Saturday, June 8, 2019

How far did communism manage to proceed along the road to a classless Essay

How far did communism manage to proceed along the road to a classless society - leaven ExampleGradually, the worker became a victim of injustice, harassment and exploitation. Protest movements originated. According to Karl Marx, a great social thinker and reformer, the root cause of exploitation is traced to orphic ownership of the means of production. If this ownership is transferred to State, exploitation go forth ceaseWhen the exploiter class has been finally done with, with no chances of its rising to power again, the State will be replaced by a classless society. Since there is no private property in a communist state, the individual is reduced to a cog in the giant state wheel. The old exploiter has been removed and a new exploiter has taken over. In the name of defeating the counter-revolutionaries, the state apparatus becomes more(prenominal) and more totalitarian. The process of dehumanization of the individual gets accelerated. This has been the post-revolution picture in many communist countries.The so-called great ideals of classless society supposed to be achieved in a perfect state of communism, have proved to be mirage. Those who still swear by the communist ideology, amidst its failures in many countries, do so for their governmental advantage, and not with the passion for the welfare of the workers. They are just beating the dead corpse.The Pope calls Marxist ideology inhumane and essentially impossible, he recalls that history has sustain his position towards Marxism to be correct. The illusion of a classless society, Pope Benedict XVI says, has vanished. Instead of Communist political maximalism the Pope suggests patient charitable and spiritual activity to fight for more justice in the world. (OBrien et. el, 2006)None can deny that Communist rulers are to be blamed for some of the heinous crimes record in the human history. Marxist teachings validate such crimes. The concept of classless society, though it has remained as an unattaina ble dream so far, the positive effects

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