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Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company - show ExampleFor comparison purposes, it will also tackle the merchandising performance of Motel 6.Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is popular ascribable to its upscale, luxury brand of hotels and resorts with locations in major cities in the United States and other internationally famous destinations such as Montego Bay, Jamaica, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bali, Hong Kong and Qatar. The hotel company owns 59 hotels in 20 countries 37 of which atomic number 18 hotels while 22 are resorts. The operation of the hotel company began in 1983 with the purchase of the Ritz-Carlton, Boston by William B. Johnson. However, the legacy of the hotel is attributed to the celebrated king of hotelmans and hotelier to kings, Csar Ritz. The company states that his philosophy of service and innovations redefined the luxury hotel experience in Europe through his management of The Ritz in Paris and The Carlton in London. The companys quest of providing quality accommodation and ser vice named it one of the best hotels in the field as it consistently reaped awards from prestigious organizations like Forbes, Travel Weekly, Luxury Institute, and Consumer Reports. In 2006, it was awarded the Mobil fin-Star Award and AAA Five Diamond Award.On the other hand, Motel 6 is a large budget motel chain the United States and Canada. It was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1962. The company got its name from the original room rate which was $6 a night. The brands shipment of offering value at low prices enabled it to expand rapidly. Currently, the motel chain is in more than 840 locations with approximately 870, 000 entourage in the United States and Canada. The company also boasts of being the largest owned and operated hotel chain in America, thanks to Accor the largest hotel operator. trade SEGMENTATION Market surgical incisionation is defined as the division of market into homogenous group of consumers (Market section 1). Market segmentation is a very essent ial tool in devising an effective marketing strategy for a firm. Market segmentation allows every company to develop marketing strategies for each segment to maximize growth profitability. This tool enables the company to gain competitive market positioning as intumesce as deliver maximum customer value.Ritz-Carltons market segmentation can be seen on its polar product offerings. The company irrefutably utilized geographic, psychographic, as well as behavioral factors in designing their product line. In terms of geographic it can be noticed that Ritz-Carlton offers accommodation in four mainstay strategic locations-tourist spots, business districts, metropolitan, and countryside. The company offers luxurious accommodations in scenic tourists destinations like Bali, Milan, and Barcelona as well as in the business districts of New York, Tokyo, and Dubai International Financial Center. Metropolitan like areas like Seoul and Kula Lumpur as well as the countryside of Florida and Mon tego Bay are conquered by the pleasure offered by Ritz Carlton.In terms of psychographic and behavioral factors, Ritz-Carlton segments its market by looking at the general and specific interests of its customers. The hotel company divides its target company fit to the purpose of their use of facility. Three

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