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Godlessness And Ethics God Is Dead Philosophy Essay

deitylessness And Ethics God Is all of a sudden Philosophy EssaySimon Blackburns Ethics, A Very Short Introduction identifies cardinalsome curses to the field of philosophical inquiry know as Ethics. First among these threats is the demise of God. What is meant by this term is that for a considerable portion of human being history, the suspense of what was considered ethical or moral was answered by acetifying to religious scripture. It follows then, that for those who turn to God or the matinee idols for answers to dilemmas of an ethical nature, the death of such an entity would present a ab surface vexing problem. Without this elysian keystone, the entire arch of their holiness would dilapidate under the compounding pressures of everyday life. But not for Blackburn, and certainly not for me.As it was mentioned previously, Blackburn placed the death of God as the first of seven threats to ethics. But to read beyond what a moron in a hurry would interpret as his true mea ning reveals that the death of god was placed as the first threat to underscore the argument he makes that while superficially, godlessness may be seen as undermining ethics, in actuality it does to a greater extent than to act as a catalyst for a new origin in the field of ethics. Blackburn sees the death of god as a haughty thing, buttressing his claim by saying that Plato tells us that the ethical laws cannot be arbitrary whims of personalized gods. Maybe instead we can make our accept laws (Blackburn 16). Blackburn proposes that humanity would be better served making our own ethics quite than following the booming edicts of a capricious, anthropomorphized, invisible sky-daddy. Thusly, it follows that Gods death is in feature cause for festivity and represents a false threat to ethical inquiry. However, this celebration may have to be postponed, for if Gods death is the false threat, what then is the sincere one? The real threat that ethics face from this front is not Sh ivas wrath, Zeuss lightning or Yahwehs Judgment. Rather it comes from those who believe in the reality of the aforementioned. It was Voltaire who said it best, when he wrote that those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. This threat, the threat godliness poses to not only ethics, but humanity as a whole, is best defeated by claiming and defending the assertion that atheism offers a human basis of ethics and morality with greater potential to reciprocate those who it was designed to serve, namely us.This dumbfound is not without precedent, and it was Socrates who first applied logic to the religious convictions of his fellow Greeks (particularly the ethical conviction that morals must be followed because it is what the religious figure commands) and showed them to be not only conceptually muddled but built on a shifting foundation. While avoiding his fate, his footsteps argon ones that many have followed. I would like to mention at this doom t hat I am not merely making use of God of popular, modern, Western Judeo-Christian tradition (Though any religious references will most likely be to this conception of God, as it is most familiar to both author and audience). Rather, I mean to say that moral atheism offers a superior alternative to (among countless others) Jesus, Anubis, Baal, Izanami, Zeus, Vishnu, and Quetzalcoatl.As mentioned previously by Socrates, the rejection of divine command lies at the heart of moral atheism. Here I show that following a command to behave ethically is not in itself ethical behavior, but rather obedience that results in a mimer of true ethical behavior. Secular humanism in turn, offers a morality that is thought out, argued and reasoned. By having a moral basis in unsanctified humanism, atheism possesses a distinct advantage. This is because, this ethical base, standing as it is, after-school(prenominal) whatever religion it happens to find itself near, can have a bun in the oven at wha t is creation commanded by divine authority in a demeanor that allows it to more easily evaluate the command itself. This superiority then allows atheistics the ability to look at the command, say perhaps, the arbitrary violence of Ezekiel 94-7 where the God of that religion commands his (as George Carlin once said, God must be a man, no womanhood could or would ever screw things up so badly) followers collide with utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women but come not near any man upon whom is the mark fill the courts with the slain go ye forth. And they went forth, and slew in the city.Once the command is looked at, presumably with horror, it is the moral atheist who is more inclined to reject the actions as unethical because they have already been able to find the command immoral.I would like to draw to a close by offering a quick concession to the theists out there. Many of the worlds religions hold out the promise of redemption, the hope that if a h uman being has violated morality in such a way that no amends are possible, many of the worlds gods have the ability of mildness or forgiveness (often conflated, they are similar put not the same). This is something that atheism does not afford. The logical consequence of this is that an individual is forced to make choices with the acquaintance that each and every single one of those choices is adding up to the only rate they can ever hope to have in their life. To write this, does not, as the theist may assume, fill the author with a sense of crush insignificance and nihilism. Rather, it is a great feeling of importance, the weight of each choice is not that of a burden. It is finding the human condition from the moral atheist position to be one were decency, morality and ethics arise without the expectation of penalisation or rewards. With one life to live, what choice do we as a species have but accept that and exult in it. God is dead. considerable live us.

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Business Plan For A Child Care Facility Marketing Essay

Business Plan For A Child caution Facility marketplaceing EssayThe first principle federation is a unspoiled t adequate to(p) service kid comp roughly(prenominal). It provides baby bird c atomic number 18 facility for kids of days ternion to five. The target of the company ordain be double income professional p arents. professional parents hire been very keen in terms of their childs maturation and maturation in a healthy and catch outing environment. To attend their children best facilities, they are provideing to pay handsome amounts. The first principle company go forth prove to be a cutting edge in terms of child teaching, (Smith, 1993) providing serve of specialized training staff for toddler development. A suffering student teacher ratio, coupled with custom designed facility and proposed course of instruction en certain(a)s high select service for parents and children. The ABC club expects to be a emolumentable service provider by the end of the year and has project a modest net profit by cardinal enormous time.http// disquiet_business_plan/images/7dae8e980a9f4c97a74c2bb836c3a9bd.png sustentationThe ABC company has mission to deliver top level child parcel out go. We strive to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers. In assure to prove this statement, everything else resulting fell into place. The company is passionate sufficient to bear upon and exceed customer needs.ObjectivesThe objectives of the ABC guild for first three years of operation includeIn the first seven months, ABC Company give be utilized by at least 35 different families.Provide high woodland run that will add to exceed the customer expectationsIncrease in number of served clients by 20% each yearDevelopment of a profitable and sustained startup businessA brief overview of the companyThe ABC Company will offer its services of child like for the children with age of Three to Five. The services will be available betwee n 7a.m to 6 p.m. There will be variety of tasks that children will enjoy to learn. Such activities include, large muscularity grouping activities, arts and crafts, socialization, and tasks (Smith, 1993) related to general encyclopaedism. There will be low teacher student ratio to ensure the delivery of whole tone services and also meeting the expectations of customers. The company will conduct its services centers in recently purchased home that founder been converted to child distribute services center.Start up summary of businessStart up cost for ABC Company includesProcurement cost of a quadruplet bed board house.Renovation expenses of house to make some changes in congruity with requirements of child care service center.Office furnitureComputer brass and printerphoto copier and fax machineChairsTablesT.V roomMats and pillows for dormancyplay ground with outdoor games accessoriesLaundry facilitiesToysFirst Aid boxfulCleaning suppliesMarketing expensesLegal advisors feeN ote * both long term assets are depreciated using long term depreciation method.http// technological needsBasic anyy the ABC Company does not need any high technology software. As the main clientele is high quality child care services for target group of customers and the services will be provided by highly professional teachers who focus on development and effective learning of the children, basic concepts making and involving the children in innovative and imaginative activities.Services of companyThe ABC Company offers high quality services of child care for kids of age three to five years. Its customized facilities, low teacher student ratio and innovative learning course of studys give the company matched advantage. To accommodate the movementing parents, working hours are larger than usual or normal business working hours. In two income families, both parents are working, children care by r eliable mean is major concern. The ABC Company s most appropriate and creative solution for this concern. It serves as practical(prenominal) parents to children and provides the children with innovative learning tasks. Children are not monitored her hardly they are enmeshed ( Lindsay Lindsey, 1987) in creative, innovative and useful learning tasks under close watchfulness of our highly specialized and trained staff.Summary of Market AnalysisAs the company is focused to provide services to child group with age of three to five years, the target market of the company will be two income professional families. These professionals, as common practice, ( Lindsay Lindsey, 1987) are not all(prenominal)owed to nurse their children with them at work place care of their children during their working hours is of big(p) concern for these professionals. The ABC Company provides creative solution and best option for the parents who take to have something to a greater extent than just bab ysitting facilities. (Smith 1993) Parents will likely to be interested in selecting the child care facility for their children where they will learn many innovative and useful skills such as, reading, writing, art and crafts and socialization and so forth Professional parents are keenly interested in ( Lindsay Lindsey, 1987) growth and development of their children in an innovative manner, and they are more willing to pay for the services. dodging and implementation summaryDelivery of child care services will be provided in safe and beneficial environment, keeping children safe and secure to avoid any mishap or hazardous incident for children. The mission of ABC Company is to make the parents feel good as surface as make the learning fun and secure for children.Competitive providedtThe competitive edge of ABC Company is complete compliance with effectual and regulatory requirements while meeting all appropriate certification and licensing requirements. Moreover, all candidates are passed through process of background screening before hiring. All these unique attributes give the ABC Company a competitive edge.Market segmentationThe target of ABC Company is one explicit group of customers, the two income professionals family from middle and top class. Usually this group of customers has money but not time for their childrens care. They try to outsource this task of child care, the ABC company s most reliable option to consider in this regard. (Helburn Howes, 1996)This group of customers has start teaching their children basic concepts and skills as writing, reading, socialization and so forth The ABC Company will continue to develop and polish these skills simply in accordance with customer expectations. (Helburn Howes, 1996) Professionalism is the basic reason for parents group existence more ambitious in terms of their childrens learning and they have enough money to provide sophisticated child care.Market Analysis piedodge for target market segmenta tionSegmented market needs some provision for child care of target group. Census by beat back Department indicates that 29% of children of working parents are cared by day care centers and 50% are cared by relatives. This indicates that there is enough potential in the market ad hocally in context of our target group who is more concerned about and prefers a structures learning environment for their child. It sounds good to prognosticate relatives with children on weekends or for nights, but a structured environment for learning of child cannot be expected there. Instead, formal institutes like ABC Company with passionate services will be a great choice without any doubt. The American society continues to be a society of plurality working for long hours a day, they need child care services, and this final need will derive the business for ABC Company.Analysis of service businessThe ABC Company has to compete in child care patience. There are companies at all levels from basic baby artists model service companies to child development and learning service companies making the industry fairly broad and populated. Companies in the concerned industry are providing quality services (Helburn Howes, 1996) during business hours as well as night and level hours services. Price, quality, and gut feeling drive a lot of parental choices. The private of success for the ABC Company lies in selection of a specific segment of market with enough potential of success and growth opportunities. counselling plan soulfulness 1, the founder of ABC Company, will be virtually monitoring daily operations child care centre. He has bring in his Post graduate degree in English from XY University. After bound of education, he has been teaching in India for five years, he got a room on rent there, he was taking care of the land ladys children in exchange of rent of the room. Although it was firs time, he was looking after the children in this way, but it was an interesting expe rience for him. This experience gave Person 1, to think on tonic avenues and he was thinking about to start his business of child care when he returned to America. No doubt, it as successful experience with children, that led person 1 to consider this business as his career. To gain more cognition about the subject, he got masters degree n education program to persue toddler development. After this degree he has earned more pledge about starting a child care business with great chances of success. He purchased a house for this purpose and converted it into child care facility center. There is some key professionals such as Person2, Person 3 ,4 and 5 has also been hired by Person 1, to transfer forward child business activities with expert opinion of these professionals. All of these have masters degree in their respective area of specialization and have great experience in their respective fields.Personnel plan staff of ABC Company planned to be consisting of person 1, working teeming time, playing the role of leader and trainer as well. During first three months, two teachers, two protagonists and one person for general health, who will overhaul out with custodial, cooking, and laundry tasks. By month seven, two more assists will be hired.Personnel Plan class 1Year 2Year 3Matt$24,000$30,000$36,000 instructor$30,000$36,000$36,000Teacher$30,000$36,000$36,000Teaching assistant$20,000$24,000$24,000Teaching assistant$20,000$24,000$24,000General help person$15,000$18,000$18,000Teaching assistant$12,000$24,000$24,000Teaching assistant$12,000$24,000$24,000Total People888Total Payroll$163,000$216,000$222,000Financial planGeneral AssumptionsGeneral AssumptionsYear 1Year 2Year 3Plan month123Current Interest Rate10.00%10.00%10.00% long-run Interest Rate10.00%10.00%10.00%Tax Rate25.42%25.00%25.42%Other000Break-even AnalysisThe Break-even Analysis indicateswhat is needed in monthly tax income to break even.http// 14e9e57840458f6e683d2759c018.pngBreak-even AnalysisMonthly Revenue Break-even$18,669AssumptionsAverage Percent inconstant Cost2%Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost$18,296Projected lolly and LossThe following table will indicate projected profit and loss.http// Cash FlowThe following chart and table will indicate projected cash flow.http// chartVice PresidentTeacherTeacherAssistantAssistantManagement Team GapAlthough all the members are highly professional and experienced, they have excellent skills to make sure the successful journey of business. There is not gap exist at the side of management of child care service center of ABC company. At the lower level, assistants are the people who need guidance to work efficiently, but under the supervision of our experts, they will soon become able to d eliver their services in efficient manner.

Starbucks Recruitment and Selection Process

Starbucks enlisting and Selection ProcessStarbucks is a speciality coffee bean ho mapping which originated in Seattle. Today the governance has over 15,000 extinctlets worldwide. It sells a wave of hot and cutting drinks, food items and accessories. Its philosophy is to create an experience for the client and a gentleman connection. With the introduction of the Starbucks Card purchasing drinks, food and so forth from the outlets has now been do a lot easier. Customers dissolve top up their cards and function them as a method of payment.Starbucks products ar in addition available from supermarkets. whatever of the range take ons packets of coffee, coffee makers, gift sets etc.Starbucks is constantly innovating its commotion to backing up to date with competition from McDonalds, Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee etc.You atomic number 18 required to answer the following questions making reference to Starbucks. projection 1 Recruitment, Selection and RetentionA Barista at Starbuc ks must pass water a subprogram of personal characteristics and skills which will enable them to carry out their role. These skills and characteristics argon likely to include friend word of mouthss, attention to detail, a commitment to providing node armed usefulness and an ability to excogitate in a fast-paced environment. Pilbeam and Coridge maneuver that successful resourcing is as often to do with entire presidencyal fit as it is to do with HRM shell practice, and at that placefore the first stage of enlisting should be to undertake a role or person specification in golf club to establish the skills and attri besideses unavoidable for the role. Phillips and Gully suggest that successful enlisting, excerpt and memory should excessively be aligned to the strategic objectives of the firm and at that placefore apprehension and consideration should be given to the most qualified recruitment and survival methods in nightspot to guarantee they will attract t he outgo effectualness groundworkdidates and also that the entire process will resultant in colossal term employee retention.Bratton and aureate state that recruitment is the process of generating a mob of capable people to apply for employment to an organisation. Selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of appli tushts a person or persons much likely to succeed in the job(s), given anxiety goals and legal requirements. Accordingly, Torrington et al observe that there atomic number 18 a number of alternative recruitment and selection strategies including interview, assessment centre, and psychological testing. Each has its suffer advantages and disadvantages and therefore it is not uncommon for multiple approaches to be employ in combination depending on the seniority of the role in question. withal, before recruitment and selection sess commence it is unavoidable to determine a suitable specification for t he role. Thus the suggested specification for a Barista at Starbucks is given under-Figure 1 Personal Specification Template for a Barista at Starbucks (Source, Author)Requirement necessary or Desirable?Qualifications / Education / TrainingNo essential qualifications required, food safety or food hygiene would be desirableDesirableExperienceCustomer renovation, food handling, retailEssentialKnowledgeSome retail knowledge would be desirable, along with a knowledge of various coffeesDesirableSkills Competenciesattention to detail ability to work in a utmost pressure environment, customer-centricEssentialPersonal Attributes contribute friendly, keen to provide an surpassing customer experienceEssential otherwisePrepared to go the extra mile to offer exceptional service and use receive initiative when necessary in commit to come on the brand and conceptDesirableThe specification is not exhaustive and get on attributes may be considered such(prenominal) as an ability to commun icate in to a greater extent than ace language, especially if the location of the outlet is such that abroad tourists regularly visit (eg parts of capital of the United Kingdom).The most cost-effective form of recruitment and selection process for Baristas would be CV and subsequent interview as managers in Starbucks at a local level take aim a clear idea of their local customer demographic and demand and hence voltage exercises who submit a CV can be slowly screened for desirable and essential skills and attributes. The manager can thusly interview likely applications before making a decision on selection. An interview has elevate benefits as it allows the manager to set the personal attributes and characteristics of the application in order to assess how the application would fit at heart the existing team up, as much of the Starbucks ethos and working model requires a high level of teamwork.Potential questions which strength be asked at interview for the Barista wou ld include asking the application to hound their retail experiences to date and getting them to explain how these experiences have relevance at Starbucks. This would test for depth of experience and also organisational fit in wrong of focus on the customer experience. Other technical questions might uphold to Food safety and handling in order to moderate that the application understands the critical importance of this when delivering an exceptional customer experience.From a regulatory vista the manager conducting the interview must be sure not to unknowingly discriminate against whatever potential applications during any stage of the recruitment and selection process. Therefore all applications must be asked identical questions and none should doctor to issues of gender, age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. In short, Starbucks is proud of its heritage as an r for distributively one opportunities employer. During the recruitment process potential applications must be offered full fortune to ask their own questions in order to go out that they fully calculate the nature of the role which they may be committing to.Task 2 expression Winning TeamsOne of the foremost scholars of team building, Meredith Belbin, bring up that in order to function effectively an organisational team requires members with different skills and attributes. In her query she identified that there are nine alternative team roles as she expound them (see Appendix for full details). Belbin notice that the most effective teams possessed at least 5 and ideally 7 of the roles, and that an individual member at heart a team was capable of fulfilling more than one role, but seldom more than deuce. Tuckman established that when people are first brought together in a team they experience various stages of team growing, popularly referred to as forming, norming, storming and performing. This concept is reflected in Figure 2 overleaf. In short, the guess holds that as employe e are brought together in a group they experience an evolutionary process whereby they come to understand and appreciate one anothers skills and strengths and then give these complementary skills for the best advantage of the team as a whole. recital has shown that Tuckmans theory has almost universal application, however, when used in combination with Belbins theory it becomes even more powerful as it becomes possible to identify in advance whether or not a group I likely to succeed based on the unique skills and attributes of severally team member. For practice session, if there are too many plants within a group then it is likely that the group will be exceedingly creative but the ideas will rarely be translated into action. also, too many co-ordinations is likely to result in arguments as the co-ordinator role is known to be quite decided and even manipulative.When applying these theories and concepts to teams at Starbucks it can be observed that different skills are requ ired for different parts of the operation. Holistic observation of a team working at Starbucks exhibits the power of team working. Each person has a defined role which they focus upon in order to ensure maximal efficiency and select of output. For example in any Starbucks outlet one person focuses on taking orders and payments, another one or two (depending on the size of the outlet) focus on making the orders and a gain ground team members is constantly ensuring that the outlet is clean and tidy and well stocked. It can be suggested that this requires a high level of group communication and co-ordination and also a high level of trust as those baristas making the coffee must take on trust the orders given to them by their colleagues. Similarly because two Baristas can work on the same order simultaneously there must be complete understanding and uniformity to the order production process such that they can inter tilt their roles at any point. Under Tuckmans model it is clear th at a team in Starbucks is at the very least in the norming stage of the model and most believably at the performing stage.The concept of team work within organisations has gained increase prominence in recent years and with good reason as highly effective teams are more efficient and productive. Furthermore, Armstrong identifies the benefits of empowering team members within a role so that they feel more engaged with the organisation and therefore more committed to delivering the best possible experience for the customer or client. At Starbucks one means of achieving this would be to ensure that all team member is fully cross-functional and that they are given stretch work targets which require them to work as a team. Full cross-functionality means that each team member has an appreciation for other roles and therefore they tend to be more considerate of outcomes. Moreover, a cross -functional team which has righteousness for its own results will typically find more effective me ans of delivering a service in order to reach targets.Armstrong also discusses how increased right and accountability increase engagement which in turn increases motivation. Some HRM scholars envision the relationship mingled with engagement and motivation as symbiotic, but there is little doubt that engagement and motivation are strong indicators of a high feat team that is committed to exceed expectation and delivering exceptional service. Furthermore, research by Saunders demonstrates that highly engaged teams have lower levels of staff churn. This point is useful as it is sloppedly cor consortd to the previously discussed depicted object of recruitment and retention, and thus if the right people are brought into the organisation and they are dod to stay because they feel the telephone circuit (for whatever reason) is a good fit for them, then there is reduced churn, increased engagement and great productivity. In summation, engaged team members are more profitable for the line of business and thus it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship.Task 3 lead MotivationThere is a vast amount of literature and research which embraces the topic of guide furthermore, leadership theories have experienced a right smart amount of transition over time as societal perceptions of leadership have kindd. leading has been defined by Mcquire and Molbherg as the process of companionable influence in which one person can enlist the upkeep and assume of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Theories of leadership range for discussions as to the marks of leaders their styles of leadership and transactional and transformational theories of leadership. One of the most popular theories used to explain leadership style is the managerial control grid as genuine by Blake and Mouton and shown in figure 3 below-As can be seen in the figure, the Managerial Grid examines the prevailing managerial technique of leaders within an organisation in order to id entify their preferred style. In ideal circumstances Blake and Mouton believe that a manager and leader should adopt a team style which is participative and empowering and allows the employees of the organisation to make their own decisions within the remit of the organisations objectives. It can be suggested that the concepts of the Managerial Grid share some parallels with the discussions as to transformational and transactional leadership whereby Burns argues that in the longer term transformation leadership is far more effective because it empowers employees to deliver the best possible performance as they have accountability for their own daily working lives.It is evident that there are close linkages between leadership and motivation insofar as good leaders motivate their employees and team members to succeed through a combination of techniques such as engagement, empowerment and delegation of power. Armstrong and Cheese et al believe that the use of these techniques in conjun ction with other factors such as employee voice ensure that individual employees align their personal aims and objectives with those of the organisation and therefore voluntarily filter to ensure that the service provided by the organisation is a success.It should also be acknowledge that several scholars perceive there is a difference between a manager and a leader within an organisation. The distinction is keen and relates to the fact that managers generally focus on day to day useable tasks and leaders tend to oc instilly a more strategic role. as yet the distinction is certainly not clear cut and considerable fight still centres on this division of roles. Furthermore a leader can also be a manager by dint of their role within the organisation, and thus leadership tends to be regarded as a personality trait as opposed to an organisational position. In short, a leader tends to be more effective at motivating and inspiring employees because of their ability to engage them and raise them to strive for conjure upd performance.In times of change and development, and also in times of difficult circumstances such as recession, leadership and genius management skills are highly valued. In application to Starbucks it should be observed that in times of recession when consumers tend to cut back on luxuries such as coffee from coffee shops, Starbucks must strive to offer ameliorate service to customers in order to stay them. The managers (and ideally leaders) of Starbucks must also continually strive to motivate Baristas to deliver exceptional service even when customers become more demanding. This concept is closely correlated with that change management and goal setting whereby engaging Baristas with the process can ensure that they feel empowered to respond to the challenge and that they have responsibility for it. At a local level this may mean running minuscule promotions which would suit the customer demographic in order to attract and retain more cus tomers. Furthermore, if Starbucks wish to retain their employees it is prudent to continue to invest in training and development in order to ensure that they are highly skilled and capable of responding rapidly to changes in customer demand. This might include job exchanges with Baristas from other retail outlets in order to share best practice, or creating a forum where Baristas can put forward their suggestions for improvement. Although these are relatively small steps they can facilitate individual Baristas to climb on within Starbucks and this ensures that Starbucks generates a reputation as an employer of choice which fosters home fully grown endowment fund and treats employees with fairness and respect.Research into the prevailing management style at Starbucks reveals that they have a relatively flat hierarchy which ensures that it is easy to scatter information widely and effectively within the organisation. Starbucks has a clear delegation to inspire and nurture the hum an spirit one person, one instill and one neighbourhood at a time and this is fully bear witness in their training policies and ethos. The structure and leadership style of Starbucks also ensures that the business can be responsive to customer needs because the baristas are in direct contact with customers every single day and also have the necessary mechanisms to ensure that they can provide valid and timely feedback to their managers in order to improve the customer experience.Task 4 Work and schooling Needs and Performance ManagementArmstrong defines performance management as a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding active what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved. It is important to observe that from a HRM perspective performance management is not solely concer ned with disciplinal procedures, but rather it is concerned with ensuring that each and every employee has the necessary support to achieve their objectives and potential. Thus, performance management is often closely correlated with instruction and development as in order to achieve to their maximum potential employees must continue to expand their skills and to develop their capabilities. Furthermore, scholars such as Benson et al have observed a link between training and development and employee retention, which as previously identified, helps to ensure increased engagement and reduced employee churn.However in order to monitor and improve employee performance it is first necessary to set suitable objectives and targets and to apply measureds and benchmarks to these objectives and targets in order to objectively assess employee performance and development. At Starbucks there are two eye elements which form the basis of employee performance these are technical capability that is to offer the ability to consistently produce a high quality cup of coffee, and secondly the ability to interact with other stakeholders including team colleagues and customers. The former can be objectively assessed by observation against agreed performance metrics such as speed of production and consistency of taste. This has benefit to individual employees and Starbucks as a whole because it ensures consistency of service and product quality across the network of franchises meaning that the reputation of Starbucks is maintained and also that Baristas are employable across a range of franchises that they may be active to travel to, thus increasing their value to the company.The second performance metric to assess is more intangible and pertains to perceived service level and customer and colleague interaction. In terms of colleague interaction this can be assessed through a variety of measures such as 360 degree feedback, line manager observation and self-reflection during a performance review. Research has shown that generally sermon individual employees are reasonably self-aware of their skills and capabilities and it is rare that a performance review highlights anything that the employee was not at least already aware of at some level. However the benefit of performance review is that it can demonstrate to individual employees specific areas where they could improve or would benefit from training to enhance their skills set. For example a food safety certificate to help ensure that an individual franchise was fully compliant with legislation, or perhaps key book-keeping skills to help ensure that the cash is managed accurately in each store.In terms of assessing Barista performance when interacting with customers this can be achieved through feedback forms and customer incentives. For example it is becoming increasingly common that receipts from retailers encourage customers to provide feedback about their service online. This has the dual benefit of helping the organisation to become more engaged with customers and response more rapidly to customer feedback. It can also be used to gather individual barista feedback if specific questions in the feedback questionnaire relate to performance and service such as speed and friendliness and kindliness of the Barista. The information gathered from feedback surveys can be fed back to each barista in regular performance reviews in order to help them identify areas of development and subsequently improve performance. As noted at the start of this section, performance management techniques should not be designed with the sole function of discipline employees, although it is almost inevitable that at some stage a form of discipline may be required for certain employee. However, best practice makes it clear that regular performance reviews can help to preclude any such issues as if they are held regularly and reasonably oft it should be possible to forestall any problems before they b ecome issues of concern. in the long run it is necessary to consider how Starbucks applies principles of delegation in order to motivate Baristas. As discussed previously in this review, Starbucks encourages team working and the creation of stretch targets to help Baristas develop and to take responsibility for their own areas of production. This approach is closely link to effective performance management because empowering Baristas to set and achieve their own targets helps to motivate them to achieve as they feel in control of their targets and daily responsibilities. Targets can be used to monitor and evaluate Barista performance and at each performance review they can be revised as necessary in order to help the Barista improve. For example in the early years of a baristas employment this could be to improve the speed of production and to bewilder a certain customer service rating. In due itinerary this could progress to internal training courses in advanced customer servic e management and customer experience. This holistic process also helps Baristas to appreciate that they are valued and therefore this leads to them becoming more engaged and motivated and delivering improved performance.ReferencesArmstrong, M. (2009) A Handbook of kind-hearted Resource Management Practice (11th Edition) Kogan Page, capital of the United KingdomBeardwell, J. Claydon, T. (2007) man Resource Management A Contemporary Approach (5th Edition) Pearson Education, LondonBelbin, R.M. (2010) Management teams why they succeed or fail. tertiary ed. London Butterworth-Heinemann.Benson, G. S., Finegold, D., Mohrman, S. A. (2004) You compensable for the skills, now keep them Tuition-reimbursement and voluntary turnover. Academy of Management diary, 47(3) 315331.Blake, R. Mouton, J. (1985). The Managerial Grid III The Key to Leadership Excellence. Houston Gulf Publishing Co.Bloisi, W. 2007. Management and organisational behaviour. second ed. Maidenhead McGraw-Hill.Boddy, D ( 2008) Management An Introduction ( fourth Edition) Prentice Hall, LondonBratton, J. Gold (2007). Work and organizational behaviour. 2nd ed. Basingstoke Palgrave Macmillan.Burns, J. M. (1978). Leadership. New York Harper and Row Publishers Inc..Cheese, P., Thomas, R.J. and Craig, E. (2008) The talent powered organization strategies for globalization, talent management and high performance. London Kogan Page.Foti, R.J., Hauenstein, N.M.A. (2007). mould and variable approaches in leadership emergence and effectiveness. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 347-355.Govaerts, Natalie, et al. (2010) twine of learning and working climate on the retention of talented employees, Journal of Workplace Learning 231.Harrison R (2009) Learning and Development, London, CIPDHoque, K Noon, M (2004) Equal Opportunities Policy and Practice in Britain in Work, Employment decree vol.18 no.3 pp.481-506Huczynski A, Buchanan D (2003) Organisational Behaviour An Introductory Text Pearson Higher Educat ion, LondonMcquire, D., Molbherg J. K., (2011) Human Resource Development Theory Practice London Sage.Murphy, N. (2009) Talent managements role in a time of recession. IRS Employment Review. No 927, 13 August. 5pp.Phillips and Gully (2009) strategical Staffing Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, pp12-35Pilbeam, S. Corbridge, M. (2010) People Resourcing Contemporary HRM in practice. 4th ed. London Prentice Hall International. Ch 2Saunders, M.N.K., (2011) religion and strategic change an organisational justice perspective in R Searle and D Skinner (eds) Trust and Human Resource Management. Cheltenham Edward Elgar.Starbucks (2012) Search and Apply online available at http// retrieved 3rd Feb 2012Starbucks (2012) Mission Statement online available at http// retrieved 3rd Feb 2012Torrington, D. Hall, L. Taylor S (2007) Human Resource Management (7th Edition) Pren tice Hall, LondonZaccaro, S. J., Gulick, L.M.V. Khare, V.P. (2008). Personality and leadership. In C. J. Hoyt, G. R. Goethals D. R. Forsyth (Eds.), Leadership at the crossroads (Vol 1) (pp. 13-29). Westport, CT Praege

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Importance Of Critical Thinking In Higher Institutions Education Essay

Importance Of faultfinding sentiment In Higher Institutions Education EssayThe term searing intellection began in the mid 20th century. It is an idea that has continuously developed for the gone 2500 years. vital thought is a type of reflective idea that champions mortal in deciding what to do and how do it with egress any misconception. Developing the cleverness to read and understand critic tout ensembley is a genuinely important verbal expression of education in university study.Critical intellection is a very important verbal expression in most professions. This essay is designed to overhaul boost your fellowship on the ability to read, understand and evaluate texts faultfindingly. It go out also help to develop and examine your thinking possibly to the fullest extent.B.K Beyer has defined who a critical thinker is. His own definition of critical thinkers is that,critical thinkers are skeptical, open-minded, respectfulness evidence and reasoning, respect cl arity and precision, look at disparate points of dupe and entrust change positions when reason leads them to do so(Beyer 12).Researches conducted so far, one git define critical thinking as the process of gathering, interpreting, evaluating and analyzing gathered in goation, skilfull and actively . It can also be come upn as an formula of aboutones animateness that helps him to go beyond just thinking so as to correct and clarify and improve it.Critical thinking helps someone to think all the modal value and rationally. It is also the ability of thinking clearly, independently and reflectively. It is lugubrious that most race misunderstand critical thinking and normal thinking. There is a bulky difference between critical and normal thinking. Below are some of the qualities of a pricey critical thinker.People with great critical thinking aptitudes should be able toThink actively and open mindedlyExplores situations with questionsThink one by oneRaise important quest ions and formulate them clearlyViews situations from different aspects of life aim the relevance and advantages of ideasSupporting his views with evidenceCritical thinking is non all about accumulating ideas. Not all batch with good memory, who also contract lot of facts are very good in critical thinking. A critical thinker should be able to keep good recitation of what he/she knows to solve various problems, and seek various sources of information in order to inform himself.Critical thinking should not be compared or mistaken to being argumentative or being able to strike hard other plenty. Though critical thinking skills can be utilise to expose false information and rumors, it can also play a very important role in cooperative and constructive tasks. Critical thinking helps people to acquire knowledge and strengthen ones arguments. Critical thinking skills can be utilize to improve social institutions and enhance accomplishment processes.In academicians, critical thin king allows people to understand and apply things or else of just remembering and maybe later forgetting them. Being a good schoolchild requires thinking critically about what is going on in your school and other institutions. It can be argued that being a good human requires you to learn actively and make choices rationally.Critical thinking in education also helps people to analyze interpret, ob operate and explain concepts. Critical thinking also has deep effect to all the learnedness processes. In our lives, critical thinking is advantageous because it helps us to overcome any form of deception.Every successful university student is expected to be a very good critical thinker. Critical thinker can be seen as someone who has the ability and capacity to think at a high level. Students are expected to think critically in such a way that their ideas would provide better life for themselves and the people around them. carve up of people take thinking for granted but it is very important. However, people tend to develop their thinking when they find out their weakness and strengths.When people think actively in schools, they are not just inevitable to wait for something to happen. It can be said that people are engaging themselves in process of achieving your goal make their decision wisely and answer or finding possible solutions to their problems.Critical thinking also comes in when someone is talking about school environs. The school environment is different in terms of physical facilities, opportunities for pursuing academically enriched programs and classroom atmosphere. Students are required to know how to use their critical thinking skills to adapt to their environmental changes. Critical thinking also comes in because young people who really want to succeed are impeded not only by lack of talent or Clichs, but by an academic environment that makes academic success vitally impossible.Students can also use their skills of critical thinking in ex amining their results. Examining ones result is a very important aspect in assessing students plans or ideas. This helps to tell people how particular method of learning has been so far. It also helps to tell if there is need for improving ones learning method, or to introduce a new one.Critical thinking also applies when someone is in search of competent school mate or class mate. People often find it grueling to search for a reasonable course mate while some others find it difficult in taking care of some academic challenges. This can be improved by attacking the complex course of studying and share of ideas between one another and charting each other understands to bring out best results.When people read textbooks and some other vital materials akin legal method, government, history and so on, they are expected to use their skill in critical thinking to consider some notable events and dates as some of these courses like history as mentioned above deals with date and making pr ecise description of the events that is being taught.In some academic literature specifically English, students are expected to get used to spellings correctly as English language is often seen as the universal language used nationwide for communicating and writings.Students in the university also use critical thinking when writing of contrasts and learning actively. People who take and make good note for themselves often success in universities. Some strategies a good college student can use when writing is jotting down main points when a lecturer or a tutor is presenting lectures. These main points mainly serve as a support when someone is trying to read what he must have learnt during the lectures.College students are also required to use their skills in critical thinking when writing assignments. Most students often plagiarise their assignments from friends, lucre or sometimes books which is not advisable. Students often see plagiarism as a minor offence which is not true. Oth er people continue to plagiarism to as an academic fraud which am sure is true. plagiarism is really not acceptable for someone to successfully pass and make good grades in the university.In absence of critical thinking, most university students will not be able to do anything reasonable in their academic environment. Thinking is very crucial to learning. Thinking requires entire personality in peoples learning process. As Kabilan rightly observes, To become proficient in a language learners need to use creative and critical thinking through with(predicate) the target language. Teaching students how to think rather than what to think is a way of assessing their ways of thinking, researching and learning independently. Critical thinking can therefore help in motivating students to learn and application of their knowledge.Most lecturers or tutors see students as empty vessels that needs refilling. They mostly focus on bore students to memorise notes and make answers readily availa ble. At times, they tend to ignore students personality. As a result of this, students critical thinking skill is never fully developed. Most students come into class silent minded and do not participate in the interactive academic sections. This teaching flak is passing criticised by a writer named Paulo Friere who sees it as the banking approach. Paulo rather suggested a dialogical approach method of teaching because he thinks that would be the best.From the essay above, critical thinking can simply be described as a sought after skill in ALL aspects of university work because it is the only skill that will allow someones knowledge and skill to develop and evolve. Its necessary for onesReading,Note making, identification writing,Presentations,And lastly, for students whose studies involve a practical component.

Reggae music on Rastafarians

Reggae harmony on RastafariansThe origins and significance of reggae melody on RastafariansRegarded as the core of Rastafarian culture, reggae symphony is in any case the intent and soul of Jamaica. Rastafarianism emerged in the 20th century along with reggae music in the 1960s. The latter has been a representation of revealing Rastafarianism to individuals while Rastafarianism has contri onlyed to the growth of the reggae genre, illustrating the interactive kindred between the both. mavin of the major(ip) promoters of both Rastafarianism and its music has been bobfloat Marley who, via glob every(prenominal)y famous tracks, has helped the two proliferate. I wish to look at the influence of reggae and rastafari beyond the West Indies because I shade that Reggae is unique, joyful and does roughlything to people, distinct to other music. This is somely due to the ideas behind it, and I want to tell that its not just about marijuana and the commonplace stereotypes of R astafarians but to show up the beauty and significance of listening to Reggae and be a Rastafarian.During the 1930s Jamaica was an island where depression, secernment and racism dominated, especi completelyy in the poorest atomic procedure 18as. This is where Rastafarianism came in to help out the federation. The Rastas postulate that Haile Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974, was the re incarnation of Jesus Christ and their faith worships a blable paragon, cognize as Jah. Rastafarianism therefore originated in Jamaica close to this time as a result of the strong oppression by westerly nations. Its basic principles include the desire to defy Babylon (a common term employ to define Western culture) as easily as using non-violence as a method to achieve this. what is more(prenominal) their principles consist of a dovish autonomous and indep nullifyent society together with a symbiotic relationship with nature and their surrounding environment illustrated by the fact that often Rastafarians ar vegetarians and prefer avoiding foodstuffs such as alcohol, meat, pork and shellfish instead basing their diets on alternative nutrients such as those in mango and coconut. Another extremely important aspect of the Rastafarian culture is dreadlocks in fact these ar a way to repudiate Babylon and its artificiality inspiring dread in its inhabitants. Furthermore Rastafarians believe that by shaking their dreadlocks a connection is created between God and themselves. Another method of completing this divine connection is by withstand ganja which as well as counteracts the daily oppression. The Rastafarian method of non-violence has therefore allowed the pick of Jamaicas population along with other colonies of the West Indies providing survival against the influence of Babylon as well as pride in the African culture.Originally sh be as a method of restoring self awargonness as well as their African roots reggae music today bumps a major role in teaching the Rastafarian people about the oppressive, delusory and divisive nature of the system under which they live and, as write above, serves as the primary way to annihilate Babylon, with Nyabinghi music being the near(prenominal) integral form of it. Reggae developed from several other musical vogues including ska, rocksteady, mento as well as the Statesn RB. Furthermore, although the majority of radio stations were determined in Florida or Louisiana, some were powerful enough to transmit their music as far as Jamaica therefore influencing the development of this genre. Only in the 1960s did Reggae become an officially distinct genre. Reggae is based on a musical approach characterized by accents on the off- bother which is identified as the skank. It as well contains a laboured back endbeated rhythm which means there is an emphasis on specific crush in a bar, an pattern of this in beats 2 and 4 in 4/4 time. This backbeat differs greatly from the usual stron g African-based operates and is not found in typical atomic number 63an or Asian music. The music is also frequently very straightforward, and occasionally it depart be constructed and based upon no more than wizard or two chords. These simple recurring chord structures therefore add to the hypnotic make of reggae.Reggae music consists of several instruments which include drums and other percussion, bass guitars and guitars, keyboards, horns and vocals. Furthermore the reggae drumbeats are usually selected from three major categories One drop, Rockers and Steppers. In the initiative, the prove is fully on the third beat of the bar (typically on the snare, or joint with the bass drum). With Rockers beat, the stress is on the third beat as well as an accent on beat unitary (usually on bass drum) while in the last, the bass drum plays quaternion solid beats to the bar, giving the beat an persistent force. There is also extensive variety of additional percussion instruments that are used in Reggae music. Bongos are often used in improvised patterns with African carriage rhythms but cowbells, shakers and claves also have fundamental roles in reggae music. Also, the bass guitar regularly plays a leading position in reggae and, united, the drum and bass are typically referred to as the riddim (Rhythm). The sound of bass in reggae is thick and heavy and the bass line is often an uncomplicated two-bar riff that is focused around its thickest and heaviest note. Another fundamental instrument in reggae music is the rhythm guitar which plays chords generally on the second and fourth beats of a bar which, as written on the previous page, is a sequence of beat known as skank upon which reggae is largely based. Furthermore this instrument is vie to take a shit a very short and scratchy chop sound which causes it to sound similar to a percussion instrument. From the late 1960s to the early mid-eighties the piano was also a chief(prenominal) feature in reggae mu sic doubling the guitars skank rhythm, playing chords in a staccato style or occasional extra beats or riffs. From the 1980s forwards synthesizers were used to replace the piano, adopting organ-style sounds in order to achieve the choppy feel typical to this style of music. Another family of instruments utilized in reggae is the brass section, including saxophones, huntsmans horns and trombones. These often play introductions or counter-melodies but, in more recent times, are being replaced, along with the piano part, by synthesizers. In comparison to the other instruments and rhythm of reggae, the vocals are a more of crucial aspect of the genre. In fact they are distinct from other genres as they directly exhibit specific inwardnesss to the audience, the nature of which will be discussed in the following paragraph. galore(postnominal) reggae singers use embellishments of various kinds such as tremolos (volume oscillation) or vibrato (pitch oscillation).Possibly the most funda mental part of Reggae is its lyrics, known for their tradition to cover various subjects including love, peace, religion, sexuality, relationships and socializing. nearly of the messages sent to the audience via the lyrics are optimistic and upbeat, but they may also be of political significance as the singer examines to increase the consciousness of the audience to such matters. This is achieved by criticizing materialism or enlightening the attendee with lyrics concerning controversial issues such as the Apartheid or human rights. Reggae pains-writers mainly sing about one love and one world, unity and brotherhood of all mankind, the coming together regardless of diverse beliefs, and the hope of a impudently tomorrow. In addition Reggae lyrics are, as written in above pages, religion oriented, often discussing religious subject matter such as nonrecreational tribute to the Rastafari God, Jah. Other common lyrics are based on socio-political issues, for example the embrace o f black nationalism, anti capitalism, criticism of political systems and Babylon which, as previously discussed, is the idiom used for the exsanguinous political authority organization that has held back the black race for centuries. The lyrics in Reggae music remind the audience of the singers consume to gain part withdom which in turn addresses the quest for freedom of all people who are oppressed globally.Robert Nesta Marley or more likely known, tag Marley was born in a little countryside town in Jamaica on 6th of February 1945. He was a vocalist, performer, nervous strainwriter, and a pioneer to many a(prenominal) because of his way of introducing reggae music to the world, and he slake remains to be one of the most adored musicians to this date. bobfloat was the child of a black adolescent father and a oftentimes older, soon after not present white father. His earlier years in the countryside village were spent in the community of St. Ann. This is where Marley meets one of his child-hood friends, and future collaborator in music, called Neville Bunny Wailer ORiley Livingston. They both be the same school, and they mutually shared a love called music. Bob was encourage to begin playing guitar give thanks to Bunny. Nevilles father and Bob Marleys mother subsequently had an affair together which resulted in all of them living together for some time in Kingston this is according to Christopher John Farleys Before the fiction The Rise of Bob Marley.Marley in the late 1950s lived in trench Town this is one of Kingstons poorest neighborhoods. as yet though the poverty influenced him a fortune he still found motivation in the music that touch him. This is because there were a couple of triumphful musicians which were from Trench Town as well. Also as I mentioned in advance, many other sounds and music was broadcasted from America which many artists such as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, influenced Marleys love for music. Bob and B unny dedicated most of their time to music and under the oversight of Joe Higgs, a famous reggae musician in Jamaica, Marley tried to develop on his singing skills. Under the tutoring of Higgs Marley met another student, Peter McIntosh which later became Peter put-on, who would play with Marley and Livingston later on, to be known as The Wailers.Approximately in 1962 a local record producer, named Leslie Kong, liked Bobs singing and produced a small number of singles for Marley, one of them being Judge Not. His small success as a solo artist, do Marley join and create a band with his two friends, Bunny and Tosh, to form the Wailing Wailers in 1963. In January 1964 the first single that they all made called Simmer Down bloom up to the top of Jamaican charts, at this point of the bands status 3 other members had joined the Wailing Wailers. These new band members included lowly Braithwaite, Beverly Kelso, and Cherry Smith.Even though the bands normality was rising in Jamaica, the y still had monetary problems and this caused for 3 of the members to leave, these were Junior, Beverly and Cherry. The 3 original members went through a rough speckle for a period of time and Marley moved to the join States where he unify Rita Anderson on 1966. After some time Bob returned to his home, Jamaica and reunited with bunny and Tosh now form The Wailers. At this point in Marleys life he started to develop and explore his spiritual side and his interest grew for the Rastafarian movement. At this point the Rastafarian movement had been in Jamaica over 30 years. In the late 1960s some of the songs that the wailers produced where Trench Town Rock, understanding Rebel, and Four Hundred Years.In the 1970s the wailers added two new members, Aston Family Man Barret and his brother CarltonCarlie Barret. They later got a contract with Island Records which resulted in the recording their first full record album, Catch a Fire, and tour Britain and the United States in 1973. Bur nin, their adjoining album was released that same year and this album feature songs like I Shot the Sheriff.Their following(a) album in 1975, nice Dread, reflected some of the political problems that Jamaica was facing between the Peoples National Party and the Jamaica repel Party. Some of the conflicts between these two parties can be seen in one of their songs Rebels, this song was inspired because of Marleys own firsthand experience of these conflicts. One tragic fact about this album was that two if the original members left to surveil their own solo careers, these were Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. The bands and reggaes popularity was increased foreign when the band toured extensively now called Bob Marley the Wailers. They were joined by I-Threes which consisted of a group of 3 female vocalists, Marleys wife Rita, Marcia Griffiths, and Judy Mowatt.Marley was starting to be on his way to becoming an international music icon and was already a much admired star in Jamaica . He entered the U.S music charts in 1976 with the album Rastaman Vibration. His devotion to his faith and his interest in political exchange was reflected in one of his songs, War. The lyrics to this song where taken from a run-in by Haile Selassie, the song discusses a new Africa, freedom, and racism.In 1976 there was an attempt of assassination on Marley because of his popularity and support of the Peoples National Party from the rivals. The night of celestial latitude 3, 1976, a group of armed men broke into Marleys and the Wailers rehearsal before a concert. Marley and his wife were lucky and were just injured from gun shots but Don Taylor was shot 5 times and had to have surgery in order to save him. Even though the attempt of assassination had occurred, Marley still played at the show that night. The following day the Marleys escaped the country.The next year, 1977, Bob moved to London where he began to work on Exodus. This song speaks about biblical stories of Moses and th e Israelites leaving exile and comparing this to his own situation. This pedestal also links to another topic discussed in the song being returning to Africa, to the roots of Africans. This track was very popular in Britain and this song was followed with other successful songs like Waiting in Vain and Jammin. The wholly album was very popular and stayed in the British charts for more than a year and is considered one of the best albums ever made.During 1977, Marley wanted treatment on a toenail he had injured earlier that year, then discovering it to be cancerous cells on his toe. Bob required surgery for it to be upstage in Miami, Florida.Even thought Marley and the Wailers were making Exodus they all put down what would be released on another album, Kaya, which came out the following year, 1978. The two main records in this album were Is This Love and Satisfy My Soul, this record theme was love. Even after his last experience in Jamaica with an attempt of assassination he retu rned to Jamaica and in his One Love ataraxis Concert he made the two parties PNP and JLP leaders shake hands on stage, I withdraw this shows the determination of Bob towards unity and love.That same year Bob visited Africa for the first time in his life. He visited places like Kenya and Ethiopia and obviously Ethiopia being more significant to him because of the relations with Rastafarianism. His next album portrayed a grass the unity of Africa and the end of the oppression there. Survival, the album, was mostly inspired from his visit to Africa.The next album which was release in 1980 was a huge success. Songs in this album like Could you be loved and Redemption Song, the latter song stave about Marleys talents of how he combined poetical lyrics with social and political importance. One of the lines of the songs quotes emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds this is a clear example of the play of words and how he directs the message direc tly at the audience.The cancer that had been discovered earlier in his toe had unluckily spread across all of Bobs body while they were in touring around Europe and the united states to promote their album.During his tour in Europe Bob underwent treatment in Germany where we was able to fight the cancer for a couple months, but it then was shown that he did not have much to live. When this was known Bob Marley wanted to return to his homeland but unfortunately passed away before he could make it to Jamaica. He died on the 11 of May 1981 in Miami, Florida.In part of his memorial service his wife, Rita Marley, and the Wailers played one last time for him. Figures of more than 30,000 people paid their prise to the Jamaican hero whish had received a Medal of Peace from the United States that earlier year.Marley will always be remembered till the end of times as one of the first international singer to have come from the Third World. His music is still and will be popular and fortunate ly his inheritance is continued by his wife and children. Also many of his children have continued in the family business and have as well succeeded in the music industry.His fight for the oppression and poverty still continues thanks to an organization created by the Marley family called the Bob Marley Foundation. This organization helps in education, health, food, and development of countries which collect help.

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Childhood Obesity in America Essay -- Obesity in Children

Its a scary feeling when climbing a simple flight of stairs all to reach the top and be completely protrude of breath. In America today this is the reality that many children face. Obesity has construct an epizootic in our world, it has many contributing factors, affects learning abilities but at that place atomic number 18 preventive methods for it. Although little is being done about fleshiness, its bear upon the lives of many but mostly children and by a multitude of diametrical factors. The rising numbers of obese children has reached an alarming rate. With many Americans, obesitycarries the connotation of being extremely overweight. But health professionals define overweight as an unnecessary amount of body weight that includes muscle, bone, fat and water whereas obesity is specifically defined as an excess amount of body fat (Andrews 1). much often than not we tend to switch these definitions and have false pretenses. Although, in that respect are many health thr eats in the world today, childhood obesity (is) one of the leading health threats in the United States (2). Even the statistics convey that obesity is becoming an epidemic. In fact, since the 1970s, the prevalence of obesity has more than two-fold for preschool children and adolescents and more than tripled for school-aged children (1). With the increasing numbers it causes people to wonder if there are other causes for obesity.Through tests and observations it has been found that obesity can be caused by other factors. Many scientists believe there are other causes for the obesity epidemic besides too many French fries (Belluz 1). take habits can contribute to obesity but theyre not the only factor playing into the bigger picture. For instance, pollutants, like DDE, are believed to... ...nt be the ones that are out of breath. Work CitedAndrews, Shirley P., and Stan Andrews. Fitness fun for everyone classroom games and activities to support rendering and math. Childhood Educati on 200997. Beebe, Ginger, and Joe Thompson. The problem of childhood obesity. Arkansas Business 2010 7. Belluz, Julia. innate(p) to be fat does prenatal exposure to chemicals called obesogens help explain the epidemic of obesity? Macleans 8 Nov. 2010 89. DeSantis, Cari. On child obesity. Policy & Practice 2010 3. prompt it. Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication 25 Oct. 2010 6. Physicians aggroup Urges Schools To Go Veggie. American School & University 2010. 5. Skolnik, Neil S., and Mackenzie Mady. Clinical guidelines for family physicians screening for obesity in children and adolescents. Family Practice News 201049.

A Comparison between My Life and My Mothers Life Essay examples -- co

My carriage and My M separates Life My life compargond to my mothers life is in umpteen ways very(prenominal) different and in other ways a lot alike. The differences are there mostly because I was born into a different era. In 1928, my mothers life started out during the end of the Roaring 20s. It was a time of alternate in America. People were shocked at the short skirts, the drinking and ingest that the young women were participating in then. As the economy came to a crashing stay with the disastrous collapse of the stock market in October of 1929, so did many of the free and high filutin attitudes of the 20s. With the 1930s came The Great Depression followed soon after with the alternative of Franklin Deleno Roosevelt as U.S. President. His administration was responsible for many reform programs designed to facilitate Americans get back on their feet again. President Roosevelt called it the New Deal. As part of the New Deal, a program called the WPA was created. When I asked my mother what that stood for she replied I cant remember the real name, we called it We Poke Along. In my research, I uncover the real name - Works Progress Administration. It was created in 1935 to combat unemployment at a time when it was at an all time high of 25%. The WPA employed 9 million people in various earth works projects between l935 and 1943 of which my grandfather was one. They built roads, schools, dams, etc., which did a lot to modify their communities in those days in addition, it provided a means to put nutriment back on the table. My mother remembers little from these early days merely that there was not a lot to eat then, potato dope up and beans being the constant staple. She and others who survived The Great Depression wanted t... ...ied 52 long time now which in its self says so much for her commitment and dedication. When I asked her what was the secret for a strong marriage she replied, Never take all(prenominal) other for granted, get fixed up every morning. Try to let the home into a palace, cook good meals, tell each other I love you often and be near him as much as you possibly can be, she said. Then added, children add a lot to a marriage. Through her life alone, she has taught her children moral values that will be passed downcast for generations to come. With the faith and courage she has instilled in me, I was able to pull myself up and out of some bad situations where otherwise I would have been lost. I can truthfully say she is indeed my very best friend. Her might and love for her family have never wavered, and our respect and love for her will incessantly be a testament to her life.

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Interstellar Pig :: essays research papers

Barney, a teenage boy, and his parents rent a summer cabin in Dunstable. Him and his parents are staying in a house that belonged to Captain Latham. Captain Latham had a trading ship when Dunstable was an important port.The captains stupid younger associate was a sailor on his ship. And he went crazy and was locked in the front bedroom where barney sleeps for 20 years. When the Captain was give away in the southwestward Pacific they picked up a shipwrecked sailor. The guy they rescued bunked with the crazy brother. And the near morning the sailor was dead the brother had strangled him.The crazy brother was sentenced to be keelhauled but he did not die was safe permently mentality damaged. And clawed around the windows for the rest of his life.They realize from Ted (the guy the are renting the house from) that their neighbors wanted this cabin a lot but Barney and his parents finish up getting it. When Barney meets his neighbors he thinks that they are a little buffalo chip weird but his parents dont think that they are in like manner bad of people in fact they sort of like them. Barney describes them as animal like the way they move and that they seem to be fasenated in the sky and water. Barney is observing the neighbors and states that they had a purplish cast in the weaken light, which is strange because humans arent purple unless there defective. After some(prenominal) hours Zena knocks on the front door and barney describes her eye color as enigmatical lavender.His neighbors also have a strange game they play thats called Interstellar Pig. Their neighbors are about in their mid-twenties there is virtuoso girl, Zena, and two boys, Joe and Manny. Barney is rummaging threw the neighbors house when they leave to try and find out wherefore they are so interested in the house and why they just stopped and was like in a trance when they saw the markings on the window. Barney finds some old document when he is searching threw their house and finds out that these neighbors wanted his house because there is some hidden secret in it, which Barney doesnt have a clue what it is till he is facial expression at the scratch marks around the window and relies that they point to a large boulder at the southern tip of the island.

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Graduation Speech: Dont Let Them Crush Your Dreams :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

12 years ago we started a journey. Today marks the end of that journey, and the ascendant of another. For some, the road getting here was smooth. For others, the road was rough. But today, we leave only of those rough times behind us. We all set a goal, and at one time we hasten all achieved it. We have succeeded. Those of us who have made it here tonight have passed an immensely crucial milestone in our lives. From this bakshish on our lives ar entirely up to us. We have the power to generate whatever we want, and to do anything we want to. Remember that all day, every hour, and every second which passes is what you make of it. From our last four years at Stanwood High, we have learned some sensible lessons. The first of which is that for every action we take, at that place testament be consequences, good and bad. The discipline we encountered from the hands of the administrators was often nimble and resolute. Secondly, we have all had friendships which werent cemented in stone. In the future, dont be fooled by make up friends as they tend to take advantage of you. In the famous voice communication of our high school principal, Mr. Smith, Dont bring drugs or intoxicant to Stanwood High School. Drugs and alcohol bequeath only get you in trouble. In the days ahead, we will encounter obstacles which must be hurdled. Do not succumb to these roadblocks and do not be fooled by detours. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it belike is. Always remember that if you make a decision by yourself, you are solely responsible for the outcome. And one last word of wisdom, people will always try to stand in the way of your dreams. Whether its your cruel boss, or a jealous person, you must learn to get past them, or else they will always try to bring you down.

Bilingual Education Essay -- A Level Essays

multilingual schoolingbilingual education has been a politicized topic of debate for years. There argon many whom support multilingual education being incorporated into students political platforms magic spell others be adamant that it should not be a part of the classroom. Those that are opponents of bilingual education seem to fear the idea of students being unresolved to a second language or becoming proficient in two languages. bilingualist education has many dimensions and definitions, which can cause roughly confusion, but the benefits of its inclusion into students curriculum are irrefutable. What Is multilingual Education and How Did It Come About? An encompassing definition of the term bilingual education is,The use of two languages, one of which is slope, as mediums of instruction for the alike pupil population in a well-organized syllabus, which encompasses all, or part of the curriculum and includes the study of the history and culture associated with the mother tongue. A complete program develops and maintains the childrens self-esteem and a legitimate pride in twain cultures. (Blanco 1977, p.123).Bilingual Education began in the United States in the mid- 60s. The clock time that the bilingual movement started coincided with the height of the civil-rights movement for African Americans. During this time there was a great outcry from Latino activist that protested against discrimination that conduct to a high drop out rate for Spanish talk students. In 1968 congress approved a bill to aide in equal education opportunities, this was the Bilingual Education Act. Its intentions were merely to help extra English Proficient (LEP) students become literate in English, today goals of Bilingual education have advanced (Porter 2003). On... April 29, 2003.Bilingual education/Limited English proficient students National Center for Educational Statistics. www.nces.edgov. April 18, 2003.Blake, P (ND). A compendium of Prop. 22 7 Second Language Acquisition University of California Davis Institute. April 23, 2003. U.S. Department of Education (1995). moulding Strategies in Bilingual Education Professional Development Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs. http// April 28, 2003. Magazine ArticlePorter, R. (ND). The case against Bilingual education The Atlantic Online. April 23, 2003.Zehr, M. (2003). New Arizona Chief clamps down on Bilingual rules Education Week.http// April 28, 2003.

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How Much Working Capital Will I Need When I Buy a Website? :: Sell Website Buy Website

How Much Working Capital Will I learn When I Buy a Website?QuestionIf you buy a occupancy and youre getting a loan, how much capital should you clear available until the tune starts generating income? For example, if I have $100,000 should I be looking for a pedigree thats $50,000 keeping some back or should I look for a business thats over and try to find financing for the overage.Answer give thanks you for your excellent question. Believe it or not, many buyers overlook this and wind up in trouble soon later they acquire a business. What you atomic number 18 trying to determine is known as the running(a) capital requirements of the business. This is the beat of money you allow need available to fund the business after you take over until it becomes self-sufficient, meaning that there is enough inflow of cash in to pay the bills.Unfortunately, there isnt a standard answer, but it is something that you can substantially calculate. Keep in mind that every business scenari o is different. For example, if you acquire a business where clients pay immediately (i.e. a retail store), thusly you will have an inflow of cash the first day that you take over. On the other hand, if its a business where you grant payment terms to clients and the add up time to collect is 30 days, then at a bare minimum, you will need at least one month of working capital (although I dont think that 30 days worth is enough, but Ill explain in a moment).The other thing to consider is inventory. If you will have to purchase products to sell prior to seeing payments form clients, here in like manner your cash flow will be affected.The best way to address this for any business is to do a forecast for the first sise months after closing. Generally, you should take the average monthly revenue for the past 2 3 years. Then, factor in any seasonality to the business. For example, if you are buying a water sports equipment rental business on the beach in Florida in May, you can cer tainly expect sales to be far dismay than they will be in December.Once you determine the average sales, then you must calculate all of the fixed be that you will rule from day one. These are all of the expenses that the business will have that are not related to the sales. For example, if you have sales people on commission, their costs are only incurred when revenue is generated.

Russia vs. China: FDI Analysis for Energy Company Essay -- Social Risks

IntroductionA guild that is considering investing internationally has to evaluate some important factors that are polar in choosing the right country. In order to choose the best determination a businessperson has to analyze economic, political, geographical and social factors before accounting entry a new market. This paper will analyze two countries exploitation a fictive sample of Energy Company based in US. This private gild wants to enter to a new market in one of the BRIC countries located in Europe or Asia. The ability partnership wants to build ECO power plants (environmental friendly) and introduce a new concept of sustainable energy source to these two countries (Russia and China). Hydropower, Wind power and solar energy should be used to generate the electricity. The capital investment is quite risque in order to build new power plants, but the intention of the company is to become a big competition for already quick companies in this industry. The major advant age of this energy company is that they produce electricity for a fair price and do not pollute the environment. The company wants to build a chain of ECO power plants in one of these countries and puff to other markets outside the US. Social risks and benefitsRussia and China are countries with large population. These states work to BRIC group, which are countries with fast developing economy. Both are very piquant destinations for foreign direct investments that can benefit whole country. Despite of the prosperity a huge amount of the population live below the privation line and lack basic needs or education. The average honorarium in these countries are very unstable because they vary from region to region. eon average wages in China are rising those in Russia are ... .... The macrocosm Factbook. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from https// Central Intelligence Agency (2013). The military personnel Factbook. R etrieved November 24, 2013, from https// Graham, E. M., Wada, E. (2001). Foreign Direct Investment in China effects on Growth and Economic Performance. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from Peterson Institutefor International Economics website http// World Bank (2013). Doing Business in China - World Bank Group. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from http// info/exploreeconomies/china/The World Bank (2013). Doing Business in Russian alliance - World Bank Group.Retrieved November 24, 2013, from http//

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The Simple Pleasures of Life Bring Happiness Essay -- Happiness Essays

I am obdurate to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater luck of our misery or unhappiness is determined non by our status but by our disposition. -- Martha Washington comfort is non something ready made. It comes from your protest actions. -- Dalai Lama An emotion is an intense feeling. Happiness is one of the many emotions world experience. It may perhaps be the almost important feeling a person discount have and it is the one feeling everyone strives to achieve, yet strangely, for the most part, people seem to only get a glimpse of it. grateful satisfaction, a state of public assistance and contentment are the more salient(ip) elements of happiness. Happiness, known more formally as felicity, is favorable. A state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy and can be employ to almost every kind of enjoyment. It can be defined and characterized in several ways- metaphor ically, by lifes everyday pleasures, and by the behaviors and accomplishments of a happy person. This emotion can be metaphorically compared with expressions such as, the sunshine shining through the rain and the silver lining behind the obscure cloud. These expressions capture the optimistic outlook of happiness, they symbolize hope of a bigger, better and brighter future even in the midst of what could be termed as the darkest hour. Happiness is the essence of life, the wind gently blowing flowers in the pass field, the puppies frolicking in a pile of leaves, and is reflected in the merriment of men. It is exciting, playful, full of estimable cheer and lighthearted and signifies life. It brings the smiles to the faces of children one to ninety-nine. Happiness i... ...e way. Apart from success, goodish health and longevity are associated with happiness. The lightheartedness that accompanies happiness has been said to lower the receive of strokes and heart attacks. Laught er releases tension and add to persons overall sense of well-being. Happiness is not death, or sorrow. It is not gloom, depression or heavy-heartedness. Happiness does not lament nor does it worry. It is neither moody nor pensive, neither wanton nor pessimistic. Happiness does not mourn for what was it instead rejoices in what will be. Happiness comes through good fortune and through loving and being loved. Eating a good meal, being in good health and enjoying the comforts of life can also achieve it. The simple pleasures of life bring happiness, whether it be enjoying a favorite dessert, smelling a rose or running in the rain.O happiness our beings end and aim

Doctor Manette’s Role In A Tale of Two Cities :: A Tale of Two Cities

medico Manettes fictitious character in A Tale of Two CitiesIntroduction- Individual characters often represent as the sprightliness of a novel.I.A Tale of Two Cities evolved from deposit Manettes storyA.doc Manettes storyII.Recalled to LifeA. set Manettes appearanceB.His revivalC.His relationship with his daughterIII.Doctor Manettes relapsesA. His newfound strengthIV.Doctor Manette as a hero Conclusion- Doctor Manette as the nucleus of the novel. Individual characters often exist as the heart of the novel. They contain dynamic characteristics and occupy a central position in the novel. In A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens uses Doctor Manette as the core of his novel, Doctor Manette is a worthy hero and a polar piece in the puzzle(Glancy 75). His personality and story thrusts him into the spotlight passim the book. The novel revolves around his character. A Tale of Two Cities evolved from Doctor Manettes story. He has witnessed the aftermath of a rape and assault committed by two twin nobles, the Evrmondes, and is forbidden to speak of it the things that you see here argon things to be seen and not spoken of (Dickens 325). But when Manette tries to report these crimes he is locked up in the Bastille. The novel is then built up through Doctor Manettes cruel and unjustified imprisonment and the in timets following his release from prison(Lindsay 103). That is how he becomes the core of the novel. Upon the opening of the novel Dr. Manette is a weak and horrific creation. He is a man recalled to life (Dickens 24) from an eighteen-year imprisonment and has the appearance of an aged man having white hair and a ragged face he is a ghost, the empty shell of a man (Glancy 69). He is very confused, so confused he cannot recall any of his past or even remember his name. The experience of oppressive misery has not merely deformed himit has broken down the whole system of memory board in his someone (Lindsay 104). He is a mere victim of the past. Dr. Manette has been driven mad, broken and spur into a destroying curse, by eighteen years of unjust imprisonment in the Bastille (Johnson 30). He is too accustomed to imprisonment to be able to yield freedom, which was true of many prisoners during the Revolution. But he is resurrected at the sight of his daughter, who stimulates the memory of his wife with her threads of gold, or her golden hair.

Open Source Development Essay -- Open Source Development

1. asylumThis research project pass on explain in a web manor what Open Source Development (OSD) is, the history and objectives of OSD, and how it is applicable to two home users and businesses. This project will also show the companies which use and spring up Open Source and why Open Source is so authoritative not only to businesses and people at home, but to us as computer scientists and how it will lead us further, farther, and deeper into technological advances in the bundle package industry enabling us to grow and build a fracture future for computers and Development.2.Management SummaryThis project provides an analysis of the current favourableness and advantages of using Open Source Development in the business topic as well as home use. The method of which these different software products were analysed were the history behind the products, how they were developed and how they are shown to flourish in their various(prenominal) field as opposed to closed Source produc ts.The results of this can be shown in the use of the software in the current business fields where we can see that the software not only provides a possible alternative to their market competitors but it also shows that even in close fields that these products are the market leaders themselves.In this project you will find that using Open Source is an incredibly powerful pick as these software projects are usually backed by super communities of people who are always trying to improve, fix and provide a constant ongoing technical support for these products. The recommendations you will find in this project includeUsing Linux based Servers.Cheaper alternative desktop posting softwareUsing the osCommerce systems to help manage online shopping... ...d David Diamond (2001) average for Fun The story of an accidental revolutionary. HarperBusiness 8.2 Website Resources chronicle of the Mozilla Project 2014. visible(prenominal) fromhttp// 23 April 2014About the Apache HTTP Server Project The Apache HTTP Server Project 2014. unattached fromhttp// 23 April 2014The Open Source Definition, Open Source Initiative 2012. Available fromhttp// 21 April 2014History of the OSI, Open Source Initiative, 2012. Available from http// 22 April 2014About us, The Linux Foundation 2014. Available fromhttp// 23 April 20148.3 Press Releases Page One PR, (2007). New Linux Foundation Launches amalgamation of Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group.

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Amenhotep IV and Art and Religion Essay -- History Historical Amenhote

Amenhotep IV and Art and ReligionThe influence Amenhotep IV had on art and righteousness of his time caused him to be one of the virtually con tentious Egyptian pharaohs of all time. The 10th king of the 18th dynasty, he has been called the most remarkable king to sit on Egypts throne. He has also earned the honor of being called the first individual in humane history.1The cult of Aten did develop before his rule, perhaps as former(a) as 1411 B.C. It paid homage to the sun, its central idea was living on maat, that is, variously translated as righteousness, justice, and truth. The doctrine of this organized religion failed to win the approval or support of any but Akhenatens followers. It is said that cult of Aten did not have an ethical code. It centered close to gratitude towards life the sun for life and warmth. Ankh was life the force that the sun-disk (Atens ) rays bestowed on man in most of the art.The people could not pray in a flash to Aten. They directed their prayers instead to the king, who was the only person who could directly pray to Aten. The religion was such an intellectual and introspective nature that the people couldnt examine it. Therefore, it was inevitable that it would not gain popularity.2Akhenatens father was Amenhotep III, who reigned from 1358-1340. He do a break from tradition when he married a commoner, Tiy, who became Akhenatens mother.3 He was raised in a conventional manner, but he eventually showed a preference to worship the god Aten, rather than the traditional Amun. For some time he ruled as co- regent with his father. He changed his name early in his reign from Amenhotep IV to Akhenaten, misbegoting unmatched who pleases Aten. His wife, commonly known as Nefertiti, became Neter-Nefru-Aten, meaning, Beautiful is the beauty of Aten.4When he changed his name, it was like a formal declaration of his new religion. He travel the capital of Egypt to a place now called Tell el - Amarna Akhenaton and in year 6 of his re ign began to build a new metropolis which he called Akhenetaton The Place of Atens Effective Power. He swore an oath never to go beyond the bounds of the city. This is today taken not to mean that he would never leave it, but that he wouldnt vitality the bounds of the city beyond designated boundary stones.5In the first hardly a(prenominal) years Akhenaten instituted some changes. He began to build a place to worship a n... ...nally, with the excavation of Amarna and Thebes, his existence was beyond question. For a good ten years, there records had shown no pharaoh at all.23 Endnotes1Edward Malone, Akhenaton. n.p. 1997, 1.2Breasted, James total heat. A History of Egypt from the soonest Times to the Persian Conquest. (New York Simon and Schuster, 1992), 201.3Edward Malone, Akhenaton.4Ibid.,1.5Ibid. 2.6H.W. Janson. History of Art. (New Jersey Prentice Hall Inc. 1962), 57.7Ibid., 48.8Ibid., 58.9Ibid., 57.10Phillip Vandenberg. The flamboyant Pharoah. (New York Macmillian Publishin g Co., 1980), 49.11Ibid., 51.12Akhenaton Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 1, 1989, 188.13Ibid., 189.14Phillip Vandenberg. The Golden Pharoah. 299.15H.W. Hanson. History of Art. 49. 16Ibid., 57.17Phillip Vandenberg. The Golden Pharoah. 299.18James Henry Breasted. A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to The Persian Conquest. 20219R.J. Williams. Amenhotep and the Hymn to Aten Gods of the past and Near East. (London Thomas Nelson, 1958), 2.20Ibid., 1.22Edward Malone. Akhenaton.3.23Phillip Vandenberg. The Golden Pharoah. 97.

Saturday Morning Visitors :: Descriptive Essay Examples, narrative

Saturday Morning Visitors As far as I am concerned, the unpardonable sin is roughone dropping by our family line to begin with noon on Saturdays. Since I go to school and pull in too, Saturday is the besides day of the week on which I mint be ineffectual and sleep late. Therefore, I am late getting my housekeeping done. By Saturday, my house is completely in ruins everyone who is blessed with a six-year-old boy can understand what I am talking about. As an example, it is not rare to walk into the living room and find an old crucify piece of paper or quilt stretched across a couple of chairs-this serves as his encamp. This is the tiny time some people decide to come by to check up on us. As the visitors come in, I hurriedly snatch the tent down, notwithstanding immediately wish that I hadnt for under it are Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, C3PO. And R2D2. essay nonchalantly to push these Star Wars creatures aside with my bare fanny, I suddenly s top. My foot has come in contact with some unknown substance-it is flow up between my toes. I envision down and silently anathemize the makers of parking area Slime. As I gently remove my foot from this super acid wad, some of it continues to cling between my toes. Pretending that it doesnt bother me, I top our guests into the eat room, hoping it will be more presen dishearten. Much to my dismay, it does not look any better, for there, on the table, are the remains of my daughters midnight snack. The remains include a threatening banana peeling that looks like a relic from The regretful Ages an fire glass with a dried milk ring cardinal pee blueberry pop-ups and a pile of orange-red carrot peelings. My daughter is a border-line vegetarian, so the latter does not surprise me. Having removed the residue from the table and seat our early birds, I am brought to the second reasons why I hate having company on Saturday mornings. Remembering my in-bred Southern manners, I shit if I can get our guests something to eat or drink-when it hits me like a two-by-four-I have nothing to offer. This is grocery shopping day.Saturday Morning Visitors Descriptive hear Examples, narrative Saturday Morning Visitors As far as I am concerned, the unpardonable sin is someone dropping by our house before noon on Saturdays. Since I go to school and work too, Saturday is the only day of the week on which I can be lazy and sleep late. Therefore, I am late getting my housework done. By Saturday, my house is completely in ruins anyone who is blessed with a six-year-old boy can understand what I am talking about. As an example, it is not uncommon to walk into the living room and find an old ragged sheet or quilt stretched across a couple of chairs-this serves as his tent. This is the exact time some people decide to come by to see us. As the visitors come in, I hurriedly snatch the tent down, but immediately wish that I hadnt for under it are Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, C3PO. And R2D2. Trying nonchalantly to push these Star Wars creatures aside with my bare foot, I suddenly stop. My foot has come in contact with some unknown substance-it is oozing up between my toes. I look down and silently blaspheme the makers of Green Slime. As I gently remove my foot from this green wad, some of it continues to cling between my toes. Pretending that it doesnt bother me, I lead our guests into the dining room, hoping it will be more presentable. Much to my dismay, it does not look any better, for there, on the table, are the remains of my daughters midnight snack. The remains include a black banana peeling that looks like a relic from The Dark Ages an empty glass with a dried milk ring two stale blueberry pop-ups and a pile of orange-red carrot peelings. My daughter is a border-line vegetarian, so the latter does not surprise me. Having removed the residue from the table and seated our early birds, I am brough t to the second reasons why I dislike having company on Saturday mornings. Remembering my in-bred Southern manners, I ask if I can get our guests something to eat or drink-when it hits me like a two-by-four-I have nothing to offer. This is grocery shopping day.