Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Impact of Computers on Education :: Argumentative Persuasive Papers

The Impact of Computers on Education The introduction of computers in education has positively affected the school in terms of student achievement, administrative and teaching methods. Computers have significantly altered student achievement. The computers in schools today are equipped with educational software that greatly aids learning. From the first grade on, computers are a daily activity in students’ life. In the early grades, computer games are used to interest the young student to learn. In my tutoring experience at St. Mary’s Elementary School this year, I watched students play a variety of games. The games cover a wide range of subjects, and the learning is interpreted by the students as fun and is a great way to start off their schooling. A recent article, Using Computers to Create Constructivist Learning Environments: Impact on Pedagogy and Achievement, conducted a study of twenty-three high school physics classes and thirteen teachers. They were examined to determine the extent to which computers can altar pedagogy and student achievement. Results suggest computers can significantly alter both teaching methods and student achieveme nt. â€Å"Overall this study suggests computers can be used to help teachers create a more constructivist learning environment, albeitalthough challenging. Attempting to alter ones’ pedagogy and integrate technology into the classroom at the same time requires quite an effort on the teachers part, both philosophically and technically.† Computers have significantly impacted students’ capabilities for research. Expanding Access to Computers is an article that describes how local companies refurbish computers that are no longer needed for students who previously had no home computer. This took place in Stamford Connecticut and the program is called TechCycle. Computers provide the Internet, which is a key research tool and one of the best sources for any information imaginable. Before computers were introduced in schools, all or most of the research was done in a library, now even the library is run on the computer, which brings me to the administration benefi ts. If one were to look at Lake Superior State University, they can definitely notice how computers have positively impacted the operation of the school. In past years, if one wanted to find a book, they would have to search through the index catalogue manually. This was time consuming and a challenge to maintain by keeping index cards in their appropriate places.

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