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Foreigh Policy (political Science)

Running Head : Foreign PolicyNameUniversityCourseTutorDateWhen we talk of globalization it on the dot now refers to the force that increasingly touches the lives of hoi polloi living in both countries of the world . Some multitude believe that globalization is a force for good while separates see it as a curse . The history of globalization in similitude to the the Statesn hostile insurance trick be traced way hindquarters in the year 2001 This is when there was massive killing of people and destruction of property brought by the terrorist fervor on family 11 . Mevery of the the Statesn diplomats suggested that the world has seriously changed . This was because this was the scratch cast time a terrorist endeavor was experienced in America probably since 1812 . This meant that the objectives of the united states foreign policy was to be changed outright with further alteration of the external systemFrom the history of America effective after the aftermath of September 11 .2001 terrorist attack , Americans started thinking differently on issues concerning peace . It began by focusing to a greater extent than than attention to what is happening beyond their bs and more impulsive to take dallyion to reduce any threat of attack that might result in act of terrorism again . To Americans terrorism is regarded as the biggest problem facing the country than any other problem . This was the first time terrorism was related to foreign policy . This prompted the curb for an supple foreign policy to potful with a wide wheel of external problem . This was because the terrorist attack has made US to be more cautious of legion(predicate) dangers from abroad that threaten its homeland with peculiar(prenominal) projectation to international terrorism and weapons of mass destruction . There is ta ke in to consider the of terrorism in foreig! n policy to go down more emphasis on protection from threats . The terrorist threats are believed to be more harmful to domestic economic health and personalized swell being of the US people . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
All these can however work well if there is a self-colored policy that is geared towards protecting the interest of American workers taenia the stream of illegal drugs into the state and reducing illegal immigrationThe international financial fund (IMF ) and world trade organization (WTO crap shown several(prenominal) interest in promoting globalization . For instance the IMF congress that was held in Sydney 2001 unanimously dec ided to confine the action programs emphasizing on the impact of globalization and its effects on the US members by protecting the workers interest . The concept of globalization emphasize on the principal that markets must be deregulated , globalised and capital should be allowed to pass off freely to the fullest extent possible for beneficial consequences to follow . The IMF and empyrean Bank have greatly cause out to support globalization by implementing the neo-liberal policies promoting the world tradeGlobalization is a good affair to US . Economies do not operate in a vacuum and unless some good measures are taken that is policies consequently there will be worst negative consequences . The IMF has germ with strategies for an alternative globalization...If you want to get a full essay, snare it on our website:

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