Friday, August 23, 2019

Professional Analysis of Job Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Professional Analysis of Job Description - Essay Example A HR manager should have excellent control over communication skills. This not only involves speaking and listening, but also not verbal communication such as written and control over facial expressions. For a company that requires only the best, prior experience in this field is an absolute necessity. Until and unless the HR manager has seen and lived through enough years of handling different employees, a manager is not be ready to face challenges that a big company creates. The HR manager position at the manufacturing organization is very demanding even for an experienced manager. Apart from the skills required as mentioned in the above section, the HR manager would be required to develop the organization and management culture. Complete business units/teams will have to be created, coordinated and evaluated so that managers could meet their business objectives. The HR manager would also be required to improve the individual skills of the employees so that the organization as a whole can benefit from it. Another differentiating requirement for this HR manager position is the need to be involved in the commercial decisions taken by the organization. Not only would the manager need to understand business decisions, the manager would also need to facilitate the business and solve any business issues within the organizational teams. Truly such responsibilities cannot be undertaken by an inexperienced manager, in-fact an experienced manager would find under taking such duties, roles and responsibilities enormously challenging. (McNamara,

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