Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sir John A. Macdonald Essay -- Canadian History

Sir throne A. Macdonald Sir John A. Macdonald was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on January 10, 1815. His fathers call down was Hugh Macdonald and his gives name was Helen Shaw. His father had migrated to Glasgow from the town of Dornach. His father was a very gentle and easy going guy and he alwasys wanted to make everyhting cleanse but he usually made things worst. He was a world that had lots of friends, he would talk a lot and drink too. His stick came from Spey Vally. His mother was a very smart girl, she was like the opposite of his father. His mother and father got married on 1811, and after 8 years they had 5 children, the eldest child died and after John was the eldest. In Glasgow his fathers business wansnt doing that intelligent and he thought that if they would move to upper Canada they would have a fail life there. So finally in 1820 they sailed to upper Canada. They arrived at capital of Jamaica in mid July, and John was only five years old. When he arrived his thought about Scotland just disapeard. The Macdonald family decided to stay in Kingston. Sir John A. only went to school untill 1829, when he was only 15. His parents couldnt afford to send him to University. He says that if had went to University he wouldnt have went into politics. When he turned 15 Sir John A. hold to a Kingston lawyer, George Mackenzie, so he was learining Law. In 1832 Mackenzie opened a branch office where he put Macdonald in charge of it. later on he had taken over another law employ i...

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