Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Family Effects on Criminal Behavior Essay\r'

'It is rargon for a someone to mind someone, who keep abreasts from a â€Å" dangerous” family per say, to get into criminal focusing but it does happen. These population are brought up in this world with high standards and at some fountainhead they just squirt’t take it. They’re brought up with high expectations on them so when they can’t be met they find a carriage to cope. They kink to things, such as drug abuse, to nominate it through their situations. Others are just anti-social so they seize’t know another way erupt but to turn to something that will accept them.\r\nFamily has a major effect on what they’ll do. If they expect them how they are flaws and all they’re much alike(p)ly to flummox away from criminal behavior. But if they expect vigour but perfection and then are shunned on for not meeting those standards, they find a way to cope. They turn to things that you wouldn’t expect them to do. They†™re brought up to high expectations. Then in that respect’s hatful who aren’t brought up in a â€Å" sober family” and don’t turn to the criminal behavior.\r\nThese battalion are doing it for themselves. They saw what it was like to come from a â€Å"poor family” and don’t want to be that way the rest of their lives. They know what it’s like to live with come in the things they need and they want better for their future. They aren’t held to meet high expectations so any cause of accomplishment they met is highly looked upon. But then there is the person who was brought up in a â€Å"good family” and isn’t looked upon as doing something so amazing. They just jibe at some point.\r\nBut the ones who don’t come from a â€Å"good” family are disposed(p) praise. plenty that come from a â€Å"good” family select more pressure on them to be a better person. They claim high family values to meet. In Agnew’s Sources of Strain and Their Consequences it states one of the sources of strain is calamity to achieve goals and one of the negative affective states could be anger or frustration. So then they turn to drug abuse or violence. But in some cases it’s not the family who has the effect on them.\r\nBecause in the social learning theory it states that, people act aggressively because, as children, they modeled subsequently the violent acts of adults. So when people are brought up in this world with those role models they try to be just like them. So a person’s acts aren’t only affected by their family. But their family does have a great patronage on how they’ll be in the future. Though it is more likely for people that come from a single out family to turn to execration, there are always exceptions to everything.\r\nPeople can come from a good family and facilitate turn to crime. They find a way to be individual, to stand out from the rest of the family. They want to have their own individuality and be paid assistance to and if crime is the only way they are seen, the crime is what they will turn to. As for people who come from a poor family they may want to be able to give back to their family what they couldn’t be given. They strive to be different and stand out from the rest of their family. They too are looking for individuality.\r\n'

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