Thursday, March 7, 2019

Life Shaping Experience Essay

More often than non ride recourse should be a major concern for riders and should be intentional and practiced prior to the operation of any motorbike. Motorcycle galosh is a in truth important consideration not only if to the streetwalker but alike for different individuals when sharing the road and should not be learned through adverse experiences. The Proper use of a D. O. T. , section of Transportation, approved helmet insures that the possibility of serious notch injuries or death female genital organ be greatly reduced. Current statistics, from 2008, from The Center For Disease Control www. cdc. gov. rg reconcile that A Proven Safety Measure.Helmets save motorcycle riders lives. Helmets reduce the riskiness of head injury by 69%. In a motorcycle crash, an unhelmeted rider is 40% more likely to die from a head injury than some cardinal eroding a helmet. In 2008, helmets saved oer 1,800 riders lives, but about 800 more lives could have been saved if all riders h ad worn down helmets. While operating a motorcycle one warm other(a) summer evening I was involved in a vocation collision with a local elderly couple driving an primarily model 1970s Cadillac. Not only was this Cadillac very large it was also very heavy.The gentleman that was driving was not paying very culmination attention as he come tod unbowed through the very busy intersection from a left only dig lane. As I approached the intersection from the opposite direction I became aw atomic number 18 that this heavy chuck, of fast moving steel, was not turning nor was it slowing down. I resolute it was best to smash on my breaks and discontinue my left hand turn attempt. This I believe is what saved my animation that night. My bike straightened out and slowed right enough to prevent us both from winding up straight in front of our doom. The caddy and I grazed side by side.My left hand and handlebar smashing the caddys front windshield, behind window and all other window s on the drivers side. At that point in time alwaysy intimacy that was anything turned into nothing but one big crash. The bike went its way and I went for a flight straight up into the air. Landing plump for to earth, after what representmed to be forever, on my hands and knees the only thing that came to mind was to find safety. Safety from all of the other traffic that needed to use that very same busy intersection that I was nowadays no longer in need of. The only safety that I could think of was the comfort of getting succeeding(a) to that now dilapidated bike of mine.Why? I have no opinion but it seemed like the right thing to do at that whirl point in time. So I crawled and I crawled until, finally, I was next to that that was going to protect me from getting run over. Three, kind, employees that worked at the filling home across the street came over and helped me to the side walk and began to take stairs to see if I was physically alright. Beside from a few rocks bei ng stuck in my aching knees and bleeding hands and apart from being really shake up these two, more than kind, individuals determined that I was going to live.This, needless to say, was solace even coming from medically uncertified sources. It was then that motorcycle safety consideration came into being for me. I asked one of these gentlemen, Could you please go back out into the intersection and get my eyeglasses and helmet for me? The gentleman replied Yes I would be more than happy to get your glasses however you were not wearing a helmet. As far as the condition of the elderly occupants of the Cadillac and their wellbeing, they were inviolate and doing fine all except for being really shook up and not wanting to speak to me at all.They had just almost killed me and did not want to take the effort ,that any caring citizen would take , to see if I was ok. Thats the last that I heard from them. It was now up to their insurance company to take care of business and wow did they ever have to. I made a couple of dollars on that life changing experience. Later that evening after recouping for an hour or so at home and a little self-medicating Lewis, a very make full friend of mine at the time, came to my door and asked, Is there anything that I foundation do to help? Lewis had gotten word through the proverbial circle of friends that we are all familiar with in the high school years of our lives, and locomote right over.We went cruising around the stomping grounds of El Toro California because it seemed like the thing to do after one of us had cheated death and could still remonstrate to the other. As we cruised we meditated on and came to the conclusion of motorcycle helmets and how they will be a part of both of our lives from now on. We talked about how it was not luck having take flight serious injury or perhaps even death ascribable to this accident. We both agreed that it was simple hysics that attributed to not having collided with any other obje cts during the true event.Having agreed, that remaining friends was something that we both wanted and that horseback riding bikes with our girlfriends was also something that we wanted to continue doing, we bought helmets for ourselves and our girlfriends. Once again I cannot stress enough the importance of motorcycle safety. How wearing a helmet at all times while riding is so important for operators protection. Again more often than not motorcycle safety should be a major concern for riders and should be learned and utilized by riders prior to operating a motorcycle.

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