Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Strategic retail plan for Spinneys Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic retail plan for Spinneys - Essay Example This paper will conduct a situation audit for Spinneys. The plan will involve doing an analysis of the company internal and external activities. This will mean doing a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threats) analysis. The plan will assist in developing the mission statement and assist in developing the core values of the business. The plan will help in developing goals and suggest ways of accomplishing those goals. Spinneys require an effective, strategic plan to continue growing and improving. The plan assists in monitoring and evaluating the company capabilities. The plan will provide crucial information required to update and improve the company in general. A situation audit for Spinneys will commence with a frame work evaluating the objectives, strategy and capabilities of the company (George, 1987). The frame work will assist the company gauge its’ strength, know its areas of improvement and how to relate with the external environment. Spinneys mission statement is to create value to customers, employees, share hol ders and all partners. This mission statement is not effective as it does not give a continued direction and focus of the supermarket chain stores (Steen & Avery, 2010). A vision statement should show hope for the company and customers. Spinneys vision statement states the desire of the company to grow in Lebanon. The statement has failed in that it does not show any hope for the customer. The value statement is equally valuable in a situation audit. It depicts the fundamental values of a company. Spinneys’ value statement which include - Respect, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Team Spirit, Performance and Corporate Citizenship combines the interest of all stakeholders. The external analysis of Spinneys Company is favourable. The company stake holders have a positive impression. Spinneys Company enjoys volume sales. This has

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