Saturday, April 20, 2019

Module 3 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Module 3 - Case Study ExampleTo develop unrivalleds plan of action for each child, aside from indicating their respective areas of interests, the additional cultivation would could enhance the suppuration and design of differentiated instructions include preferences of using determine instructional materials (technological applications, games, or visually intentional projects). Also, it would be helpful to determine from their respective parents the academic support accorded outside the classroom (use of computers, tutors, mentors, and other enriching activities). The information would help in the design of compacted and differentiated instruction as sanitary as in observe the performance of the child outside the traditional classroom setting.Actually, the strategies and recommended differentiated instructions were effective in achieving the identified goals. For Mark, it was important to gain interpersonal skills aside from exhibiting excellence in the subjects which were not ed. For Katrina, it was crucial to mitigate any emf negative impact of having to retain her to Grade 3 level. As such, it was correct to solicit the inputs of parents, as well as to refer the children for consultation and evaluation with the school psychologist, who could assess the condition of the children, their accurate competencies and skills, and the preferred intervention, as

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