Monday, January 20, 2014

How Come Rs10,000 Cr Can Wipe Out Rs 10,00000,0000000 From The Investors !!!

How germ Rs10,000 Cr can wipe out Rs 10,00000,0000000 from the investors !!! Does it retard abnormal? Not at all(prenominal)! Please immortalise that the adopt of the game that is if soulfulness is winner then somebody is doom to loose is not applicable always. Arguments can shroud tho see the example: Say any accompany x is having 100 cr equity capital of severally portion having face survey Rs 10. Therefore the number of shargons=10Cr. Now, offer the finis charge on Friday of the share is Rs 1000. Therefore ,the original securities industry Capitalization of the company is Rs 10,000 Cr. If you have viosterol shares of the company, your wealthiness is Rs 1000x500=> Rs500000 You are happy because you are owner of Rs 5L. Now, on hebdomad stopping point some negative refreshfuls have come and on Monday morning the companys share starts the possibleness price at say Rs 850 and only(prenominal) 500 shares were traded. That core soul sold 500 shares and some angiotensin-converting enzyme bought 500 shares and the craft value is Rs 4,25,000 only and if we consider that the person who sold the share at Rs 850 has incurred a departure of Rs(1000-850)or Rs 150 per share or Rs 75,000 in total considering the valuation based on antecedent finale price. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Now assuming the buyer as a new one and no more trade takes enter on this counter, we can consider the selling force is akin to Rs 4,25,000 only and for this activity, the total market capitalization of the company has dropped to: Rs (850 x 10) Cr or Rs 8500 Cr. Nobody else sold or bought demu! r that one trade but the wealth gets wiped off by an come in of Rs 1500 Cr due to selling of just 500 shares. unsloped imagine! You wonder? Please dont. This happens and we all observe in the stock market for the last 45 old age only -our investment portfolio is shrinking and shrinking. But against our loss is thither anybody who is gaining?? Find out you will not kick infra any. These are all notional wealth and very volatile. So dont blame anybody .If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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