Friday, May 31, 2019

William Henry Harrison Essay -- essays research papers fc

William Henry Harrison, (1773-1841), was 9th President of the United States. The oldest president up until then, he was also the first to break in in office, surviving only one month. With his known Indian fighting his was given the nickname Old Tippecanoe and Old Tip. He was the first presidential aspect to campaign actively for office. His election slogan was Tippecanoe and Tyler TooWilliam Henry Harrison was born on Feb. 9, 1773, on the James River in Charles City County, Virginia. He was the youngest of seven children, quatern girls and three boys. His parents, Benjamin and Elizabeth Bassett Harrison, were from prominent Virginia families. The Harrisons father had served in both Continental Congresses and signed the Declaration of Independence.Harrison received his early education at home. He entered Hampden-Sydney College in 1787 and later enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania to study medicine. After his father died in 1791, Harrison dropped medicine and joined the Arm y. George Washington, a friend of his father, approved this decision. There he served for seven successful years.Harrison served as a soldier in early American wars. There he fought a battle on the Great Miami River and substantial a plan which led to an American victory. In 1795, he witnessed and signed the Treaty of Greenville. Thereafter he was promoted to captain and given the command of Fort Washington, Ohio. dapple at Fort Washington he met his wife Anna Symmes....

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