Monday, July 29, 2019

Implementation and Control for Marketing Plan Assignment

Implementation and Control for Marketing Plan - Assignment Example For monitoring the task, it is proposed to have a cross-functional departmental team assigned to the project which will not just be responsible for having a check at the progress and comparing it against the proposed timeline for ensure timeliness but would also be responsible for regular feedbacks, which may lead to amendments in the marketing plan at any level, even if it is at the fundamental because the organization does not want itself launching a product that backfires and takes down the existing repute of the business as well. Miller (2002) states that 70% of the strategic plans containing various initiatives primarily fail due to factors contributing from the organization itself, the people (the employees) or the partners (share and stakeholders). In this scenario i.e. of SBA, the major participants are the marketing department personnel along with the organizations that are currently involved in the development of these games. Despite the great number of internal forces addition to the external factors, Hrebioniak (2006) conducted researchers to conclude some potential obstacles that hurdle the implementation of an effective strategy. Some of these that are associated with this case are: For overcoming these and several other forms of issues, it is recommended to serve the internal customers on top priority, making people realize that this is a business opportunity that would be beneficial for their organization in the long run and it is a window of opportunity that needs to be  exploited. The concept is similar to that of customer care, i.e. just as the external customers, the strategy to be implemented needs to be ‘sell’ to the internal customers to have a major impact towards its ease of application.  

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