Thursday, August 29, 2019

Introduction to Organisations and Management Essay - 4

Introduction to Organisations and Management - Essay Example The concern also recognizes the presence of a union body which cares for both the administrative and operation staff. (Anglia Ruskin University, 2011).On the contrary H&M is a consultancy operating on a global framework with a huge presence in over 120 nations. The concern unlike Watsons Engine also operates based on a huge staff base of around 13,000 people. This global consulting company earns the pride of employing people reflecting specialised skills in different sectors pertaining to different infrastructural categories. H&M operating in an international scale has a large number of customers both belonging to the private and public sector. The company has a very strong and motivated organisational work culture which helps in catering to the changing needs of a diversified customer base. (Anglia Ruskin University, 2011). Organisation/structure The entire organisation is divided along separate tiers in which the total organisational task is properly divided or allocated. These org anisational layers are rendered access to the existing level of organisational resources and different levels of responsibilities are duly entrusted to fulfil the allocated tasks based on the given resources. Structural levels within the organisation are represented in the form of pyramids to reflect the flow of authority and responsibility among the stated quarters. Depending on the needs of the organization the organizational structures are uniquely fashioned like simple, functional, divisional and matrix. Organisation functioning on direct owner-employee relationship with less people is based on the simpler structure. Functional and Divisional structure focuses on creation of departments based on work specialisation. Matrix structure enhances the work specialisation concept by delegating the specialisation units under separate business heads. (Strategic Management, 2009; Murphy & Willmott, 2010, p.94). In regards to the above discussion the organisational structure of Watsons Eng ine is found to be more inclined to a more conservative sphere with less focus on innovation. Organisational structures practiced at Watsons Engine being highly dependent on hierarchical system reflect less amount of flexibility to the changes in the external environment. Furthermore the increased dependence on hierarchical system has also reduced the level of transparency in the organisation. This reduction in transparency in turn has contributed to the reduction of the productivity parameter of the employees. Flow of organisational communication in Watsons Engine generally flow from higher to lower levels of organisational hierarchy and hence also affects the motivation of the employees. Watsons Engine’s enhanced dependence on obsolete hierarchical systems only contributed in obstructing the productivity growth of the employees. On the other hand, H&M functions depending on the matrix organisation. The organisation functioning depending on the matrix organisational framewor k helps in performing complex sets of functions in an integrated and highly specialise environment. Working in an integrated framework helps the organisation to make optimum utilisation of technological and human resources. Further the organisation working

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