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Famous Thinkers

far-famed Thinkers Roxanne Serna PHL/458 July 30, 2012 Trisha Mc Aloon Famous Thinkers Through push through condemnation, in that respect set disclose been hu art object beingsy successful populate in the mankind. Famous spate with capital psyches to create new things that would diver impersonatey history itself. In to solar days world, the ii famous seeers that nominate been chosen for this paper real created a new nation for us. Through persuasion, germinal thinking, through their assumptions, that would prove after to be the best possible give awaycome. Dr. Martin Luther male monarch jr. , famous for his I had a pipe dream speech, Franklin D.Roosevelt was famous for creating a better nation during the, enceinte Depression. These two populate authentic on the wholey had a gravid and imaginative sagacity to take come up with the ideas that they had. That one day those ideas that they had would win over our great nation. Dr. Martin Luther big businessman junior , was famous for his I had a dream speech, which was given in 1963 during the Freedom Walk in Detroit (Brown, 2012). He was a contributor to pushing the courteous Rights solve, in which, Dr. Martin Luther mightiness touched the sign language ceremony of the bill in 1964 (Burro Jr. , 2002).He was a person who believed in freedom of every(prenominal) pot regardless of race or intensity of their skin. He was passionate around what he believed in and apply perfection as a tool to guide him through the road that he take the aired. Martin Luther big businessman Jr. , non moreover a weird man but to a fault one that would leave a legacy in history. During the clock that Dr. Martin Luther great power Jr. was trying to fight back the great fight of segregation he was also arrested may measure. The arrests were because of not feed a permit to demonstrate. Even with these obstacles he was equal to(p) to continue with his fight for freedom.He overcame these obstacle s by being resourceful and learning what he needed to do in order to continue on with his hard work that he had been put in for the rights and freedom of the people. Dr. Martin Luther pouf Jrs. , goal was for freedom for the people to prepare a right to go where they pleased and so that they did not put out in fear because of the color of their skin. A minister, who did not believe in power and would not associate with any various chemical groups that promoted violence, he chose to oversee with acquire things done in a non-violent manner.There was nonetheless a time when smuggled Muslims in Harlem assaulted Mr. King (Brown, 2012). Dr. Martin Luther King was rase more see by the people because of his slipway of dealing with the issues and handling the issues in a non-violent manner. Through Dr. Martin Luther King efforts he was able to return the Boycott that omnibus segregation is illegal, Bus segregation was ruled illegal on November 13, 1956, polished Rights Act s igned on July 2, 1964, The Famous speech I had a dream, published a book c every last(predicate)ed, Stride Toward Freedom, won the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 1964 (Brown, 2012).He had so legion(predicate) other great accomplishwork forcets throughout his life. He was Man of the Year in propagation magazine, this was because of all the accomplishments he do in a non-violent way. He was a man that was viewed by the public as a man who feces provide the association of how to go about changing segregation. Dr martin Luther King Jr. decided one day that comme il faut was enough and segregation had to be changed. Maybe it was god calling him to try to achieve the unachievable. That is what was though during those times. segregation was such a major issue that was troubling the Afri buns American citizens.I believe Dr. Martin Luther King had to really think and devise a designing that would be error proof. His tactics of non-violence was through he trained mind that he by t he power of god would make such a great change. His thinking process was very vituperative at times, depending on what type of situation he face. He had to think carefully about what he was going to do and how he would go about it. Creating and organizing his confines and speeches, keeping the people on the same page as what he believed in. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a very creative and precise when dealing with the ideas and issues he faced. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born(p) in New York in 1882 (The washrag House, 2012). Franklin D. Roosevelt was also known by FDR. Throughout this paper, we will refer to him as just that FDR. Among many famous judgments FDR was well know for the nose candy eld. FDR became hot seat in 1933, there were many changes FDR planed to do within 100 days (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). During this time was there was lots of turmoil because of what was known as The Great Depression.He was one of the only Presidents to puzzle severed quadrupl et terms in office. During his terms in office, he created programs that would still be apply today. FDR was such a creative and ingenious person. He created the unpolished Adjustment institution and Civilian Conservation Corps, aimed to bring scotch hiatus and reform (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). In 1935 the Social Security, Works Progress Administration and the New Deal legislation passed (The white House, 2012). He had to be unfavourable when it came to the Pearl Harbor Booming in 1941.This was something that was so unexpected that happened. FDR had to do something and react fast so that he did not look similar a week attracter. However, because is his creative and critical thinking process he knew in his mind what would be best for our Nation. In 1942, he goes on to create grand alliance of Allied powers through the Declaration of the join Nations (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). Serving four terms, he made so many great accomplishments. He got our nation out of t he Great Depression and Created the joined Nations.Despite FDRs physical condition he was still able to do the things that were needed to run this country in such a great way that he did not let his disability get in his way. In fact it seemed to choose made him faster. I think he felt to say to the country look at me if I can do it with all that I run through going on thence there is no excuse for anyone to use a disability as an excuse to get things done. FDR was daring and willing to take chances when nobody believed in his ideas. He proved to be resourceful in all his efforts when he was in office and made such a big loss in our country.Each of these famous thinkers employ many different ways of critical thinking and creative thinking. Martin Luther King Jr. seemed to think and analyze what he was doing before he would attempt to go on with an idea he may keep up. twain thinkers had to use the Cause and Effect to find out if the solutions that they proposed would work or not. They also both used the Creative put to work to try their ideas. They searched for that challenge to see if it was achievable and they both found that as they searched they did find what they cute to achieve.They both not only investigated the problem by the also produced ideas that would change history forever. Each of these famous thinkers could not confirm done anything differently. If they would have done anything differently, segregation might still exist. If we did not have a president with enough ideas for the challenges that he would face getting our great nation out of the Great Depression. To change anything about these thinkers would change history as we see it then and now. They were both very creative at what they did and achieved what they et out to achieve. References Brown, M. (2012). Time Line of Events in Martin Luther King Jr. s life. Retrieved from http//www. lib. lsu. edu/jum/mlk/srs216. html Burro Jr. , R. (2002). Martin Luther King Jr. s school of tho ught of Human Dignity. Western Journal of Black Studies, 26(4), 228. FDR Library and Museum. (n. d. ). Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Retrieved from http//www. fdrlibrary. marist. edu/ didactics/resources/bio_fdr. html The White House. (2012). Franklin D. Roosevelt. Retrieved from http//www. cleanhouse. gov/about/president/franklindrooseveltFamous ThinkersSince the beginning of time there have been many famous thinkers and some of the case-by-cases made a difference in auberge. Not only did he or she think all(prenominal) of them where creative in their own way. Martin Luther King jr. made a difference in society he made contribution. onward he led the segregation gloomy people were not allowed to screwing in a bus where white people had a precession to seat and opaque people had to stand up. He was upset when genus Rosa Parks was denied a seat because of the color of her skin.Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand to defend the people rights for there was no equality or legal expert for color people. Both parents of Martin Luther King Jr. parents could not defense him completely from racialism. He saw frequently in the world that was out of harmony with graven image, including segregation in the Southern U. S. (Leonard, 1998). MLK believe if people truly had a deep relationship with god, then the individual could not scorn but instead love. The real problem is that through our scientific reputation weve made of the world a neighborhood, but through our moral and spiritual genius weve failed to make of it a brotherhood (Leonard, 1998). In 1963, during the massive butt on Washington by some 250,000 people in behalf of jobs and freedom, King delivered his best-known speech I have a dream, expressed his desire for a better future. He had faith in his vision for the world (Leonard, 1998). MLK was a creative thinker, he in vision and wanted for his fellowship to have a better life.People of color did not have the same rights as the white individ uals, color people were only associated with the people. chroma did the same job but not paid the same as white were afraid of them and discriminated in every way. Time has changed since MLK was alive because of MLK he saw and felt the need the every person whether your white or color de comes justice and equal rights like our constitution mention all men are created equal. MLK had faced many problems during his time and he knew it need it to be break up.It took a lot of time to be able to think in many ways to be a re work each problem. As he was an activism he faced problem during the Civil Rights transaction. Every time MLK went he was harassed by the government and media. Since he became an activism and had rallys with other individuals who wanted the same thing as MLK, he received hundreds of calls, garners that threatened to kill him and even the people who were a accessionst MLK threw a bomb to his house no one was injured the day it happen.He had so many obstacles but it did not stop him there at all as he kept going even though he got arrested numerous times during the movement. Violence never brings stable peace, it solves no social problems, it merely creates new and more complicated ones. preferably of diminishing evil, it multiplies it (Leonard, 1998). MLK foresaw that our country can do much so much more for color people. During this time he spots that in this country not only did the color were poor but also the white.He also realizes there was class inequalities and racism needing it to be addressed. He knew that for change to be achieved, the privileged had to be forced to share the vast resources which they exploited and hoarded for themselves (Jackson, 2007). MLK wanted to do a mass movement were the community got involve in a widespread nonviolent protest not only did he wanted the black community to get involve but people of color as the people of united states country got into strike and realize they are also important as the white people are.Famous ThinkersThe first critical thinker we will look at is Nelson Mandela, he was born on July 18, 1918 in South Africa. He was the first of his family to attend school and after his father died he was supposed to inherit their common people but decided to go on to school to become a lawyer. This was a major decision in his life and helped shaped him into the leader he would become. In 1944 he joined the African National congress which fought against apartheid, He was arrested in 1956 for treason and was held for five years, but was found not guilty.In 1962 he was arrested again and convicted of conspiracy and sabotage where he would serve eighteen years of a life sentence. Once released from prison house he became president of the African National Congress in 1991 and in 1994 he was elected President of South Africa and was the first black President there. Because of his contributions to apartheid he has won many prizes including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. (Promo te margin, 2013). In 1985 while still in prison the current president offered to release Nelson if he renounced his armed struggle , but Nelson rejected it.This all the way shows how dedicated that he was for the cause he believed in (Biography. com, 2013). Because of Nelsons family flat coat and his father being the leader of a tribe he was unquestionably thinking outside the box and had aspirations of his own. With the social and political environments he was in there in South Africa and the unrest of segregation set the pointedness for his future. The factors involved with such segregation contributed to his creativity in many ways which allowed him to be at the forefront of the movement.The solution was a changing of the admit in South Africa and new leaders working together to have apartheid abolished. The issues he south to solve were first and fore around the apartheid issues of the segregation of white and non-whites, secondly the dream of peace between the same white and non-white finish in South Arica (Promote Tolerance, 2013). The next critical thinker I want to look at is Malcolm olive-sized aka Malcolm X. He was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha Nebraska with a family that consisted of seven brothers and sisters and a father that was an outspoken Baptist minister.His father was a supporter of a Black Nationalist leader and they had to move several(prenominal) times due to wipeout threats from the white supremacist organization. Years later their Michigan home as destroy down and two years after that his father was found fallen on a set a railroad tracks, thought to be done by the white supremacist group. He was later arrested for burglary charges and while in prison continued his education. His brother Reginald visited while in prison and would deal the organized religion of Muslim which Reginald be wideed to the organization the Nation of Islam.When released from prison in 1952 Malcolm was a devout follower and decided to lose the last na me Little as it was a slave name and went with X. Due to some effect issue with one of the leaders Malcolm decided to start his own unearthly organization called Muslim Mosque, Inc. He fought for human rights and equality in as many ways as he could, and was killed in 1965 by trey ex Nation of Islam supporters (Malcolm X, 2013). The most important contribution to society by Malcolm X was the awareness of human and complaisantised rights and equality for blacks.He suggested that everyone has rights and must fight for them and offered an alternative view to the mainstream idea in civil rights movement (Mckinney, 2013). In the time that Malcolm grew up in and was active in his fight was a time of unrest for blacks and whites. The environment was at most times hostile and unfriendly to outspoken blacks. The problems he sought to solve were mostly inequalities and mistreatment to blacks or someone of the Muslim faith.The solutions he provided were a dwarfish extreme in that he said blacks needed to fight for justice and equalities, which in theory is great, but being Malcolm was an extremist more times than not it led to violence. Looking at the creative process and affinity of the two people, both Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X were great thinkers and thought ahead as to what they wanted to accomplish. They both used different form of outlets to get their messages crosswise and worked with leaders to accomplish what they wanted to do.To critique their ideas and look at what they could have done differently is interesting. For Nelson Mandela he was in an area where it was run by whites and it was difficult to get his message across to the people. While in prison he gained extra knowledge by educating himself more and used his knowledge to work with white leaders to further his mission. Nelson did not use violence or anger to further his cause which was a great spot for him to take. For Malcolm X on the other hand there are several things that I feel he could have done in his journey.To each his own on their religious beliefs, but being that his messages came across as angry and in a subliminal way condoned violence to get what you want is not the best way to get your message out there. In the days when Malcolm was active it was still a segregated universe of discourse and the supremacy groups were very much at the forefront in those times. By Malcolm disassociating himself with the Nation of Islam, I feel was a bad move and he should have fought to get the leader out for his discretions to where it would have shown that he truly cared about the group and their message.Bu getting out and starting his own group it made the leader and his followers lash out and kill him. Both Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X were great thinkers and had wonderful ideas for the rights and equalities of their people. They just decided to handle them in different ways, both were right in their thinking, they just handled them in different ways. In the end both ma de a difference to plagiarize the awareness and further the abolishing of apartheid and segregation of blacks in both Africa and the United from http// X.(2013).Retrieved from http// Tolerance.(2013).Retrieved from http//, S. L.(2013) Malcolm X.Retrieved from http// ThinkersWe shall reduce, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday, deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday. These legendary words have been the foundation for people of color since the long nights of enslavement, slavery. Several prominent activistics have made immense strides in devising those words a reality. Such individuals like pack H. bevel and the rarefied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. James H. Cone, an advocate affectionatel y known for black liberation theology, a theology grounded in the experience of African Americans, and cerebrate to other Christian liberation theologies.James H. Cone approach provided a veridical snap shot of a new way to articulate the distinguishing characteristic of theology in the Black Church. Frustrated and outraged at the White Church of playing a significant role in the oppression and racism of black people. Cone believed that the Black Church is a fibrous force in his life and did not do enough in regard to racism among African Americans. Cone exploited scriptures, slave spirituals, blues, and other prominent African American thinkers such as David Walker, Henry McNeal Turner, and W. E. B. DuBois to help shape his theology.Malcolm X and the Black Power Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King also influenced his theology. Cone formulates a theology of liberation from within the context of the Black experience of oppression, translation the central kernel of the Gospels a s Jesus identification with the poor, oppressed, and the resurrection as the final act of liberation. This theology cited as attempts to understand the meaning of faith, the meaning of God, in a world that is broken. Cone devoted his professional life to the discipline of religion from an African perspective.This groundbreaking influential work links the field of battle of Jesus Christ life with the African American experience. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Baptist minister, companion, father, civil rights activist, and mental Dr. King was about passive resistance and equal justice for all. Dr. King was a prophetic and dynamic individual who knew that people of color suffered from discrimination including racial segregation and freedom and became proactive to promote equality throughout the United States. Dr. Kings system was to promote nonviolence in regard to the injustice minorities were undergoing.Dr. King used his proficient writing and speaking abilities to divulg e the hardships people of color faced during these perilous times. Dr. King also spearheaded several protest and movements to address the exorbitant treatment of colored people. Dr. King exploited prominent black activist and minority leaders and supporters to help deliver his message. This approach designed to gain media coverage with the hope that viewers will feel sympathy. Dr. Kings contributions consist of the right to vote, desegregation of public places and schools, labor rights, and other fundamental rights. Through Dr.Kings perseverance The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was established. Conclusion Tis so agreeable to swear in Jesus, and to take him at his word, and just to rest upon his promises, and know, consequently say the lord. Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him, how Ive proved him oer and oer Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus O for grace to trust him more (Louisa M. R. Stead, 1882). These lyrics s peak volume to the daily struggles of these highly influential men whose main objective was to establish peace and goodwill for all mankind.These intellectual individuals reluctantly drafted by a higher power to uncover the secretiveness of racism and oppression among African Americans. During these taxing times certain individuals certainly took refuge in their stereotypes, but unfortunately could not hide their long. racial discrimination asks one thing of those it attacks are they human? We are human and do not deserve cruelty, meanness, or treated as outcasts each is just now what God created a person. A person, not evil deserving to be judged, not victims longing for pity, but people ready for support and creditable of compassion. James H.Cone, a black theologian of liberation who like all other black theologians was seeking freedom and justice. Cone has a strong condemnation toward racism and oppression of black people, especially within the black church. He strongly belie ved that religion is the solution to any problem. Dutifully, Cone turned to scriptures as the sanction for his demands, not allowing anyone or anything to separate him from the love of God. James H. Cone main objective was to resurrect himself and his people from the ashes of racism by using the foundation of the Black Church scriptures and confronting adversity.Dr. King tussled with the cares of life expression for solutions, anxiety for his family, and stood up for righteousness, justice, and truth. Dr. King knew what he was up against was daunting and knew enough to call on the name of Jesus. Dr. King believed in the power of request even through the countless number of threats he received and even arrested he stood unyielding for what is right, justice. Dr. King refused to sink in the quicksands of racism and abhorrence. Dr. King realized that he had to alter the mindset of society if change was to come.These two famous thinkers were mindful of the test and misery they would face. Their work addresses the advancement for minority people with the hope and promise to expunge racism among all people. During these historical moments one could only imagine that the most important audience in their lives was family. One could imagine the mental anguish Dr. King experienced enquire if his children will become orphans will his wife be a widow will his community be without a leader, and a nation in dismay.James Cone challenged the theology in place during his quest by educating himself as it related to change and ownership. His prophetic approach leaves a plethora of accomplishments. Dr. Kings resume of hardships and accomplishments help shape the world today such an eloquent individual who knew how to turn a negative situation into a positive one by not perishing in silence. Dr. King visualised a better tomorrow for little Black boys and girls who one day would hold hands with little White boys and girls in unity and sit at the table of brotherhood.This vi sion ordained by his faith, Dr. King knew he had to police himself to tolerate the burdens of others. Arrested in protest of the Birmingham Bus Boycott he wrote a letter entitled what is a man? This insightful letter revealed the components of a man. A man is a biological man with a physical body who is also a child of God. A man is a spirit with a mind, and can reason and man is Gods marvelous creation made in his image. Finally, man is a sinner and faced with the woes of the world and entitled to forgiveness for his sins upon repentance.This passage of intellectual supported and validated that all men created are equal, therefore should have the same rights and privileges regardless of the color of their skin. Dr. King received a letter from a ninth grade student from White Plans High School. This letter written by a White female who expressed her concern for his misfortune and suffering the letter titled if you had sneezed. Dr. King embraced her words of compassion, support, and empathy and used the title as one of his many legendary speeches.If he had sneezed, remainder would have become him, the animosity and cruelty he faced is unsettling. Dr. King was aware of the position he was in and had to condition himself to arrest his mind and hold his tongue hostage. Dr. Kings legendary I have a dream speech painted the true reality of African Americans during the 1960s. This obnoxious picture was a demonstration of freedom and justice for all removing the chains of discrimination and poverty for black people from the long nights of captivity slavery to the broken promise made through the Declaration of Independence freedom. Dr.King reference these issues to a bad check insufficient funds that the Bank of Justice the vaults of opportunity was erroneous to people of color. The urgency to have sufficient funds justice for all Gods children was critical. This malleable and timeless speech has empowered the parochial of society slavishly to let freedom ring. Criti cally speaking, we cannot walk alone, and as we walk we cannot walk in silence. This journey of devastation and misfortune based upon the racial and economic oppression of people of color and minorities was the foundation for their crusade for justice.These architects of the civil rights movement had to face the cold winds of rejection and the harsh reality of racism. James H. Cone emotionally bruised but not broken, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began with the dream and faced his nightmares. These patriarchs of the civil rights movement had to face their today to embrace their tomorrow, they had to replace judgment with affection, in intricate moments raise their spirits and call upon the lord. James Cone used the cornerstone of people of color during those perilous times, religion to ordain his efforts.Cone should have incorporated two words consideration and understanding. Consideration and understanding of the views of others, religion is such a vital and critical component of the Black culture. Dr. Kings approach leaves little space for improvement, but he could have incorporated the visibility of youth the next generation. This approach would have determined a face to the epidemic that he was fighting to cure. Today as we continue to struggle with acism, hate, crime, disease, discrimination, unplanned pregnancy, stigma, religious antics, mothers against daughters, and fathers against sons we must pledge ourselves to be self evident and remove the veil of our silence. In 2011, one could only image Dr. Kings views of today, specifically people of color as it relates to the adversity he endured for civil rights and justice. Nevertheless, the human race will be forever grateful for two iconic martyrs of all-time James H. Cone and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not victims, but messengers for mankind.

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