Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dell Computers & Organizational Networking Essay

Dell Computers & Organizational Networking - Essay ExampleIt suggests the inequality of influence amongst the two groups of internal stakeholders.External Stakeholders are a great deal considered as the lower-ranking and passive stakeholders with little or no direct influence over the affairs of the company. Dell has many strategic relationships with different organizations such as Sony, Microsoft, Citrix System, and Autodesk and so on such external stakeholders are networked through the strategic alliances in which organizations such as Microsoft providing its operating system with every Dell Computer.In a networked organization, employees oftentimes develop the part of at least two teams and need to have definite connections with each other. However, the time constraints arising due to multiplicity of processes is not often explicit therefore for Dell, it becomes sometimes difficult to arrange teams in their more efficient way resulting into productivity losses. Further, the time constraints shall also be viewed in terms of the reachability- a measure in which different nodes of the network interact each other.For a networked organization, density defines the interconnectedness of the group of the organizations however, density or the degree of interconnectedness between the members of the team dilutes, and the networked organizations often show vulnerability of loosing the efficiency. This often is the result of poor training in team dynamics which results into ineffective team functioning seminal tension vs. groupthink and group shift needs to be fostered.Team dynamics are such that individual thinking often takes precedence therefore networked organizations often guide to ineffective and conflicting team dynamics. Dells strategy have been to rely on teams i.e. integrating different teams to achieve different objectives therefore can lead to inefficiencies and culmination of bureaucracies as discussed above.External customers are part of the continu ing interdependency.Characteristics of the virtual company relate to the concept of interdependencyNetworked organizations are often dependent on different variables or nodes of the network and customers are often referred as the essential nodes of that interdependency. Networked organizations often lead to extended and better customer services because of their approach of considering organizations as a group of interconnected entities. Dells business model is probably the best model in terms of customer service. This has become possible because of following reasons fluid boundariesThe radical view of the modern organization suggests that the firms have very flexible and fluid boundaries within which they tend to operate. It is also critical that the fluid boundaries allow organizations to become more responsive to their external customers.compromising schedulesFlexible Schedules allow organizations to manage the stability within the organizations by allowing organizations to develo p competencies to manage in volatile environment. Flexible schedules are part of such flexibility drive of the organizations which allow them to view external customers i.e. customers, shareholders etc within a broader perspective and allow organizatio

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