Friday, February 8, 2019

I Learned it From the Movies :: essays papers

I Learned it From the Movies When the majority of people atomic number 18 asked who or what influenced them most people would likely name oneness soul or one event. Not me. I say the movies. Ever since I was old enough to watch them I have been absorbing the culture the movies provided. I was enthralled with the way Clark Gable didnt give a damn or how Audrey Hepburn knew about the rain on the plains of Spain. The lessons the movies taught me are persistent and can be used forever. A big part of the movies were the actors themselves. They distributively had a certain charisma, a certain flare that made them to each one special. They all had there own personalities and I knowing something from each of them. From Marilyn Monroe, I inherited her glamour, from James Dean, I adopted his poise and his confidence, and from Katherine Hepburn displayed dignity. Those are clean a few of the examples, but my point is that I took things I learned from all of my favorite actor s and threw them into a blender and swallowed the product. All of these actors were unique by themselves, but they were even better in the movies. The movies had messages and lessons in them that buried themselves in my mind and will stay there for a lifetime. The movies taught me things that no one else ever could. They prepared me for the future. They equipped me with the skills of honesty and perseverance. For example in the claim Gone With the Wind Scarlet never gave up. Even when she had nothing she kept going. Lalu displayed great courage in the movie 1,000 Pieces of Gold. From watching those films and others I get the hang the skill of facing my fears and the joy of helping others, like in To eat up a Mockingbird Atticus stood up for an innocent man when no one else would. The movies also provided me with a window to the outside world. Traveling rough the world is what the movies did best. They were filmed in everyplace possible. They journeyed from the wilds of Africa to the tame streets of Oklahoma. Not sole(prenominal) did I get to hear about the places I wanted to go visit, but now I

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