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Theories of Abnormal Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Theories of Abnormal Behavior - Essay ExampleIn truthful words, atypical air in the one which leads to the inhumane treatment of others. Abnormal psychology uncovers the motions of abnormal behavior as well as provides the treatment options.From the ancient times, people noticed that some individuals act in the way which is different from the common or accepted in their community setting. At the age of beardown(prenominal) spiritual values, the abnormal behavior was considered to be the result of the demonic possession. During the Enlightenment, the shift was made to the scientific batch of abnormal behavior as the mental illness. The asylums and hospitals for mentally ill citizens were built in London and genus Paris (Kring, Davidson, Neale, & Johnson, 2006). However, the mental disorders were not treated and it took many years to develop the assumption that mental illness powerfulness have biological and forcible causes. In 1800s, the famous psychiatrist Richard von Krafft Ebing proposed that there is the link between lues venerea and general paresis (dementia). It was the first significant step towards proving the hypothesis that mental disorders can be the result of physical diseases. ... It was assumed that the mental disorder might also be learnt (maladaptive behavior). Later, the so-called diathesis-stress model was developed with the channelize to analyze abnormal behavior as the result of the biological predisposition to illness and environmental triggers (Kring, Davidson, Neale, & Johnson, 2006). Finally, the human-centred and cultural lieus were taken into consideration. Such factors as homosexuality, teenagers behavior and current philosophies have shaped the new translation of the abnormal behavior. American community values individualism and personality. For this reason, classification of abnormal behavior has become more vague than it was a hundred years ago. Perspectives of Abnormal PsychologyBiological PerspectiveBiological locati ng on abnormal behavior is the medical view. It is based on the assumption that genetics and physical problems cause abnormal behavior and it requires treatment with medication. In particular, antidepressants and even lobotomy are still used to athletic supporter individuals suffering from abnormal behavior (Oltmanns & Emery, 2006). Biological persuasion is based on the writings of Richard von Krafft Ebing.Psychodynamic PerspectivePsychodynamic perspective applies Freuds psychoanalysis to understanding abnormal behavior. It is focused on emotions and thought which lead to the abnormal behavior. The goal of this perspective is to investigate the role of unconscious motivators in development as well as treatment of the abnormal behavior. Behavioral PerspectiveBehavioral Perspective is the traditional theory of abnormal behavior. It was introduced and further studies by Pavlov and mule skinner who assumed that abnormal behavior might be the response to

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