Thursday, April 25, 2019

Grades Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Grades - Research Paper ExampleAccording to the authors grading students on a single proportionality does non adequately assess learning. For them, a grading plan should include elements such as partition attendance and effort. When such a grading system is used, it is unfair to the students based on a subject of factors.First, when behavior is used to check off students, it does not connect with students understanding of the course or subject. In any learning institution, there are different approaches used to monitor and punish unwanted behavior (Close, 380). For this reason, hard behavior should be punished by the relevant bodies as opposed to being included as part of the graduation. If behavior is included as part of the grade, it generally becomes difficult to understand and interpret that grade in a meaningful way (Allen, 222). A grade should be a fair condemnation of the students understanding and knowledge about a given subject, and this should not be unite with el ements such as discipline as this will be misleading.Secondly, the use of these additional elements in ascertain a grade is based on the instructors merged judgment of these elements. This means that the teacher evaluates the students performances in these elements behavior, efforts, interest etc- and assigns a collective score. For example, a student may be given grade B in a certain subject as opposed to grade A due to his low gobs in other elements such as behavior and effort. Unfortunately, these factors are based on the merged judgment of the teacher and are not evident or explained in the final grade. A person looking at the students grade will not know which of these factors contributed to the final grade and the method used by the teacher in assigning scores to these elements. This gives a false impression of the students knowledge in that subject.Finally, including these

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