Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What's Your Dangerous Idea Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Whats Your Dangerous Idea - Essay exerciseMost of the thoughts that echo in the modern world ar dangerous not only beca do they ar believed to be false, but because they whitethorn become true. It is a provocative question to ask what is your dangerous fancy? John Brockman edited this anthology of essays from a number of the best thinkers. The edge foundation inspired this effort and it had the respond to endorse inquiry and discussion of literary, artistic, philosophical and intellectual issues and also work with the social and intellectual execution of society. I willing mention several ideas that may evoke dangers in the society, but I will dwell mostly on the issue of religion and science. There are most dangerous ideas that constitute in the society. For theoretical account reducing the population of the charitable race globally to approximately ane jillion and maintaining it at that number. Another dangerous idea is taking the biological yearning of people to play fathers and mothers and redirecting it to trusty stewardship of the world. These ideas sound quite draconian. Another dangerous idea is imposing taxes on mosques and churches. Another is idea is decriminalizing the use of street drug. None of the esteemed contributors of John Brockman raised anything that seemed risky, perhaps because the risk of such ideas occurs instantly to the someone who applies the ideas. Psychiatrist Randolph offers some direction on why those ideas are not beingness tackled in the book. For example when an individuals business is attempting to handle a savvy competitor, it may mean that they may build a superior product because they are smarter. David Lykken believes that parents ought to acquire licenses for parenting their children and also act as proof that they are over twenty one years old and married. Jordan Pollack encourages people to embrace that are ground on faith. He argues that physics may sing the songs that continuous motion may solve the energy calamity. He also adds that scientists ought to put God on their side to revoke the second thermodynamics law. One of the ideas that may turn out to be extremely dangerous is the idea of religion versus science. Religion believes that science tries to repose it or to eliminate it. Science is also against religion because in science there is nothing the like belief in a spirit. Science only gets answers through experiments that produce real results and not things that petition belief in something (Coon and John 23). For example scientists have theories that attempt to explain the ascendent of the world. Theories like walloping bang argue that the beginning of the universe came up after the big bang. However, this theory does not watch sense at some point in explaining how living things came to exist within the universe. It fails to explain how animals, plants, human race, the skies and other natural occurrences came to existence. Charles Darwin also gives the theory o f evolution that attempts to explain how human beings evolved from being primitive to being the intelligent modern man. All these science theories have their weaknesses because they fail to convince people at some point. Religion also has its theories of the origin of the universe and the human race. The popular religious explanation of the origin of the universe comes from the Christian Bible. The Bible states that God created everything in the universe with his own hands within seven days. after creating everything in the universe, he made man in his own image and the first man that he made was Adam whom he later created his partner, Eve. This theory also has its weakness because it fails to convince people the origin of God (Coon and John 31). It plainly states that God (whose origin is withheld) came from nowhere and designed the universe. Christians insist that no one

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