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'Fixers argon make up e realwhither wherever rules and regulations governing business or domain orbit appear overly bureaucratic and complex while proper oversight and falsify is poor. And wherever Fixers ar found, corruption is seldom very far behind. A report from news interviewing a man from Cavity saying that: â€Å"Mamba young pill. verbal expression Lang young roars OK kayak nag algal an Lang oak” ( it give be a barbarian of time thats why I was compelled to just buy the farm money) Our presidency make a law entitle â€Å"the anti Red tape Act of 2007” R.A 9485 to counter Fixers system but even though we eave a law against in the system of influence peddlers, at that place are so many hoi polloi who utilise fixers for their trans take onion. Further much, maybe its a Job considered for a person having a financial needs but did they ever deliberate the consequences of being a fixers. Being fixers is a impact against the law. Besides we evictno t criticize those fixers because that is their means of living. So here we can deduce that Filipinos reall(a)(a)y have a shortfall in toll meeting the desired income in recite to live in a descent life. Thats why some Filipinos considerd on that kind of Job.The question is how we interdict that mind of job, how we can restrain those throng who depend on the fixer scheme. Because I believe that if there is no people who depend on the fixers system, there is no fixers. 1. 1 state manpowert of the business This ask Conducted to investigate the causes, effectuate and dissolver of the fixers system In the Philippines. Specifically the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1 . How do respondents pro file be describe In terms of : 1. 2 Education and position In the office 1. 3 Nature of occupation 1. 4 Family economical status 2. 1 lifestyle 2. Security of family . How utile is the law that create to prevent the fixers system 4. What are the reasons why those peop le utilise fixers 5. What are the resultant roles to prevent fixers 6. What are the ways to prevent those people who used fixers scheme Chapter 2 Review and Related literary works The review of the literature for this study focuses on what are the fixers scheme, and other consequences of being fixers. The look is all close to of the causes and effects as well as the solution to prevent fixers scheme and also the relation amid the fixers and the bureaucratic system.The infraground occupation of corruption is finished â€Å"fixing” and discover The motivations, attitudes, worldview, techniques and even Jargon of â€Å"fixers. ” The deeper we riddle through the topsoil of corruption, the better we can go in at remedies that not only suit our nut and legal structures but also take Into notice our culture and social condition, remedies that not only to mollify The symptoms but uproot the malady of corruption. It is a problem from top to bottom of the society is it in the snobby sector but is most noticeable in the politics being the regulatory body of all transactions.Manila ululate post about The Ombudsman (Toadying) of the Philippines, which independently monitors the bureaucracy and three branches of government †decision maker, Legislative, and Judiciary †marks its twenty-sixth Anniversary on whitethorn 12, 2014, with renewed â€Å" choler” in enforcing accountability in public sector; â€Å"inspiration” in instilling integrity in public service; and â€Å"commitment” in promoting transparence in officials and employees accused of crimes, especially graft and corruption.In discharging its functions, the Ombudsman has a three-pronged approach. Its punitive approach covers its investigative and prosecutorial powerfulnesss. Its promotional initiatives amaze the message of good governance to the public. And its preventive measures engage multicultural coordination in efforts to prevent corruption. The P hilippine shaping provides for the Ombudsman. chairpersonial Decree 1487 on June 1 1, 1978, created the Toadying and vested it with power to investigate complaints relative to public office and file cases before the courts.The Philippine Constitution ratified in 1987 created a new Ombudsman, whose composition, powers, and functions were defined in Executive Order 243 on July 24, 1987. The Ombudsman became operational on May 12, 1988, the date for its anniversary celebration. The Ombudsmans five major functions to a bring down place Republic Act 6770, the Ombudsman Act of 1989, are public assistance, graft prevention, investigation, prosecution and administrative adjudication.Ombudsman Contain Carpi team spirit has adopted eight priorities for her term (2011-2018) †dispose of high-profile cases, ready zero backlog, cleanse fact-finding â€Å"survival” rate, utilise monitoring of referred cases, improve responsiveness of public assistance, improve anti-corruption p olicy and program ordination among sectors, rationalize the structural structure of the office, and enhance transparency and credibility. There was an Ombudsman infra the Permanent Commission during the Philippine Revolutionary disposal in 1898.Ombudsman-like agencies were set up by last(prenominal) Philippine Presidents to serve as venue for people to air grievances and seek redress against abuses in government: Integrity Board beneath President spheroidal R. Squiring in 1950, Presidential Complaints and Action Commission under President Ramona R. Massages in 1957, Presidential citizens committee on Administration Performance Efficiency under President Carols P. Garcia in 1958, Presidential Anti-Graft Committee of President Doodads P. MacDougal in 1962, and Presidential Agency on Reforms and Government Operations in 1966 and Complaints and Investigation Office in 1970 under President Ferdinand E.Marcos. In that article states that all of the three branches of the government shall follow the transparency act of the Philippines. Research Methodology This study was conducted in vagabond to know the causes and effects as well as the solution of the fixers system. To be able to gather the undeniable selective information, the inquiryer utilized the descriptive method, using twain qualitative and quantitative approaches. Herein, the chosen responded were ergodicly selected from confused people who knows about the system. The survey methods were the research instruments used for the data-gathering.The person who has been chosen in this study everlasting(a) a survey questionnaire to evaluate the causes, effects and the solution facing the fixers system in the Philippine bureaucracy. The credibility of findings and conclusions extensively depend on the quality of the research concept, data collection, data management, and data analysis. This chapter willing be dedicated to the description of the methods and procedures done in order to obtain the data, how they will be analyses, interpreted, and how the conclusion will be met.This section is to Justify the means in which the study was obtained and will answer in grownup it purpose and strength as it will so be truthful and analytical. All these will help in the processing of the data and the formulation of conclusions. Specifically, this research will cover the following: the research design and method, the respondents or subjects to be studied (which will complicate the try out method), he data collection instrument, and the data analysis. These will be presented below. Stratified sampling hold procedure it when there are smaller sub- themes that are to be investigated.Use it when you want to achieve greater statistical significance in a smaller take in. Use it to reduce standard error. Method Divide the commonwealth up into a set of smaller non-overlapping sub-groups (strata), past do a simple random sample in separately sub-group. Strata can be inbred groupings, su ch as age ranges or ethnic origins. Example A high school assimilator who is studying year-ten attitudes in the school uses estimation t individuallying classes as strata and studies a random selection of students from each of these classes.In a company there are more men than women, but it is required to have each group equally represented. Two strata are and then created, of Stratification aims to reduce standard error by providing some control over variance. If you know that there are groups that must be included, for example men and women, then you can deliberately sample these in a due proportion. Proportionate secern sampling takes the same proportion (sample fraction) from each stratum. Disproportionate stratified sampling takes a diametric proportion from different strata.This may be done to ensure minorities are adequately covered. If you do this, and want to make an compute about the population, you will have to weight within- group estimates using the sampling frac tion. If the groups are homogeneous (e. possess the same proportions of each attribute), and hence within-group variation is lower than the population, then stratified random sampling will give a statistically more dead-on(prenominal) result than simple random sampling. Stratified sampling is sometimes called quota sampling or stratified random sampling.\r\n'

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