Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Essay --

Out of the galore(postnominal) experiments being conducted, I take on the pleasure of introducing a layered density column to the class. Density is be as mass divided by volume or the total of stuff in a certain total of space. Composed of many an(prenominal) diverse household products (vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, and even water), density columns present different layers through the masses of each liquid. These columns can contain as many products the experimenter desires. The liquids chosen that have a higher density tend to press out more, unlike those that weigh less and float to the top if poured into the column. Along with the liquids chosen objects can be placed into the column, and then we would be able to befool how each layer has an effect on the objects. For my lab experiment, I leave alone be using 7 products throughout my demonstration. I could use as many products that I want, however 7 is a common amount to start with. Every product will be measured chec k to the amount that the cup can hold. To conduct my experiment, I will be pouring the products into 2 ounce cups and will construct the column th...

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