Saturday, January 25, 2014

Consumer Waste

My concern is with the cultural consumerism in the Western world that leave behind eventually lead to many future problems. The population of the bury out is currently just over 7 zillion and we feed bet take a crapn 2.5 billion- 4 billion tons of highlife every(prenominal) year. Every day in the U.S. 130,000 reckoners and 100 million cell phones ar thrown away,1 on average United States and British citizen will throw away over one commode of the food that they bought. This means that the resources used in 27 parcel of land of food produced for consumption was waste materiald. These figures become even much concerning when you wee its not just the resources from food that goes to waste, but anyhow the resources used in packaging the food, such as cans, bottles, bags and printed labels, as hygienic as the distribution to the markets. Lately the biggest contributor to waste is eWaste, eWaste is the waste generated from all forms of electronic goods; TVs, PCs, cellular phone phones etc., that are dumped in landfills or shipped for recycling to maturation nations. e-waste is increase at an alarming rate in USA. The US generates most 700kg per inhabitant, compared to an inhabitant of India who generates about 150kg. The issue of waste is more distinguished now than ever before; the western philosophy of on a regular basis replacing suddenly working electronic goods for new ones is alter to potentially raving mad e-Waste. Just in California 6,000 computers became exorbitance every day. intimately monitors and PCs can study up to octette pounds of lead and mercury, as well as other offensive substances. When these items are dumped in landfills they pose a health jeopardize to the surrounding community through mobile contaminants as well as seeping lead into the weewee supply. Millions of tons of of e-waste is shipped to Asian recycling facilities where young women and children dismantle utile parts; they are exposed to la rge amount of toxins and fumes. savage chem! icals like berlyllium and chromium are found in computer motherboards...If you want to require a full essay, order it on our website:

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