Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Protech Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Protech Business contrive - Essay ExamplePlease refer to annexure 4 for more details on the financial situation.Currently, Protech has 2 brands for different segments. The PC industry is at the stage where demand is expected to boom at an unusual rate. Market is very attractive because products are just being introduced. Furthermore, there are so many a(prenominal) new technologies and the need for new PCs is always increasing.There are so many strengths that we need to supplement on, and so many opportunities that we can seize. At the same time weaknesses and threats are required also to be re-evaluated along with correction action plans.Protech Company was established in rump 1 to introduce a new line of microcomputers into Asia, United States, Canada and Europe. Management team was established to perform different responsibilities. Please put through annexure 1 for the vice presidents in charge of each function.The mission of Protech is to empower our clients to work effecti vely by innovation and building enhanced technologies tailored specifically to meet our customers needs, with high realization gains to our shareholders and keeping in mind the community. Our target markets are smaller, high margin segment, i.e. Workhorse and Mercedes, in the largest and more expensive geographic markets.Its pulverisation was built in the first quarter in Toronto and started with production capacity of 25 units per day. Two gross revenue offices were established in the same quarter. One is an electronic web center and the other one was a brick-and-mortal sales office in New York. This city was chosen due to its relatively high strength demand compared with other cities based on our market research. Please see annexure 2 for 12 month potential demand in different cities.One of the most important decisions in 1st quarter was

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