Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Comparison between My Life and My Mothers Life Essay examples -- co

My carriage and My M separates Life My life compargond to my mothers life is in umpteen ways very(prenominal) different and in other ways a lot alike. The differences are there mostly because I was born into a different era. In 1928, my mothers life started out during the end of the Roaring 20s. It was a time of alternate in America. People were shocked at the short skirts, the drinking and ingest that the young women were participating in then. As the economy came to a crashing stay with the disastrous collapse of the stock market in October of 1929, so did many of the free and high filutin attitudes of the 20s. With the 1930s came The Great Depression followed soon after with the alternative of Franklin Deleno Roosevelt as U.S. President. His administration was responsible for many reform programs designed to facilitate Americans get back on their feet again. President Roosevelt called it the New Deal. As part of the New Deal, a program called the WPA was created. When I asked my mother what that stood for she replied I cant remember the real name, we called it We Poke Along. In my research, I uncover the real name - Works Progress Administration. It was created in 1935 to combat unemployment at a time when it was at an all time high of 25%. The WPA employed 9 million people in various earth works projects between l935 and 1943 of which my grandfather was one. They built roads, schools, dams, etc., which did a lot to modify their communities in those days in addition, it provided a means to put nutriment back on the table. My mother remembers little from these early days merely that there was not a lot to eat then, potato dope up and beans being the constant staple. She and others who survived The Great Depression wanted t... ...ied 52 long time now which in its self says so much for her commitment and dedication. When I asked her what was the secret for a strong marriage she replied, Never take all(prenominal) other for granted, get fixed up every morning. Try to let the home into a palace, cook good meals, tell each other I love you often and be near him as much as you possibly can be, she said. Then added, children add a lot to a marriage. Through her life alone, she has taught her children moral values that will be passed downcast for generations to come. With the faith and courage she has instilled in me, I was able to pull myself up and out of some bad situations where otherwise I would have been lost. I can truthfully say she is indeed my very best friend. Her might and love for her family have never wavered, and our respect and love for her will incessantly be a testament to her life.

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