Friday, October 18, 2019

Use of Digital Media within Organisations Case Study

Use of Digital Media within Organisations - Case Study Example In the recent years, facing stiff competition in industries and the high need to cut costs while still maintaining efficiency in businesses has seen the rapid growth and development of digital solutions for businesses. A key area in which digital media has greatly been used by the various businesses is communication. Communication is a critical success factor in the business world and hence the development and improvement of digital media such as web videos, availability of e-books and social media have been key turnaround factors for business organisations. In the above mentioned case study involving virgin media, it is demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the use of digital media has a positive rather than negative impact on the performance of an organisation depending on the overall objective for the incorporation of digital media was. Here, the objectives of the study were to raise awareness of Virgin Media HD football packages through online mobile marketing and this was sp ecifically targeting the users of iPhones. The brand basically wanted to use a new, innovative and creative mobile marketing form in a bid to get the attention of football fans browsing the Guardian mobile internet website. Virgin media was working I partnership with an advertising agency, 4th street advertising. The main objective that was to be achieved was to get the information on virgin media HD football channels to a specific target audience which was football fans who owned iPhones. This was done through the execution of a well laid out strategy that involved exposing the target audience to the advertising message and a clear action that encouraged the recipients to learn more about the products and services offered by virgin media. Additionally, the advertisement campaign provided value addition with a calendar sync option that enabled the users with a fixture list of all games to be televised of the English Premier League. The intended purpose was to improve customer loyalt y and give then pride in being virgin customers. The banner bearing the campaign on the website was easy to use and access and it provided users with two calls-to-action. â€Å"Find out more about Virgin Media Football Packages† and â€Å"Sync televised games with calendar†. The call to action that allowed the audience to find out more about various other packages offered allowed the organisation to put across all or other products that the potential clients may not have been well aware of. The results obtained from the implementation of digital media in communicating to the target audience produced splendid results for Virgin Media. The creative execution drove high interactivity with the brand from the target audience. During the quarter to December after the launch of the digitized media in August, Virgin added over 100,000 Sky premium subscribers to reach a total of 725,000. As depicted clearly, clear and simple messages via digital media are a really positive way to communicate to potential customers. I chose to break down the in depth analysis of the effect of digital communication in this above briefly introduced scenario within in topics that depict every step of the process. Goal of Organisation The goal of Virgin media, according to the scenario, was to raise awareness of Virgin Media HD football packages that were in store for avid football fans via mobile advertising and targeting specifically iPhone users. The brand aimed to employ innovative

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