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August 10, 2010 Reflections Extremely excited close to starting carry I re all(prenominal)y didnt know what to expect. I knew that whatso incessantly classes I was scheduled to take would be a contest for me. I was ready to face that challenge to achieve my goal. So upon entering Comm150 I thought the class was just another(prenominal) teaching processing system class. I was pretending this class is going to be roaring for me, because I already know a megabucks about computers. Little did I know about the superfluous association that I would be gaining upon completion of this class. Before, Comm150 I further use Google and Wikipedia as re assay sources. No unrivalled had ever taught or told me that there were other re count sources to use. All my entropy came from Google or Wikipedia so those were appropriate sources for me. I thought all the information that I was receiving for my researches where accurate. Now I know that there ar so many more resources out there that I can use for accurate research. To name a a few(prenominal) that has helped me with this semesters research papers would be EBSCOhost, GALE databases, and cyclopedia Online. effectual and efficient research to me is winning the time to authentically gauge about the topic that you are researching and then mean of the stovepipe places to start. I have undercoat that using the Boolean operators and search strings together is really rough-and-ready. This enables you to get as lots accurate information as possible that you are searching for. Also using the search engines or however the Meta search engine is efficient because it gives you multiple sources at one time. This is effective and efficient also to ensure that you have pleasurable and secure sources. When I was in high school my face teacher spoke to us about plagiarism and the pass up way to cite our sources. It never seemed to be that important to me, to think that I needed to cite informatio n that I ensnare in a book or on the intern! et. Since taking this course I now realize the importance of it. I have realized that not giving...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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