Sunday, February 23, 2020

Advantages of Monsanto Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advantages of Monsanto - Essay Example The state of the art research and development department of the firm is also constantly looking for new creative input to ensure better yield of the crops. Its drought proof seeds are hugely beneficial for countries which are vulnerable to frequent drought like conditions. Hence, its contribution to agriculture through genetically modified seeds has enabled it to gain leverage against it rival in the industry. The farmers across the globe, especially in the under developed and developing nations like Africa and India, have been able to improve their standard of living through increased food production and revenues. In the current environment of increasing awareness regarding environment and sustainability of resources, Monsanto’s future is seriously threatened by the views and perspectives on genetically modified crops. Critics, including social activists, environmentalist, few farmers etc. believe that genetically modified seeds, despite increased yield, have grave long term consequences on the quality of soil, plants and biodiversity at large. The sustainability of natural resources is threatened through the constant use of genetically modified seeds. Moreover, as the seeds are anti-resistant to insects and help to kill weeds, this property could also have slow poisonous impact on the overall health and wellbeing of people who consume food products produced from such seeds. The growing concern of the community and social activists becomes more pertinent when seen from the wider perspective of increasing environment degradation that has adversely impacted the balance of ecosystem. It is believed that indiscriminate use of genetically modified seeds would not only spoil the quality of soil and fertility but it could also adversely impact the ground water and environment. The conservation and preservation of natural sources is vital ingredient of population dynamics because its survival is intrinsically linked to the available resources like clean air, wa ter, food, energy etc. (Dyson, 2005). The sustainability of the same therefore becomes critical element of survival. Answer 2 As CEO of Monsanto, I would engage group of social activists and community to create awareness as to how to exploit the properties of genetically modified seeds to grow crops that would address the needs of growing population. The exemplary properties of the GM seeds are major factors that can overcome the natural disasters like drought and famine and provide the vulnerable population with quality food. The myriad environmental elements like poverty, lack of resources, education, awareness etc. have created serious problems of food security. According to FAO (2009) more than 850 million across the globe are facing food insecurity with large population in nearly 39 Sub-Saharan being under nourished. It is seen that low agricultural yield and lack of government initiatives in land reforms are important constituents that force farmers to migrate. The GM seeds ca n significantly contribute to the global concern of food insecurity. Engaging social activists and farmers would be mutually beneficial as it would help create awareness regarding the use of GM seeds so that ecosystem is not disturbed. If the farmers follow rotation of crops in the field with GM and non-GM seeds, the fertility of soil can be maintained. At the same time, the concern of insects and weeds becoming hardier or developing resistance to the Roundup Ready Herbicide, a herbicide that kills weeds, can be easily averted. The rotation farming is therefore hugely important aspect of farming where GM seed are used that promotes sustainability of resources and helps conservation and preservation of environment. As a CEO, I would also like to give incentives to farmers in terms of rebate and discounts on the

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