Thursday, September 12, 2019

Fords Advertising Strategy in India Research Paper

Fords Advertising Strategy in India - Research Paper Example The Indian economy is growing at a rate of 10% since the last 5 years (Uppal, et al, 2009). Apart from the growing middle class, India also features a strong upper class leading it to the fourth largest country with the highest number of billionaires. This makes India a lucrative market for high-end and premium brands as well. Besides being on the road of economic improvement, India also is a democratic state which encourages foreign direct investment. After a long isolation from international trade, India finally has opened its gates for foreign brands which leave a huge opportunity of the international giant corporations to capture their share of the market (Uppal, et al, 2009). As mentioned above, the high income earners of the country along with the growing middle class constitutes a high overall spending power and this fact makes it one of the most lucrative markets in South Asia and the whole world. In contrast to having a strong appeal to international businesses, India does h ave some factors which put a negative impact on its business environment. One of the problems which India faces is unimpressive law enforcement by the Indian judiciary. This is prevalent predominantly because of resource limitations and long procedures fashioned by corruption. However, in order to keep the consumers safe and to increase their confidence, exclusive courts catering to consumer needs and concerns have begun to be set up (Uppal et al, 2009). The elements which Ford must take care of while designing and executing its advertisements is the target segment which must targeted. As mentioned above, India has a growing economy with majority of a middle class and a high proportion of youth, the brands must be appropriately positioned in order to get the most business out of a segment. This means that a premium brand for example Mustang must not be positioned amongst the middle class as it will not be feasible for the company in terms of revenue. Therefore, considering the busin ess environment of India, the advertisements must have relevance to the lifestyle of the market. This suggests that if the target market does not drink, the advertisement must not show any reference to drinking otherwise, the brand will not have any receptive and relevance to the target market. Besides this, the idea of an advertisement must be in line with the culture and expectations of the audience. In order to be generally acceptable and receptive to the audience, the advertisement must clearly portray the true depiction of the lifestyle of the target market. Be it the fashion, models, lifestyle, language etc, every element of the ad must have a relevance to the target market else the brand will not be accepted and will not sell. 2. India’s Advertising Industry India’s advertising industry is on the boom. From being a small scale business to a fully fledged industry, the Indian advertisement has become a world in itself. It is now considered as one of the major ind ustries of the tertiary sector of India with worth $6.4 billion. Apart from the traditional print and electronic media, the advertising industry of India is registering enormous growth of the social media. The internet is increasingly becoming an important tool for businesses to sell their product and for the advertisers to market their brands. The fact that the internet has become a marketplace itself has been well adopted by the Indian adverti

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