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Sweden’s Position on Personal Privacy in Cyberspace Essay -- Swedish S

Sweden’s Position on Personal Privacy in Cyberspace The Internet and computer age has enabled people to work faster and more efficiently, with practically unlimited access to information. As much as the technology boom has made our lives easier, as with most good inventions, there is some negativity that must be dealt with. The dissemination of information on the global network has put personal privacy at risk. Obviously, we are not going to give up new technologies that enrich human life for the sake of maintaining our privacy; however, measures must be taken to keep the public, or government, from abusing the Internet and computer databases for malevolent reasons. Every country in the world has its own policies on human rights to personal privacy and will deal with the threat the Internet has presented. In this paper, we will explore Swedish laws and regulations and its viewpoint on safekeeping privacy in this Internet age. A recent survey called â€Å"Digital Life Index†, which is conducted year by the Jupiter Research group, concluded that Swedes were the most digital-savvy people amongst 17 Western European countries. This title essentially means that Swedes are more prone to trying out new technologies when they first come out on the market. Swedish households are more likely than their Western European counterparts to own digital handheld gadgets, satellite dishes, mobile phones, and high-speed Internet connections.[1] We can assume that this translates into more time spent using the Internet and transferring information across databases, which requires Sweden to be considerably more conscious of preserving its people privacy. Sweden, historically, has held personal privacy in very high regard compared to other cou... ...Data Directive", <> [15] Palme, J.; â€Å"Swedish Attempts to Regulate the Internet†, <http:/> [16] Privacy Exchange, â€Å"Summary of the New Personal Data Protection Act for Sweden†, <http:/> [17] Palme, J.; â€Å"Critical Review of the Swedish Data Act†, <http:/> [18] Palme, J.;â€Å"Swedish Law on Responsibilities for Internet Information Providers†, <http:/> [19] Swedish Data Inspection Board, <http:/> [20] Arrision, S., 23 Oct 2003,"Perspective: Privacy Lessons from Europe", CNet News, <>

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