expressed lead cause the rest of the participants to shape reluctant on expressing themselves, a fruitful conversation may go on and ideas on how to castigate the issue may arise.On an interpersonal level, self-awareness can net you the trust of others and increase your credibility, both of which will increase your leadership effectiveness. On an organizational level, the benefits are even greater. When you acknowledge your emotional status and you manage your reactions youre modeling that in your organization even negativeexperiences are beart with calmness on purely maestro way that leads to corrective actions. These are all characteristics of an organization that is constantly learning and springboards to innovation and agility devil hallmarks of high performing organizations.As claimed by Goleman (Daniel Goleman, 2000) leaders use six leadership styles (coercive, authoritative, affiliate, democratic, pacesetting and coaching), each springing from divergent components of emotional quotient. Only four of these styles have a positive effect on climate and results. As c oncluded by Coleman (Daniel Goleman, 2000), leaders need to implement many styles depending on the situation they have to deal with. How would a leader be able to intentionally apply a specific style? several(predicate) situations require different leadership styles. A leader who is characterized by self-awareness is able to identify his emotional status, manage his emotions and perform under a different, more beneficial, leadership style.

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Heritage assessment Essay Example for Free

hereditary pattern assessment EssayKizlik 2014 argues that the purpose of a nurture aim is to communicate, and that a well-constructed behavioral learning fair game should have little room for doubt about what is intended. Health professionals in designing educational programs to put away both patients as well as families, should be fitting to taper the task or objective to the specific patient and their family for them to be able to explain what you taught them and for them to be able to demonstrate it. On the Euromed information website, on Developing Learning Objectives. Retrieved from http//www.euromedinfo.eu/developing-learning-objectives.html/ n.d. state that a simple and practical way of developing learning objectives is to start with the words, WHO, DOES WHAT, HOW and WHEN. For the purpose of this exercise the learning objective provide be for the patient and the family to be able to change an ostomy dish aerial in a patient with a newly formed colostomy. It is i mportant to view out from the patient and the family which learning styles work for them, example whether reading of pamphlets, one on one article of faith or visual aids. Also the condition or ability of the patient to perform the task, e.g. is the patient slopped and well enough to perform the task or are they too weak from being ill. In using the learning objectives cited above,WHO- will be the patient and familyDOES- list the components neededWHAT-changing a stoma bagHOW by performing task or stating how toWHEN- by dischargeThe Joint Commission on Accreditation of healthcare Organizations JCAHO as cited on the Euromed Info website on Family Structure and Style, retrieved from http//www.euromedinfo.eu/family-structure-and-style.html/ defines the family as the person or persons who play a significant role in the individuals life including persons not legally related to the individual. How a family functions influences the health of its members as well as how the individual re acts to illness retrieved from http//www.euromedinfo.eu/family-structure-and-style.html . In the light of this , having the family understand the rationale behind the treatment and steps on how to help the patient change this stoma bag will assist thepatient to be more confident in changing their stoma bag and as well in dealing and coping with this new health change.REFERENCEShttp//www.adprima.com/objectives.htmhttp//www.euromedinfo.eu/developing-learning-objectives.html/ http//www.euromedinfo.eu/family-structure-and-style.htm

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High School Life and College Life Essay Example for Free

High School Life and College Life strainThe change from proud school to college peck be a difficult one. Both your social and pedantic manner will be remarkably different from high school. Although you might think that college is simply a level above high school, there are several differences between the two, and you need to be lively for whats ahead. My college experience so far has been rattling stressful but am trying my scoop to excel. Unlike high school where things tend to move smoothly, college has been the total opposite. No time to play, more assignments and despatch which tends to consume my time. For instance, in high school, my classes were assigned to me and i was supplied with many of my classroom materials and books. I had a way counselor telling me which courses to put one across and when. In college, it is my responsibility to sign up for the classes i need to murder to graduate and during my first enrollment, I ended up picking irrelevant classes be ca drop I had no head about the whole thing.Although, we have an academic advising center were you can go and meet an advisor who can help out with picking classes suitable for you and is primed(p) at room 113 north shepler of Cameron university. Also, in college, I am responsible for buying all class materials and trust me, the cost of these materials are very high whereas in high school, our textbooks and class materials were given to me for free. A textbook with access code can go for a minimum of $100 which is way expensive and I do not come up to clear so much during high school days Class materials are really expensive. Moreover, we have a library where you can get all this books and check them out if you need them urgently without buying. I use the library everyday and check out books all the time.Read more High school life essayFinally, the style of teaching tends to be more advanced in college than high school. Am decision it difficult coping with the assignments(which are very voluminous),unlike high school where I was given just precise assignments. Tutors explaining things fast and am just confused and lost in class and I just take a break from classes like that. Although, the school came up with tutor.com, a free online website where students can visit to get help and l also visit the academic tutoring facilities like that forcenter for academic success which is located at nance boyer room 1008, center for writers at nance boyer room 2060, math lab at burch hall 104 and academic commons tutoring center at academic commons 138. Am trying really hard to overcome these difficulties before next semester. Putting in every single effort and aiming for a perfect grade point. I know I can do it by being placed and being serious.

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Romantic or Real Essay Example for Free

Romantic or Real EssayRomanticism can non be identified with a single hyphen, technique, or attitude, but sentimentalist ikon is broadly speaking characterized by a highly imaginative and subjective approach, emotional intensity, and a surreal or visionary quality. Romantic art characteristically strives to express by suggestion, states of feeling too intense, mystical, or elusive to be clearly defined. Realism, on the other hand, is an attempt to describe human behavior and surroundings or to represent figures and objects exactly as they act or appear in life. Attempts at reality have been made periodically throughout history in all the arts the term is, however, generally restricted to a movement that began in the mid-19th century, in reaction to the highly subjective approach of romanticism. The kit and boodle of John constable and Honor Daumier show the great differences in Romantic characteristics and Realist characteristics, both with the subjects they painted and the styles that they employ to paint.John Constable was an English painter who was cognize for his landscape painting in the romantic style (Encarta). Constable was a leader in presenting an idealized image of rural life and nature. He infused lull English landscapes with profound feeling. Constables The Hay Wain is a democracyside scene. It helped to add features to the romantic motifs, such as streams, country cottages, and farmland scenes (Matthews and Platt 465). One could almost hear the wind blowing through the trees and sound of running water. The visionary or dream homogeneous quality is portrayed in this painting with the use of natural coloring and lighting. He was known to instruction on the intangible qualities, like the conditions of light, sky and atmosphither, than with the concrete details of a scene. He achieved a freshness of vision through the use of luminous colors and bold, thick brushwork. With the play of individual imagination, Constable gave expression to emotion and mood.Honor Daumier was a French painter who focused on the realistic themes of familiar life (Encarta). Unlike the themes of Constable and Romanticism, Daumier wanted to be realistic and paint passing(a) events involving ordinary people. In his painting The Third Class Carriage, Daumier displays theeveryday middle class peasants on a train. He does not give each person individual characteristics but sort of uses stereotypes (Matthews Platt 498). He uses dark, muted colors instead of luminous colors like Constable. His free brushwork gives the painting an almost unfinished quality. He also chooses to focus on the separateness of each traveler even though they are all so coterminous together in this small train car. There is no imagination at work here this is strictly a painting of everyday life as Daumier sees it.Romanticism and Realism are like night and day. One shows the imagination at work and the other focuses on the harsh reality of the everyday world. Con stable and Daumier use two different styles of painting. Constable uses luminous colors and bold brushwork to bring his painting the The Hay Wain together as a whole, while Daumier with his dark tones and free brushwork chooses to separate his subjects in The Third Class Carriage.Works CitedConstable, John and Daumier, Honor. Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2001. 1997-2001 Microsoft Corporation. .Matthews, Roy T., and F. DeWitt Platt. The Western Humanities. 4th ed. Mountain View, CA Mayfield, 2001.