Friday, May 3, 2019

Settlement House Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Settlement hall Movement - Essay ExampleThe maam has the image of Gentle angle of mercy which is accurate except incomplete to certain extent as she was also viewed as businesswoman who is shrewd but has expertise in fund rising and skilled agent for publicity. All of these skills combined proved to be successful for the lady as it drove Hull House to success and gave Jane Addams a status of being a celebrity. She has been make Head of The National Conference of Charities and Corrections, the Womens League for International repose and Freedom and the Womens Peace Party. She was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace in 1993 that was shared with Nicholas Murray Butler (Pickus, 10).Jane Addams is among the pioneers of social work and her aim of life was to bear as much help as possible to the plenty who are poor. The lady has been recognized widely distributed for establishing a settlement house in Chicago, Illinois the house was her home which was dedicated to help poor people who are l iving in urban areas. The primary aim of Jane Addams was to resist slope by side with poor people and understand their problems while help them in dealing with them so that they can live a good life (Rabin, 50). She was born in Cedarville region of Illinois State on 8th phratry in 1860. Her father was Legislator of the State and she had eight siblings. Her mother passed out when she was only three years onetime(a) Jane was born with curved spine and it was embarrassing for her as she was getting older.In 1881, Jane Addams completed her graduation from Rockford distaff Seminary and she started studying medicine in Womens College of Pennsylvania she was unable to continue her education when her father passed away and her health problems made difficult for her to complete her studies. In order to have surgery for her congenital spinal anaesthesia defect in 1882, she abandoned her studies and went for this remedial solution for her problem. From 1883-1885, she went for tour

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