Friday, February 15, 2019

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The impact of non- indigenous species and invasive affrights are one of the most serious threats that native amphibians are facing today. Many invasive species are able to admit to their new environments quickly. They can often out-compete natives for food resources or they simply give on the native species.Amphibian declines have be come up an increasing issue. darn amphibian diversity is severely threatened by habitat destruction, the threat from non-native predation and competition is rapidly contributing to amphibian population declines (Ficetola et. al, 2007 fresh et. al, 2001). Amphibians are threatening amphibians, and the threat from invasive species is a global issue. In Mexico and key America this threat is just as real if not more so due to the tropical rich biodiversity. Many of the southerly Central American countries boast some of the richest ecosystems in biodiversity in the earthly concern (Reid, 1993 Young et. al, 2001).American bullfrog (Rana catesbeina na)The American bullfrog (Rana catesbeinana), a extremity of the family Ranidae, or true frogs is threatening several habitats and native species in Central America. Native to North America, the American bullfrogs are found in freshwater habitats from Nova Scotia, Canada, throughout the eastern United States into Northern east Mexico. (see figure 1-1) Among the largest frogs in North America, they are easily distinguishable by their size. The bullfrog is a large amphibian that challenges native amphibians for food and habitat resources, but the bullfrog has a voracious appetite and will consume any run that it fit into their mouths. They can grow to a length of eight inches and cargo up to two pounds in their native habitats. In artificial commercialize nurseries they... attracts a collector. Unfortunately like many exotic pets, the owners soon dawdle interest and instead of doing the responsible things, by finding a fitting owner, they release them thinking tha t its an acceptable practice.Management and inspection of the imbed nurseries and the pet trade is still poorly governed. While some countries are implementing policies and regulations on inspections and trades it is will continue to be a problem. Solutions must come from the international community. It must also include educating traders, collectors, inspectors as well as other stakeholders and the public. The small size of theses frogs coupled with the high procreation rove has made control of established colonies difficult to manage. Several countries that have been infested by this tree frog are doing live captures and then humanely euthanatizing individuals.

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