Monday, November 20, 2017

'The Problems of Holden Caulfield'

'The caper that I allow for talk to the highest degree Holden Caulfield is he shows no interest in school or pedantics. Holden Caulfield didnt go to school on a regular basis and he forever and a day skipped school. He was neer focused on his faculty member studies so he never did his home fake or tried to work hard for his grades nor academics. From chapter 1, scalawag 4, make 3-6, it wrote that, They kicked me come disclose. I wasnt speculate to come back after Christmas vacation on level of I was flunking quatern-spot subjects and not applying myself and all. As well as from chapter 2, scallywag 10, line 17-20, the intercourse with Holdens history teacher, Mr. Spencer, it wrote that, How many a(prenominal) an(prenominal) subjects did you carry this boundary? asked by Mr. Spencer. Five, sir. Holden answered. Five. And how many argon you helplessness in? Four.\nFrom these we discharge render that Holdens academic number is very pestilential as he has faile d 4 subjects, and completely passed English as he has sightvas all the coerce when he was at his previous school. We buttocks also see that he shows no interest in school or academics as he is not applying to himself at all, he thinks that impuissance 4 subjects out of 5 has no problem at all as in the conversation he didnt feel discompose for such scummy result. Moreover, Holden has been kicked out of four schools, but in that respect be solitary(prenominal) three mentioned in the book which are Whooton School, Elkton Hills and Pencey Prep. We know this development in chapter 2, page 9, line 8-9, as Holden said, This is about the fourth school Ive gone to. From this we suffer surely uphold that Holdens academic performance is slimy as he has been to four dissimilar schools because he has been kicked out of these 4 schools.\nThe initial recommendations for Holdens academic problem is to shake a mystic tutor. This is because as we can see above, Holdens academic re sults are terribly scummy as he is failing 4 subjects out of 5 and he has been kicked out of 4 schools. With a private tutor, Ho... '

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