Monday, April 22, 2019

Managing Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing diversity - Research Paper ExampleThis is because different employees in an organization have different perspectives and standpoints regarding the high hat remove heed strategy. They all believe their own recommendations to be the best possible strategy for the organization (Kotter, 2007). Therefore, choosing the best strategy from all the alternatives suggested can be a very difficult job.Moreover, applying change vigilance processes in culturally diverse background become even tougher considering the fact that the acceptance, tolerance and response to change centering strategies vary across different cultures (Dionne, et al., 2002). That is why managers need to have the ability to enforce change and at the same time make sure that the cultural integrity at their organization is sustained. Furthermore, change management is in any case required while companies consider expanding their business into unfamiliar territories (Todnem and Burnes, 2011). This is where manage rs have to be extremely variational when enforcing any form of change. Successful execution of change management strategies ensures organizational success and it requires managers to be highly aware of their operational environment (Hendry and Pettigrew, 2008).It is with regards to this fact that the research worker will attempt to understand the change management process in Burger King. The fundamental purpose of this study is to see how managers of Burger King have expanded the originations second largest burger food service retail into the Gulf Region. The study will be conducted on the basis of two perspectives of change management which are the cultural approach to change management and the adaptation versus standardization strategy related to change management. An analysis of such scale will allow the researcher to gauge the importance of change management in the contemporary business environment. The researcher will also be evaluating the success achieved by Burger King a fter expanding into the Gulf Region through the change

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