Sunday, August 25, 2019

What does The Walt Disney Company do related to anthropocene, Research Paper

What does The Walt Disney Company do related to anthropocene, environment and ecosystem - Research Paper Example icated the actions of man from the time of earlier development to late on the environment, the company Walt Disney has focused some of their returns and activities to promote environmental conservation aspects. The study focuses on the different contributions that the company has made to this regard. Based on this, the thesis of the study is the fact that the Walt Disney Company does not only concern on their financial aspects that focus on their profits and business development, but also the different environmental concerns. As such, it considers all anthropocenic aspects that have generated different environmental effects leading to extinction of other species and a negative effect to the environment. The study focuses on the different efforts that the company has put in the achievement of environmental goals and supporting the environment, the reasons as to why the company engages in environmental aspects, and the targets that the company aimed for in developing the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The reflection of the different themes in the movies developed by the company all symbolize the commitment that the company has over the environmental effects. These aspects are all discussed in the work below: Walt Disney Company does numerous activities to promote ecosystem and environmental aspects that range from the development of advocacy aspects. The development of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the development of property that is curved to the environmental aspects. Through these, programs such as sustainable tourism have come to start. Sustainable tourism refers to tourism activities that encourage the tourism aspects that protect the environment, the inclusion of different economic activities cultures that promote local experiences in improving the environment. Walt Disney Company has developed solid conservation aspects through policies and practices that have put the company on top in relation to environmental aspects. The leadership of

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