Thursday, November 21, 2019

Analyzing Micro Elements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analyzing Micro Elements - Essay Example Both the golem and men in black are horror films with a portrayal of superficial creatures. They have a dark setting in some parts of the film and involve the destruction of a specific group. In the film the golem, there is the use of the creature golem, created to protect the Jewish people against persecution. A golem is a creature made from inanimate matter, an anthropomorphic being that is animated. The film is about a rabbi who creates the golem from clay and brings it to life using magic. In the end, the creature turns against them and sets fire to the ghetto. A little girl stops the creature by taking away an amulet from its chest in the shape of a pentagram. Men in black, involves two men wearing black suits in the pursuit of any alien related activities around. They are in pursuit of a bug leader in search of a device called the galaxy that will make tides in favor of their existence. Their job is to eliminate any alien forms and to ensure that no one remembers what they see if they come into contact with these creatures. They use a nueralyzer to wipe out people’s memories. In the end of the film shows a big fight between the alien form and the humans. The golem uses more sound effect and expressions while the men in black uses a lot of prop and camera angles. The use of micro elements is visible in each of these films. The use of mise-en-scene through costume and make-up, staging, setting, figure expressions and props is available in both films. Cinematography shows us how lighting has been implemented to produce a certain effect, the use of photographic elements such as the position of the lens and the camera angle. There is also the framing in a scene, special effects and composition. We have performance, which is the use of vocal delivery, physical expression, and an interaction between the performers. For a film to have proper organization of time there needs to be a little editing. Organization of time is both in a sequence and across segme nts of the story and the space organization. It helps in creating consistency for the viewer. The use of sound includes diegetic and non-diegetic sound and the use of different aural elements to create visuals (Appleman 12). All these elements display in the films the golem and men in black. â€Å"Men in black† uses different props and costumes to represent the alien forms. The golem on the other hand shows us a giant creature made out of clay that comes to life through sorcery. In the golem, we see the creation of the creature by a rabbi to protect the Jewish from persecution. He creates it from clay and uses sorcery to bring the creature to life. With time however, the creature turns against his creator and his people and sets fire to the village and kidnapping the rabbi’s daughter. The people scream for help and get the rabbi to cast a spell and stop the fire. The script reads, â€Å"Save us rabbi, recite the fire spell or we shall all perish†. They watch as the rabbi gets inside the ghetto and stand on top of a hill to reciting the spell. The people bow down in prayer with the rabbi. We see the golem dragging the rabbi’s daughter towards the staircase and set her below them. He then leaves her and heads towards the door. During this whole scene, we hear some soothing and sad music. After a few moments of prayer, the fire finally stops and we get louder and livelier music.

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