Thursday, October 17, 2019

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2pages story and 2pages - Essay Example While the Americans politicians could not help but notice the gleaming gold stacked inside the gigantic space ship, the space people also could not keep themselves from noticing that there was only one Asian American in the delegation sent by the US president from the White House. In a group of 20 politicians of high standing, only one Asian American represented the US. This was diversity at its poorest and it did not go unnoticed by anyone who arrived from the star in the space. It was assumed by the space people that Asian Americans were largely considered simple-minded and unrefined people by the white elitist forces in America. On grounds of extensive research conducted by them in recent past, they knew it well that a few white elitist groups acted as a driving force behind the American politics. The US president could not risk their anger or disagreement because they funded his campaigns. Since Asian Americans formed a racial minority in the US in contrast to whites who formed a racial majority, the leader of the delegation from space put forward a very unique proposition before the Americans. He offered remarkable treasures in the form of gold to America to help the politicians address all kinds of domestic catastrophes in exchange for every one of Asian American residing in the US. They did not explain what they intended to do with Asian Americans, rather they just emphasized this deal claiming that the US president is free to accept or decline this offer. They naturally expected some resistance or hostility form the US delegation on introduction of such a nonplussing offer, but to their amazement the Americans threw themselves into hot debate soon afterwards considering the offer very seriously. The gleam of gold masking their good judgment, they ran off to their president with this otherwise outrageous offer to the White House. The president

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