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IGCSE Revision Hitlers Foreign Policy Hitlers aims: - retool treaty of Versailles - tie in all German verbalise people in 1 country ( ( guard a great Germany) - living space (lebensraum) -- to be independent o In the east wanted: ? as furthermost as the Caucasus and Iran. o In the west: ? F go withers (Belgium) and Holland. ? Need Sweden to obtain colonial power. Thought he should rule all atomic number 63 because otherwise it would fall apart as a nation. cherish the Sudetenland because it had: Coal and copper mines Power stations Good human body land The Skoda arms works, the biggest in Europe Protection, bohemian the Alps and chain of fortresses. People at that place spoke German Wanted Polish Corridor because: - divided the country in two - German speechmaking people The Rhineland: - wanted to rearm; require oer it again. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Austria: - Hitler was Austrian (NB) - 8 million German speaking people - was criminalise by treaty of Versailles (revise treaty) - to help make Germany strong Nazi ideology: - hated treaty of Versailles (harsh and unfair) - stinting problem is insufficient land to sustain needs of maturement population. - Superiority of German (Aryan) race - Against Jews and slaves - hatred of communism prep for conquest: Achieving doctorial power Dealing with internal thwarter -( having SA, sec ret police, enabling act Withdraw from Gene! va convocation and unify of Nations. Gaining control of ground forces after death of Hindenburg, army or Wehrmacht. SA would be military forces. Signed a non-aggression compact with Poland. (1934) regenerate economy through the New Plan. In the ache margin: Win over German people through education, censoring and propaganda. place German youth for future war. Prepare German economy for war four year visualise > 1936 1940 bankrupt international system Rearmament, at...If you want to get a full essay, regulate it on our website:

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