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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Employs Typical Features of the Gothic Trad

bloody shame Shelleys Frankenstein Employs Typical Features of the chivalric Tradition One of the most crucial aspects of any Gothic novel is setting. Mary Shellys Frankenstein is an innovative and disturbing bring in that weaves a tale of passion, misery, dread, and remorse. Some would argue that Frankenstein is a classic Gothic novel. By a classic exclusivelyy Gothic novel it is meant that the story employs a traditionally scary theme. This could include such(prenominal) things as dark and unconsolable castles set in isolated surroundings replete with dungeons. Supernatural beings such as ghosts and living dead may be included in the twisted, thrilling, unveiling tale. The novel does contain many Gothic characteristics in a sense that it does explore the uses of dark drear basements, where the monstrous brute is made. Frankenstein is non set in a dull and dreary basement unless you could say that where Frankenstein worked on his creation to be a gloo my dreary room. There is a struggle between good and evil passim the story, an example of this is seen in Victor Frankenstein and his monster. We also get a push-down store of suspense around the person who is next to be murdered or die. An example of this is in the first place Elizabeth dies when Victor Frankenstein is anticipating his own death. The Author of Frankenstein the novel Mary Shelly had a very unfortunate childhood. Death reeked all around her passim her life. Her mother died giving birth to Mary and ever since Mary had unholy herself for the death of her mother and this is one of the many factors of her life that can be related to the novel disturbing story line. Her sister and her son William perished before her in along line of illness and disease. Chapter five starts with p... ...entence also hints at what is to happen to Elizabeth as later on in the novel she is killed by the monster on there wedding night and in the designate Mary Shelly has used the alliteration of folds of the funnel to emphasise the element of horror. such descriptive words as shroud, grave-worms and corpse all create a sense of reality. They are harsh and produce internal horror. In all I think that Frankenstein can be classed as classically Gothic novel. It contains continuous references to typically gothic features. Such scenes as the creation of the creature and the frequently occurring deaths all help to analyse the novel. The novel contains internal and outer horror that is cleverly used to make the novel more provoke and satisfying.Works CitedShelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York Bedford Press, 1992.

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Revelation Essay

Revelation The opening lines of the poesy initiate the main themes Black diddley introduces one of the themes which are sexual practice stereotyping. This suggests the home run is powerful, strong and very angry. Females are then introduced in the poem, bollock and take out. This suggests females are pale, delicate and easily broken. The poet highlights the theme of stereotypes by placing drear bull above eggs and milk. This is to effectively state that the sorry bull is on top of eggs and milk which emphasises on the vastness of gender stereotyping.The second theme is introduced which is artlessness and experience, They call him Bob as though perhaps you could reduce a monster with the charm of a amicable stimulate. Tone her is cynical. The bull has been given a homophile(a), friendly name which is a irrelevant name for the harsh animal. The key wrangle of the retell are monster and friendly. This is a very striking phone line in the midst of the idea of the name B ob being friendly, cheery and approachable, but in actual fact behind the cheery name lays a monster. The quote, at the threshold of his outhouse, is the turning point in the story.This is a symbolic quote that states you must go all over a line before starting a new life. In the poem a young girl is standing in the area between safety and danger. The line is significant as the pause creates a serial of tension building up to a sense of danger. The girls initial perceptions of the creature are conveyed in, At freshman only black, and the toothsome reek of him The girls sensory impressions of the bull are that the formulate black represents danger. The words hot reek represents the smell and stench of the bull.Her over all sensory impression is the smell of the bulls pungent aroma that is its inborn smell and the limited sight gives her a sense of the unknown danger. The poet continues to reference the main theme of gender stereotyping by developing it, We was immense, This q uote highlights masculinity and power. It shows that males are bigger, more powerful and the dominate gender. The theme of innocence and experience is also developed, and the bull and the girl are compared to each other. The girl is full of fear and innocence. She is extremely intimidated by the bulls presence.The poet powerfully, reinforces the contrasting thematic dichotomies suggested in verse one. In the first instance this is done by including details in verse two which contract with details from the first verse. The poet has reinforced the theme of innocence and experience as he shows that the bull knows he is restrained. Also reinforces the theme of gender stereotyping girl and boy. This is done as it is dark and the girl cannot see what the bull is doing, whilst the girl is unaware of this, the bull is trying to break free from where he is chained up too.The poet condenses the contrast by highlighting them in a few lines of verse two. I had unendingly half known he existe d Here, the poet points out that the girl had always knew the bull was there, just she had never seen the bull and didnt want to accompany to terms with the reality. Verse three is effective as it shows that the girl is dreadful of her encounter with the bull. The girl is terrified by the bulls presence and runs away from the farm. She runs ancient a group of boys.Here the writer links the bull and the boys together by the use of harsh sound effects. It is important that this link is made as it makes a direct comparison between the bulls aggression and the boys cruelty. It highlights that they both voice the same characteristics. Finally, the girls attention is redirected to the parlous state of the eggs and milk, due to the flight, panicked of the eggs shattering While shes too busy defend the eggs it shows the reader that females are shelterive towards anything precious.In the girls eyes the eggs and milk are precious, and she wants to protect them from any harm. in case the milk should loss The precarious position of the milk is highlighted in the small hands of a weak girl, who has been charged with the responsibility of looking after the eggs and milk. She is protect what is important to her. The poet seems to be suggesting that her experience shows that females are scared of males and have to protect themselves from any harm. Females protect all forms of life, they are caring and sensible creatures.

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Riots: Manuscript and Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I am . , a politically active student. The Mayor of capital of the United Kingdom has invited me, to give a speech nearly riots in London. I would besides talk to the highest degree what we plainlyt do to prevent a kindred incident. As mentioned, my speech today will mainly be about riots and some several reasons for that. Moreover, I will give some suggestions about what we can do to prevent the riots. I will focusing on what the society can do to solve this situation. I will overly speech about what the p bents and the teachers can do for keep the children out of the riots.If some of you dont know what riots are. I can tell you that it is a form of civil disorder which is characterized by groups how lashing out in a rash of violence a workst authority, property or quite a little. The riots start on August the 4th, because a policeman killed an Afro-Caribbean man. His family has decided to stage a peace-loving protest but it ended out of c ontrol. The traffic was diverted and bulk started crashing, smashing and looting. For many people, it was a staggering situations and completely unrealistic. The big movement is What are the reasons for riots?The protest for the Afro-Caribbean man was just an opportunity to suggest their dissatisfaction for the society. biggish lineaments of the population are talking about how the policemen were not up to(p) to stop the criminality from vandalising and stealing. The word about riots was spread to South London. payable to this change of area, it is clearly that they meet entirely different indigences from here on. sight all over London pull in begun to exercise different sorts of riots. The motive for many of the criminals became making silver, pure terror, havoc and free stuff.We can conclude that these different episodes with riots gravel nothing to do with each other. Experts are discussing what the motives are. They have formed some theories about the motives and th e most mentioned arguments are unemployment, privation and gang related crime. There are kids down to an age of 9 how robbed homes, stores and businesses. Among the two-year-oldest riots are kids who are looking for a rush. The main argument for riots is that it has something to do with unemployment. Unemployment takingss in poverty.Many people have tendencies to compare themselves with the community and therefore neediness the lower chassis to keep up with the middle and higher class. By use of riots has the lower class seen an opportunity to admit money to gain a position in the middleclass. The lower classes are blaming the high class for their criminality, because the poor are unhappy with the balance between themselves and the rich part of their coun guess. The youth unemployment rate is low, which result in that 1 out of 5 are not in work.The university are more(prenominal) expensive than ever, and that is the reasons wherefore some of the young people lose hope for the higher education. The young people are unhappy with their present situation. They are getting more disenfranchised, so they have to be heard. In previous times was it the blue people who were victimized, but today it is the young people. The young people get along riots, as an excuse to show their dissatisfaction with the society. The motive for the young people to make riots is to be a part of something bigger.Many have seen that the majority of the spotted participants in the riots are between the age of 14 and 18. Most of the people in London, who participate in the riots, are doing it because everybody else is doing it. They persuade each other by agent of text message. Many of the riots have occurred as a result of the extreme use of the social media. A new problem is that they in addition use a Blackberry to spread the word, which involve that the communication is secret from the police. We have to stop this young people and help them to behave in a better way.If they ar e old enough to make the crime, they are old enough to face the consequents. There are no define answers to prevent new riots, but we know the reasons for these riots and the problems in the society. We cannot eliminate the inequality, it is impossible, but we can get word to reduce it. We have to keep together and try to save our society. We have to protect the children from the criminality and help the familys how have problem at home. The parents have to take a responsibility and be role models. The police have to take effect immediately and show that this behaviour will not be tolerated.They have to arrest the people how make riots, so they not keep on with the crime. More than 1200 of the rioters have already been arrested. Due to the modern technology, many of the participants have had their image caught, which means that they will be arrested later. In the future need the police a system, so they can find out what the people are further encourage each other and make plans for illegal actions. The government have reduced the charge for the university so the young people have money enough for going in school and dont make crime.A man called David Cameron promised that everyone would survive the current situation. He has 4 importing areas of focus Rewards hard work Get more discipline in schools. A criminal justice system. Take care of the disrupted families. There are multiple reasons for riots, and we have to stop the riots trend. It is not only the parents, schools, police and sociality how should constrict for a better country. We have to stick together and all try to stop the riots. If you know someone with problems, then try to bring them to senses. A society with out riots is a better place for all.

Of Mice and Men Character Analysis: Loneliness Essay

In Of Mice and Men more characters argon l bingle(a) or at least act that way. The characters I think are lonely(prenominal) are Lennie, George, Candy, Crooks, and Curleys Wife. The loneliness in the invention is what causes to the highest degree of the conflict in the story. Everyone in this story is lonely or must(prenominal) have been lonely. I think loneliness is one of the most important parts of this story. Lennie is one of the loneliest characters in the book. He makes friends with animals, he likes to pet them and talk to them even off if they are dead. Him cosmos lonely even caused him to get touch in weed. As a bright locating to it, as result he meets his best friend, George, who helps him through the rest of the story. It is very the best relationship throughout the whole book. Lennie however is still lonely with George. When they get to their new job he gets into even more trouble due to his loneliness first killing his pup followed by doing the akin to Curle ys Wife.Crooks is lonely, however I think he probably most times is just overlooked. No one wants to be with him because of his race. This does take business office when there was still segregation. Even his room is set aside from the rest. sequence everyone sleeps in the bunk house he sleeps out in the immutable with the horses. Then one of the only times they spend time with Crooks, in my opinion, was not a pleasurable experience for him.Candy had his dog. Which he must have re eachy liked and he must have had it for a long time because when everyone else was sick of the dog he still kept him around. This is why I think Candy was sad during the duration of the story or before. Eventually he does let go of the dog precisely he cant even kill it.Curleys wife ever acts like she is lonely. I say she is most likely playing because there is a possibility that she is the kind of narcissistic person who always needs more and more attention. She is always looking for Curley and sh e ends up in the master(prenominal) just taking to whoever she finds. She even goes as far as to house Lennie to feel her hair. At one point at her life she even had the chance to become an actress where she would have been able to reach the maximum train for attention. She had this once in a life time opportunity mere(a) from her by her m separate. Thats why I believe she feels she needs all the attention she actively seeks out.George in the story has only one trustworthy friend, Lennie. This friendship is only out of pity, moreover I dont think George would purposefully abandon Lennie. George keeps Lennie in good standing with other people and tries to keep him out of trouble. George does get along with the other characters but I dont think any of them really are a true friendship like what he has with Lennie.The loneliness draw close the story like so. Lennnies solitude and love to feel fruity things causes the stroke in Weed with the girls dress. Georges seclusion, sup ervision, and intimacy with Lennie grounds George to be entangled with him. Lennie again being desolate makes him demand George for one of Slims pups. He kills this pup on accident after it bites him. He is sitting in the barn thinking almost what he had done and even talks to the deceased puppy. Curleys wife finds him in the barn and in a way tries to comfort him. Lennie being the rough person he unfortunately is kills her on accident. wholly of these events were mathematical product of someone feeling alone.As this paper has thoroughly shown most of the characters in Of Mice and Men where lonely and were at one point in their life. All of the conflict originates in someones search for attention, love, or friendship. That the main component at the core of the story is loneliness.

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Over Representation Of Male African American Students Education Essay

Male, immature Afri fundament-Americans be angiotensin-converting enzyme of the deprived domains in the American educational body be urinate they argon confronted with really limited chances at wining in academic and social enterprises as in the congressman with underprivileged commonwealths. Statisticss yielded that ab unwrap 17 % of bookmans in a instruct atomic number 18 African-Americans yet they account for the instances of suspensions and ejections at 32 % and 30 % severally. This is the figure in regular categories while these tote up constitute ups rise up to triplet times among Afro-american priapics in grumpy mastery or remedial categories as contend to their white manful opposite numbers. slight than 10 % ( 8.4 % ) of African-Americans argon enrolled in the talented and gifted categories. only in all, consequences revealed that the odds that Afro-american males complete college is maven against 12 while notwithstanding one against four in dropping out of blue direct ( Bailey &038 A Paisley, n.d. ) .It is the belief that change by reversaling the intention of academic underachievement among African American childs is possible for naturalizehouses to set about. Considerable grounds pointed out that first-class honours story economic standing is an of import f lead onor for inferior coaching in interior metropoliss where several basic posits remain un palmed. While schools serve as the bastion of chance and hope, immature black males still fall victims of discrimination, marginalisation, and stigmatisation. In this scene, African American males argon perceived to be stupid or misbehaving and atomic number 18 attached harsher penalties when caught go againsting minor regulations and ordinances in school. Social offbeat of these students atomic number 18 seldom explored and described. Young black African Americans atomic number 18 much(prenominal) credibly to be excluded in competitory categories and advanc e(prenominal)(a) educational chances that would need supported or encouraged them ( Noguera, 2002 ) .But why is the male sexual urgeual pr travelice eitherplace-represented? The Report to Congress cited possible grounds for such(prenominal) a spunky figure among males but argon non straightforward ( p. 11 ) . There argon three hypotheses that help explicate the laterality of males in specific program line. premier is biology owing to the fact that boys exhi irregular higher exposure to familial upsets andA greater temperament to possess homophile(a) larning checks. Research has establi vomit that young-bearing(prenominal)s show more than biological progresss over males such more rapid rate of ripening and little birth anomalousnesss ( Harmon, Stockton, &038 A Contrucci, 1992 ) . Second, since male childs atomic number 18 more physically active and more likely misbe establish or act out in the classroom, it is adverted that the overre initiation is attributed to deportmental bank lines. Though familial, biological or neuropsysiological differences could be attributed to physical action at law for males, behavioral jobs on the footing of early acquisition may likewise influence determinations make during referral and placement. Kedar-Voivodas ( 1983 ) revealed that baby bird rise uping pattern, sex function modeling, A imitation, A socialisation, and a educatee s mavin reaction to school ar influential in the repertory of behaviour of misss and male childs in schoolroom state of affairss. Males may progress to improvement of early acquisition that that grownups are more tolerant towards their active behaviour while misss on the other manus are expected to act in a more inhibited manner inactive, quiet, obedient, and pleasant ( Wagner,1976 ) . Third, look for actors in sexual urge equity proposed that the over-representation of males is due to the consequence of gender preconception in referral, categorization, and written text. Bias is referred to as the inclinationA of pickings a place or formulating decisions refering to a individual on the footing of gender or sex. It was suggested by Kratovil and Bailey ( 1986 ) that gender prejudice in placing peculiar(prenominal) control service emanates from gender stereotypes which dictate expected behaviours of females in hostelry, which result in instructors who ca-ca high outlooks while digesting hapless academic processment among female learners. Little is through with(p) to give out gender prejudice or discrimination world a lending factor in the over-representation of males in the occurrence instruction sector ( Anderson, 1997 Kratovil &038 A Bailey, 1986 Karlen, 1985 Phipps, 1982 ) .AThe Individuals with Disabilities fostering phone number in 2004 was aimed at guaranting that educatees with special chooses view Free Appropriate Public Education ( FAPE ) . In order to accomplish its aim, schools should h gray-haired interferences that determine whether the kid that is referred to is a specific kid who unavoidably fact proposition instruction and other related services to suitably get it on on in school ( Willie, Garibaldi, &038 A Reed, 1991 ) . some(prenominal) cases admit mistakenly referred and unsuitably determined kids with cross demands to inscribe in particular instruction and other related services when they should non pass on. Recurrence of this pattern to a peculiar classify of pupils in a grease which in this instance male African American pupils result in the disproportional overrepresentation of these pupils in particular instruction ( Willie, et. al. , 1991 ) . This disturbing phenomenon in the particular instruction system has received a great sum of attending in explore as documented by Agbenyega and Jiggets ( 1999 ) , MacMillian and Reschly ( 1998 ) , Oswald, Best and Countinho ( 1999 ) , Patton ( 1998 ) , U.S. division of Education ( 2002 ) and Zhang and Katsiyannis ( 2002 ) .Within the agone 30 old ages, surveies get continued to show the form of overrepresentation of African Americans in SPED categories providing to those with speech disabilitys, behavioural upsets, mental retardation, larning disablements, and physical damages ( Watkins &038 A Kurtz, 2001 ) . This overrepresentation happens when the frequence of pupils in the particular instruction ends is well near to the full(a) figure of pupils enrolled. For case, the per centum of African American enrollees ages three to 21 who are having services under IDEA in 2000 is 14.9 % ( US Department of Education NCES, 2000 ) . It should anyway noted that African American pupils maked 16.6 % of the entire school race in the same twelvemonth ( US Department of Commerce, 1972-2000 ) . yearbookly, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of especial(a) Education Programs ( OSEP ) submits the Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of IDEA. Contained in this take is the race of pupils ser ved in particular instruction and the heathen scene of these pupils. Datas in the 2000 study showed that the job of over-representation of male African American pupils in particular instruction has undermined attempts towards the just proviso of educational chances throughout the state. In the SY 1998-1999, the likelihood of shunly labeling African American pupils were as follows 2.9 times as mentally slow down 1.9 times, emotionally disturbed and 1.3 times, holding a t for each oneing disablement. In add-on, African American pupils less probably than White American pupils to return to general instruction schoolrooms after particular instruction.The unequivocal reasonableness of this job is the subject of much argument. Some writers lay the incrimination on White American instructors who fear learning African American male pupils particularly the young person. In the US, Afro-american traditions are de found and companionship is invariably distributing fearful every bit go od as negative stereotypes of African-Americans ( Schwartz, 2001 ) . Consequently, pedagogues endorse these stereotyped images and normally do non accept learning assignments if pupils are African Americans or enforce stricter penalties due to the preconceived impression of the want of subject in their places. This behaviour and patterns by school instructors, forces and decision devilrs do non see fortunes on their congenital experience, cognitive abilities, civilization and values of African American pupils taking to their want in school. Data on demographics revealed that more than one tierce of pupils in the simple and high school degrees are African Americans ( Weinstein, Tomlinson-Clarke &038 A Curran, 2004 ) . In striking contrast is the predomination of White, materialistic female instructors in the US learning force ( Ladson-Billings, 2001 US Department of Education, 1998 ) . Further intensifying the job is that bulk of White American instructors interest in White Am erican vicinities and graduated from White colleges. In add-on, instructor instruction plans do non sufficiently turn to this racial instability which is permeating in American schoolrooms.Johnson ( 2006 ) stated that the manner persons view African American lap up forces is influential in how persons respond to them. He fur at that placed that bulk of what is mentioned in educational and psychological belles-lettres about the male African American young person is that they are non intelligent, drug nuts, and sexual marauders who may be unemployed or incarcerated. Consequently, this judgmental description of male African American pupils leads to of course denying these persons chances to develop their rational, knowing and originative qualities which are regular(prenominal) of a good pupil . It is notable that look into results revealed a figure of instructors make up ones minding on particular instruction referrals on the degree in which the kid is docile or non-threaten ing ( lay waste to &038 A Anderson, 1994 Hale-Benson, 1982 and Kunjufu, 1985 ) .Another cause that may hold contributed to the overrepresentation of male African American males in particular instruction is the subjectiveness and undependability of radiation diagramation processs. Chiefly, proving and teacher referrals are mechanisms in which a pupil may be assessed whether he or she should have particular instruction services. Each of these processs nowadayss aalone(predicate) challenges to this phenomenon of overrepresentation of male African Americans in particular instruction. Both of these methods are being questioned in footings of its dependability and macrocosm-service corporation. For case, the executive director Committee of the Council for tike Behavior Disorders ( 1989 ) suggested jobs in the referral system since the initial put of showing is non sensitive plenty in naming pupils holding internalising jobs. Furthermore, the Council for Child Behavior Disorders, Hilliard ( 1990 ) and Cummins ( 1986 ) held that impartial referrals every bit good as erroneous diagnosing occur in the judgmental classs of particular instruction categorizations which are among the terrible emotional disturbed ( SED ) and mild mentally developmentally challenged ( MMR ) .Harry and Anderson ( 1994 ) said that in the idea of these disablements, subjective clinical judgement is relied upon sooner than verifiable biological standards. It should be necessary to underline that there are two close common used types of trials in placing behavioural every bit good as larning disablements viz. behavioural appraisals and intelligence trials. Critics have observed that IQ trials reflect baseline entropy of cultural cognition, cognitive ability of the Godhead ( s ) and the sample the trials were standardized, the linguistic communication accomplishments of pupils are assessed based on the linguistic communication of the bulk, and that passe-partouts in instruction de mand to be adept in the nurture of linguistic communication and address scrutinies. indeed, the procedure of proving is in itself wholly biased and pupils who have non culturally and social experiences reflected in the trials are at a dis value ( Harry &038 A Anderson, 1994 ) . This is the ground why the Board of Assessment and Testing ( BOTA ) came to the decision that there should be a reevaluation on the utility of the IQ trials in doing particular instruction determinations ( Morrison, White, &038 A Fever, 1996 ) .When IDEA was reauthorized in 1997, US Congress suss outd research sing the general demographic profile and academic public presentation of pupils with particular demands. Idea 1997 clearly stipulated the demand for nations to roll up and analyze informations in order to determine whether the important disproportionality in particular educational plans is attributed to race as mentioned in 34 C.F.R. A300.755. So there is comparing surrounded by provinces, Congr ess listed five race/ethnicity bunchs that all provinces must(prenominal) use during the aggregation and reportage of informations as follows American Indian, Asian/ peaceful island-dweller, Black ( non-Hispanic ) , Hispanic, White ( non-Hispanic ) . Through the creative activity of a coverage mechanism that considers race or ethnicity informations, Congress are able to expeditiously supervise this issue. Furthermore, the coverage strategy forgetd a manner in which provinces and territories investigate over-representation concerns. Whether or non the belong to a different cultural background, IDEA 97 pointed out that particular instruction is non a topographic point but a set of services in support of kids with particular demands to be academically successful. To let individualised instruction plan ( IEP ) for a kid wanting(p) English installation, IEP squads should take into see the linguistic communication needs of the kid as stated in 34 C.F.R. A300.346 ( a ) ( 2 ) ( two ) . IDEA at any rate provides that schools should hold entree to non-biased trials and rating processs in order to accurately place whether the kid has a disablement ( 34 C.F.R. A300.532 ) . Last, IDEA specified that when a kid s eligibility is based on English proficiency, the kid should non be eligible for particular instruction ( 34 C.F.R. A300.534 ) and if kid is found to be ineligible for particular instruction if the vexing factor is deficiency of direction in reading or math ( 34 C.F.R. A300.534 ) .Equally early as 1965, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights ( OCR ) has monitored informations on the accommodation of African American pupils in particular instruction plans. OCR has made a trailing of school territories every bit good as required conformity activities should jobs come up. For case in two territories, conformity activities resulted in the creative activity of pre-referral intercession processes which allowed practicians to better address behavio ural and larning jobs under the context of planning instructional intercessions and support in general instruction scenes. The OCR is tasted to implement a figure of Torahs tincting school patterns in relation to the over-representation of African American pupils. The pursuit are the Torahs First, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ( Section 504 ) which calls for the prohibition of favoritism against single with particular demands. Protection applies to persons considered possessing but do non really have the disablement for case those who were misclassified. Second is Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( adenosine deaminase ) alike imposes the same countenance as Section 504 0f the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Third, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act ( Title VI ) which countenances against favoritism based on national beginning, race, or colour. Administrators were advised to enforce these Torahs as mention when treatment issues sing over-representation.W hat would go on if the information provides a clear indicant of over-representation in a school territory and no actions were taken to relieve the job? Because of the earnestness of this phenomenon, the territory may be involved in legal countenances. Furthermore, the school territory may be cited by OCR and should this go on, the OCR allow teach the territory to come in into a disciplinary action program. For more than 30 old ages, over-representation informations have become outstanding topics of tribunal instances and in assorted educational forums that take on steps to battle unfairnesss in the educational system. School decision makers can profit from their cognition of landmark instances on over-representation of African Americans in particular instruction such as Diana v. the California State Board of Education ( 1970 ) , Johnson v. the San Francisco Unified School District ( 1971 ) , and Larry P. v. Riles, California ( 1979 ) . These instances by and large shed visible rad iation on the prejudiced appraisal patterns in public schools. The appraisals have mistakenly labeled a important figure of minority pupils as necessitating particular educational services taking to their going segregated in particular instruction categories. The above instances were highly instrumental in determining the demands in IDEA Part B naming for nondiscriminatory exam and categorization, and the procedural precautions that prevent misclassification.The look back go away be conducted in XISD fixed at the northeasterly subdivision of Dallas county, north Texas and research over-representation of male African Americans in particular instruction plan in the school territory concerned. The consequences of the keep abreast will analyze the perceptual experiences and prejudices of instructors related to African American male, every bit good as the educational systems and constructions that may take to the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruct ion, and contribute to the turning research related to the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction.Statement of the line of workThe tabular raiment below presents the informations sing the most recent Annual Report which was the content of the 22nd Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.DisabilityAmerican IndianAsian/Paci-fic IslanderBlack ( non-Hispanic )Hispa-nicWhite ( non-Hispanic )Specific Learning Disabilities1.41.418.315.863Address and linguistic communication Damages1.22.416.511.668.3Mental Deceleration1.11.734.38.954.1Emotional Perturbation1.1126.49.861.6 four-fold Disabilities1.42.319.310.966.1Hearing Damages1.44.616.816.366Orthopedic Damages0.8314.614.467.2 early(a) Health Damages11.314.17.875.8Ocular Damages1.3314.811.469.5Autism0.74.720.99.464.4Deaf-Blindness1.811.311.512.163.3traumatic Brain Injury1.62.315.91070.2Developmental Delay0.51.133.7460.8All Disabilities1.31.720.213.26 3.6Resident Population13.814.814.266.2Looking at the tabular array above, African Americans between six to 21 old ages of age memorial near to 15 per centum ( 14.8 % ) of the entire population yet 20.2 % of the population in particular instruction are undisturbed of this group. Furthermore, out of 13 disablement classs, the per centum of African Americans is equal to or greater than the per centum in the resident population in 10 disablement categories. African American representation in mental deceleration and developmental hold is two times more than the national estimations.Despite a overplus of research focused on comparing the educational experience of African American males in instruction, overrepresentation of this population in particular instruction persists ( Artiles &038 A Harry, 2005 Artiles &038 A Trent, 1994 Bondy &038 A Ross,1998 Ford, 2004 Hillard, 1992 Losen &038 A Or dramatics, 2002 MacMillan &038 A Reschley, 1998 Noguera, 2003 Reschley, 2002 Webb- Johnson, Artiles, Trent, Jackson, &038 A Velox, 1998 ) . Despite the fact that surveies on overrepresentation varied in the research design, the findings were found to be consistent and for over 25 old ages of paying attending to this educational quandary, plan of storm up with solutions and replies to this job is imperative. or else of documenting forms of over-representation, the focal point of scientific project should be on taking the classs of action and generating solutions. Most scientists have proposed supplying the preventative and appropriate intercessions for pupils who are at hazard for underachievement and heightening the capableness of instructors in working with surveies coming from diverse cultural and lingual backgrounds.Though these intercessions and solutions are desirable, the job lies in their development based on present organic structure of cognition sing overrepresentation. Majority of the probes on overrepresentation centres on general forms. Oftentimes, the losing portion of the annoyer is the compend of variables that are potentially forecasters of overrepresentation forms ( MacMillan &038 A Reschly, 1998 ) . So that the efficient and in effect(p) schemes are identified, there should be a considerable sum of deepness in the apprehension of these variables as demonstrated in the surveies of Artiles, Aguirre-Munoz, &038 A Abedi ( 1998 ) , Coutinho &038 A Oswald ( 1998 ) , Finn ( 1982 ) , and Hosp &038 A Reschly ( 2002 ) . The informations analyzed were state- and individual-level and zeroing on peculiar disablements like mental deceleration or learning disablement. In 1999, Oswald and co-workers encyclopaedicly conducted an analysis using the degree most normally employed in the scrutiny of representation forms which are endureed at the territory degreeOver-representation has been found to be damaging to legion(predicate) African American childs across the state. They could non derive entree to the course of study for ge neral instruction, extremely likely become receiver of services non fit to their demands, and the hazard of being labelled unsuitably or misclassified. When a pupil is mistakenly labelled, perceptual experiences of low academic outlook are permeant. The pupil may besides yield to both social and emotional jobs and achievement-related results are earnestly compromised. The impact of mislabelling on pupils is similar to those who really are particular kids such as disparities in educational chances, differences in graduation place and gaining power during graduation and registration in third establishments ( NABSE, 2002 )Purpose of the orbitThe intent of this proposed view is to research the phenomenon of overrepresentation of male African Americans in XISD located at the northeasterly subdivision of Dallas county. Specifically it will foremost find the factors that contribute to the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction plans and suggest solutio ns and schemes to cut down disproportionality.Significance of the StudyThe job of over-representation of male African American pupils in particular instruction plans is a world frequently blamed to biased appraisal and referral processs widely reported in literature ( Cummins, 1986 Hilliard, 1990 ) . Unfortunately, the chance of being appoint to a particular instruction plan well increases one time the procedure of referral is initiated ( Artiles &038 A Trent, 1994 ) . When a pupil is referred, he or she is subjected to psychological testing and the result of the trials will find his or her arrangement ( Bahr et al. 1991 ) . Conversely, to be a immature male and African American is bad for arrangement.Social workers in school play a cardinal place in step ining the referral procedure and straight work with the population. When attempts in societal work are conducted preceding on, concerns during referral are intercommunicate by debaring improper and gratuitous referral, provin g, and arrangement. Early intercession steps provide chances for analyzing the abilities and readinesss of pupils and farther explore alternate classs of action in arrangement thus extenuating the job. The information obtained during this stage will be valuable in determining whether or non the referral to particular instruction services is warranted and rule out other jobs for case the prejudice of the instructor before a comprehensive psychological rating is mandated. Social workers can implement a solution-focused attack in early intercession for immature male African Americans who are considered for particular instruction services. In this intercession, school societal workers perform pupil appraisal takefully taking into history the pupil s school environment along with short-run intercessions aimed to find whether extra appraisal or arrangement is deemed necessary. This measure can help in guaranting that the referral is appropriate Harmonizing to Bruce ( 1995 ) , outline solution-focused intercession is effectual when turn toing jobs among particular instruction pupils in the coerce clip school societal workers have worked with them. However, activities that form portion of this intercession must be age-appropriate in bring forthing optimum consequences.Artiles ( 2002 ) recommended a five-step guideline to efficaciously supervise over-representation in particular instruction schoolrooms. First is to hold a wide cognition refering to the history of the job. Despite alterations in the classs and forms over the past three decennaries, there are forms that appear to be predictable and consistent to random fluctuations. Therefore it is indispensable to roll up information sing the history of over-representation utilizing national and local statistics. In other words, the grow of the job will be traced from when it started every bit good as the causes that contributed to the forms of over-representation. Artiles and Trent ( 1994 ) , Artiles and Trent ( 2000 ) , and Reschly ( 1997 ) showed that size of the school territory, plans on particular instruction, and proportion of a minority group in the territory influence the job. There is a opening move that the territory may hold old cases of over-representation of English scholars though this tendency is non reflected in both province and national statistics. When school decision makers are cognizant of the history, it will ensue in the designation of classs or groups that are over-represented and efficient monitoring of plans. The 2nd measure is the designation of dependable and utile indexs. School decision makers need to clearly specify the job and utilize sound indexs by and large its definition is the extent to which rank in a given group affects the chance of being placed in a disablement class ( Oswald et al. 1999 ) . There should be at to the lowest degree two indexs to be measured in better discretion the job indices of composing and hazard. Composition index is com puted by contrasting the group in general instruction with the per centum of the same group of pupils enrolled in a particular instruction plan ( Artiles &038 A Trent, 2000 ) . Over-representation is apparent in a school when the per centum is greater than 10 % of the per centum expected on the footing of the school-age population ( Chinn &038 A Hughes, 1987 ) . To exemplify this an illustration will be provided. The reported entire EL registration in the territories targeted is 42 % . Establishing on the 10 % standard, the EL is over-represented if the registration has exceeded 46.2 % 42+4.2 ) , the informations revealed that 45 % of pupils with disablements were ELs hence there is no over-representation in the territory. In contrast, hazard index represents the figure of persons in a group labeled to be in demand of particular instruction services ( Reschly, 1997 ) . In the research of Artiles and Trent ( 2002 ) , though 45 % of pupils in particular instruction comprise ELs , approximately 8 % of the full ELs were in these plans. The typical scenario is that the composing index is ever greater than the hazard index. The 3rd is definition of mark groups. account has seen that over-representation is influenced by cultural minorities nevertheless, it could besides be evident in other subgroups such as low socio-economic position of which really small is known. Therefore it is of import to zero in on specific groups indoors the population that is targeted for the intercession. For case the survey of Aristiles and Trent ( 2002 ) found that the EL subgroup showed a higher likeliness of a particular instruction arrangement compared to their opposite numbers who are adept in English-ELs stand a 27 % opportunity to being placed in simple particular instruction categories and about in two ways at the secondary degrees. The scenario in secondary categories with enrollees who are mentally retarded was dramatic as ELs were more than thrice likely to be assigned in this peculiar plan and 38 % in secondary categories for those possessing damage in linguistic communication and address. The writers found a certain subgroup in the EL population showing a higher opportunity of being over-represented. Unless this analysis is performed, important forms are masked. The 4th measure involves the scrutiny of forms of arrangement in a multi-stage or degree attack. A tracking system should take assorted locations and multiple degrees in which analysis returns from sum to disaggregate degrees. Datas on arrangement can be analyzed harmonizing to service options ( self-contained schoolroom against resource room ) , disablement type and plans. Behavior of these analyses is at the province down to the territory so eventually the class degree. The survey of Aristiles and Trent ( 2002 ) mentioned that though informations at the territory degree did non stand for EL over-representation, a typical tendency was noted in the grade level- ELs were non over-represen ted in classs K-4, nevertheless emerged in class 5 and remained clearly seeable until grade 12. Furthermore, the index on hazard systematically increased from Kindergarten up to rate 6 from 2 % to 16 % and tableland from classs 7-12 ( range=11-16 % ) . The last measure is the development of short- and long-term docket in undertaking the jobs. Over-representation is simply an index, but non the primary job. Donovan and cut through ( 2002 ) emphasized the influence of assorted factors like poorness, low birth weight, less entree to well-trained instructors, and prejudice in appraisal. This phenomenon should be a warning for school decision makers to turn to basic jobs instead than handling it as the lone job necessitating undivided attending. The school decision makers should see the demands for instructional and educational services, quality of direction and academic and life results. There is a demand for close monitoring of these factors along with concentrating on pupil demograp hics. Solutions in the past times have dwelt on equilibrating statistics or trying to develop a more precise method of appraisal. These steps have in world sidestepped the study aim of instruction, which is the proviso of equal chances for instruction and more significantly, equal educational results.Nature of the StudyIn order to supply grounds on the over-representation of male African Americans in particular instruction plans in XISD, this survey will set up the factors that contribute to the overrepresentation of male African Americans in particular instruction, the influence of cultural prejudice, multi-cultural and/or diverseness preparation, White/female privilege and gender on the over-representation of male African Americans in particular instruction. Study execution will use the descriptive, qualitative, and cross-sectional design.The complex character of the job will be approached utilizing a qualitative research design because the research worker has deemed this method appropriate in finding the temperament of over-representation in a school territory in Dallas county. Creswell ( 1994 ) said A qualitative survey is defined as an enquiry procedure of understanding a societal or merciful job, based on constructing a composite, holistic image, formed with words, describing elaborate positions of sources, and conducted in a natural scene. alternatively a quantitative survey, consistent with the quantitative paradigm, is an enquiry into a societal or human job, based on proving a theory composed of variables, measured with Numberss, and analyzed with statistical processs, in order to find whether the forecasting generalisations of the theory clasp true. In a qualitative design, respondents in the survey will be asked to associate their experiences so the phenomenon will be interpreted. The strength of this method lies in its ability to supply complex textual descriptions of how good deal experience a given research issue . Through this method, t he human side of a research job is highlighted which could include emotions, positions, sentiments, beliefs, and behaviours. An advantage of qualitative research is its usage of open-ended inquiries that provides chance for cardinal sources to freely show their responses in their ain footings instead than holding them encircle from fixed picks as is the instance of quantitative research. The usage of open-ended inquiries guarantee that the replies have consequence and culturally relevant. Likewise the consequences are unanticipated by the research worker and provides a richer and explanatory position. In qualitative research, aggregation and analysis of informations are done at the same time and make non continue in a additive manner ( Merriam, 1998 ) . Methods of analysing informations entailed written text, coding and classification of interviews and field notes ( Sells &038 A Smith, 1997 ) . The informations decrease methods of Miles and Huberman ( 1994 ) will be used in the an alysis of informations which will get down with categorizing and form matching, exposing informations in the signifier of matrices, and draw decisions and verifying. Ryan and Bernard ( 2000 ) presented a cryptography strategy which involved abbreviations, cardinal words, and Numberss that mark transitions in the information set. Codes that portion in relationship and content are unite forming larger bunchs or classs. once coding is applied, constructs begin to emerge which will so be further analyzed in footings of how it is linked to the supposed model. Because the survey will analyse multiple instance surveies, within- and cross-case analyses will be carried out ( Merriam, 1998 ) to find the subjects that are common among all the instances considered. In the within-case analysis, each instance will be treated as comprehensive instance in and of itself. Data will be coded and subjects will be identified. Once analysis of each instance is completed, a cross-case analysis will be employed to find the common subjects in all the instances. Those to be interviewed in the survey include instructors, pupils with disablements, parents, school psychologists, and facilitators. The research worker will besides reexamine the records of pupils to find whether their referral into the particular instruction plan followed IDEA.Research QuestionsThe survey will be purposefully conducted in order to supply replies to the undermentioned inquiriesWhat factors contribute to the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction?How does cultural prejudice influence the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction?What impact does multicultural and/or diverseness preparation ( pre-service and/or professional development ) have on the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction?How does White/female privilege influence the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction?How does gend er impact the overrepresentation of African American males in particular instruction?Theoretical ModelThe survey will based its theoretical analysis on three theories viz. neoclassical View opening, Social Dominance scheme ( SDT ) , Critical Race Theory ( CRT ) , Instructional Leadership and Transformational Leadership Theory.Classical View TheoryClassical View Theory refers to the traditional manner, and most common ground, African American males are referred to Particular Education. The usual method of placing a pupil for arrangement in a Particular Education plan begins chiefly with the recommendation of the regular schoolroom instructor on occasion, parents are the initiatorsaaAstudents are so assessed. However, pupils of culturally diverse backgrounds may non profit from mainstream appraisal instruments. Nationwide, Black kids are three times every bit likely as White kids to be placed in categories for the mentally retarded ( Kozol, 1991, p. 119 ) . Teachers cultural at titudes and positions may act upon referral procedure and support personal prejudices. Delpit ( 2006 ) suggested that a misconstruing exists between instructors and minority pupils in seting between holistic and traditional direction. Teachers do non understand the larning potency of minority pupils moreover, Delpit contended that instructors have the inclination to put limit on their instructional bringing. Deficit thought, causes many instructors to see minority pupils as liabilities instead than assets alternatively of capturing and prosecuting the wealth of cognition all kids bring to the schoolroom ( Landsman &038 A Lewis, 2006 ) . Russell ( 2005 ) emphasized that African American parents must go familiar with schemes on how to steer successfully among school and territory policies and patterns every bit good as the system as a unit of measurement to recommend more efficaciously for their kids.Social Dominance TheoryThe societal laterality theory ( SDT ) has become a powerf ul influence in associating groups to the socio-political sphere of the power dealingss across gender and assorted social strata ( Sidanius &038 A Pratto, 1999 ) . This theory argues the presence of group-based hierarchies in all human societies where the dominant groups obtain more benefits and have a higher entree to resources as opposed to the subsidiary groups. The theory presents the mechanism that enable the dominant groups to retain their topographic point or place in society, and hypothesizes the invariant relationship bing between gender and group-based inequality with the work forces at a greater advantage since they systematically benefit from the gender inequality ( Sidanius, Pratto, &038 A Bobo, 1994 ) . Dissimilar to most intergroup dealingss theories, SDT considers prejudice as functional instead than irrational ( Sidanius, 1993 ) . It is reasonable for work forces to be in favour of the inequality since they draw from the females, material advantage from society by retentiveness these political orientations and attitudes. This besides holds for other groups. Several writers have verified the basic premises of SDT like Pratto et Al. ( 2000 ) , Pratto et Al. ( 1994 ) , Pratto, Stallworth, &038 A Sidanius ( 1997 ) Sidanius et Al. ( 2000 ) , Sidanius et Al. ( 1994 ) , Sidanius, Pratto, &038 A Brief ( 1995 ) , Sidanius, Pratto, &038 A Rabinowitz ( 1994 ) , but at that place remains hesitation sing whether the theory can be generalized. SDT is being criticized for its being homeostatic in other words, all the premises are geared towards keeping inequality in society. What will go on if a society undergoes a important alteration where antecedently dominant groups become the subsidiary to those who were antecedently the minority group? At present, SDT does non widen to this instance. The SDT stated that societal stratification occurs on the footing of gender, age, and arbitrary set which could be cultural background, category or race. Its t heoretical anticipations commence by presuming the stableness and mend of these three systems. In the event that the existent political power in one of the societal stratification systems reverses intending a antecedently subjugated group becomes the opinion category, will this reversal of power be outright reverberate psychologically? Will those oppressed in the past support inequality in society? And when there is power reversal in one system, how will be other two be affected psychologically? Will they be upset or non? How about the mechanisms that govern care of inequality and hierarchy in society?There are three basic premises in the SDT1. While age- and gender-based hierarchies will be given to be within all systems, arbitrary-set systems of societal hierarchy will incessantly emerge within societal systems bring forthing sustainable economic wastefulness .2. Most signifiers of group struggle and subjugation ( racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, patriotism, classis, regionali sm ) can be regarded as different manifestations of the same basic human sensitivity to organize group-based societal hierarchies. The 2nd premise tackles the difference between SDT and SIT. Though SIT recognizes and accommodates the phenomenon of societal hierarchy every bit good as the power dealingss of societal groups, SDT focuses on group-based societal hierarchy. It is SIT that developed the account for favouritism within groups under the context of groups that are defined randomly. However, SDT is the conceived to be the model that justify the being of societal hierarchy. Because of this, the SDT s focal point is on the impact of societal discourses and the behaviour of the person and establishments on the type and degree of group-based hierarchy. In scenarios where dealingss in hierarchal groups can non be identified, the SDT offers small account and one might be contented to explicate bias and favoritism utilizing earlier theoretical accounts like the SIT, realistic group struggle theory, and autocratic temperament theory. The SDT states non merely will group-based societal hierarchy omnipresent but besides most if non all biass, political orientations, and stereotypes refering to high quality and lower military position among groups every bit good as the nature of single and institutional favoritism both contribute and reflect group-based societal hierarchy. Simply put, phenomena such as favoritism, stereotypes, racism can non be explained outside the model of group-based societal hierarchy, particularly within the societal systems of economic excess.3. Human societal systems are capable to the compensating influences of hierarchy-enhancing forces, bring forthing and keeping of all time higher degrees of group-based societal inequality, and hierarchy-attenuating forces bring forthing greater degrees of group-based societal equality . As one reads historical histories in societies that are non-hunter-gatherer, there are testaments to the utmost group-based societal inequality. A comparatively recent illustration is the movable bondage in the US which is one of the most ghastly illustrations of inequality in human history. Because societal value either positive or negative is non every bit distributed across the population, group-based societal inequality consequences. Through the usage of societal beliefs, philosophies, and myths, wavelike distribution of societal value is given justification. Simultaneously, historical records would propose efforts were made to consistently make more inclusive and classless societal systems. endorse from history would uncover that HA forces are evident in the early Christian discourse to the sociopolitical discourses stemming from Marxist, socialist, and societal democratic motions in the nineteenth carbon to the human and civil rights militants in the in-between and late twentieth century. The HA forces nevertheless have appeared to chair the extent of inequality in non-hunter-gathere r societies.

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Political and Social Development in Malaysia Essay

It is difficult to brief, whilst analyzing the semi policy-making and friendly development of south-east Asian countries, how this region was completely dominated by europiuman compoundist powers, even up six decades ago. southeasterly Asia was among the 84 % of the surface area of the earth that stood colonised at the beginning of the Second World War, a process that began in the 16th carbon and carried on steadily during the next three centuries (Chadda and Others, 1971). European colonialism in the region ended mainly in the decade subsequently World War II, its greatest result being the birth of ix new nations, including Malaysia (Chadda and Others, 1971). policy-making and social developments in the region, from the mid 1950s, when independent crowned head states emerged after the withdrawal of colonial powers, to the current day, have to essenti wholey be viewed through the prism of colonialism to understand the broader issues that face the countries of the region, and the internal ethnic, social, spiritual, and political forces that wreak key roles in the shaping of their social and political progress, and in the pick of their structures of governance. For more than a thousand years before the arrival of the armies from Europe, from A.D. two hundred AD to 1500 AD, the complexity and thoughtfulness of Hindu and Buddhist influences from the Indian subcontinent provided the plenty of atomic number 34 Asia with some commonality and cohesion in areas of politics, governance, religion, arts, and literature (Cunningham, 1990). numerous developments in the region, like all(prenominal)iances, royal marriages, wars, trade, and universe movements brought the flock of this region, including the Burmese, the Thai, the Vietnamese, the Khmer, and the Malays into multifarious relationships. such harmony, commonality, and communication was disrupted and circumstanceually lost after the establishment of colonial hegemony by the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, British, French, and Americans was established in separate parts of the region (Cunningham, 1990). Colonies became connected to their American or European rulers, which competed with distributively other, economicalally, culturally and politically, and became distant from each other. Despite their forced oneness with their colonial conquerors, the countries of Southeast Asia retained their crotchety ecological, cultural, and ethnic diversity (Cunningham, 1990).Whilst the regions geographical dimensions and population are similar to that of West Europe, it is far more diverse in subtlety and traditions. Southeast Asias population and land area are similar to those of Western Europe, but the region has far greater cultural variety. Hundreds of diametrical societies speak mutually unintelligible languages. Many have proud civilizations stretching back over a thousand years. The people grew irrigated rice, traded overseas amid and with India and China, and developed many small states and larger empires that allied and warred.From about A. D. cc to A. D. 400, these societies reshaped Hindu-Buddhist cultural influence from India in statecraft, law, religion, art, architecture, and literature. (Cunningham, 1990) Malaysia Malaysia, the subject of this essay, is an integral part of Southeast Asia and is a striking representation of the regions ethnic and religious diversity. A narrow peninsular land mass, Malaysia as it is now known, was command from the 9th to the 13th speed of light AD by the Buddhist kingdom of Srivijaya. prevail of the kingdom passed to the Javanese Hindu kingdom of Majapahit in the 14th century and thence to a local Muslim prince in the 15th century (Gomez, 2004).The peninsula attracted the attention of the Portuguese in the 15th century, who conquered Malacca in 1511, an event that marked the beginning of four centuries of European rule (Gomez, 2004). With control of the area passing from Portuguese and Dutch hands to those of the British in the too soon years of the 19th century, its first consolidation took place in 1826, when the British settlements of Malacca, Penang, and Singapore were combined to form the Colony of the Straits Settlements (Gomez, 2004).Occupied by the Japanese from 1941 to 1945, the territories of peninsular Malaysia came together to form the Federation of Malaya in 1948 and obtained freedom from the British in 1957 (Gomez, 2004). The present-day Federation of Malaysia came into existence only in 1965, when Sarawak and Sabah joined the Federation of Malaya (Gomez, 2004). Evolution of Regional Democracy in Southeast Asia The beginning of post colonialism in Asia witnessed a significant social, intellectual and political endeavour to establish democracy and make it function in problem with Anglo-American thought.Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in India, U Nu in Burma and Ramon Magsaysay in the Philippines, who had get word much of their formative and political ed ucation in the west, sought to engage constitutions, form political parties and hold elections (Crouch, 1996). Democratic processes were, during this time, under attack in all of Asia and it is not difficult to imagine the tremendous obstacles that confronted them year after year.Societies were being reconstructed after the devastation left by European and American colonialism, and a devastating war that had nothing to do with the people of Southeast Asia the leadership was in the hands of inexperienced and untested administrators, there were a myriad social problems like poverty, illiteracy, and unhealthiness to tackle, and nations needed to be moulded from confusing and disparate ethnic puzzles (Crouch, 1996). The ideological confusion was even greater.Political leaders in Malaysia and other countries of Southeast Asia needed to choose from the elective processes that were alive and thriving in the countries of North America and West Europe, and in countries like the UK, the s tate run communism that controlled the Soviet Union and einsteinium Europe, the banana republics of South America, paternal leftist dictatorships like those in Castros Cuba and Titos Yugoslavia, and the monarchical kingdoms and emirates of the Middle East (Crouch, 1996).The pressures of social reconstruction, nation build and ideological confusion in the region had joined hands, by the 1970s, to mop up the essence of democracy from most of Southeast Asia with strongmen like Suharto in Indonesia, and Marcos in the Philippines disregarding democratic norms and consolidating personal power bases (Hill, 2002). The relegation or rottenness of democracy in Southeast Asia was however accompanied by the machinate of the Asian Tigers, with countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan growing faster than all other countries in the world for over a decade (Hill, 2002).such(prenominal) astonishing growth was also accompanied by the need for strong governments, whic h incidentally were headed by small groups of predominantly male leaders, who took decisions in all areas of public life, on issues as diverse economic subsidies, university admissions, foreign doer entry, working conditions and liberation of women (Hill, 2002). Democracy came back strongly into the political picture only in the 1990s, after the end of the Cold War, the deconstruction of the Soviet Union, and the economic crisis in Asia (Hill, 2002).The fall of democratic regimes in East Europe along with the acceptance of the superiority of the market system within a liberal democracy brought home the message to the people of Southeast Asia that economic growth built on political repression was ultimately unsustainable (Hill, 2002). Objective Malaysia has by and large experienced a stable political atmosphere, riding on the back of coalition one party rule and the political say-so of Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad for more than 20 years (Johnson, 2003).Malaysias society is multi-racial , multi-cultural and multi-religious. The Malays, who patch up a just over 50% of the population form the volume community, all of them, by constitutional definition being Muslim. About 25 % of the population (down from 31 % at independence) is ethnic Chinese, a group which historically played an important role in trade and business. Malaysians of Indian line of merchandise comprise about 7% (again down from 11 % at independence) of the population and include Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians.Non-Malay indigenous groups combine to make up approximately 11% of the population. While national unity as continued to elude the country, its passing successful industrialisation drive, (since the mid-1980s), has made it into one of the worlds important trading nations. Malaysia has experienced astonishing economic growth in the stand two decades. The national poverty rate has fallen from 49. 3% in 1970 to 5. 1 % in 2004, with corresponding improvements in education, literacy, c hild mortality and disease control (Kershaw, 2004).The countrys political progress has to be viewed in light of the phenomenal economic growth achieved by it as intimately as the social and political processes of the region. This study aims to study the political and social development of the country, including issues like the process of holding elections, the level and genuineness of political competition, freedom of speech and media, official and unofficial abuse of human rights, penalty regime, the strength of the judiciary and other institutions, the relationship between economic and political development, and the capacity of the state to politically administer its sovereign territory.

Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese social king of beasts saltation The king of beasts jump is a traditional dance performed in the Chinese culture. The performers mimic the moves of the social lion inside a rig out that looks in a personal manner like a lion. Many plenty who atomic number 18 not very familiar with the social lion terpsichore often gets it distressed with the Dragon saltation, since both atomic number 18 performed, for the most part, for the same occasions. It is simple to break the dickens dances apart. The social lion jump is performed most of the time with solo two state. The Dragon spring is performed with many another(prenominal) people.In the Dragon Dance multiple people argon inside the dragon costume h archaicing up poles, whereas in the Lion Dance, there is someone holding the period of the lion and other person in the spine of the lion costume acting as a rear of the lion. Lions were not origin totallyy from China. They came there through what was called the S ilk Road. The rulers in what is today known as Iran and Afghanistan sent the lions over to the Chinese emperors as a gift in exchange to get the mighty to profession with the Silk Road merchants. This form of Lion Dance dates all the path guts to the Han Dynasty, which was from 205 B.C. E. to 220 C. E. in China. The peak of the Lion Dance was during the Tang Dynasty, which was from 716 to 907 C. E. It was mainly danced during sacred festivals to celebrate. The dance eventually became so famous that it was exported to Japan as a formal court entertainment. The Lion Dance soon made its way to Korea and Taiwan. The Lion Dance is not exactly the same in all the countries, but the meaning and symbol of the dance argon similar. There are many different stories of how the Lion Dance got its origins. One famous floor is called The Emperors Dream. This story states how the emperor of the Tang Dynasty had a aspiration about how a strange shaft came to his rescue. When he described his ambitiousness to some advisors, they told him that the savage he described resembled that of a lion, a creature from the Western Hemisphere. The emperor wherefore created the lion dance to honor the creature which saved his life inside of his dream. Another story of how the Lion Dance got its origins is called The Story of the Nian. Legends say that there was a fierce monster by the name of Nian that liked to kidnap children.He attacked villages every year until one year, a lion defeated the Nian and chased it away. The monster promised that it will be back to seek revenge. This time the villagers did not substantiate a lion to nurture themselves. As a result, they solved the problem by creating a costume like that of a lion and two villagers wore the costume to scud Nian away. This is the former the lion dance is performed every Chinese New Year, so that Nian would not come back. The legend too says that loud noises from the drum, other instruments, and firecrackers helpe d scare the Nian away.The colouring material red is worn during the New Years celebration because it was as well believed that the Nian, was afraid of the color red. The word Nian, thought the yearly ceremony, has become the Chinese word for year. There are two different styles of the Chinese Lion Dance, the Southern Style and the northern Style. The older and traditional form of Chinese Lion Dance is the Southern Style. The Chinese Southern Lion Dance originated from Guangdong, a providence of China. The costumes of Lion Dance vary widely, but the lion query designs shows much differences.The traditional Fo Shan Lion, has bristles instead of fur and weighs much than the current costumes. The back ends are extremely long and are rectangular to the head for three fourths of the croupes length. The eyes alike move left and right. On the back of the costume, there are gold foiled rims and traditional characters verbal expression the groups name. Older Liu Bei lions also have black in the tail, while the new ones do not. The Gwan Gung has a red and black tail with etiolated trim. The Huang Joon has a full yellow tail with clean-living trim. The Zhang Fei has a black and white tail with white trim and a white underside.The Zhao Zi Long lion is a light-green lion with a green tail with black trim and also a white underside. both the traditional style Fo Shan have take off-up teeth, tongue, swivelling eyes, and a gold princely area on the back for the schools name and also the underside of the tail is white. The designs of the tail are also squarer and contain a rhombus blueprint going down the back it is also common to see and unwrap bells attached to the tail. Although most lion dance costumes comes with a set of duplicate pants, some practitioners use black Kung-Fu pants to look more traditional. The Wong people perform the lion dance using this type of lion.The newer styles of lions for Fo Shan step in all the bristles with fur and the tails a re shorter than the traditional ones. They eyes are fixed in place, and the tongue and teeth do not pop up. The tail is curvier in design. The tail does not have a diamond pattern, and lacks bells. In addition, the dancers unwrap flashier pants which lack the ease of movement allowed when vesture Kung-Fu pants. The Chinese northern Style of Chinese Lion Dance is performed commonly with two lions. The lions of the North have shaggy orange and yellow hair. The way to tell these lions apart by gender is to see the bow on the head.The feminines don a green bow while the male lions wear a red bow. Acrobatics are very common with the Northern Style, with stunts like lifts or balancing on a giant ball. Northern lions sometimes appear as a family, with two large large(p) lions and a pair of small young lions. Different colors on the costumes of the lions represent the different elements of life. The yellow represents earth, black represents water, green represents wood, red represents fire, and white represents metal. The nose of the lions is usually a green color. Green symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and the shape of heaven. Attached to the forehead of the lion is a mirror. The mirror is said to scare away evil spirits by reflecting their own image against them, and also the ability to travel between heaven and earth. The costumes of the lions used for Chinese Lion Dance can only be custom made in specialty craft shops in rural parts of China and have to be imported at considerable expense for foreign countries distant Asia. For groups in Western countries, such as the United States, is made workable through funds raised through subscriptions and pledges made by members of topical anaesthetic cultural and business societies.Special hand-made costumes with different add-ons can run up to 2000 dollars on some websites. Some countries, like Malaysia for example, has a really big Chinese population. As a result, local expertise whitethorn be usable in makin g the lion costumes and musical instruments without having to get them imported from China. The head of the lion contains a symbol of many different animals itself. The horn is shape like a bird for the phoenix, symbol for life and regeneration, also associated with representing the female element.The ears and the tail are shaped like a mystical creature, the Chinese unicorn, representing wisdom and good luck. The spine represents the snake, charm and wealth. The back hump of the head represents the tortoise which is the symbol for living a long life. The forehead and the beard are from the dragon, strength, leadership and the male element. The music associated to the Lion Dance is with instruments used live, right next to the performers. The music of drums, cymbals, and gongs are heard and the dance is synchronized with the start of the song.There are also firecrackers, which is used to add on to the sounds as well. During Chinese New Year, different groups from different Chinese soldierly art schools travel to the house and businesses of the Chinese community to perform what is called cai ching. The word cai ching translates to plucking the greens. What this is, is when a lion goes on a quest or journey to pluck the green, commonly vegs, like lettuce which in Chinese called cai and fruits like oranges tied to a redness Envelope containing money either hang highly or scarce roll on a table in front of the premises.The lion will dance to approach the cai and red envelope in a manner of that of a curious cat. It will then get the vegetable and red envelope. After, the cat will eat the vegetable (rip it up and expend it back out), and keep the red envelope containing money for their group. The lion dance is said to bring good luck and fortune to the businesses. Not only is the dance only done during Chinese New Year, but also in other religious festivals, business openings, birthday celebrations, and wedding celebrations.In the old days, the lettuce was hung 15 to 20 feet above ground and only a well-trained martial artist could reach the money while dancing with a glowering lion head. These events became challenging so a very large supply of money was rewarded, and the audience expected a good show. Sometimes, if lions from multiple martial arts schools approached the lettuce at the same time, the lions are supposed to fight to get back a winner. The lions had to fight with lion moves instead of chaotic street chip styles. The audience would judge the quality of the martial art schools according to how the lions fought.Since the schools character was at stake, the fights were usually fierce but civilized. The winner lion would then use creative methods and martial art skills to reach the high-hanging reward. Some lions may dance on bamboo stilts and some may step on human being pyramids formed by students of the school to reach the cai ching. The performers and the schools would gain praise and reward on top of the la rge money reward when they did well. During the 1950s to 1960s, areas with many Chinese communities, such as Chinatown, had people who resembled that of a gangster who conjugate these Chinese Lion Dance groups.There were lots of fights between these Lion Dance groups and kung fu schools. This worried many parents, which caused the parents to avoid letting their children join these schools. During festivals and performances, when Lion Dance groups met up, there would be fights between the groups. Some lifts and acrobatic tricks are designed for the lion to fight and knock over other rival lions. Performers even hid daggers in their shoes and clothes, which could be used to injure other lion dancers legs.Some even attached a metal horn on their lions forehead, which could be used to slash other lion heads. The ferocity got so extreme that at one point that the Hong Kong government had to put a stop to lion dance completely. Now Lion Dance groups must attain a permit from the governm ent in ordain to perform the Lion Dance. Although there is still a certain stagecoach of competitiveness, the groups are a lot less violent and aggressive than they were in the 1950s to 1960s. In modern day, the Chinese Lion Dance is seen as a sport and is more of something to do during free time.

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Innocence

A songbirds melody can elevate happiness in anyone, as can the smiling face of a child. The mockingbird sings for the sake of singing, and an complimentary child possesses an inborn joyfulness, as essential as instinct. Yet a mockingbirds song dies as easily as the whiteness of a child. In Harper Lees To shoot down a Mockingbird, Scout and Jem are portrayed as innocents, uncorrupted by our gentle piece of prepossess and racism. Their serviceman is simple, sensible, a childs world.However, three years in the life of 8-year-old Scout Finch, her brother, Jem, and their father, Atticus, are consumed by the arrest and eventual outpouring of a young black man accused of raping a washcloth woman. By the end of the novel, their world has expanded to enclose the irrational genius of humans. Jem and Scouts growing up is portrayed by a series of events that shatters their innocence as easily as a mockingbird can be silenced.Lee uses a combination of insignificant and profound events t he trial of Tom Robinson, Walter Cunningham, and their relationship with hoot Radley to develop and display the childrens growth in maturity. adept of the first cracks in Scouts armour of naivete occurs collectible to the fact that she speaks her mind. On Scouts first day of prepare Scout tries to explain to her teacher that she is embarrassing Walter Cunningham by offering him something that he will non be able to pay back. Scout realizes that because her teacher is not a local, she will not know that about the Cunninghams, alone Scouts explanation gets her into trouble.When Scout explains Walters one of the Cunninghams, (26), she was not trying to be insulting, but Miss Caroline mistakes her frank and innocent explanation as arrogance or rudeness and punishes her for it. Scouts perception of the world and her classmates is not save marred by the favorable divisions that adults see. When Scout has Walter over for a repast Scout really does insult Walter this time as she que stions the way he eats by saying But hes gone and drowned his dinner in syrup (32) and makes him feel self-conscious.She is not doing it intentionally, she is just unmated because she has never seen heap who eat that way. She is too young to visualise the accessible graces of Southern hospitality that dictate that you are always to make people feel at home and welcome no matter how extraordinary their habits may be. Scout and Jem are surrounded by racism and prejudice as children, but until they get on with , they do not see it for what it is, until something enormously, apparently wrong occurs close to home. At first Scout does not understand what is wrong and keeps asking Jem questions about what is happening. speckle Atticus is asking questions directed to Mayella, easy but surely she could see the pattern of Atticus questions (244). Although this shows that Scouts understanding about her father has improved, she is still oblivious to the deeper meaning of the trial. Whi le Jem is explaining to Dill, Scout supposes it is the finer points of the trial (252). With Jem being able to do this, this proves that Jem has matured greatly since the beginning. But what surprised Scout and blew Jem away was the obvious manginess of the verdict.When Jem states You just cant convict a man on evidence like that, proves that Jem realizes the injustice that Tom Robinson faced (295). Atticus has screen Scout and her brother from any outward prejudice against blacks. However, even he could not keep out the thought that coloured were not quite the same. Racism has been so deeply ingrained that Scout didnt realize its posture and results until that tragedy opened her eyes. As a result, racism and its effects entered the ever-expanding world of the Finch children.Because of the perspective of childhood innocence, Boo Radley is disposed(p) no identity unconnected from the youthful superstitions that surround him, and it is these superstitions that leave Jem and Scou t oblivious to the fact that Boo just wants to protect them. Scout at first describes Boo as a malevolent phantom, (10) while Jem illustrates him as a six-and-a-half feet tall man that dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could catch (16). With these expressions they demonstrated how innocent the children are.After the children have found gifts inside a knot hole in a tree, their father finds out about their game. When Atticus witnesses his children release a note in the hole, he believes his children are causing disability so he tells them to stop tormenting the man (65). When Atticus says, You just told me, Jem did not realize that without actually saying that they were playing the Boo Radley game he still admitted to his father that that is what they were doing. Originally portrayed as a crank and a lunatic, Boo Radley continues to gain the sympathy of the children.When Nathan Radley closes the hole, Scout sees it as no more gifts, but Jem takes it more to heart. Nathan Radl ey claims that the trees dying (83) so Jem asks his father where he says that the tree is fine. When Jem realizes that Nathan had just cut off their connection, he was crying, (84). It is when Scout and Jem need saving that Scout understands that Boo was just just looking out for them. While saying Hey Boo in person, this shows how mature Scout has gotten during the three years (362).Scout losses her innocence when she realizes that Boo Radley has given so much to them- gifts in the tree, a warm blanket on a cold night, folded up pants on a environ and their LIVES, but they have never repaid him. As if they were the harmless songbirds, the childrens innocence is tattered by these events. Through their interactions with Walter, Toms trial and Boo Radley social prejudice, racism, mobs, and social exceptions are now a part of their world. The naivete and laurels have been replaced by the knowledge of human nature and the corruption of our world. The world is no longer simple, and t he mockingbird is dead.

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10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

10 slash computing device Vir roles of All eon computing device schooling processing organisation computing device electronic in orderion processing system data processor electronic reck wholenessr computing machine vir enjoyments hind end be a nightm atomic number 18. fewer mass pass crossways step forward(p) the info on a vexed drive, tie up traffic on a calculating instrument communicate for hours, turn an necessitous machine into a zombie and replicate and launch themselves to incompatible(a) reck cardinalrs. If youve never had a machine f wholly victim to a computer computer computer computer virus, you whitethorn wonder what the fuss is al close to. merely the concern is chthonianstandcap fitting &8212 according to Consumer Reports, computer vir mappings helped contri onlye to $8. 5 billion in consumer losses in 2008 source MarketWatch. data processor viruses argon only superstar change of online threat, merely theyre arg uably the surmount issuen of the bunch. computing device viruses sustain been just ab let on for me precise yrs. In f defend, in 1949, a scientist described John von Neumann theorized that a self-replicated political plan was doable source Krebs. The computer sedulousness wasnt even a decade old, and already few nonp beil had figured forth how to throw a monkey wrench into the figurative gears. exactly it as wellk a few decades in the lead programmers known as cyberpunks began to build computer viruses. firearm virtually pranksters bring forthd virus- standardised programs for intumescent computer systems, it was real the introduction of the private computer that brought computer viruses to the existences attention.A doctoral student named Fred Cohen was the first to describe self-replicating programs designed to ex veer computers as viruses. The name has stuck ever since. Old-school computer viruses or so of the earliest viruses to infect soulfulnessal co mputers allowd the orchard apple tree computer viruses, which struggleed Apple II computers and the Brain virus, which could infect PCs. In the nice old days (i. e. , the early 1980s), viruses depended on humans to do the hard work of disseminateing the virus to former(a) computers. A hacker would save the virus to dishs and and then(prenominal) distribute the disks to other wad.It wasnt until modems became familiar that virus transmission became a real problem. Today when we think of a computer virus, we unremarkably imagine any(prenominal) liaison that transmits itself via the profit. It power infect computers by performer of netmail contentednesss or corrupted Web links. Programs want these fag end banquet a great contest red-hot than the earliest computer viruses. Were button to carry away a go to at 10 of the worst computer viruses to cripple a computer system. Lets sire with the Melissa virus. Worst calculating machine Virus 10 Melissa In the spring of 1999, a man named David L. metalworker piddled a computer virus based on a Microsoft intelligence teaching big.He built the virus so that it could open with electronic mail messages. Smith named the virus Melissa, saying that he named it after an exotic dancer from Florida source CNN. pic Daniel Hulshizer/AFP/Getty Images A courtroom ikon of David L. Smith, the alleged manufacturer of the Melissa virus. Rather than shaking its m integrityy guardr, the Melissa computer virus tempts recipients into opening a document with an electronic mail message give c ar Here is that document you asked for, dont show it to allbody else. Once activated, the virus replicates itself and sends itself out to the choke 50 throng in the recipients e-mail screw book.The virus scattering rapidly after Smith unleashed it on the world. The United States federal g everyplacening body became very enkindle in Smiths work &8212 according to statements made by FBI officials to Congress, th e Melissa virus wreaked havoc on governing body and private sphere of influence earningss source FBI. The increase in e-mail traffic forced somewhat companies to conk out e-mail programs until the virus was contained. After a lengthy trial process, Smith lost his vitrine and authentic a 20-month jail sentence. The court overly fined Smith $5,000 and for toughenede him from accessing computer networks without court authorization source BBC.Ultimately, the Melissa virus didnt cripple the lucre, but it was one of the first computer viruses to attract the publics attention. Flavors of Viruses In this article, well attend at some(prenominal) distinct kinds of computer viruses. Heres a quick pull certify to what well tell The general term computer virus normally covers programs that condition how a computer works (including prejudicial the computer) and toilet self-replicate. A genuine computer virus requires a force program to bombardment properly &8212 Melissa u tilise a Word document. A wriggle, on the other hand, doesnt require a host program.Its an application that shadow replicate itself and send itself through computer networks. Trojan horses be programs that claim to do one thing but really do other. or so strength misuse a victims hard drive. Others smoke create a backdoor, allowing a foreign drug drug user to access the victims computer system. Next, well anticipate at a virus that had a sweet name but a nasty proceeds on its victims. Worst information processing system Virus 9 ILOVEYOU A year after the Melissa virus finish the cyberspace, a digital be emerged from the Philippines. Un the like the Melissa virus, this threat came in the form of a worm &8212 it was a standalone program capable of replicating itself.It bore the name ILOVEYOU. pic Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images A screenshot of the ILOVEYOU computer virus The ILOVEYOU virus initially inciteed the mesh by e-mail, just like the Melissa virus. The subject of the e-mail said that the message was a love letter from a secret admirer. An alliance in the e-mail was what provoked all the trouble. The original worm had the consign name of LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU. TXT. vbs. The vbs causa pointed to the vocabulary the hacker used to create the worm Visual elementary Scripting source McAfee.According to anti-virus computer softw are program producer McAfee, the ILOVEYOU virus had a wide range of flaks It copied itself several prison terms and hid the copies in several folders on the victims hard drive. It added untried files to the victims cash register keys. It exchanged several different kinds of files with copies of itself. It sent itself through lucre Relay claim down clients as good as e-mail. It downloaded a file shouted WIN-BUGSFIX. EXE from the Internet and execute it. Rather than fix bugs, this program was a watchword- larceny application that e- send out secret information to the hackers e-mail address.Who creat ed the ILOVEYOU virus? s miniaturely think it was one(a)l de Guzman of the Philippines. Filipino authorities investigated de Guzman on charges of theft &8212 at the metre the Philippines had no computer espionage or pervert laws. Citing a lack of evidence, the Filipino authorities dropped the charges against de Guzman, who would neither confirm nor abandon his responsibility for the virus. According to some estimates, the ILOVEYOU virus caused $10 billion in insurance source Landler. Gotcha As if viruses, worms and Trojan horses werent enough, we withal exhaust to worry astir(predicate) virus hoaxes.These are form viruses &8212 they dont actually cause whatsoever impairment or replicate themselves. Instead, the creators of these viruses skip overe that people and media companies treat the hoax as if it were the real deal. level though these hoaxes arent immediately hazardous, they are still a problem. handle the boy who cried wolf, hoax viruses apprize cause people to pretermit warnings slightly real threats. Now that the love fest is over, lets consume a intuitive feeling at one of the most wide shell out viruses to thrill the Web. Worst Computer Virus 8 The Klez Virus pic Joe Raedle/Getty Images Fortunately for consumers, thithers no shortage of antivirus software suites on the market.The Klez virus marked a refreshful direction for computer viruses, setting the bar high for those that would follow. It debuted in later(a) 2001, and variations of the virus plagued the Internet for several months. The basic Klez worm give a victims computer through an e-mail message, replicated itself and then sent itself to people in the victims address book. Some variations of the Klez virus carried other abuseful programs that could render a victims computer inoperable. Depending on the version, the Klez virus could act like a normal computer virus, a worm or a Trojan horse.It could even disable virus- examine software and pose as a virus-removal t ool source Symantec. Shortly after it appeared on the Internet, hackers modified the Klez virus in a way that made it farthermost much entrapive. Like other viruses, it could comb through a victims address book and send itself to contacts. But it could excessively take a nonher name from the contact cite and place that address in the From field in the e-mail client. Its called spoofing &8212 the e-mail appears to come from one source when its really sexual climax from somewhere else. Spoofing an e-mail address accomplishes a couple of goals.For one thing, it doesnt do the recipient of the e-mail any good to block the soulfulness in the From field, since the e-mails are really coming from individual else. A Klez worm programmed to junk e-mail people with multiple e-mails could clog an inbox in short order, because the recipients would be futile to tell what the real source of the problem was. Also, the e-mails recipient qualification lie with the name in the From field a nd at that placefore be more than capable to opening it. Antivirus Software Its valuable to fork out an antivirus program on your computer, and to appreciation it up to date.But you shouldnt use more than one suite, as multiple antivirus programs potful interfere with one a nonher. Heres a list of some antivirus software suites Avast Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Kaspersky Anti-Virus McAfee VirusS flush toilet Norton AntiVirus several(prenominal) major computer viruses debuted in 2001. In the next section, well take a fancy at regulation Red. Worst Computer Virus 7 statute Red and Code Red II pic Chris Hondros/Getty Images The CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie-Mellon university published an advisory alerting the public to the dangers of the Code Red virus. The Code Red and Code Red II worms popped up in the pass of 2001.Both worms exploited an operational system exposure that was found in machines travel rapidly Windows 2000 and Windows NT. The vulnerability was a b uffer overflow problem, which means when a machine running on these operate systems baffles more information than its buffers can handle, it number 1s to pull through adjacent memory. The original Code Red worm initiated a distributed defense force of serve up (DDoS) attack on the gaberdine House. That means all the computers septic with Code Red tried to contact the Web hordes at the White House at the similar clock, overloading the machines.A Windows 2000 machine septic by the Code Red II worm no presbyopicer obeys the owner. Thats because the worm creates a backdoor into the computers direct system, allowing a remote user to access and control the machine. In computing terms, this is a system-level compromise, and its bad countersign for the computers owner. The mortal behind the virus can access information from the victims computer or even use the infected computer to commit crimes. That means the victim non precisely has to deal with an infected computer, b ut as closely may fall low suspicion for crimes he or she didnt commit. age Windows NT machines were vulnerable to the Code Red worms, the viruses effect on these machines wasnt as extreme. Web servers running Windows NT might crash more often than normal, but that was about as bad as it got. Compared to the woes undergo by Windows 2000 users, thats not so bad. Microsoft released software patches that addressed the tribute vulnerability in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Once patched, the original worms could no longer infect a Windows 2000 machine however, the patch didnt remove viruses from infected computers &8212 victims had to do that themselves.What do I do now? What should you do if you fuck off out your computer has been hit with a computer virus? That depends on the virus. numerous antivirus programs are able to remove viruses from an infected system. But if the virus has disabilityd some of your files or information, youll need to re cut in from backups. Its very i mportant to back up your information often. And with viruses like the Code Red worms, its a good idea to totally reformat the hard drive and arising fresh. Some worms allow other venomed software to load onto your machine, and a simple antivirus sweep might not catch them all.Worst Computer Virus 6 Nimda pic SMobile Systems The Symbian Skull Virus affects cell phones, causing them to dis diddle a series of skull images like this. Another virus to hit the Internet in 2001 was the Nimda (which is admin spelled backwards) worm. Nimda bed covering through the Internet rapidly, becoming the windy propagating computer virus at that time. In fact, according to TruSecure CTO Peter Tippett, it tho took 22 minutes from the moment Nimda hit the Internet to r each(prenominal) the fall of the list of describe attacks source Anthes. The Nimda worms primary tar bring ins were Internet servers.While it could infect a radical PC, its real purpose was to bring Internet traffic to a crawl. It could travel through the Internet using multiple methods, including e-mail. This helped spread the virus across multiple servers in record time. The Nimda worm created a backdoor into the victims operating system. It allowed the person behind the attack to access the like level of functions as some(prenominal) account was logged into the machine currently. In other words, if a user with especial(a) privileges activated the worm on a computer, the attacker would besides dupe limited access to the computers functions.On the other hand, if the victim was the administrator for the machine, the attacker would have full control. The spread of the Nimda virus caused some network systems to crash as more of the systems resources became fodder for the worm. In effect, the Nimda worm became a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Phoning it In not all computer viruses focus on computers. Some tar draw a bead on other electronic devices. Heres just a small sample distribution o f some highly portable viruses CommWarrior attacked smartphones running the Symbian operating system (OS). The Skulls Virus similarly attacked Symbian phones and displayed screens of skulls instead of a home page on the victims phones. RavMonE. exe is a virus that could infect iPod MP3 devices made between Sept. 12, 2006, and Oct. 18, 2006. Fox mods spread abroaded in March 2008 that some electronic gadgets leave the factory with viruses pre-installed &8212 these viruses attack your computer when you sync the device with your machine source Fox News. Next, well take a look at a virus that affected major networks, including air hose computers and bank ATMs. Worst Computer Virus 5 SQL Slammer/cerulean pic Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images The Slammer virus hit South Korea hard, cutting it off from the Internet and leaving Internet cafes like this one relatively empty. In late January 2003, a new Web server virus spread across the Internet. Many computer networks were un assembled for the attack, and as a result the virus brought down several important systems. The Bank of Americas ATM service crashed, the city of Seattle suffered outages in 911 service and Continental Airlines had to cancel several flights due to electronic ticketing and check-in errors.The culprit was the SQL Slammer virus, also known as Sapphire. By some estimates, the virus caused more than $1 billion in sufferings before patches and antivirus software caught up to the problem source Lemos. The progress of Slammers attack is well documented. Only a few minutes after infecting its first Internet server, the Slammer virus was doubling its number of victims every few randomnesss. 15 minutes after its first attack, the Slammer virus infected to the highest degree half of the servers that act as the pillars of the Internet source Boutin.The Slammer virus taught a valuable lesson Its not enough to specify sure you have the latest patches and antivirus software. Hackers will always look for a way to exploit any weakness, particularly if the vulnerability isnt widely known. While its still important to deliver and head off viruses before they hit you, its also important to have a worst-case-scenario plan to fall back on should disaster strike. A Matter of Timing Some hackers program viruses to sit dormant on a victims computer only to unleash an attack on a special(prenominal) date.Heres a quick sample of some famous viruses that had time triggers The Jerusalem virus activated every Friday the 13th to destroy data on the victim computers hard drive The Michelangelo virus activated on March 6, 1992 &8212 Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 The Chernobyl virus activated on April 26, 1999 &8212 the 13th anniversary of the Chernobyl meltdown disaster The Nyxem virus delivered its payload on the third of every month, wiping out files on the victims computer Computer viruses can make a victim feel helpless, vulnerable and despondent.Next, well look at a virus with a name that evokes all three of those feelings. Worst Computer Virus 4 MyDoom pic Alex Wong/Getty Images The MyDoom virus inspired politicians like U. S. Senator chuck Schumer to propose a National Virus Response Center. The MyDoom (or Novarg) virus is another worm that can create a backdoor in the victim computers operating system. The original MyDoom virus &8212 there have been several variants &8212 had two triggers. whizz trigger caused the virus to begin a denial of service (DoS) attack deceaseing Feb. 1, 2004. The second trigger commanded the virus to check off distributing itself on Feb. 2, 2004. Even after the virus stopped spread, the backdoors created during the initial infections remained active source Symantec. Later that year, a second outbreak of the MyDoom virus gave several re assurek railway locomotive companies grief. Like other viruses, MyDoom searched victim computers for e-mail addresses as part of its replication process. But it would also send a search re quest to a search engine and use e-mail addresses found in the search results. Eventually, search engines like Google began to receive millions of search requests from corrupted computers.These attacks slowed down search engine services and even caused some to crash source Sullivan. MyDoom spread through e-mail and peer-to-peer networks. According to the earnest firm MessageLabs, one in every 12 e-mail messages carried the virus at one time source BBC. Like the Klez virus, MyDoom could spoof e-mails so that it became very gruelling to track the source of the infection. Oddball Viruses Not all viruses cause severe damage to computers or destroy networks. Some just cause computers to act in odd ways. An early virus called Ping-Pong created a bouncing ball graphic, but didnt seriously damage the infected computer. there are several joke programs that might make a computer owner think his or her computer is infected, but theyre really victimizeless applications that dont self-replica te. When in doubt, its surmount to let an antivirus program remove the application. Next, well take a look at a pair of viruses created by the same hacker the Sasser and Netsky viruses Worst Computer Virus 3 Sasser and Netsky pic David Hecker/AFP/Getty Images Sven Jaschan, creator of the Sasser and Netsky viruses, leaves the Verden Court. Sometimes computer virus programmers escape detection.But once in a while, authorities find a way to track a virus back to its origin. Such was the case with the Sasser and Netsky viruses. A 17-year-old German named Sven Jaschan created the two programs and unleashed them onto the Internet. While the two worms behaved in different ways, similarities in the code led security department department experts to believe they both were the work of the same person. The Sasser worm attacked computers through a Microsoft Windows vulnerability. Unlike other worms, it didnt spread through e-mail. Instead, once the virus infected a computer, it looked for ot her vulnerable systems.It contacted those systems and instructed them to download the virus. The virus would scan hit-or-miss IP addresses to find potential victims. The virus also altered the victims operating system in a way that made it difficult to unopen down the computer without cutting off power to the system. The Netsky virus moves through e-mails and Windows networks. It spoofs e-mail addresses and propagates through a 22,016-byte file shackle source CERT. As it spreads, it can cause a denial of service (DoS) attack as systems demote while trying to handle all the Internet traffic.At one time, security experts at Sophos believed Netsky and its variants accounted for 25 percent of all computer viruses on the Internet source Wagner. Sven Jaschan spent no time in jail he received a sentence of one year and nine months of probation. Because he was under 18 at the time of his arrest, he avoided being tried as an adult in German courts. Black Hats Just as youd find good and b ad witches in Oz, you can find good and bad hackers in our world. One familiar term for a hacker who sets out to create computer viruses or compromise system security is a black hat.Some hackers attend conventions like the Black Hat conference or Defcon to discuss the impact of black hats and how they use vulnerabilities in computer security systems to commit crimes. So far, most of the viruses weve looked at target PCs running Windows. But macintosh computers arent immune to computer virus attacks. In the next section, well take a look at the first virus to commit a Mac attack. Worst Computer Virus 2 Leap-A/Oompa-A pic Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage/Getty Images We can thank Weird Al Yankovic for warning us of the fear smelly Cheese virus.Maybe youve seen the ad in Apples Mac computer market campaign where Justin Im a Mac Long consoles John Im a PC Hodgman. Hodgman comes down with a virus and points out that there are more than 100,000 viruses that can strike a computer. Long says that those viruses target PCs, not Mac computers. For the most part, thats true. Mac computers are partially protect from virus attacks because of a concept called security through obscurity. Apple has a reputation for guardianship its operating system (OS) and hardware a closed system &8212 Apple produces both the hardware and the software.This livelihoods the OS obscure. Traditionally, Macs have been a distant second to PCs in the home computer market. A hacker who creates a virus for the Mac wont hit as many victims as he or she would with a virus for PCs. But that hasnt stopped at least one Mac hacker. In 2006, the Leap-A virus, also known as Oompa-A, debuted. It uses the iChat instant communicate program to propagate across vulnerable Mac computers. After the virus infects a Mac, it searches through the iChat contacts and sends a message to each person on the list.The message contains a corrupted file that appears to be an innocent JPEG image. The Leap-A virus doesnt c ause much harm to computers, but it does show that even a Mac computer can fall prey to malicious software. As Mac computers become more popular, well probably see more hackers create customized viruses that could damage files on the computer or snarl network traffic. Hodgmans character may yet have his revenge. Breaking into Song While computer viruses can pose a serious threat to computer systems and Internet traffic, sometimes the media overstates the impact of a particular virus.For example, the Michelangelo virus gained a big deal of media attention, but the actual damage caused by the virus was fair small. That might have been the inspiration for the song Virus Alert by Weird Al Yankovic. The song warns listeners of a computer virus called Stinky Cheese that not only wipes out your computers hard drive, but also forces you to listen to Jethro Tull songs and legally change your name to Reggie. Were down to the end of the list. What computer virus has added the number one spo t? Worst Computer Virus 1 beleaguer deformThe latest virus on our list is the dreaded Storm insect. It was late 2006 when computer security experts first identify the worm. The public began to call the virus the Storm flex because one of the e-mail messages carrying the virus had as its subject 230 dead as storm batters Europe. Antivirus companies call the worm other names. For example, Symantec calls it Peacomm while McAfee refers to it as Nuwar. This might big(p) confusing, but theres already a 2001 virus called the W32. Storm. Worm. The 2001 virus and the 2006 worm are only different programs. pic Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty ImagesProfessor Adi Shamir of the Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Israel is the leader of the Anti-Spyware Coalition. The Storm Worm is a Trojan horse program. Its payload is another program, though not always the same one. Some versions of the Storm Worm turn computers into zombies or bots. As computers become infected, they become vulnerable to remote c ontrol by the person behind the attack. Some hackers use the Storm Worm to create a botnet and use it to send spam mail across the Internet. Many versions of the Storm Worm fool the victim into downloading the application through evade links to news stories or videos.The people behind the attacks will often change the subject of the e-mail to reflect current events. For example, just before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, a new version of the worm appeared in e-mails with subjects like a new deadly catastrophe in China or Chinas most deadly earthquake. The e-mail claimed to link to video and news stories link up to the subject, but in reality clicking on the link activated a download of the worm to the victims computer source McAfee. Several news agencies and blogs named the Storm Worm one of the worst virus attacks in years.By July 2007, an official with the security keep company Postini claimed that the firm detected more than 200 million e-mails carrying links to the Storm Worm during an attack that spanned several days source Gaudin. Fortunately, not every e-mail led to somebody downloading the worm. Although the Storm Worm is widespread, its not the most difficult virus to detect or remove from a computer system. If you keep your antivirus software up to date and remember to use caution when you receive e-mails from unfamiliar people or see nameless links, youll save yourself some major headaches. MalwareComputer viruses are just one kind of malware. Other types embroil spyware and some kinds of adware. Spyware spies on what a user does with his or her computer. That can include logging keystrokes as a way to discover login codes and passwords. Adware is a software app that displays ads to users while they use a larger application like a Web browser. Some adware contains code that gives advertisers extensive access to private information. motive to learn more about computer viruses? Take a look at the links on the next page, if you dare. COMPUTER VIR USES Markus Hanhisalo Department of Computer ScienceHelsinki University of Technology Markus. email&160protected fi This trace briefly introduces computer viruses and how they effect network security. I have introduced todays virus agency. Many people are terror-stricken of viruses, mostly because they do not know much about them. This report will guide you in the event of a virus infection. Computer viruses and network security is important. there are things that are not public information. on that pointfore it is good to be a weare of possible network security problems. pic Table of Contents 1. Introduction to computer viruses 2. General information about computer viruses . 1 Different Malware types 2. 1. 1 Viruses 2. 1. 2 Trojan 2. 1. 3 Worms 2. 2 Macro viruses 2. 3 Virus sources 2. 3. 1 Why do people keep and spread viruses? 2. 4 How viruses act 2. 4. 1 How viruses spread out 2. 4. 2 How viruses activate 2. 5 Viruses in different platforms 2. 5. 1 PC viruses 2. 5. 2 mackin tosh viruses 2. 5. 3 Other platforms 3. How to deal with viruses 3. 1 What are the signs of viruses 3. 2 What to do when you find viruses 4. How to protect from viruses 4. 1 How to reserve against viruses 4. 2 Different anti-virus programs 5. Computer viruses in Finland 5. A questionnaire survey in Finland about viruses 5. 2 It is going to be a criminal act to make viruses in Finland 6. How computer viruses have spread out around the world 7. Computer viruses and network security 8. Conclusions pic 1. Introduction to Computer Viruses The person might have a computer virus infection when the computer roots acting differently. For instance getting slow or when they turn the computer on, it says that all the data is erased or when they start writing a document, it looks different, some chapters might be missing or something else ubnormal has geted.The next thing usually the person whose computer might be infected with virus, panics. The person might think that all the work that hav e been done is missing. That could be true, but in most cases viruses have not done any harm jet, but when one start doing something and are not sure what you do, that might be insalubrious. When some people try to get rid of viruses they score out files or they might even format the whole hard disk like my cousin did. That is not the best way to act when the person think that he has a virus infection. What people do when they get sick?They go to see a doctor if they do not know what is wrong with them. It is the same way with viruses, if the person does not know what to do they call someone who knows more about viruses and they get lord help. If the person read email at their PC or if they use diskettes to transfer files between the computer at work and the computer at home, or if they just transfer files between the two computers they have a good possibility to get a virus. They might get viruses also when they download files from any internet site. in that respect was a time w hen people were able to be sure that some sites we secure, that those secure sites did not have any virus problems, but nowadays the people can not be sure of anything. There has been viruses even in Microsofts download sites. In this report I am going to introduce different malware types and how they spread out and how to deal with them. Most common viruses nowadays are big viruses and I am going to spend a piffling more time with them. I am going to give an example of trojan horse horses sneaking passwords. 2. General information about computer viruses 2. 1 Different malware typesMalware is a general name for all programs that are harmful viruses, trojan, worms and all other similar programs 1. 2. 1. 1 Viruses A computer virus is a program, a block of executable code, which attach itself to, over import or otherwise replace another program in order to reproduce itself without a cognition of a PC user. There are a couple of different types of computer viruses boot sector viruse s, parasitic viruses, multi-partite viruses, companion viruses, link viruses and big viruses. These classifications take into account the different ways in which the virus can infect different parts of a system.The manner in which each of these types operates has one thing in common any virus has to be executed in order to operate. 2 Most viruses are pretty upright. The user might not even notice the virus for years. Sometimes viruses might cause random damage to data files and over a long period they might destroy files and disks. Even benign viruses cause damage by occupying disk space and main memory, by using up CPU processing time. There is also the time and expense expend in detecting and removing viruses. 2. 1. 2 Trojan A Trojan vaulting horse is a program that does something else that the user thought it would do.It is mostly done to someone on purpose. The Trojan Horses are usually masked so that they look interesting, for example a saxophone. wav file that interests a person collecting sound samples of instruments. A Trojan Horse differs from a pernicious virus in that it doesnt reproduce. There has been a password trojan out in AOL land (the American On Line). Password30 and Pasword50 which some people thought were wav. files, but they were clothed and people did not know that they had the trojan in their systems until they tried to change their passwords. 9 According to an administrator of AOL, the Trojan steals passwords and sends an E-mail to the hackers fake name and then the hacker has your account in his hands. 2. 1. 3 Worms A worm is a program which spreads usually over network connections. Unlike a virus which attach itself to a host program, worms always need a host program to spread. In practice, worms are not unremarkably associated with one person computer systems. They are mostly found in multi-user systems such as Unix environss. A classic example of a worm is Robert Morrisis Internet-worm 1988. 1,5 pic Picture 1 An example of a worm. . 2 Macro virus Macro viruses spread from applications which use large instructions. The macro viruses which are receiving attention currently are specific to Word 6, WordBasic and Excel. However, many applications, not all of them Windows applications, have potentially damaging and infective macro capabilities too. A CAP macro virus, now widespread, infects macros wedded to Word 6. 0 for Windows, Word 6. 0. 1 for Macintosh, Word 6. 0 for Windows NT, and Word for Windows 95 documents. What makes such a virus possible is that the macros are created by WordBASIC and even allows disk operating system commands to be run.WordBASIC in a program language which links features used in Word to macros. A virus, named notion, has no destructive payload it merely spreads, after a document containing the virus is opened. Concept copies itself to other documents when they are saved, without affecting the contents of documents. Since then, however, other macro viruses have been discover ed, and some of them contain destructive routines. Microsoft suggests opening files without macros to prevent macro viruses from spreading, unless the user can verify that the macros contained in the document will not cause damage.This does NOT work for all macro viruses. Why are macro viruses so successful? Today people contend so much data, email documents and use the Internet to get programs and documents. Macros are also very easy to print. The problem is also that Word for Windows corrupts macros inadvertently creating new macro viruses. pic Picture 2 New macro virus by decadence 12 Corruptions also creates remnant macros which are not infectious, but look like viruses and cause false alarms. Known macro virus can get together and create wholly new viruses. picPicture 3 Macro virus growth, July 1995 to May 1997 12 There have been viruses since 1986 and macro viruses since 1995. Now about 15 percent of virus are macro viruses. There are about 2. 000 macro viruses and about 11 . 000 DOS viruses, but the problem is that macro viruses spreads so fast. New macro viruses are created in the work-place, on a day-after-day basis, on typical end-user machines, not in a virus lab. New macro virus creation is due to corruption, mating, and conversion. Traditional anti-virus programs are also not good at detecting new macro viruses.Almost all virus detected in the Helsinki University of Technology have been macro viruses, according to Tapio Keihanen, the virus specialist in HUT. Before macro viruses it was more easy to detect and repair virus infections with anti-virus programs. But now when there are new macro viruses, it is harder to detect macro viruses and people are more in contact with their anti-virus vendor to detect an repair extraterrestrial macro viruses, because new macro viruses spread faster than new anti-virus program updates come up. 2. 3 Virus sources Viruses don not just appear, there is always somebody that has made it and they have own drive t o so.Viruses are salve everywhere in the world. Now when the information flow in the net and Internet grows, it does not matter where the virus is made. Most of the writers are young men. There are also few university students, professors, computer store managers, writers and even a doctor has written a virus. One thing is common to these writers, all of them are men, women do not waste their time writing viruses. Women are either smarter or they are just so good that never get caught. 1 2. 3. 1 Why do people write and spread viruses? It is difficult to know why people write them.Everyone has their own minds. Some general grounds are to experiment how to write viruses or to test their programming talent. Some people just like to see how the virus spreads and gets famous around the World. The following is a list from news group postings alt. comp. virus and tries to explain why people write and spread viruses. ? they dont understand or prefer not to think about the consequences f or other people ? they simply dont care ? they dont necessitate it to be their problem if someone else is inconvenienced ? hey draw a false distinction between creating/publishing viruses and distributing them ? they consider it to be the responsibility of someone else to protect systems from their creations ? they get a buzz, adjudge or otherwise, from vandalism ? they consider theyre fighting license ? they like interconnected wits with anti virus vendors ? its a way of getting attention, getting acquaintance from their peers and their names (or at least that of their virus) in the papers and the Wild dip ? theyre keeping the anti virus vendors in a job . 4 How viruses act Viruses main mission is to spread out and then get active. Some viruses just spread out and never activate. Viruses when they spread out, they make copies of self and spreading is harmful. 2. 4. 1 How viruses spread out Viruses mission is to hop from program to other and this should happen as quickly as po ssible. usually viruses join to the host program in some way. They even write over part of the host program. A computer is infected with a boot sector virus if it is booted from an infected floppy disk. complaint sector infections cannot normally spread across a network.These viruses spread normally via floppy disks which may come from virtually any source ? unrequested demonstration disks ? brand-new software ? disks used on your PC by salesmen or engineers ? repaired hardware A file virus infects other files, when the program to which it is attached is run, and so a file virus can spread across a network and often very quickly. They may be spread from the same sources as boot sector viruses, but also from sources such as Internet FTP sites and newsgroups. Trojan horses spread just like file viruses. A multipartite virus infects boot sectors and files.Often, an infected file is used to infect the boot sector thus, this is one case where a boot sector infection could spread acros s a network. 2. 4. 2 How viruses activate We are always afraid that viruses do something harmful to files when they get active, but not all the viruses activate. Some viruses just spread out, but when viruses activate they do very different things. Might play a part of melody or play music in the background, show a picture or animated picture, show text, format hard disk or do changes to files. As an example, in one unnamed company over a long period of time, the files in a server were corrupted just a bit.So backup copies were interpreted from the corrupted files. And after they noticed that something was wrong, it was too late to get back the data from the backups. That kind of event is the worst that can happen for the uses. There is also talk that viruses have done something to hardware like hard disk or monitor. Viruses can not do any harm to hardware but they can do harm to programs and for example to BIOS so that computer does not start after that. Usually you can start the c omputer from a boot diskette if the computer does not start otherwise. 2. 5 Viruses in different platforms 2. 5. PC viruses Viruses are mostly written for PC-computers and DOS environment. Even though viruses are made for DOS environment, they are working also in Windows, Windows95, Windows NT and OS/2 operating systems. Some viruses like boot sector viruses, do not care what about operating systems. 1 2. 5. 2 Macintosh viruses Macintosh viruses are not as a big problem as PC viruses are. There are not so many viruses in Macintosh operating system. Macintosh viruses has been found mostly from schools. How many Mac viruses there are? I found out that there are about 2-300 Mac-specific viruses.There are virtually no macro viruses which have a Mac-specific payload, but all macro viruses can infect on Macs and other platforms which runs Word 6. x of better. 2. 5. 3 Other platforms Viruses can be found from in almost any kind of computer, such as HP calculators used by students like HP 48-calculators and old computers like Commodore 64 and Unix computers too. 1 In general, there are virtually no non-experimental UNIX viruses. There have been a few Worm incidents, most notably the Morris Worm,. the Internet Worm, of 1988. There are point of intersections which scan some Unix systems for PC viruses.Any machine used as a file server (Novell, Unix etc. ) can be scanned for PC viruses by a DOS scanner if it can be mounted as a crystalline drive on a PC running appropriate network client software such as PC-NFS. Intel-based PCs running Unix e. g. Linux, etc. can also be infected by a DOS boot-sector virus if booted from an infected disk. The same goes for other PC-hosted operating systems such as NetWare. While viruses are not a major risk on Unix platforms, integrity checkers and audit packages are frequently used by system administrators to detect file changes made by other kinds of attack. . How to deal with viruses 3. 1 What are the signs of viruses Almost anythin g odd a computer may do, can blamed on a computer virus, especially if no other explanation can readily be found. Many operating systems and programs also do strange things, therefore there is no reason to immediately blame a virus. In most cases, when an anti-virus program is then run, no virus can be found. A computer virus can cause unusual screen displays, or messages but most dont do that. A virus may slow the operation of the computer but many times that doesnt happen.Even longer disk activity, or strange hardware behavior can be caused by legitimate software, harmless prank programs, or by hardware faults. A virus may cause a drive to be accessed unexpectedly and the drive light to go on but legitimate programs can do that also. One usually reliable indicator of a virus infection is a change in the length of executable (*. com/*. exe) files, a change in their content, or a change in their file date/time in the Directory listing. But some viruses dont infect files, and some of those which do can avoid howing changes theyve made to files, especially if theyre active in RAM. Another common indication of a virus infection is a change to the reassignment of system resources. Unaccounted use of memory or a reduction in the total normally shown for the system may be significant. In short, observing something unique and blaming it on a computer virus is less productive than examine regularly for potential viruses, and not scanning, because everything is running OK is equally inadvisable. 3. 2 What to do when you find viruses First thing what you should do when you find virus is count to ten and stay cool.You should keep notes on what you do and write down what your virus programs and you computer tells you. If you are not sure what to do, you should call the administrator for future action. In some cases it is not good to start you computer from hard disk, because the virus may active and then do some harm. Second,make sure that you should get sure that it is virus and what virus it is. It is important to know what kind of virus we are dealing with. Companies that make anti-virus programs knows what different viruses does and you can ether call them and ask about that viruses or you can go to their web pages and read about the virus you have.When you start you computer you should do it from a clean (non-infected) floppy diskette and after that run the virus program. The boot diskette should be write protected so that virus can not infect the boot diskette too. 6 It is good to take a backup of the file that was infected. Virus program could do some damage to the file and that is why it is good to have a backup. It is good to let you administrator to know about the virus, so viruses would not spread around so much. In TKK PC classes are protected by anti-virus program and that virus program reports to a person, responsible for virus surety. . How to protect from viruses 4. 1 How to provide against viruses Best way to protect yourself is to prepare your computer against viruses in advance. One way to protect you computer is to use updated anti-virus program. When you get an email attachment, you should first check the attachment by checking the file with a anti-virus program. As an example in one unnamed Finnish company all information was mailed in email attachments. There was this one Word document that was mailed to everybody. That email attachment was infected by a macro virus.Everyone got the infected attachment and those who opened that attachment by Word got that CAP-macro virus. After all there were a few thousand infections. It took lots of time and money to clear that virus. One can protect the computer against boot sector viruses by setting the BIOS to start from a hard disk rather than from a floppy disk. compose protection is a good way to prohibit against viruses. Write protection works well in floppy disks, Windows NT and UNIX, but not that well in Windows and Windows95. 4. Different anti-virus p rograms There are three different kind of anti-viral packages activity monitors, authentication or change-detection software, and scanners. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. moneymaking(prenominal) anti-viral programs have a combination of the above mentioned functions. 7 There are over ten good anti-viral programs. Most knows programs are Data Fellows F-Prot, EliaShim ViruSafe, ESaSS ThunderBYTE, IBM AntiVirus, McAfee Scan, Microsoft Anti-Virus, Symantec Norton AntiVirus and S&038S Dr Solomons AVTK.On a day-to-day basis, the average corporation should be very interested in the scan time these impact strongly the users, who should be scanning hard drives and disks on a daily basis. If a product takes too long to carry out these basic tasks, users will be reluctant to wait, and will stop using it. This is clearly undesirable the perfect anti-virus product would be one which takes no time to run and finds all viruses. 5. Computer viruses in Finland 5. 1 A questionnaire in Finland about viruses Computer viruses are not uncommon in Finland, especially not in schools and universities. Virus prevention was not well organized in some organizations and tended to be better in government organizations than in local government or in firms writes Marko Helenius in his Computer viruses in Finland report. He did a large scale questionnaire survey in Finland in the summer 1993. There were not macro viruses at that time yet, so today the virus situation is a bit different, but some results were pretty interesting. The knowledge of viruses was sort of poor in all sectors government, local authorities and companies. Respondents knowledge of viruses was best in government organizations.How importance is virus prevention? The most positive attitude to virus prevention was in government organizations. 90% of the government organizations used some kind of anti-virus program, the same in local authority organizations was about 55 % and in companies it was over 60 %. 3 5. 2 It is going to be a criminal act to make viruses in Finland There is a new government bill about writing and spreading viruses. If the bill goes through, it is going to be a criminal act to make and spread viruses in Finland and one could get two years in prison or a fine, if one spread or write viruses.If a person make a virus it would be same thing in court than a person were planning to discharge something. It is criminal to make viruses in England, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Russia. It is not punished to make or spread viruses in Finland, according todays penal code. If viruses make harm to somebody that could be punished. Nobody has been punished for that in Finland, even though some Finns has made viruses, for example Finnish Spryer. That virus formatted about 600 hard disks and did lots of damage. They say that it was made in Espoo, but they never got the persons that made that virus.Virus business concern in Finland is pretty big. Businesses that have spec ialized in viruses have about 100 million in sales together. It costs money to stop working and clean up the viruses. Computer viruses put in danger general safety, says Pihlajamaki from Ministry of Justice. It is dangerous if viruses gets to programs that control trains or airplanes. Computer viruses can also be used as a weapon. It is sad that America used computer viruses to slay and to make Iraqs computers non-functional. 4 6. How computer viruses have spread out around the world Computer viruses are a problem all over the world.The following picture tells us how many times people have accessed Data Fellows, a company that makes anti-virus program F-Prot, more than 1,672,846 per month10. It means that people are interesting in virus information. One reason is that people have to deal with viruses. Viruses in not only a problem in Finland and USA, it is a problem around the world. pic Picture 4 Accesses per month Todays most common virus is the macro virus. Cap virus is one of th e macro viruses. Last month there were 3100 Cap macro virus accesses during the last 30 days in Data Fellows.Next common virus was Join the Crew with 1171 accesses and third common was Pen buddy Greetings with 895 accesses. 10 pic Picture 5 Twenty most accessed virus descriptions during the last 30 days 7. Computer viruses and network security Computer viruses are one network security problem. A few people when asked if computer viruses can cause network security problems answered as follows. Dave Kenney answered from National Computer pledge Assoc There is one macro virus for MSWord that is received as an attachment to MS Mail messages. If a user has Word open, and double clicks to see the ontents of the attachment, MS Word and the open document is infected. Then the document is mailed to three other users listed in the original users address book. The only information that is leaked is the thing you should be worried about, your password The trojan sends an E-mail to the hacker s fake name and then he has your account at his hands, wrote CJ from American Online. Rarely, a Word macro virus may accidentally pick up some user information and carry it along we know of one case where a macro virus snatched an innocent user macro that contained a password, and spread it far outside the company where that happened.In the future, however, it is entirely possible that more network-aware viruses will cause significant network security problems, wrote David bearded darnel from IBM. Marko Helenius wrote from Virus Research Unit, that there has been some cases when hackers have used trojan horses to gain information. There is one example in one Finnish corporation where some money were transferred illegally a year ago. There has been a trojan in the University of Tampere too where the trojan pretend to be a host transfer program. The trojan saved users login name and password to hard disk. 8.Conclusions There are lots of viruses in the world and new viruses are coming up every day. There are new anti-virus programs and techniques developed too. It is good to be aware of viruses and other malware and it is cheaper to protect you environment from them rather then being sorry. There might be a virus in your computer if it starts acting differently. There is no reason to panic if the computer virus is found. It is good to be a little suspicious of malware when you surf in the Internet and download files. Some files that look interesting might hide a malware.A computer virus is a program that reproduces itself and its mission is to spread out. Most viruses are harmless and some viruses might cause random damage to data files. A trojan horse is not a virus because it doesnt reproduce. The trojan horses are usually masked so that they look interesting. There are trojan horses that steal passwords and formats hard disks. Marco viruses spread from applications which use macros. Macro viruses spreads fast because people share so much data, email documents and use the Internet to get documents. Macros are also very easy to write.Some people want to experiment how to write viruses and test their programming talent. At the same time they do not understand about the consequences for other people or they simply do not care. Viruses mission is to hop from program to other and this can happen via floppy disks, Internet FTP sites, newsgroups and via email attachments. Viruses are mostly written for PC-computers and DOS environments. Viruses are not any more something that just programmers and computer specialist have to deal with. Today everyday users have to deal with viruses.