Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Impact Hammurabi’s Code of Laws and Egyptians Be Human Essay

Select a minimum of TWO 2 direct-source documents easier if a note from the list on Blackboard HICC ci course package as a basis to answer the rudimentary questions listed below. In other words, answer the question using evidence from what the authors at the time thought about these issues. Always clearly state your paper first, and consequently quote from the source. REMEMBER the term quote should be circumscribe to a verb form. You are quoting the text, but if you refer to the text, dont set up In this quote refer to the statement or text. All quotations from the primary sources must state the authors last name (or call of book) and page number in parentheses directly following the quote. You go away consider to quote the most significant passages in order to support your claims. light up unnecessary the length of all quotations to a minimum, and make certain that you interpret and set out the meaning of the text texts are never obvious.Quote further what you can exp lain quotations are only evidence for the points you already make In order to glisten on a document you will have to quote it several times. Never quote your professor or class notes they only teach you the material so you can chance on evidence in published texts, like your text book, which you can prefer to quote in a limited way, but is not necessary. This concession is your analysis of the primary sources (thus never begin or end a paragraph with a quotation), and always interpret and explain the quotation in light of the idea that you have made. A good paragraph (in a nut shell) has one central idea, the idea is explained, then evidence is suggested (quote), then interpretation, then conclusion of the idea. Primary Source paper 1 ruminate on either of the material in Units I, II, III. rudimentary Question How did civilizations in the ancient world view humansity?What did it mean to be human? Compare and contrast at least two different civilizations (i.e. Mesopotamian, He brew, Greek, or Roman). Primary Source paper 2 reflect on any of the material in Units IV, V. Central Question How did Christians in the European westmost AD 200-1600 develop the Catholic intellectual tradition? How did they balance the wisdom from Hellenic thought with Christian theology, and what balance was developed between faith and cogitate?Compare and contrast an author from the early medieval period (any Christian thinkers before 1000 AD) with an author from the high Middle Ages or rebirth period (after 1000 AD). Primary Source paper 3 reflect on any of the material in Units VI on China. Central question What did Chinese authors 1500 BC- AD 220 think was necessary to forge a more just society for the common good? Compare and contrast two different authors. You may refer to some of the authors in Units I-V to examine and contrast, but most of the paper should be reflecting on Chinese authors

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