Monday, April 8, 2019

Principal’s Message Essay Example for Free

Principals Message EssayIt is my pleasure reaching tabu to you in this December issue of the school newsletter. We each feel December when the winds are chilly and cold and mothers contribute out the warm mittens, thick clothing, and socks to wrap their children and protect them from the cold. The sun sets early and perk ups dark even in the lead 6 oclock P.M. and students are advised to walk home in groups to secure them and founder their itinerary home safe. As soon as the children step out of the school and before they get to their homes, their safety is still our concern. In addition to this, the girls leave have their overnighter as they make their way to their gender sensitivity training on December 7. Details and parents permit will be sent to each student on December 5, 2007 for their perusal and approval. Allow me to post the followers reminders to students, as well as their parents, to encourage cooperation and compliance of all concerned -Progress reports for students will come out very soon in preparation for the evaluation of graduating students. Parents are requested to make a face-to-face visit to the respective homeroom teachers of their children to discuss their academic progress. -In connection with the forth feeler graduation, 8th grade parents are encourage to take an active part in the graduation committee. Meeting with 8th grade teachers will be announced. -The graduation picture taking will be rescheduled to December 14th for a longer accomplishment of preparation for the students. -Bilingual parents should also take note of the English test with ISAT which will be conducted 10 weeks from this date. needed preparations should be undertaken to ensure good results in the said test. In view of the volume of work for this month, all teachers and staff are expected to attend to their duties and refrain from early vacations, absences stating such alibis sick and dying parents or family members, which may not be true. Such abse nces will not be excused considering the exigency of the service. In closing let me greet one and all a blessed Christmas and happiness in the coming year Least we forget, Christ is the reason for the season

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