Friday, February 15, 2019

American Oil Dependence Essay -- Economy Economics Oil Essays

American Oil Dependence Since the fossil inunct embargo of 1977, there has been an increased awareness of our nations heartiness security. As globular population and energy consumption rise, the need for a stable energy supply has become a hot topic and a politically volatile issue. As our negative trade balance grows larger by the day, the United States finds itself in a rather precarious position. We are change state more and more dependent on Middle East crude oil color. Indeed, the U.S. section of Energy (DOE) predicts that domestic petroleum consumption will increase to 60 Btu by the year 2025. This statistic, in and of itself, is a matter of concern with see to the greenhouse gas emissions that result from petroleum combustion. However, perhaps more abash is the fact that U.S. oil production peaked in 1970 and has continued to patch up since then (Campbell et. al., 1998). Therefore, the American public has turned to foreign oil, in special(prenominal) Middle Eastern oil, to supplement its increase in demand. In an grow where terrorism is at the forefront of peoples minds, we still continue to import oil from the same nations that supposedly harbor so-called terrorist groups. The fact is that we are unvoluntary to responsibly face our energy future and instead choose to keep an eye on a policy of increasing oil supply through importation. genius of the main problems with this strategy is that it is a short-term remedy. Studies conducted by M. King Hubbert in 1956 predicted the rise, peak, and subsequent decline of global oil production. He predicted that global oil production would rise until around 2002 and then start declining (Campbell et. al., 1998). If one takes the oil embargo of 1977 into account, effectively decreasing the rate... a fuel that, upon exhaustion, will chink our retreat from the global economic spotlight. Works CitedCampbell, Colin J., Laherrere, Jean H. The End Of affordable Oil. Scientific Ame rican Mar. 1998 78-83.Flo, Gary. Lecture on Fossil Fuel Consumption. 8 Sep. 2003N.A. Environmental Advocates Statistics In Hand. 2003 Press. U.S. Auto Sales take a shit 2003 High In July. USA Today 1 Aug. 2003, Mark. 25 Years After OPECs Embargo. Environmental News Jan. 1999 www.heartland.orgN.A. 2003 Writer. Bureau of let down Management Maximizing Energy Development, Minimizing Environmental Protection. NRDC 7 Aug. 2003

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