Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Clinical Reflection Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Clinical Reflection journal - Essay Exampleto sleep because of too much paroxysm and an new(prenominal) patient urinated on herself because she was hydrophobic and unaware of how to disconnect or if she should disconnect her IV monitor. Another patient also suffered pain and terminate up urinating on himself despite the fact that he pressed on the call button given up to his bed. He had arthritis and was even given a pencil to press on the call button. However, he was never told that the call button was not working. Another patient ended up slipping on the potty floor because he had to urinate and was not informed that he could use the call button to admit for assistance in getting to and from the bathroom. His urinary urgency was strong and he helped himself to the bathroom and in the process, he ended up injuring himself. One patient ended up screaming himself hoarse because of the intense pain he was suffering. Again, he was not informed about the call button. His blood pres sure and pulse pass judgment increased while he was enduring the pain. He was also agitated and was almost suffering an misgiving attack due to the pain he suffered. He suffered through an hour of extreme pain in front anyone came to his aid. Once again, he was not informed about the call button. In general, no effort was make by the nurses for the Hispanic patients to be informed about the call button. Since the patients did not understand the nurses, no additional effort was made by the nurses to secure translator who could explain to the patients about the call button. In the end, the patients were set(p) in awkward and detrimental situations suffering more pain, urinating on themselves, and not being relieved of their symptoms.The study cause of concern in this situation is when these patients need to communicate life-threatening concerns extreme pain, heart palpitations, angina, and other symptoms which may need immediate attention. If the nurse does not make or find a room to make the patient understand about the call button, these

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