Friday, May 10, 2019

Zip Codes Comparison 10465 to 10019 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Zip Codes Comparison 10465 to 10019 - Essay ExampleThe essay Zip Codes Comparison 10465 to 10019 analyzes the contrariety in cost of alimentation in cutting York (zip 10019) and Bronx (zip 10465).New York has a population of about 40,793 people, which is a 9% population change compared to the last statistics since 2009. The Bronx, a county in New York, Northern New Jersey huge Island Metro Area, with a population of 42,245 people and a 0% population change. NewYorks cost of living is generally higher than the United States fair(a), with the price tag and charge of the source of revenue being at a percent of 150%, compared to Bronx cost of living, which is about 50%.In the Bronx, public schools spend an average of $0 per head or student. In the United States, the average school expenditure is about $5,691. The average number of students per teacher in the Bronx is 11.9. This is still the same case in New York, the only difference being that the average students per teacher here is 14.3. In the New York, the unemployment rate is at a percentage of 8.90%, giving a margin of 0.03% to the U.S since the average is 8.60%. The growth of jobs is significant, having an increase of 0.47%, which here all the statistics also span up with Bronxs.In the Bronx, 69.19% of people are white, 10.77% black, 3.09% Asian, 0.64% native Americans, and 16.31% Other.0.00% of the people in the Bronx are Hispanic. In New York, 69.44% of people are white, 5.57% black, 16.13% Asian, 0.31% native Americans, and 8.55% Other.1.11% of the people in New York are Hispanic.

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