Monday, January 28, 2019

Of Mice and Men Character Analysis: Loneliness Essay

In Of Mice and Men more characters argon l bingle(a) or at least act that way. The characters I think are lonely(prenominal) are Lennie, George, Candy, Crooks, and Curleys Wife. The loneliness in the invention is what causes to the highest degree of the conflict in the story. Everyone in this story is lonely or must(prenominal) have been lonely. I think loneliness is one of the most important parts of this story. Lennie is one of the loneliest characters in the book. He makes friends with animals, he likes to pet them and talk to them even off if they are dead. Him cosmos lonely even caused him to get touch in weed. As a bright locating to it, as result he meets his best friend, George, who helps him through the rest of the story. It is very the best relationship throughout the whole book. Lennie however is still lonely with George. When they get to their new job he gets into even more trouble due to his loneliness first killing his pup followed by doing the akin to Curle ys Wife.Crooks is lonely, however I think he probably most times is just overlooked. No one wants to be with him because of his race. This does take business office when there was still segregation. Even his room is set aside from the rest. sequence everyone sleeps in the bunk house he sleeps out in the immutable with the horses. Then one of the only times they spend time with Crooks, in my opinion, was not a pleasurable experience for him.Candy had his dog. Which he must have re eachy liked and he must have had it for a long time because when everyone else was sick of the dog he still kept him around. This is why I think Candy was sad during the duration of the story or before. Eventually he does let go of the dog precisely he cant even kill it.Curleys wife ever acts like she is lonely. I say she is most likely playing because there is a possibility that she is the kind of narcissistic person who always needs more and more attention. She is always looking for Curley and sh e ends up in the master(prenominal) just taking to whoever she finds. She even goes as far as to house Lennie to feel her hair. At one point at her life she even had the chance to become an actress where she would have been able to reach the maximum train for attention. She had this once in a life time opportunity mere(a) from her by her m separate. Thats why I believe she feels she needs all the attention she actively seeks out.George in the story has only one trustworthy friend, Lennie. This friendship is only out of pity, moreover I dont think George would purposefully abandon Lennie. George keeps Lennie in good standing with other people and tries to keep him out of trouble. George does get along with the other characters but I dont think any of them really are a true friendship like what he has with Lennie.The loneliness draw close the story like so. Lennnies solitude and love to feel fruity things causes the stroke in Weed with the girls dress. Georges seclusion, sup ervision, and intimacy with Lennie grounds George to be entangled with him. Lennie again being desolate makes him demand George for one of Slims pups. He kills this pup on accident after it bites him. He is sitting in the barn thinking almost what he had done and even talks to the deceased puppy. Curleys wife finds him in the barn and in a way tries to comfort him. Lennie being the rough person he unfortunately is kills her on accident. wholly of these events were mathematical product of someone feeling alone.As this paper has thoroughly shown most of the characters in Of Mice and Men where lonely and were at one point in their life. All of the conflict originates in someones search for attention, love, or friendship. That the main component at the core of the story is loneliness.

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