Monday, January 27, 2014

Sanctuary (A Descriptive Essay of a Place or Moment in Time).

Hidden in a grove of trees in northern surgery is an all overgrown, muddy path. Its entrance is obscured by blackberry bush bushes and tangled weeds. As the growth is pushed away, the trail is only transparent by the red-blooded amounts of mud evident with the entangle grass. Even in the summer months, the path remains loose-fitting from the steady northwestward rain. This trail was once used for a single week every summer, a place of refuge, flat obscured by overweight forest. Descending down the trail, weeds must(prenominal) occasionally be pushed show up of the way. The path continues on its shallow descent, and trickling water can be heard through the final wall of trees. The trail comes to a halt at a rusted, chain-link gate; it is wedged loose just abounding for a small body to comprehend through. at once ahead, a deep-chested curtain of willow tree starting timees sweeps the ground. Pulling a insolateder the tendrils of the willow tree is difficult . A swift separation of the workforce brings resistance, as if attacking a stubborn snarl in a childs hair. Breaking through, the sunlight is nearly blinding, as the calm specter of the forest disappears. Smooth rocks extend out of the river bottom and onto the banks of the brook. On the opposite side of the river is lush, green grass; beat, draping trees; and inactive pools with the bulge broken by hundreds of waterbugs skating on top. The germinate is more or less knee-high, and its chilly water tumbles happily over the stones and boulders of the creek bed. The psychiatric hospital is a world of green plants and sun-kissed flowers. The perfume of lilies in the sun permeates the heavy air as it lazily drifts over the water. Directly ahead is a beautiful, inviting tree; a long, thick branch drifts out of the trunk and hovers over... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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